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today definitely tested my anxiety levels. i pulled a classic bri move while i was traveling and let a bunch of work pile up, only to come crashing down on my face this morning now that i’m home. i guess i’ll never learn not to procrastinate. anyway, the day is nearly done and i’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my boyfriend, doing mundane things like the grocery store, and planning a little mixology event we are throwing soon.

**a little note to those LA & PHILLY bloggers, are almost filled up…grab the last few spots **

what do you have planned this weekend? i hope you enjoy it! -bri

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good morning! so hopefully you were able to check out our paris post on tuesday with the map of everywhere we went (i got a lot of comments about people using it for their upcoming honeymoons!) and maybe you saw the hilarious conversation about a questionable photo from that post? guys, come on. do you really think i would put something like that on the internet? too funny.

ANYWAYS, here’s a short video about project and a little interview with me (excuse my cold)

so here’s the deal with the videos around here. i think it’s time to start doing more of them. (my channel that i just started ) i’m considering doing more talking videos too, what do you think? we do so much DIY, food, travel and style content around here that i think video needs to come into the picture more often.

captured this video when we were in paris. the song is so catchy right? i’ve had it in my head for days. it shows our apartment and even a little dance number by yours truly…

i hope you guys check out some of the spots we visited in paris, you won’t regret it! a lot of you asked about the apartment listing: it’s

paris video by . this post is a collaboration with  by .



today’s question: “how do you invest in your business?”



i’m not really at a point to invest in my business yet. as soon as i get there i would probably start renting a studio space to work out of. it would be nice to separate home and work. and! with that comes the adventure of furniture shopping!

i’d also like to find an accountant that works with freelance designers to make sure i’m actually doing everything the best i can.  i currently work with a lovely H&R Block woman named barbra for my taxes. she told me she was proud of how organized i was this year vs. last. she is great but i just wonder if i’m getting the best freelance advice. i would also get a lawyer and have him/her go over all my paper work and make sure my business is set up the best way. since i wrote this post about getting paid i’ve had a couple of sticky situations come up. it would’ve been nice to have some heat backing those emails i was sending.

i assume that if i’m profiting enough to put money back in my business i’d be crazy busy. i might want to hire an intern to help out a couple days a week. i’d try to find someone from a local art college to help out. i love working with students. they’re so ambitious and excited. i like to think that i’m helping them on their career path like my mentors once did for me. my mentors help me make my career. every big job came from someone recommending me. it’s really all about word of mouth.

so…one day…that’s the plan.


i have definitely learned the importance of putting money back into the business. sure, we’d all love to get a paycheck in the mail and take it straight to the bank…and then to the mall. but it doesn’t really work like that.

i am going to focus on the expenses of a blogger for this one…

1. employees & contributors: my biggest expense! in the beginning this expense scared me the most because it’s sure not cheap! but when i was really able to evaluate the income before i had the extra help and then after, i realized the value right away. i needed to free up some of my time so i could think further into the future and stop spinning my wheels.

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man, where do i even begin? paris is always the city that makes me feel the most inspired, the most awestruck, the most wide-eyed, the most happy. each time i have visited has been very different, but also very the same. we were a part of the  team for this trip…which allowed us to wander around, explore and film/document the whole thing and then share our favorite spots with you. i really love a brand that is open to change, open for exploration and of course allows creative freedom. (stay tuned for the video we made that i’m posting on thursday!)

let’s start with this little , shall we? it’s small but they maximized the space and fixed it up real nice. it’s in the perfect spot in le marais on rue de rosiers…tons of cafes, bars and shops right below us.

renting an apartment you just never know what you are going to get….i was pleasantly surprised that for under $180 a night we could stay here and it felt like a hotel! clean, safe, beautiful views, a skylight, nice appliances & bathroom. it was a total score.


i met arian on our front doorstep (i was coming from london and him from LA) paris always feels a little like a fairytale when you get there, but waiting for your guy to come around the corner with his luggage somehow felt extra fairytale-like. with him being jet lagged we decided to just eat ravioli and enjoy the rain from our comfy room and do the whole tourist thing the next day.

use this map to bookmark some of our spots from our trip! thanks so much for creating it, 


our first morning we slept in and then walked to for eggs benedict and a cafe creme. this café is very cute (and has free wifi which is always a when traveling abroad for those of you that go through  withdrawals.)

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this past thanksgiving i was at arian’s uncle’s house and the whole family was gathered around a projector watching old super 8 videos from back in the day. there was no sound. the quality wasn’t great. but i looked around and everyone was smiling. even the simplest moment was special for them to watch. it made me realize that sure, we take videos when we travel or for special occasions and blog posts. i take photos and s with good light and snazzy filters. but what about those moments that are so wonderful but aren’t aesthetically pleasing? i admit that i forget to take those photos now. (do you?) i remember the days when everyone had a point and shoot camera and would take dozens and dozens of photos for every occasion (guilty) and now i take 1-2 that i take my time with and share on social media.

well it’s time to take it back. we got a flip cam a few weeks ago and i’ve been recording simple video moments (no filter, no editing) on my iphone so that one day i won’t forget the first time i made arian try a face mask and how funny that was. or the day we moved into a new house and everything was empty. or just arian cuddling on the couch with the cats. i am going to want those videos someday. home movies for the win!

what do you think? are you already making home videos?

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