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hi friends. i have always LOVED reading through your travel recs. they seriously help me so much while i’m planning. the trip is still coming to life, but here is what i am loosely thinking below. i would really appreciate your comments. thanks so much! -bri



first stop in early april is paris. this place will always have my heart. i remember the first time i walked out of the cab onto the street and it felt like music was playing. i will be headed there for work with a friend and i am hoping to see some new sights and restaurants. i’ve always had a different experience each time i’ve gone, which proves that the people you travel with have such a big impact on how the trip is going to be! (see old posts here and here)



i have a few days open in between paris and tuscany so i think i am going to take a train to geneva to stay with a family friend for a few days. i believe he lives somewhere between lausanne and geneva. i’m looking forward to eating fondue, relaxing…i have only been to switzerland over a christmas holiday with my family about 8 years ago and it felt like everything was closed down and freezing. but i remember it being very beautiful, so i am anxious to explore it again.



then, i will be going to tuscany for a few days for a blogger trip and staying in this villa. apparently there will be cooking and floral classes happening! i don’t think i will have a ton of time to get out and see the sights, but if there is ONE thing i can’t miss what would you say it is?



i think i am most excited to see amsterdam. it’s been on my bucket list for a while and i’ll be there in may! i can’t wait to rent an apartment (hopefully one with a bike!) and wander around those little streets. any recommendations on neighborhoods or things i must do would be amazing! would you say jordaan? rent a houseboat?



and the last stop will be berlin. i went about 4 years ago and remember feeling like i could live there one day. it’s sort of hard to explain what i loved about it so much. i could just feel a design energy there that i really liked. the all white interiors, the nicely designed cafes, the impeccable fashion sense. last time i stayed in mitte, and i would love to explore a new neighborhood. where would you suggest? kreuzberg? also i am thinking about teaching a social media workshop when i am there, would you be interested??


AAAAAND! i will be renting out my  on airbnb while i’m gone if you are interested in coming to LA for the spring. ideally, i would love a tenant looking for a longer stay. check out the listing

(photos, paris , geneva , tuscany , amsterdam , berlin , my house )



there’s something about plants that just liven up a room, right? (just look at how many i have in my living room) however, if you’re like most, you’ve bought a beautiful fiddle leaf fig or exuberant fern, and before you know it…it’s not looking so great. thankfully, having lush and happy houseplants is truly very simple! a little bit of research and a whole lotta TLC go a long way.

check out our favorites to grow indoors:


light: these little darlings are delicate – ferns do best with indirect sunlight to shade; strong sunlight should definitely be avoided.

water: keep soil moist, but not water-logged. i’m also a HUGE fan of misting (just picked up this ), since it keeps them hydrated & happy.


light: moderate shade to bright indirect light; like ferns, they’re not the biggest fans of strong, unfiltered sunlight.

water: keep soil moist at all times, and make sure your container allows for good draining.


light: bright, indirect sunlight is best – like next to a window that has sheer curtains, for example.

water: allow the soil surface to dry slightly in-between waterings. if you notice droopy leaves, it’s time to water.


light: these cuties can seriously take the heat. give them the sunniest spot in your home. my windowsills are lined with them!

water: water very sparingly. soil should be dry to the touch at all times, but if you notice that their petals are withering and puckered, it’s time to water.


light: like rubber trees, these fellas love bright, indirect light. a west or south-facing window is best.

water: allow soil surface to dry in-between waterings. overwatering is actually the biggest killer of the fiddle leaf fig.

and there you have it! which plants are you going to try in your home? best of luck with them.

art direction by: bri emery
plant care guide by:
 – see more floral posts here!

photography by: 



a good friend of mine asked me to give her some of my favorite resources for wallpaper. she’s wanting to cover the entryway in her new home with something fun. i thought i’d share with you too…


is the wallpaper that is used in my studio building, . (that’s our hallway to the bathrooms right above) they have a great selection of cool wallpapers

selection is filled with gold, which i love. i chose the & the as my top picks.

sure has some bold statement wallpaper in her collection. i think are so rad in that work area!

what do you think of faux wood & options? i’m curious to see those in person.

oh man i love these watercolor designs by  very cool.


can’t go wrong with a vertical black and white stripe. as a great one  the are nice too. i also added some of their wall stickers in for fun. shop those

has & ! can you imagine a bathroom with those bright flowers? i’d be into that for sure.

