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i’ve had a lot of people tell me that they followed my LA food & shopping guides when they visited LA. i love to hear that! los angeles is such a special place to me. it’s been my home for 7 years and there is SO many great places to share. i truly believe in gathering recommendations when traveling (they can make a trip, right?!) so hopefully these links make your LA experience that much better.

i’ve added a category in the sidebar of the blog called LOS ANGELES. here are some of my favorite LA posts that we’ve done on the blog… (OH! and remember we often post LA companies that are hiring on our job board)


shop & wander

1. poketo: a wonderful store in the arts district (see post here)

2. clementine floral works: where i always buy my flowers (see post here)

3. the americana at brand: where i get my mall shopping done (see post here)

4. heath ceramics: gorgeous home decor & ceramics! (see post here)

5. dream collective: a charming silver lake shop with great jewelry (see post here)

6. mohawk general store: i love to just wander around here. stunning curation! (see post here)

7. the getty: spend the day at the museum on a nice day. a great date!  (see post here)

8. rosebowl flea market: my favorite one, every 2nd sunday of the month in pasadena (see post here)


eat, drink & date

1. the mercantile: a delicious brunch made by a top chef! (see post here)

2. bar stella: an LA must. my favorite bar & hangout spot (see post here)

3. the spice shop: fancy up those cooking skills (see post here)

4. silver lake food guide: bookmark this map for sure! (see post here)

5. the cheese shop: when having guests, i always go here for wine, cheese & bread (see post here)

6. angel’s flight: a $1 date idea. the shortest train ride in downtown LA (see post here)

7. another silver lake restaurant map to mark (see post here)

8. eat drink americano: a romantic spot with the coolest chalkboard wall! (see post here)

ALSO: more date ideas here

and do you remember the video i made with my boyfriend below? we had a day of adventure roaming around LA looking for inspiration.

have fun exploring these spots! my goal is to keep adding to the LA category as much as possible, so check here if you are making a trip to LA and scroll through all the posts. and of course if you have favorite LA spots, please let us know in the comments. thanks! -bri



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right before we moved out of our loft in the arts district in LA there was a restaurant that arian and i really enjoyed walking to. it was really mellow, had a romantic vibe, we would share olives and cheese, taste different beers, (shown above) get down with some flatbreadsand just relax. it’s actually a very special restaurant to me now because we ate there on our last night in the loft before we moved into our new place in silver lake. i remember sitting there with him and talking about the good times we had in our first place together and how we were excited for the future memories in our new house.


one of the coolest things about eat drink americano is the decor. it has a very rustic vibe. the food is served on wood boards, they have an enormous chalkboard wall with impressive typography, mismatched chairs and couches create unique vignettes.


i am a fan of their simple flatbreads & sandwiches. they sure don’t slack on the presentation…


pretty cool vibe, right?


and the tiramisu! my favorite dessert (and i am not much of a sweets gal) but this one i really love. served in a tiny jar with layers of goodness.

34 copy

ps that bright watercolor shirt is by an artist named  and we are doing a giveaway with her shop tomorrow!

definitely check out if you are in the area. and maybe stop by poketo &  across the street for a little shopping beforehand.

this brunch spot
this downtown store
this LA city food guide

(photos by  for designlovefest)



we decided to teach another class in our hometown at the gorgeous with our impeccable decor setup by with florals by heather of .

greeted our students at the table as always. keeping the colors light this time.

the outdoor bbq season has officially arrived with the start of summer. i’ll be lighting up one of these by on my patio (and they really don’t have an overpowering citronella smell.)

and i love the painted terra cotta cactus pots that & teamed up on!

these  anorak kissing seagull from are perfect for stashing important things for a trip to the beach (they’re waterproof) or just running around town. also has a matching picnic  that we’re giving away right here.

the journal is a staple of our goodie bag, and this time around we chose geometric made by . graphic and simple, just my style. we also gave away in peach and black as a prize for an in-class contest.

we encourage our students to sketch out thumbnails and stay inspired, so we thought some colored pencils would be a good desk essential. these sets by  (also an LA-based company!) are nice because they store well together in a . the design is also clean.

good keychains are underrated. i also think they’re hard to find, so we wanted to give these with leather banners from  handmade right here in LA.

our lovely friends over at sent us these from the brand new line that we dropped in each bag. soon you’ll be able to shop online, but for now check out their .

