an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest

a recipe for the perfect weekend breakfast dish! i’ve mentioned before that a frittata is my go-to dish if i have lots of veggies, on the brink of going bad, that i’m wanting to use up. it’s so much simpler than a quiche and can all be done in one pan or you can use one frying pan and a pretty baking dish like we did if you’re serving it to guests. i feel like this is a very forgiving dish and can handle a medley of different veggies or cheese depending on what you have on hand but i have definitely made the mistake off adding too many veggies and think the less is more philosophy is probably best, like we did with this recipe. i highly recommend re-using the bacon grease to sauté your onions, it adds a much deeper level of flavor. and i do like to add a handful of spinach or kale, if i have it on hand just to bump up the nutritional value (and balance out the bacon grease)! – joanie 

an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest

Breakfast Frittata
what you’ll need:

• 8 eggs (you could do this same recipe with up to 12 eggs to serve more people!)
• 1/2 pound of bacon (about 6 strips)
• 1 large zucchini, thinly sliced.
• 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
• 1 onion sliced
• 1 cup of milk
• soft goat cheese
• watercress (optional garnish)
• dill (optional garnish)
• 1 avocado sliced

• preheat oven to 375 degrees.

• in a large pan cook the bacon on medium heat until crispy. remove bacon and set aside on paper towels. leave remaining bacon grease in the pan and add the sliced onions. cook onions down until caramelized, i like to really go for it and brown them for a solid 20 minuted but you can do 10. remove onions and set aside.

an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest
an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest
an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest

• thinly slice the zucchini and add to a strainer over a bowl. add a big pinch of salt making sure that all slices have been exposed to the salt. let the zucchini drain for about 5-10 minutes until the juice starts to loosen, then squeeze them with your hands to release the water. zucchini holds a lot of water so make sure to do this step or your frittata will be watery!

• chop the bacon into small pieces.

an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest
an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest
an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest

• in a separate bowl whisk the eggs, add the milk and salt and pepper, mix well and then add the chopped bacon, onion and zucchini. garnish with soft goat cheese and the parmesan.

an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest
an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest
an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest

• bake on 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes in either the pan that you cooked the bacon in (make sure it’s well greased!) or a baking dish with parchment. the edges should be pulling away from the sides of the pan and you want the center to be set, and slightly bounce back when you push on it. remove from oven and allow to cool a few minutes before serving. garnish with watercress, dill and avocado (and hot sauce too!) 

an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest
an easy frittata recipe | designlovefest

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one of my favorite color combinations is green and pink! there’s something about a bold green hue contrasting against a pretty pastel pink. every shade of green tends to work well with blush pink, but i’m loving deep forest green. whether it’s a subtle touch of green in a blush space, or a green statement piece like a sofa, this color pairing is always easy on the eyes. don’t want to commit to a big green piece? just add a plant for a touch of greenery! what do you think about this color combo?

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post travel rituals | designlovefest
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it doesn’t matter what type of trip i’m coming home from (road, plane, work, fun) or the length but somehow i always come back from traveling feeling disconnected from my body. i think i’m more a creature of habit than i realize and when i leave town i am not good at maintaining my structure. i’ll skip workouts, eat differently, sleep differently, forget to drink water, drink more alcohol, etc and the whole combo of things leaves me feeling like a bit of a mess. i’ve realized this pattern by now and have some post travel rituals that i usually do as soon as i get home that help me feel back to normal quickly. i’d love to hear if you experience the same thing, i know people who absolutely love to travel and don’t share this same feeling at all but i’m sure there are plenty of people who feel thrown off, even from a long weekend trip (like me!). what sorts of rituals do you have? what makes you feel connected to your body or relaxed after you travel?

for me, i want my first meal back to be healthy and for some reason i always want either pho or a baked sweet potato, i dry brush and take a bath, drink tons of water, unpack almost immediately, and go to bed early. then the next morning, i drink hot water with lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar and move my body in some way, take a brisk walk, jog or pilates. oh, and i’ll lay off drinking for a few days because time away usually means one too many glasses of wine. that combo of things generally has me feeling back to normal in no time. i didn’t actual realize how intense i was about my post travel rituals until my husband pointed it out, he calls it the “joanie detox” which it basically is but i don’t like not feeling like myself so the rituals are important to me and my sanity! i’d love to hear your pre or post travel rituals that keep you feeling like you! – joanie



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i’m coming up on the end of my three month no shopping commitment (more on the experience later) and i’m definitely starting to feeling the shopping itch. it really wasn’t that hard but that’s mostly because i avoided online browsing (email blasts about new arrivals and sales are my downfall!) and also didn’t go to any malls. i had to shop one day for a shoot and it was way harder to not buy anything when it was right in front of me. it’s also the fact that spring collections have launched and there are so many pretty colors popping up and that’s hard to resist (case in point is that above which i didn’t even want to tell you about because what if it sells out before my three months are up?!). so instead of buying anything i just created a list of nine items i’d buy if i was shopping! – joanie

 $158 – i saw these yesterday in person and was immediately drawn to the mustard yellow color and the classic mule shape with a feminine touch. i find jeffery campbell shoes to be very comfortable as well.

 $245  – i think we all have a soft spot for anything Clare V and the fun and whimsical details she adds to her bags. I love the beading detail on this pretty black and white piece.

  $83 – if you don’t own a duster, it’s about time you do. they are the perfect thing to travel in, they’re so cozy and it’s basically like wearing a bathrobe in public, a very chic bathrobe. , this one is the perfect grey/purple color.

$50 – i know i’ve been on a serious H&M kick but they really are doing such a good job. i love this blouse so much and think it’s the perfect spring piece.

 $388 – my sister has a version of these shoes and i just saw her wearing them last weekend and was reminded what a great shape they are. so flattering and would pair well with basically anything.

 $40 – a wrap dress is the perfect thing to bring you into spring, paired with a denim jacket and sneakers or dressed up for an evening out with a strappy sandal.

 $50 – buy these shoes right now, maybe in both colors because they will be a shoe that you will wear all the time, trust me.

  – there is nothing new about gingham for spring but i’m still so drawn to it, especially in black and white which feels particularly chic. and i really liked J.Crew swimwear.

 $100 – somehow getting a new pair of running shoes makes me more excited to work out and i love the nude with purple on these ones.


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