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last month i worked on a really fun series of 4 cooking “mini shows” on my stories. samsung let me have creative control with the recipes and styling of the videos and allowed me to keep everything natural (which i am so grateful for!) it’s amazing when a brand believes in you to showcase their products in a way that feels authentic. we started off with the refrigerator in our kitchen which is awesome. i love how spacious it is, using the features on the screen and that we turned the bottom right side into a wine fridge! next we installed the and it’s divided in half so that you can cook on two different temperatures or take the shelf out (for larger items like a turkey!) and cook with just one temp. it makes entertaining easier to be able to time and cook different dishes appropriately. i also love using the griddle on the top for all sorts of dishes!

i gotta admit that i was pretty nervous to take this new hobby of mine to another level of vulnerability by putting myself out there, but it pushed me in a really good way. it’s really rewarding to learn a new skill, make mistakes, do trial and error, see improvement and most of all find a new passion! i hope you all enjoyed it if you happened to see it, and you can see a ton of my cooking stories on my instastories highlights if you missed them.

here’s a little recap of what i made!


the first weekend i did breakfast two ways. one was a baked eggs hash cooked in a cast iron that is great for a big group, and the other was a fancy toast recipe that is easy and delicious. we talked about how to poach an egg, how to garnish etc. i loveeee cooking eggs so i had to start with those!

in each episode i included 5-10 kitchen tool links that i used in the recipes or just love using in my own kitchen. should i link more here?


the second week i made one of my favorite meals when entertaining. quick and simple carnitas tacos in the slow cooker! it feeds a ton of people for very cheap, it’s interactive and they taste amazing.

for the third week i wanted to showcase the farmer’s market since it’s become a big part of my weekend life. i put together a big steak salad with seasonal fruits and also did a step by step of a simple salad dressing you can make in a few minutes.

and for the finale! i had just traveled to peru and was inspired by the food and drinks we experienced on the trip. i wanted to recreate some of the dishes we loved, so we brought back some ingredients from the market, bought a peruvian cookbook and had a blast making this lunch.

i learn more about cooking everyday and i still have SO much to learn. it’s been a cool new journey for me and i can honestly see it as a big part of my future. just not sure how yet? my goal with these little shows is to push myself to stay inspired, to keep experimenting, and hopefully to inspire YOU to do the same. and if nothing else, it’s kinda relaxing to watch someone make food, so there’s that! thanks for your support, love ya! – bri

(and thank you Samsung for partnering with me on this project! hope there’s more to come!)



i’ve been very stretcheeeeed thin lately. travel, work, wedding planning, life. it all sure adds up, huh? but i want to get back to posting some of my random inspiration!! here is some today from



hammocks have a way of manifesting that peaceful easy feeling. they conjure up the feeling of summer: warm sun, swaying in the breeze, afternoon naps. i’m all about transforming your home to be a place of relaxation, and hammocks are my favorite way to make your patio feel like a secluded getaway. i love the idea of an interior hammock too! they’re are SO easy to put in your yard, why not make your yard a private paradise this weekend with a hammock?

shop them





MINI LIVING | designlovefest

i’m working on a six month long project with  that i’m feeling really excited about! it’s a company created by MINI (the car brand!) that is focusing on sustainability in our homes (they’re calling them urban cabins). what would it look like if we used design to focus on creating living spaces that have a smaller footprint but that don’t take away from your quality of life? it’s focused on urban life and sharing space within a community, and maximizing what we get out of every square inch of our homes. the cabin in LA is only about 160 square feet so every design decision really counts. it was really amazing to see how they used the space, i actually felt like it would be possible to live well in something that small. part of the project was creating a video that will introduce the concept of , which was filmed on location in LA and then we’ll be traveling to beijing and tokyo later this year to see the cabins being built there. i also hosted a dinner on the roof outside the cabin with a few friends and spent the night there as well!

MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest

i toured the home which was set on the rooftop in the arts district of LA, in a very stylish new area called . you should definitely check out all the hip shops and restaurants happening there!

MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest

now let me show you inside! i love how the plants come through on the ceiling and make it feel like a greenhouse. in each location a local architect is asked to design part of the space and have it represent the city. in LA, designed this center portion that felt almost like an optical illusion. colorful graphics, open air, metal and plants. it’s definitely appropriate for LA, since so much of our lives here have that indoor/outdoor way of living. (thanks, weather)

MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest

my favorite part…well that’s hard to choose. i absolutely loved the wooden panels that swung open and made the house feel open and airy, and i especially liked the tiny cutout shapes in the walls that created awesome light effects throughout the day. there were also a ton of fun surprises like the terrazzo tile in the kitchen, the iridescent mirrors, the moveable shapes that functioned as hooks, and the garden on the roof. it felt like the future in there!

MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest

the bed actually even rolls outside so that you can sleep under the stars! you can see my friend jesse and her babe checking out the view.

MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest

it was a really special night. i kept having this very grateful feeling all day. to be working with such a talented and kind crew and client, to be doing something i really believe in, and to be having fun while doing it! and i definitely started thinking about tidying up my life, living with less, and what actually creates happiness in a home…it was very thought provoking.

after everyone left, denise and i watched netflix in bed with a glass of wine and pushed the bed outside. it was a fun little adventure with my friend!

MINI LIVING | designlovefest
MINI LIVING | designlovefest

what do you think about MINI living? do you think less in more? i would love to know your thoughts!

photos by designlovefest
in partnership with



so excited about this BIG furniture giveaway and to show you inside our studio space! i’ve been wanting to finish our office for awhile and haven’t gotten around to it but we finally pulled the trigger and got it done with the help of our friends at Article! and to celebrate, one lucky winner will receive a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR shopping spree to spend on anything on ! you can get a few chairs, a table, or even a sofa. click through below to enter and to get a coupon code! we’ve been using their furniture for a few years now and they have tons of cool pieces.

now for a little update on our studio cottage! the goal was really to create a cohesive space that flowed together and felt cozy, relaxed and finished. we worked to complete not only the big pieces but the details as well, everything from the plants to candles and to have the furniture and colors all make sense together. our office isn’t traditional by any means (which we love!) so we went with pieces that have more of a relaxed feeling that fits our work place. you can see some of our article furniture in action below! we started the furniture picks with those  because they’re so good and they really set the overall vibe of the studio, and we added , the , and the …


we also created a mood board! i have been collecting pieces of inspiration from all of the world during my travels but most of it just lives in my drawers at home so it’s really fun to finally have a place to display some of it! to create the board we covered a foam core board with white linen (stapled it to the back with a staple gun and then just nailed the board to the wall). the total cost of the project is under $50, foam core, linen (which you can buy by the yard at your local fabric store), staples, nails and pins for hanging. here we can collect inspiration, memories, and document past projects!


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