, one of our blogshop alumni makes mini decorative paper under the name everyday & co. it’s fun to see the creative work of past students.

we were beyond impressed with who catered our lunch for this session. on day one we had colorful bento boxes and the second day perfectly wrapped little bites. delicious is an understatement.

most of us here at blogshop take our coffee pretty seriously and serves up some of the best in town in my opinion. i fell in love with it at a coffee shop near my office and i just knew i had to share the with our students, so came in and set up a pop-up shop making hot drinks just for our blogshoppers.

another afternoon treat came in the form of  . they made quite an impact bundled together and tasted even better.

our second LA session kept the photos coming of course. we had two mother daughter dates in this class. (so cute!) and check out our to see class from our students’ perspectives!

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(see previous blogshop posts & all of our goodie bag items used here to see our class in action and for some killer gift ideas.)



i am constantly inspired by the students, the decor, the florals and every element that goes into making each workshop special. (ps you can read about our blogshop planning tips over )  one of the perks of teaching in LA is that i get to work with local vendors and discover new things in my very own neighborhood.

it was our first time teaching at , and it really is a beautiful space. we had the unbelievable skills of DLF’s make it column’s  (who absolutely killed it on the decor!) and awesome florals & succulents by . put all three of them together and we had a pretty rad setup…

and in our goodie bags this class…

simple and pretty metallic foiled by . she sent them all the way from the UK for our students to use in class.

by . this design is great, isn’t it?

cast crystal point post  i love the raw shape of these.


how pretty are these  gold and charcoal ? perfect for jewelry on the nightstand.

watermelons i think they read my mind with this one, remember how i just got done with the watermelon inspiration?

and of course it wouldn’t be blogshop without . we were excited to have a sneak peek of their new summer colors which they will be rolling out soon.


we handed out  care of LA’s own  (adore them!) the gentlemen also set us up with iced coffee to get the students through the long days of learning.

postcard stack by this guy is awesome and hand screenprints these bright postcards in SF that he sends pre-stamped so there’s no excuse not to just drop it in the mail.

we gave a by as a prize for our in-class contest, as well as this canvas  from  (ps did you enter the giveaway that’s over on wednesday with them?)

having a  in class is always so much fun, and made a really incredible graphic backdrop for us by painting wooden planks. you could use this idea for a headboard!



 (6 spots left, hosted by james from ) |  (sold out) |  in september!

don’t see your city? request it  want to be an  in one of the cities listed above? 

(see previous blogshop posts  to see what a class is like, and shop our past goodie bags)




we have been in this office for quite some time, but we had our desks setup downstairs. we recently expanded our team and moved up into the loft and decided it needed to be redecorated! the loft has amazing windows & beautiful natural light so i knew i wanted it to function as a workspace but also as a studio for us to shoot blog content in. (ps. make sure you enter to win the big office giveaway too & see this feature over on )

take a look at the space before we moved up there…(photo by )


and after we were all finished…


the first step was to cover the floors. the purplish-pink wood was distracting and limited us quite a bit, so we decided to cover it with canvas. we went to home depot and stocked up and ended up stapling it to the floor. it also made the space much more cozy. (it feels very palm springs ) it was important to add rugs on top of that so the canvas didn’t get filthy, but it made all the difference in the world to have the floor neutral. for the rugs, we went with layering…we used the moroccan rug as the main rug, and then added a colorful turkish rug by the mini bar & a metallic textured rug under my desk. (they were from a shop called in silver lake. you have to check it out if you’re in LA!)


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