cool duvets | designlovefest

i’m usually into super simple, neutral bedding, but there are so many funky graphic options out there that lately i’ve been liking the idea of letting your bed steal the show. these funky duvets are a unique way to make your bedroom pop.  i love how the patterns and colors can make a big impact on the space. make your bedroom look happy with these fun duvet covers and comforters this weekend.  happy decorating!

cool duvets | designlovefest
cool duvets | designlovefest
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cool duvets | designlovefest
cool duvets | designlovefest
cool duvets | designlovefest





free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest

made these tropical desktop wallpapers this week. love the pink palms! which one is your favorite? let us know in the comments!

free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest
free desktop wallpapers | designlovefest





chicken curry | designlovefest

i was so happy to read all of the feedback you left on the last post. it really is so helpful and i love hearing how the recipes are being perceived by you as it can be hard to tell from our one sided perspective. it’s also really nice to hear that you’ve made something and loved it. that’s the ultimate compliment. so keep the feedback/questions/concerns coming, we’re listening! i love curry, i generally make it using the bottled sauce from Trader Joe’s but Ivan promised that this version was almost as easy and he was right.  it’s also nice to be able to adjust the seasonings to your desired spicy level and ultimately you end up saving money buying the spices and using canned coconut milk. he made the sauce in a blender and then let it gently simmer over the veggies and chicken. it was delicious and not too mango-y for those who don’t like it sweet. the steps are simple – cook the rice, boil the potatoes, brown the chicken + veggies, blend the sauce + combined everything together! – joanie 

chicken curry | designlovefest
chicken curry | designlovefest

chicken curry
recipe adapted from
what you’ll need:
• 1 cup frozen mango cubed
• 1 cup salsa verde (from the jar)
• 1 teaspoon paprika
• 1 teaspoon chili powder
• 1/2 teaspoon cayenne powder
• 1 teaspoon curry powder (Trader Joe’s)
• 2 tablespoons coconut sugar
• 1 can full fat coconut milk

everything else: 
• 2-3 chicken breasts thinly sliced
• 3 red skinned potatoes cubed
•  1 cup basmati rice
• olive oil
• 3 bell peppers thinly sliced (red and yellow)
• 2 teaspoons salt
• 2 limes (garnish)
• cilantro (garnish)

chicken curry | designlovefest

how to make: 
• in a small sauce pan heat 1 tablespoon olive oil on medium heat. lightly toast basmati rice about 1-2 minutes. cover with 2 cups water and bring to a simmer. cook for 15 minutes or until water has dissolved and rice is cooked and fluffy. set aside

• in another sauce pan, bring 4 cups of water to a boil and add the red skinned potatoes. cook for 10-15 until potatoes are tender. drain and set aside.

• in a large pan heat 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat. cook the chicken and the bell peppers for about 4 minutes on each side. turn heat on low.

chicken curry | designlovefest
chicken curry | designlovefest

• to make the curry, combine the mango, salsa verde, paprika, chili powder, cayenne, curry powder, coconut sugar and coconut milk and salt in a blender. blend until smooth. pour the curry over the chicken and peppers. mix in the potatoes and cook for an additional 10-15 minutes.

serve with basmati rice, limes and garnish with cilantro. we also served ours with naan (trader joe’s has a great one!).

chicken curry | designlovefest
chicken curry | designlovefest

styling by: joanie cusack and ivan solis
photos by: see more recipes here



most Saturdays involve sleeping in/lounging around the house until the last possible second before i have to leave when i’ll throw something on and run out the door to breakfast/errands/shopping/farm’s market, etc. i pride myself on being able to get ready in a flash, throw something over my head, add sunglasses and/or a hat and out the door. but, my entire ability to get ready quickly falls on my wardrobe. i’ve armed my closet with easy pieces, that require very little thought but that look pulled together and pair well with street shoes (sneakers, flat sandals, etc). the requirements are to be day appropriate, not too tight/structure or fussy, cotton is preferable as it’s durable and breathable and generally something simple with a bit of flare. check out the below if you find yourself at a loss for what to wear on the weekends (other than pajamas). also, tell me a recent purchase you’ve loved or a new brand you discovered. i’m always on the hunt! – joanie

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.21.22 PM

($95) – effortlessly cool, not too short and totally day appropriate.
($313) – her dresses are an investment (one i have yet to make) but i know girls who own her dresses and wear them all the time and they always look fresh and romantic. they are 70’s inspired without being too retro.
($80) – one of my favorite Los Angeles based brands for both her ethical practices and chic wearable pieces. i have several of her dresses and find myself reaching for them often. they are simple but her cuts are spot on. she always makes .
($240) – i own only one Ace & Jig dress but i wear it all of the time. the quality of their fabrics is hard to beat, 100% cotton, print prints and colors and really the perfect vacation dress.
($148) – again with the 100% cotton and i love that it’s a two piece set and both items can be worn together or separately. it’s chic and comfortable.
($40) – sometimes you just need a cool pair of pants to pair with the pile of t-shirts you have in your closet. i like that these are made of polyester because that means they are practically indestructible and can withstand a lot of wear and wash.
($85) – cotton, colorful, not too fitted, day time appropriate – this one checks all of the boxes.
($50) – people often remark that jumpsuits are not flattering to which i say, not everything has to be flattering. maybe it’s just me but i don’t like thinking about everything i wear as needing to be flattering. wear what makes you happy and if you’ve been waiting to give jumpsuits a try now is the time.
($98) – this is a jumpsuit but it’ll read as more of dress because of the wide leg. get it in the red if you’re feeling bold or black for something more tame.

you can read all of our STYLED posts here!




we’ve come to the last post in our week of the with Clorox. hopefully you’ve found some time and space in your week to add some of the projects we’ve gone over and if not, there is always next week to give it a-go! we wanted to end the week with a fun DIY to get you ready for the warmer months ahead, a DIY outdoor umbrella! the whole project can be completed for less then $100 and is a high impact addition to any outdoor space.


here is what you’ll need: 

  • patio umbrella, new or used – we purchased from IKEA 
  • acrylic paint and brushes
  • colored tape
  • tassel fringe, available where you buy home interiors fabric (our 6.5 ft umbrella needed 7 yards of fringe)
  • glue gun


getting started:

  • you may want sketch out a few designs to come up with a plan, dots, dashes and stripes all look good and are easy, if you are inclined to get more complicated the options are limitless. we wanted ours to have a bit of a hand painted feel and opted for dashes, dots and a few other design elements to pull it all together. 


make it:

  • tape off areas that may need masking and work out spacing and pattern density
  • paint areas that are taped off and other designs
  • wait until paint is dry and remove tape
  • with a warmed up glue gun adhere the fringe to the edge of the umbrella.

ta-da! a new outdoor umbrella for your space!

my patio is my happy place. i love spending time out there, hosting friends for drinks, having small celebrations or just eating dinner with my boyfriend. it’s definitely my favorite part of my house and it’s really important to me to keep it clean and orderly. we recently got a ton of rain in LA and it really did a number on my patio furniture and tile. pillows got moldy, there was mildew on the furniture and the tile was straight up dirty.


it sounds kind of crazy but it honestly upset me to see my favorite space like that so i spent an hour out there scrubbing and hosing everything down and it made a huge difference. i used and also their . i followed on how to clean everything and i recommend you do the same to find the right measurements and treatments.


images by:
DIY project by:

(this post was created in partnership with . thank you for supporting the companies that allow us to create original content for you!). 

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