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we made it to spring! i know i live in southern california so i don’t feel the rest of the country’s pain when i say this but, it does feel like the winter went by really quickly and that it was relatively painless in terms of snow fall and freezing temperatures. regardless, los angeles is currently in bloom and i’ve got color on my mind.

with the weather still chilly i think that shoes are the easiest way to ease yourself into spring. they’re fun and colorful without leaving you totally bare and subject to the wind chill. you can wear them with full pants or a skirt and sweater combo and they’ll see you right on into summer without missing a beat. and they’re perfect for any warm weather vacations you might have on the horizon! – joanie

–  ($198 but currently 30% off that!) – pom sandals are all the rage and i like that these are caged, meaning they come all the way up on the side. lots of sizes still available so order fast!
($215) – i recently discovered charlotte stone and i’m loving all of her shoes, especially her spring collection. so many fun colors!
($100) – i love the orange and the chunkiness of the block heel makes them very flattering on the leg.
($250) – i’ve had my eye on these for awhile. they’re perfect chic and practical to dress up or down.
($89) – the soft pink and cut outs on the toe make this shoe look much more expensive then it is.
– (sold out) – i know it’s rude to temp you with a sold out shoe but just use it as inspiration for next time you’re shoe shopping. flat heel, soft hue, crossover, it’s perfect and sure to be duplicated by other brands down the road.
–  ($132) – i’ve seen several versions of this shoe for a lot more money and i love the color combo on this one.
($148 but currently 30% off!) – the cutest, sweetest print you ever did see.
($350) – they come in so many great colors but i think the ultra pink is my favorite. it’s closed toed so you could wear when it’s cold but in a summery color to transitional with the seasons.




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i’ve been out of town on long weekend trips the past two weekends and i thought it would be fun to show you some of the essentials i pack. i was a chronic over-packer for years, i’d bring tons of options because i didn’t know what i’d feel like wearing and my suitcase would be a mess, i’d end up only wearing half and having to wash and unpack the rest when i got home. i’ve really worked to streamline my packing situation, to lighten the load and also make it easier to get dressed on the go. i try and build my packing around two things – the weather and activities. knowing the weather helps me eliminate things i wouldn’t be able to wear anyway and also makes sure i don’t forget crucial things like a rain jacket. the activities dictate the outfits and shoes. lots of walking, fancy dinners, hiking, hanging indoors, etc. i also like to bring things that have multiple purposes, a dress that can be worn alone or with a sweater over it during the day. a t-shirt that i could wear hiking or with jeans. i pack a minimal amount of cosmetics and jewelry – usually two sets of earrings (one studs, one hanging), one statement necklace, one watch and a pair of sunglasses. and two pairs of shoes, one comfortable and one cute. here are a few things that i find myself reaching for again and again. some of the items are on the pricey side but i will admit to you that my philosophy as of late is to invest in a couple pieces a year and wear the heck out of them. and of course my current go-to carry on is our new ! – joanie


($154) – neutral color, slim shape and can be worn with a dress or jeans.
($209) – the only thing with bringing a hat is that you have to wear it on the plane because it takes up too much space in a small bag. i have this hat in grey and i love it. you could wear the same outfit two days in a row and throw a hat on one of the days and no one would notice you doubled up.
($45) – i can’t tell you how many times i’ve done out of town and realized i don’t have any socially acceptable lounge clothes with me. nothing worse then trying to relax in jeans. i like bringing pants i can hike in and also lounge in, double duty.
($68) – i generally pack two bras but if you’re cutting down on space bring one that goes under anything.
($269) – a day to evening jacket in a color that pairs well with anything.
($395) – this is the perfect travel bag, it’s practical for travel (size, shape and zip closure), casual enough to wear around during the day but also nice enough to wear out to dinner.
($169) – this falls into the category of pack a top you’re excited to wear – a fun color, feminine touch, can go on and off the shoulder, and worn with jeans or tucked into a pencil skirt.
– ($170) – i know i recently made a case for not wearing skinny jeans but i find that a super dark wash, skinny pair that isn’t too stretchy is the perfect jean to take on a trip. it holds it’s shape, can be worn day or night and is flattering after a weekend of indulging.
($166) – i own these shoes and wear them almost every day. they are comfortable enough for walking and still give you a little height when you want to dress up.

honorable mentions go to a , one of my favorite , this that can be worn alone or out as a top, my i’ve ever owned, and this that is sexy for night and totally day appropriate with a sweater over it.




