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we have been in this office for quite some time, but we had our desks setup downstairs. we recently expanded our team and moved up into the loft and decided it needed to be redecorated! the loft has amazing windows & beautiful natural light so i knew i wanted it to function as a workspace but also as a studio for us to shoot blog content in. (ps. make sure you enter to win the big office giveaway too & see this feature over on )

take a look at the space before we moved up there…(photo by )


and after we were all finished…


the first step was to cover the floors. the purplish-pink wood was distracting and limited us quite a bit, so we decided to cover it with canvas. we went to home depot and stocked up and ended up stapling it to the floor. it also made the space much more cozy. (it feels very palm springs ) it was important to add rugs on top of that so the canvas didn’t get filthy, but it made all the difference in the world to have the floor neutral. for the rugs, we went with layering…we used the moroccan rug as the main rug, and then added a colorful turkish rug by the mini bar & a metallic textured rug under my desk. (they were from a shop called in silver lake. you have to check it out if you’re in LA!)


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almost every night i turn to arian and say “where do you wanna eat tonight?” he pauses and thinks. “i dunno, what do you feel like?” we sit and think together. and then one day he was like “can you please just make a map and tape it to the wall so i can just pick from that?” and that day i started looking for a map illustrator for this new column. i have done scattered food posts in the past, but i wanted something more thought out…something you could bookmark if you are visiting LA or if you live here and need to try new places. (and we will hopefully feature more cities too) i know that i am such a sucker for a good food recomendation and figure a lot of you must be the same way.

i have found that something that gets me really excited about a vacation (or even a weekend) is researching where to eat. i like to put in my time and find just the right place. i will be documenting what i find here for you!

 is an amazing artist that i chose to illustrate for this project. i love that her work reminds me of one of my favorite designers,  (who’s film posters made me realize how much i love graphic design.) asia’s work struck me right away as clever and unexpected and i knew she was the right fit. and the fact that she could make these maps happen all the way from stockholm with my direction in one email is pretty rad too.

so i will be breaking down my neighborhood first (in two parts)…my favorite places to eat, grab a cocktail, go on a date and enjoy snacks with friends. i hope you enjoy the new column!

all of these spots are on sunset blvd in silver lake. i’ll start from the top of the map and follow it down…not in the order or “must go here” first, ok?

1. – if you go here, you have to get the ground beef and pickle taco. sounds a bit weird, i know, but it’s definitely the best on their menu. we don’t eat full meals here often but we will grab a spicy margarita and a taco with friends for happy hour every once and a while. the vibe is fun, it’s best if you can sit on the patio in the warmer months. i also had my birthday party upstairs 2 years ago and it was an awesome venue.

2. – i always ask the counter for their favorite 3 cheeses (they have 3 that everyone loves!) they will let you try them. it’s a fun weekend activity to stock up on wine and cheese and bread and browse around their cute shop. (stop by my favorite floral shop, next door for a mini bouquet too.) this year for my birthday we got a bunch of stuff from here and had

3. . good coffee and people watching. gets a little sceney but it’s worth checking out.

4. (and bar stella too) – it’s my favorite place. it’s like taking a trip to paris for breakfast. the baked eggs  are my thing…but i know a lot of people who rave about the lemon ricotta pancakes and the salmon benedict. you have to go there. and the bar that they added semi-recently is way legit. the interior design is out of this world. warning: the cocktails are pricey, but they are delicious. just splurge a little.

5. –  it’s a new spot in our neighborhood and i would recommend it for cocktails and bar food. we spent new year’s here and had a really fabulous time. arian loves the vegetarian lasagna. i love ordering their side dishes: burrata, roasted squash, shishito peppers…

6. – it’s a great healthy lunch spot. i used to get the brown rice baked tofu bowl (with crunchy kale and avocado)  but i got it so many times that i vowed i would try other things. but i usually still get that out of rebellion. and because it’s just that good. also, the raw coconut milkshake.

7. – i like this place because i like places you can get sides as a meal (not much of an entree gal myself) they have interesting salads, awesome mac n cheese, roasted cauliflower…the selection is different every time i go in there. we love eating here for dinner or lunch because it’s fast and easy and they have a lot of healthy options.

8. – this place takes “eating outside” to a new level. it’s the closest you can get to opening a restaurant inside of a tree house. either way, the aesthetic has a great nature feel to it. i love it for brunch (blood orange mimosas and eggs benedict) because of their bright pillows for lounging…but it’s a pretty fantastic date night as well.

9. – my boyfriend says “best fish tacos in LA!” we love it here because you can eat mexican food without all the grease. healthy, chill, great service.

10. – i get the “muy caliente” grilled cheese! fontina and spicy jack melted on top of sliced jalapenos…and you get a side of tomato soup  for dipping. quick and easy comfort food.

11. – a staple silver lake diner. sit on the sidewalk with your pancakes and coffee and watch the locals pass by.

12. – i won’t lie, the aesthetic of the place is a little confusing. sort of looks like your fancy grandma’s house. but the food is legit. and they have $5 mimosas.i always order the “eggs a la luna” which is a english muffin with mozzarella, poached eggs, pesto, parmesan, prosciutto and asparagus. mmmm

13. – i hear they give you a free coffee if you rode your bike there. (very silver lake) they have really large portions and they’re very vegetarian friendly. the whole wheat pancakes and a coffee will start your day off right.

14.  – they serve you your coffee in a bowl. i love the eggs and speck in a little pan. my boyfriend always gets the nutella waffles! they also offer picnic lunches that you can buy (with a basket) and take to the park!

