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i’ve been really open on here about my struggle with anxiety, depression, balance and all sorts of mental health challenges i’ve had throughout the year. i’ve been consistently going to therapy for the last two years which has made a huge impact on my life but i’ve also gotten a lot better at stress management and incorporating small healthy changes in my daily life that make a big differene in how i feel. i have a tendency to get frantic or to feel overwhelmed easily. i know stress management is different for everyone but i’ve come to accept that i’m just one of those people who get stressed or anxious more easily than others and instead of beating myself up about it i’m learning to deal with it on a daily basis.

i know a lot of you have shared your struggles with me and i partnered with to pass along some tips that i love and that have positively impacted my life and hopefully you can share habits you practice that make you feel more balanced. the comments on the mental health posts i’ve done in the past are always amazing and your stories are inspiring so feel free to share with me. the focus of this campaign is to encourage people to never stop pursuing what makes them feel good both mentally and physically which is something i really believe in.

mental wellness | designlovefest
mental wellness | designlovefest

technology-free meals: i’m sure this seems like a no brainer to people but when my entire job revolves around my computer it can be really hard to shut it, eat a proper lunch and take a break. there was a time not that long ago that i frequently skip lunch and i would end up really moody around 3pm and totally burned out on my work. i’ve been really into cooking lately and i love making simple balanced meals, chicken + green beans, cauliflower rice bowls, avocado and sesame crackers, smoothie bowls, etc. it doesn’t need to take a ton of time, but the process of slowing down, cooking something, making it beautiful and eating it really brings a sense of balance to my afternoon.

mental wellness | designlovefest
mental wellness | designlovefest

establishing a morning routine: i really love my sleep but i also really don’t like feeling rushed. i made the move about six months ago to wake up two hours before i had to leave for the office so that i could start my day feeling relaxed and not frantic and taking the time to make breakfast, drink coffee, read, write, but do nothing business related. it helps to start my day anxiety free and focused. i also really struggle to drink enough water during the day so i’ve been making a big pitcher of “spa water” in the morning (water with lemon, cucumber, limes, mint, etc). if you’re like me and struggle to stay hydrated, try it! starting the day hydrated really makes me feel more awake and has helped a lot with my skin dryness.

bedroom environment: i am highly impacted by my environment and notice every single detail (for better and for worse) so having a calming bedroom is really important for me. it’s a combo of calming colors, no clutter, essential oil diffuser, candles and a clean + pretty bedside table that really works for me. i’ve learned that when my house or bedroom feel like a mess i’m much more likely to feel off or stressed as soon as i wake up.

indulge in the small stuff: there are a lot of things that can be added to your room and routine that don’t cost too much but can have a big impact. for me, the essential oil diffuser was a game changer. i don’t think essential oils are miracle workers but i do think the can be a valuable part of your wellness practice. i particularly love lavender before bed. i also love candles. turning off the lights, lighting a few candles and practicing deep breathing can do wonders after a long day.

mental wellness | designlovefest
mental wellness | designlovefest
mental wellness | designlovefest
mental wellness | designlovefest

incorporating calming rituals: taking the time to unwind at the end of the day is important to me. i will sometimes jump from one thing to the next, going straight from work to meet a friend and then to an event and by the time i get home i’m exhausted. it’s not always possible to chill for a minute but if i do i generally feel more balanced. my boyfriend doesn’t get home from work until 8pm so often evenings are my time to re-connect with myself. taking a bath, tidying the house, starting to cook dinner slowly and purposefully can all help me to feel less frantic.

as i’ve gotten older i’ve become better at accepting who i am and part of that has been embracing my tendency towards anxiety and stress. i’ve really been working on creating more balance, structure and routine in my life, all of which help me tremendously to stay on track mentally. we live in a crazy world with a lot of things we can’t control and i’m always working to let go of what i can’t control and focus on what i can, taking care of myself mentally and physically so that i feel my best.

i hope you found some of the tips helpful and that we can encourage each other to never stop working towards a healthy and happy life!

mental wellness | designlovefest
mental wellness | designlovefest

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so far it’s been three weeks since i’ve had any alcohol. same story for justin. i’ve only done a two week break in the past so i was very interested in trying a whole month. our mexico trip was filled with poolside margaritas, beers with lunch, wine with dinner…you know how it goes on vacation. that always makes me want to come home and take a break. but this time we said we were going to do a solid 30 days without alcohol. not even a sip. here are the results so far…




justin and i are headed on a longer trip to italy in about 4 weeks so i’ve been heavy in the planning zone over here (which i love to do). we’re doing a mixture of airbnb + hotel. some driving, some planes, a few trains. we want to experience a LOT in the month that we’re there. justin has never been to europe and i’m so freaking excited to show him some of my favorite spots and eat tons of pasta. i’ve pretty much mapped out our month, but would love your advice on sicily (no idea where to start) and any recs you have in these spots! ok, here’s our plan so far…


we fly from LA to rome and are here for about 4-5 days. remember my post when i went to rome a few years ago? you can see it here.  there was so much i didn’t get to see, so i’m happy to go back!


then we are going to take a train to naples and either take a 1.5 hour car or a bus to our hotel in positano (what do you suggest?) it’s pretty pricey in this area so we are just going for two days before we head to capri.


we’re going to take a ferry to capri and we rented an airbnb in anacapri for two nights. again, more expensive and i don’t think we need tons of time there. but everyone says it’s gorgeous so i’m excited about this one!


here’s where i’m a little lost. we are thinking of taking the ferry back to naples from capri and then taking a flight to sicily. i’ve never been there and i have no clue what area to stay in. we have about 5-6 days allotted for sicily so maybe we divide it into two spots? however, we’re moving around so much (and repacking!) it might be nice to just stay put and relax somewhere? thoughts? did you love sicily? do we skip it and go somewhere else?


then we were going to take a flight to florence and spend 3-4 days there exploring the capital of tuscany. i’ve never been so i would love your fave spots! our airbnb is pretty close to the boboli gardens.


i think we are going to rent a car and explore tuscany for a few days after florence. we can enjoy a few wineries and a quieter setting. some friends are on their honeymoon near siena and they’re trying to get us to crash it, which sounds fun.


our last stop in italy! we are going to ditch the car in siena and jump on a four hour train (i bet it’s so beautiful out the windows!) to venice. i fell in love with this place the last time i was there and i can’t wait to experience it with my guy. so romantic!

would love to hear your comments, thanks so much everyone!! and wow i hope we can get along for this long! haha. any tips!? xx bri

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cactus are always a cute addition to your home. i love putting these little cuties in my house and on my patio. here are some ideas for decorating with cactus… it’s a great weekend project to plant some of these in your favorite pots. what’s your favorite plant to decorate with?

shop them





made these cute desktop wallpapers for us today! love these leaf patterns. such fun colors on this set of wallpapers.. click through below to download them.





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