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i’m headed to San Francisco this weekend which is supposed to be in the high 50’s low 60’s so i have transitional jackets on my mind. a coat or jacket that gets you through the transition between winter and spring when you don’t want to wear your heavy coat but it’s too chilly to go without the extra layer. below are a few of my current favorites, a mixture of colors and textures. for transition jackets, i like either a punch of color or a soft grey, that way they can be worn into spring without the wintery feeling that a navy or black jacket brings along. also, for the record i love fancy coats with jeans. hope you’re enjoying the warmer temps and longer days! – joanie

–  ($100) – i love this shade of pink. it’s a step up from blush but not all the way to bubble gum. so pretty!
–  ($100) – very chic!
–  ($62) – a great layering piece and takes your every day jean look up a level. feels like an ideal traveling piece.
– ($130) – the cuffed sleeve, deep purple color and side slits makes this jacket a great closet addition. the color would act as a neutral and could be paired with almost anything and the style of the coat is laid back and not too fussy which is great.
– ($240) – soft plaid print and very unstructured = a more sophisticated version of a zip up sweatshirt.
– ($138) –  one of the best jean jackets i’ve seen in awhile. the cut, the wash, the buttons, it’s all good.
– ($190) – yellow can be a tricky color but if you’re open to it i think this coat is very cool and would be such a fun spring piece.
– ($130) – a wool free jacket for those who can’t do wool. and the color is called nude pink which might make you feel like a ballerina.
–   ($250) – i always got to throw in a cool girl piece. this one does the trick!

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i’m calling this style post “what i’d buy bri.” bri and i are continually talking about rebuilding her closet and making it so she doesn’t dread getting dressed in the morning and also streamlining the experience so that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get ready. a common mistake that people make with their wardrobe is shopping for specific occasions. people don’t buy things they love when they see them because they don’t need them but then you’ll have an event or a party or a trip and they’ll go shopping for that one thing which inevitably means that they are going to spend too much money on things they probably won’t wear because they are in a panic.

bri’s life revolves around a lot of events and travel she she has a bunch of great cocktail and fancy dress options but when it comes to day to day attire she has a limited selection of items she likes. she also hasn’t done a real closet update in about 6 years which means she went from being in her mid-twenties to early thirties and those years can mean a lot of changes for your body and style. it’s okay that you don’t fit into that too short romper that you bought when you were 24 your body changes and finding clothes to suit you now is the goal. for every day wear bri likes elevated basics with a little edge, tattered black jeans, flat boots, t-shirts with cool jackets over them. she also likes romantic dresses that can be worn with a denim jacket and sneakers. so with that in mind here are the 9 things i’d buy for bri. – joanie

