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well, happy friday! i’m currently on my way to my hometown of chicago to teach blogshop and bracing myself for the frigid weather when i get off the plane. LA has been so sunny, it feels almost like summer! which freaks me out because someone told me once that means an earthquake is coming and my irrational fears start spinning. anyways, i digress…let’s just look at this happy photo and forget i even brought that up. ha.

oh! and just a note in case you entered the awesome 6 day free trip to mexico here, make sure you do all of the steps required for entry or else we can’t count it! i’m seeing lots of s, but make sure you leave a comment too! thanks and good luck.


popsicle art available at tappan collective



i had a really good time going through a bunch of blog photos on my laptop yesterday. i might have even teared up. while wearing this. i’ve been trying to take a couple extra days off this week (since spending time with family is cool and all, but i wouldn’t necessarily call it relaxing. in my case at least.) here’s a look at some of my favorite moments & posts in 2013…

my trip to stockholm (and italy with two of my best friends). seriously changed my perspective on a lot of things. and started a martini kick.

my living room got a serious makeover here.

i was able to create some beautiful posts with my best friend. this valentine’s day “single gals party” was a favorite. good bonding action and i’m always learning from jen.

i love doing the style shoots. (like this topshop 60’s shoot above) while they are more work than just shooting an outfit out on the sidewalk, they are just so fun. recreating a time period or a vibe and watching it come to life. good times. or that time i went brunette!

the backyard mixology party was so relaxing and came out just how i imagined it. and the video too!

this guy. he’s always a highlight of my year. i don’t go into a lot of details about our relationship (my dude is the private type) but i really love him. like i said earlier today, freelance life for both of us has been hard. we both probably need to sleep more and spend more dinners not talking about work. but there’s nothing better than watching him working on a cool project he loves. i can’t wait for thailand. adventure awaits us. the photo above is from our trip to barcelona in march.

one of my favorite memories for SURE was the designlovefest palm springs trip. we had a girls getaway and made this video. gosh that was the best.

speaking of girlfriend time. my birthday party this year, when natalie made us all birthday crowns, we rented a limo and went on a photo booth tour. how am i gonna top that this year!?

working with benefit cosmetics! reenacting my four dream jobs: the jazz singer, the florist, the detective and the circus performer. 

getting a studio for designlovefest. moving out of the space with all my guy friends wasn’t easy but i really love having a place to create, shoot, think, and spread out. (here’s photos from my last office, it was pretty tiny!) and yes, the napping tent gets used from time to time after too much travel. hiring my first full-time employee was also a big milestone for me.

it’s always a highlight to watch all of the blogshops happen. i still get a rush before the students arrive, setting everything up perfect for them.

and this was only a few weeks ago, but it was AWESOME! gift wrapping party with close friends here.

thanks for reminiscing with me! xo bri 



This week we are going to have 5 more giveaways AND 5 gift guides! I’ve already started shopping from them myself. Hope you enjoy! -bri

“We all have a friend who’s crazy about decorating, you know the one who changes her living room layout twice a year? Here are some gift ideas just for her. I’m hesitating between this cool triangular frame and the striped towels. What would you pick?” –stephanie


shop these items: 1. Tonight by Ashley Goldberg, 2. Neon hangers from zara home, 3. Triangular frame from Kate Spade Saturday, 4. Embroidered pillow fom Anthropologie, 5. Coaster set from Artsy Modern, 6. Geometric pitcher form Kate Spade Saturday, 7. Cake stand from zara home, 8. Marimekko tray, 9. Eye pot from baba souk, 10. Striped towels from zara home, 11. Leaf salad servers from zara home, 12. Design Brooklyn by Anne Hellman.

more gift ideas: here and here



i’ve been obsessed with browsing through the square market for my holiday gifts this year. (have you heard of the company that makes it easy for you to swipe credit cards with your phone using this little gadget?)  their market offers an awesome array of items from neighborhood businesses. i love how they have curated groups like “the green thumb” and “travel bug” to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. i picked out a bunch of unique gifts for you to check out, like this pom pom garland that would be perfect for your little sister…or that sleek french press for your cool cousin. and how about that gold cage for your best friend’s bookshelf? take a look at my picks below and my full list right here.


**giveaway: you can visit square market and create your own curated list for the holiday season. , they are running a contest for 10 people to win their $1000 wish list!

(this post was sponsored by square market, all opinions are my own.)



This year I want to make my holidays all about simple pleasures, enjoying life and family in a comfy, relaxing atmosphere. I want to take time to bake, wrap presents, light candles…You know, really simple things…. – stephanie

The Beginning by Bethany Marie Photography

Pine wrapping from Rifle Paper Co.

Birches in the snow by Denis Belyaev

Via vegetarian adventures

Lemon doughnuts via The faux Martha

Raspberries Guinness cake via London Fridge

Via varpunen

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