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well, it’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT time! we have  for over 2 and a half years now, in person. it has become a bigger part of my life than i would have ever expected, and i feel so grateful for the opportunity to meet and teach so many eager students. i still can’t believe we have taught over 90 sold out classes, i still look forward to teaching every time. however, there are only two of us and we can’t travel everywhere.

0ver the last few months we have been working very hard on creating so many of you have requested the ability to watch our class online, and we’re so excited to finally make that a reality. you can now watch us from the comfort of your own home (in your pajamas) and save on the cost of travel & hotels. you’ll be able to stream the course over a 2 day period, rewinding as much as you’d like and have access to online tech support. we will still be teaching in person classes at least once a month (because we still think there are definitely advantages to the individual help and creative environment.) we can’t wait to see how this next venture unfolds and hope to teach so many more of you the photoshop skills to make your web presence shine.

TO SIGN UP FOR THE VERY FIRST, DISCOUNTED PRICE ONLINE BLOGSHOP  the first one will be streaming from and will be $199. there will be a very limited number of students in this session while we test the process. (our first session will be available to U.S. only and tech support will be for mac computers. international viewing coming very soon.)

*** UPDATE: the first session sold out very quickly, but don’t worry there will be more shortly! to get the updates on our next release before anyone else.

here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between the VS. the …

so what do you say, want to join us ONLINE this time?



i’ve been obsessed with browsing through the for my holiday gifts this year. (have you heard of the company that makes it easy for you to swipe credit cards with your phone using )  their market offers an awesome array of items from neighborhood businesses. i love how they have curated groups like “” and “” to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. i picked out a bunch of unique gifts for you to check out, like this that would be perfect for your little sister…or that for your cool cousin. and how about that for your best friend’s bookshelf? take a look at my picks below and my full list right .


**giveaway: you can visit  and create your own curated list for the holiday season. , they are running a contest for 10 people to !

(this post was sponsored by , all opinions are my own.)



so maybe you’ve seen this already (?) but man, was i blown away when i watched it on the plane for the first time last night. has totally transformed the boring “buckle your seatbelt” safety video into a creative performance. child rappers, break dancers, dance performers.  i fly virgin whenever i can, because they go above & beyond to make the travel experience unique. you have to nod to the company for doing something no one has ever done before! my eyes were glued to the screen the whole time. remember (i thought THAT was stepping it up.)

two small complaints. it’s pretty long, i’m not sure i want to watch that video over and over if i was flying virgin regularly. but hey, i guess it’s better than the same old boring one. (at least we usually can tune that one out) and second, i get that they are trying to be edgy and fun, but as a terrified flyer myself it seems like they are sort of making a joke out of safety. if the plane was going down, i’m not sure i would remember the “rap” on how to inflate my air vest. but above all, i like what they did. so i’m not mad at it. what do you think?



as you know from my recent travels, i’ve been using to book apartments. (italy here, rome here, sweden here) i pulled together 5 cute california spots you could stay in case you are headed west anytime soon! or maybe a staycation? a few by the beach, one in a treehouse (!), an artist loft and one in my silver lake neighborhood. i might even rent that place in malibu for our next anniversary…


click to rent them here:

, , , ,

people ask quite a bit on how i find the places that i stay. here’s a few of my  tips:

  1. 1. first do research on the neighborhood. location is key! while it’s great to have an amazing place to sleep, you still want to be able to walk around to shops and cafes easily. i usually google the “hip” or “trendy” neighborhoods because it usually means they have a lot going on as far as restaurants and fun sights. then i type that neighborhood into airbnb.
  2. 2. i always read the reviews. i am skeptical about places with only 1 or 2 reviews. usually the great places have a lot people giving you their two cents.
  3. 3. create wish lists & organize your listings into the “my trips” section. we did this for our recent european trip so we could share our lists with each other and decide our favorites. that way you don’t have to keep all the tabs open, they will save them for you.
  4. 4. if i have a minimum budget i always start the filters there. this will shorten the time you have to weed through places. i keep the maximum budget high, just because i like to look. although it’s sometimes torture 🙂
  5. 5. a couple more things i always check for: is it close to public transportation? does it have wifi? is it up 10 flights of stairs with no elevator (yes, i found that out that hard way, with heavy bags) and sometimes i ask the host if the apartment still looks the same as in the photos. you don’t want to get there and it look completely different because the photos were old.

(this post was sponsored by , all opinions are my own. photos by designlovefest)



our fall new york blogshop was held at the  studio again. we just couldn’t resist that pretty space again. let me just say, the decor and florals by  were incredible. they clearly went above and beyond what we asked for, and i could not stop smiling at what they created.

some of our upcoming classes in november, december & january:

 (2 spots, next week) |  |  |  

it was fern city up in there. plant life everywhere in an all-white space.

 water bottles in new colors. look at all of them  the students always enjoy picking where to sit when they walk in to class, and sometimes i can tell they are swayed by the water bottle color on the desk. ha.

a tiny camera pillow? yes please. a great gift for your snappy friends. these are by .

i mean, seriously with that arrangement? one of the best i’ve seen.

we handed out  by  to everyone. angela and i always bring candles with us to the hotel room now so relax after a long teaching day.

plants make the best decorations.

those illustrated macaroon  are by . get very inspired by her designs 

another travel essential for us is . airplanes make your skin so dry, these pretty tubes from  save the day.

all the students got a crown of greenery to take home or wear during class if they wanted.

 gave dark chocolate bites. so GOOD.

and how about that fern photo backdrop? just clipped onto a string. simple and perfectly graphic!

we hung the oh la la prints by  up and handed them out to everyone.

and the prize? this vase set by . such a for flower vases.

new york was absolutely beautiful weather and energy this time around. we never get tired of setting up blogshop in that fantastic place. (we are just going to wait for you to get a little less cold before we come back)

some of our upcoming classes in november, december & january:

 |  |  |  

(want to be an  in one of the cities listed above?  see previous blogshop posts & all of our goodie bag items used here to see our class in action and for more gift ideas.)
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