–  ($189) – long, light weight and in a pretty print. this is great over jeans and a t-shirt, it dresses it up without adding the bulk and weight of a sweater or jacket. it’s also cute over a bikini in the summer
–  ($128) – bri was lamenting a pair of ripped black jeans that have gotten too worn out so we found these to replace them. just cropped enough to show the ankle bone and worn in but not totally distressed. the 9″ rise on these is a great in-between, not too low and not too high and i love that the hem is frayed.
–  ($198) – they already show it paired with sneakers which is probably how bri would wear it. the color is great with blonde hair and the fitted top with movement in the skirt is ideal for bri’s body type.
–  ($158) – i’m really only into light denim jackets and i think this one fits perfectly with bri’s 70’s cool girl styled. she wears a lot of casual jackets and this would work perfectly over nicer dresses to make them more day appropriate.
– ($148) – this dress is a home run. the v-neck with the slight wrap at the waist is going to make it super flattering.
($148) – the color of this jacket is a nice departure from a classic denim or military jacket. i like the idea of bomber jackets but they are often too puffy or bulky. this feels like a good mix and the contrasting waist band and collar is a nice touch.
($50) – this is a slight risk for bri. it’s more form fitted and sexy then what she might typically wear but i think it’d be great on her. she has what i call a petite curvy body. her body structure is small but she still has curves. the deep v is flattering on someone with big boobs and the wrap accents her waist (which is what you want to highlight with curves).
–  ($110) – bri owns a couple of military jackets but i like that this one is a little more streamlined with less pockets then most and it’s also a swing coat and the sleeves can be cuffed which makes it feel very relaxed and cool.
($258) – we’re big fans of Dôen over here at DLF and this dress is basically bri’s dream – super soft cotton, fitted sleeves, cool print, flowy skirt, its got it all!

and now for a little walk down memory line to see how bri’s style has evolved. these are all images from old style posts she’s shared on the blog, so much color and so much vintage!


and below, a few more recent posts of her style over the last year or so working to where she is now. it’s fun to take a look back at your personal style journey. mine isn’t as well documented as bri’s but i have my share of “Facebook memories” that pop up and remind me of what use to be. wherever you are on your style journey the most important thing is to pay attention to how you feel. wear what makes you feel like yourself and comfortable and don’t let any trend or style forecasts take away from that. personal style is just that, personal.

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i could write four posts on t-shirts alone because that’s how much i believe in them as a wardrobe staple and how much it impacts your closet to have a few strong go-to options at all times. black, white, grey, a stripe and a couple of low key graphic ones if that’s your thing. they are the key component to so many outfits and you’ll feel like you can get dressed much faster if you have t-shirts that you love and that fit well. you can layer them under jackets, sweaters and even dresses, wear them with everything from causal jeans to overalls and fancy skirts. i promise that a great t-shirt is always a welcomed addition to any closet and most likely something you’re missing. you’ll notice that almost all of inspiration picks show a crew neck t-shirt but if you are busty (like myself) a v-neck is generally more flattering. i also like to have few sleeveless options too. – joanie

($70) – i really like the tee’s from Velvet. yes, i know they are $70 but they often have great sales and you’ll wear the heck out of it. i have included a lot of budget friendly options but also some that’s i’ve tried and love that are expensive too. i also love the .
($10) – i love the romantic touch of the full sleeve that is slightly gathered at the shoulder. it’s sweet without being too girly.
– ($7) – i love a linen t-shirt. they have a worn in look that is hard to achieve with other fabrics and they really lay nicely against the skin and they also wear in well with time.
($20) – i think there is a time and a place for a graphic t-shirt. i like this one because of the subdued colors and i’d like it paired with a full skirt or under a fitted jacket.
($48) – cropped, ribbed and super fitted. this is a killer layering piece. and i love ribbed anything!
– ($80) – i’m annoyed with myself for liking this $80 t-shirt. i bought one at a re/done sample sale and i wear it all of the time. the cotton is perfectly worn in, thin but not too thin and the pocket is a nice touch. i like bigger t-shirts tucked in, gives you some definition at the waist with a casual ease in the fit.
($72) – i was gifted this by a friend and have worn it non-stop since. it’s currently sold out but you can leave your email address and they’ll let you know when they re-stock.
– ($16) – this is one of my favorite t-shirt finds of all time. this store is geared toward teens but they happen to make amazing basics. they only come in one size (small/medium) which is a bummer but if that’s your size you’re going to be thrilled to know about them.
($48) – i love the off white color and the seamless shoulders. the cut of it has an effortless relaxed feel.

and some inspiration…

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styled | designlovefest

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