flatbreads | designlovefest

i’m sure you probably get sick of us saying,” this is so easy!” about every recipe but our focus is to create simple and delicious meals that you can easily re-create at home and this is one of them! we used flatbread as the base of our pizza which you can find at any store and assembled them with a variety of toppings and cooked them for just 10 minutes, until the cheese is bubbling and golden. you can have fun playing with the toppings, i made a sweet corn and tomato version of this last night and it was excellent. – joanie

flatbreads | designlovefest
flatbreads | designlovefest
flatbreads | designlovefest
flatbreads | designlovefest

what you’ll need:
• 1 package of flatbreads
• 3 cups basil
• 1 tablespoon pinenuts
• 1/2 lemon squeezed
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• 1 tablespoon shredded parmesan cheese
• 8 oz Italian seasoned ground pork
• 2 red skinned potatoes cooked and sliced
• dry oregano for garnish
• 8 oz mozzarella cheese slices
• salt to taste

flatbreads | designlovefest
flatbreads | designlovefest

set oven to 400 degrees. cook the ground seasoned pork on medium heat, around 5 minutes or until browned and no longer pink. set aside.

to make the pesto, in a food processor add the basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and basil. pulse on low until well blended. while blending slowly add the olive oil. salt to taste

flatbreads | designlovefest
flatbreads | designlovefest

set all the ingredients by the flatbreads to assemble. lightly brush each flatbread with olive oil, add slices of mozzarella, a few dollops of pesto, slices of red skinned potatoes, seasoned ground pork. bake for 8-10 minutes. for a crispy flatbread set the oven to broil checking every 30 seconds until the toppings are golden brown. remove from oven.

garnish flatbread pizzas with dried oregano, shredded parmesan cheese, fresh basil leaves and pesto.

flatbreads | designlovefest

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styling by:  and ivan solis 



STYLED 23 | designlovefest
 (featured above is who started and has super chic personal style, is worth following)

in recent years i have become increasingly aware of where i spend my money. everyone gets to control their individual spending and that has power. we each get to decide what/who we’re going to support with our dollars and that’s a big deal, it’s our voice. everything from where you buy your food, wine, clothing, household items, etc. now, i’m not going to tell you that i don’t shop at Zara every now and then because i certainly do and i also can’t afford to be shopping independent boutiques all the time but i have shifted to making more conscious choices, shopping at the farmer’s market, supporting los angeles based designers (we have so many amazing ones) and trying to buy furniture made locally. and i’d like to start including some of those people and products into this column. i’m still going to include a mix of everything but i really believe that it’s important to empower and support small businesses whenever possible (and that doesn’t just mean LA, all small businesses!).  – joanie

 ($125) –  in love with this mustard color and the simple lip designs. this is a great looking crew neck sweatshirt which happens to one of my favorite styles. it has an old school appeal to it.
 – bri and i both use products from their line and they really are the real deal. their ingredients are incredible and everything is made with such care. they are based out of Mill Valley and their products are expensive but they really work. they just came out with an that we’re excited to try!  i also love as a less expensive option.
 ($300) – i own two of her hats and i wish i had ten more. all of her hats are handmade and her colors and styles are all so chic. i purchased both of my hats on sale through need supply so keep a look out!
 ($259) – obsessed with the colors on this wool blanket and the mission behind their store. they are a social enterprise that curates handcrafted goods from women artisans across the globe. they are all about supporting woman artists who are disenfranchised and helping them create sustainable lives through their work and art. they also have great !
 ($235) – i have been buying shoes from this company since they were located in NYC but they are now in LA and they focus on small production shoes in the best colors and they are all locally made.
 ($60) – my love for ceramic bowls knows no end. i could collect a million of them and jus have them sitting all over my house. they are all so beautiful and special! this one is from  (the bowl is made in Brooklyn) which has two los angeles locations and an online store and it’s trouble. every time i go in there i want to redecorate my entire place.
 ($18) – another LA company and we burn their candles non-stop around our office (even in the summertime!).
 ($55) – i just ordered these and i’d recommend you’d do the same, they are on sale for $55 and i plan to wear them with cropped jeans all fall long.  i own another pair of shoes by this company (based in LA!) and i love them and wear them 3x a week.
– i love their sheets and this stripped set is calling my name!




okay, i’ll admit i’m a bit addicted to pink, but cool blues deserve a little spotlight too. a soft, cool blue color can bring a room together like no other. i love the calming feeling of these spaces. this color is perfect to paint an accent wall, or add a more neutral pop of color in a room. i’m loving the idea of a cool blue chair, rug, or wall. isn’t the painted floor below such a cool idea? shop the look below! –

shop them





this week we have some graphic desktop downloads from . love this pink confetti desktop! shop these and more as prints in her shop .





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happy friday! whatever your weekend plans may be – sitting on the couch all day, running errands, heading to the beach or a bbq we’ve got weekend style inspiration for you. here are 9 things we’d like to be wearing this weekend, wherever that may be! i’ll be in San Diego celebrating my friend’s upcoming wedding. planning on kicking back, drinking wine, eating cheese and renting a duffy boat for a sunset cruise!  – joanie p.s. currently obsessed with the flowy wrap dress above by . wish i had it to take with me this weekend! 


 ($55) – cute top with your favorite pair of comfortable jeans is the easiest weekend outfit. love the ruched detail on this one.

 ($35) – a scoop neck tee in a classic color combo, fitted enough to wear with skirts or wide legged pants.

 ($98) – i own this swimsuit in peach and it is remarkably flattering, i will say if you’ve ordered swimsuits from J.Crew before to order up. most of the suits i have from them are a 2 but i got the 4 in this and it fits perfectly.

 ($88) – perfect run around town sweater, cute with shorts or a denim skirt and also great for your fall wardrobe too.

 ($280) –  coveting this gorgeous green bag. i own the wood version but this green is so striking.

 ($35) – a pretty underwire free bra to rock under you sundress

 ($97) – 100% cotton, pretty blue and white strip with a tassel tie at the back. the perfect day to evening summer dress.

($172) – i love the cut of Lacausa dresses, they are both flattering and comfortable. this one in navy would be so pretty without the slip and worn over a swimsuit.

 ($365) – these dresses are an investment but they are so beautiful in person. they feel like an incredibly rare turn of the century vintage dress. beautiful little details and in cotton so you can wash it!




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