speaking of the sea, how about these by ? i could see this being very cute in a little boy’s room.

for the neutral gal, i chose these in a bone color from

and last but not least, . gorgeous wallpaper made in paris. that black and white option of the trees is so calming, i love it.

which one are you loving? any other wallpaper stores you want to share? -bri



and i were talking a while back about feeling so grateful for our friends. i know for me, i am far away from my family members who live in the midwest, so my friends here in california have definitely become like family to me. we were dreaming up ways that we could show our gratitude to our friends and thought of this idea of a “flower bomb”…surprising someone with flowers in unexpected places. my first thought was, “what if we filled an entire front seat with flowers?!”

and the idea evolved from there…thanks for the beautiful photos

how do you surprise someone you really love? maybe a friend that just got her heart broken, or a friend that just accepted a new job? or how about a friend that’s always been there for you and you just want to say thank you on a random day? when i saw kristen driving down the street with a car full of flowers, i was filled with happiness and they weren’t even for me! people were staring and stopping her along the road to take photos. it’s such a high impact!

let’s hear how made this happen…

“Basically I knew I needed a TON of flowers! Certain flowers I used for their sturdy nature/ability to withstand the LA summer heat! (stock, larkspur, daisies, aster) While other flowers, like the coral peonies, hot pink anemone, and dahlias, I incorporated because of their bright summer blooms.

I use seasonal blooms whenever I can and so those big beautiful coral peonies were my first choice! Too pretty not to use!”

how to create this yourself…

• I first placed one tightly lined wooden garden box on the passenger seat and another on the floor. You want to make sure the vessel you choose is watertight! No leaks. And is big enough to hold a lot of blooms.

• I then filled the boxes with water soaked oasis (green floral foam). 

• Now i had to think about shape. I didn’t want it to look too much like a typical floral arrangement so I gave it a full and wild shape that accented the curves of the car’s interior. I think it also helped to have the second box on the floor of the car. That way I could get a couple different heights.

• Starting from the back and moving to the floor I started filling the boxes with blooms. I was keeping the stems as tall as I could so you could see the flowers through the windows.

• I even water tubed some blooms a placed them on the dash!

“This project was so much fun. I really love being able to create outside the box. Its not everyday I fill a car with fresh summer flowers. This was truly special.” 

florals by:  – see more floral posts here!
art direction: bri emery
& thanks for modeling  (you can get her shoes )

(This summer inspiration is brought to you by . Find more fun and surprises all season long on Target’s )



our blogshop studio in philadelphia looked like a page out of an anthropologie catalog, ethereal and dreamy for sure. it was a lovely place to learn thanks to floral and decor stylings of the amazing .

philly decor | BLOGSHOP

 vintage rentals provided our oversized wooden  and  where our students sat.

 sent along these  we suspended from the ceiling with this delicate and airy 


 created this unbelievable floral photo backdrop that really floored me. she is quite talented!

goodies + bkr bottles | designlovefest

we switched up our  combo this time as well. what do you think? we are also excited to see the new  they are rolling out for the summer so stay tuned.

i think this   is a must-have for visiting a friend’s house for brunch or as a housewarming gift.  makes single and double totes for wine and champagne, and even has custom bags for certain cities.


how about  soft and bright  from  they are so light it can really be a scarf, a wrap, a skirt, a towel, a mini tablecloth…i know i’ll have fun inventing ways to use mine.


you know how i feel about note-taking, so we gave each student a gold-foiled  by . these are actually great as little notecards to send to friends as well.

also created several vignettes throughout the room using these gorgeous vintage rental  from . they have such a stunning selection.


we gave each student a pack of   from . they will be so cute in a summer cocktail.

these french  from  were a real hit. they make a bunch of different versions…the  is cool.


i never realized how boring regular bandages were until i saw what was doing with theirs. they make washi-like patterned  in all kinds of colors!


we gave an in-class winner the . hey, all that learning can make you thirsty…

 also makes these cotton herringbone diamond that are really soft to curl up in. we gave it away in aqua as a prize. and maybe twirled around in it in the streets for a minute.

and special thanks to our amazing interns, ,  and !


join us in  june & august!
weekend  (sold out) |  | |

want to be an  in one of the cities listed above? 

(see previous blogshop posts & all of our goodie bag items used here!)
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