15. – tonkotsu spicy ramen with pork belly, and an over-medium egg on top. perfect for a rainy night.

16. – i swear i used to eat here 3-4 times a week. it’s incredibly fast and also very addicting. i get the chicken pho (they give you all the fixings to add to your broth and make it just how you like it) and arian loves the tofu pho. it’s cheap (pay under 10 bucks). and look for the big row of oversized lightbulbs because they don’t have a sign. you can’t really miss it though. and they are open till midnight! (cash only)

see you soon for our part 2 post! let me know if you try out any of these spots, i always love to hear you enjoyed your meal! xo bri

(illustration by , photos from the )



we just got back from one of our favorite cities. austin is so full of interesting spots. we dined at a couple of delicious places that you should check out if you’re visiting: ( how cute the interior is), (new thai restaurant with community style tables) and  (food truck).

and check out our …

sometimes your workspace needs just a splash of movement and color, so we thought these by would perk up our student’s desk areas.

 is an amazing store and they gave these quirky little boy and by tokyo-based illustrator noritake.

all our goodies were held in these totes from  with just a hit of gradient that we hope expressed the sentiment of the class.

our friends at make these fun  that they sent along for our austin blogshoppers.

these bright print are from  (they make larger versions as ipad cases) and are great to throw in your purse or just carry as a teeny clutch.

ana from  decked out our space with vintage furniture from and the high five factory made this awesome for our smilebooth. the students had a blast taking tons of pics together.

i think these rifle paper co. cats pajamas from are just the best.

these adorable gift tags are made by locals . i think they would be perfect to label things. you know i’m serious about getting organized these days!

the made these STUNNING florals, which i wish i could have brought home with me. she’s the gal to call in austin, folks!

we were so excited when we found out our pals at were rolling out special valentine’s day with hearts…right up my alley.

never ceases to impress, and of course there tasty treats were the talk of the shop.

we held our austin classes at this time around, and it was such a creative space. perfect for our workshop, with space to learn, gather and share.

these journals were perfect for note-taking. each student got two , and the one labeled sketches will be great to do some thumbnails for new blogshop skills.

check out these class pics, can we say tv show?

sign up for february :

 (2 spots) |   |    |   (email for waiting list)


i was really looking forward to my stay at the . i mean look at that pool! i highly recommend that place. (and i hear the is pretty amazing too.)

austin, we really



well…we did it. we taught in australia! this sydney class really bonded with each other and i think some blogger brunches might be in order for some of those new friendships. here’s a peek inside our event…

and to sign up for upcoming LA, NY, BOSTON (and more) classes…you can do that 

we were so excited to work with our sponsor  this time around. they provided an amazing tea and copies of their  #51 for our students. have you guys checked out that magazine? i’ve always admired their simple layouts, nice font choices, and inspiring finds.

we taught at a space called and it exceeded our expectations  they call it an “underground restaurant & event space.” you want to have a cool party…you go there, ok? aaron is super sweet and loves making creative events come to life.

looks like a candy necklace, right? check out these !

we felt pretty fancy having our own chef for the weekend cooking behind us while we were teaching!

those  were a perfect addition to the bags this time.

isn’t this  packaging beautiful? and the honey is delicious too!

those  and one lucky prize winner received that (which i want for my bedside table)

frankie magazine also makes  of gift wrap in awesome patterns. perfect for craft projects.

we have an addiction to pouches, especially when we travel. i love these from 

 helped style our refreshment table with adorable milk glass bottles.

the gorgeous florals and garlands are by dominique brammah of  and how cool is that flower photo booth background that she made?!

the overall styling was a team effort by our friends , &  with balloons by . and thank you for those handwritten tags that greeted our students!

and this was our most …the students were inspired and snapping away. check out their photos on the hashtag!

check out this little film by  to step inside blogshop sydney…

sign up for january blogshops:

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we arrived in D.C. for and I was immediately in love with the colorful trees and perfect temperature. apparently october was definitely the time to visit. the second day shifted and we were feeling pretty anxious about the hurricane rolling in. it was amazing to witness our class all coming together to help us get back to LA. looking up flights on our photoshop breaks, offering rides to other states…it was the sweetest. our flight was cancelled and we literally rushed to the airport to catch the last flight out for days that booked for us while we were teaching. we owe her big time. i felt so worried about leaving everyone (even though everyone in class was so calm!) i am just so glad everyone is okay.

I felt really close to all those students, people really come together in moments like those, don’t they? i have been thinking a lot about everyone over on the east coast and hoping you are feeling warmth and neighborliness in this hectic time.

people have been emailing me asking to put together gift guides using our blogshop items. it makes me happy to think people find these links useful. we really only choose items we love and think you would love too…and to see a full list of all the blogshop items, they are

1. our friends at  helped to hydrate our students with their beautiful  once again.
2. one of our blogshop alumni makes these cards under her name fig 2 design.

3. we’re still spreading the minted love.

4. the adorable design darling boutique sent our students for some important note-taking.

5. gradient from  brightened up our goodie bags big time.

6. cheery floral rifle paper co.  from  (to sit their morning mimosas on)

and a big hug to  for helping us decorate that studio! funny story – when we arrived it was FULL of halloween decorations from a miscommunication with the space and it was a miracle that it looked like this before the students arrived. haha (hanging skulls, cobwebs, caution tape…it was not good)

see all of the student action on our

and i just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful words about our it has brought me to tears seeing the amount of signups in the last two days. it all feels a little bit surreal. and i hear a few of you have brought we made to your boss and convinced them to send you to blogshop? so cool.

next stop? and there is 2 more spots. , we’d love to have you.

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