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man, has some seriously good knits right now. i just got back from Colorado and it was so nice to be able to wear jackets and sweaters for a bit. but now i’m back in LA where it is 80 degrees so i’ll just have to live vicariously through all of you who have temps low enough to wear layers and sweaters. at the start of the year i asked for feedback on what you wanted to see me include in the styled column and i got a lot of responses about people wanting options at a less expensive price point. and that for many people buying a $100 sweater is out of the question, so i want to try and incorporate more items like that, great pieces i find that are really reasonably priced so that everyone can find something for themselves through this column. -joanie 


 $30 – a grey sweater like this is one of the most worn items in my closet. i wear it with jeans, skirts, over dresses, with jean shorts in the summer, you name it! it’s a classic, you won’t regret it.

 $50 – i love the color of this sweater and how it looks on the body, the mock neck, and the thick ribbing are all great elements.

 $40 – this is such a sweet pale yellow color, feels very 70’s. it’s thin enough to wear year-round and it’d be easy to tuck into things.

 $30 – you know i’m so into purple right now and this is an inexpensive way to add it into your wardrobe.

 $60 – this is beautiful, the sleeves, the texture, the winter white, order this one!

 $35 – for those who want to go bold, i like that the cuff and collar are solid. that fact makes it really wearable!

$35 – the knit on this almost makes it look homemade, which i love. it’s such a vibrant color and i love that the sleeves are narrow at the cuff.

$80 – i have a big turtleneck sweater like this and i get tons of compliments on it. wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and a top knot!

 $25 – the extended cuff on this sweater makes it very chic! would be perfect with a pair of wide legged navy pants.


(the perfect travel sweater!), can’t get over how chic this is,  in navy, a classic, such a good one for summer evenings! 



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i grew up in michigan so i know how long and brutal winter can be but, for the last month or so i’ve been really wanting to be in the snow. i love the california sunshine but i’m looking for a little break in the seasons and a chance to really appreciate the warmth of a fire, the need for layers and a nice blanket of white snow covering everything. my family is going to be in telluride next week and i’m seriously contemplating jumping on a plane for 72 hours to get my fill. here are some cold weather worthy things i’d pack…



 $248 – a pretty pop of blue to brighten up a grey day!

 $298 – i have the travel sized version of this scarf and i love it. so soft and warm!

$28 – a nice oversized beanie that will be sure to cover your ears!

 $175 – a playful sweater that is warm but stylish.

 $68 – for the house and walks down to the hot tub!

 $12.50 – i love their camp socks, i own four pairs and they are thick enough to keep your feet warm around the house.

$130 – cute and practical!

 $50 – i have a patagonia down for when it’s really cold but this is a fun playful option for less blustery days.

$100  – a fun half zip in a very ski resort friendly print!




i’ve been feeling really bored with my denim options lately and i’m really wanting to mix it up. i love dresses but i find that i reach for denim most days and that it’s my go-to for things that are dressed up or down. it’s pretty wild to look back a few years ago at all of the low rise denim we were wearing. i find that a slightly higher rise is almost always more flattering. no one should be cutting their body in half at their hip bones and a higher rise goes over the butt to the smaller part of your waist which gives you a nice shape from the side and behind.

when shopping for denim i personally gravitate towards 100% cotton jeans but i understand that some people prefer a bit of stretch so i’ve include some of those options below too. 100% cotton jeans are really stiff when you put them on for the first time but they really do wear so nicely and have enough give to make them look like they are made for you. they also hold up really well over time, i.e. all those vintage levi’s from the 70’s and 80’s that still look great.

$125 – i’ve been wanting to try the these out of this brooklyn based company. they’ve been reworking vintage denim for year so i feel like they really know what’s up when it comes to fit and style. this pair is 100% cotton and i love the cropped look and the wide hem.

 $40 – if you’re going to do ripped jeans they’ve gotta be in 100% cotton , they can’t be stretch or super tight. i love this light denim wash and the fact that they are boyfriend denim in the cut.

 $50 – another great looking pair from H&M. again, these are 100% cotton and i love the stars on the leg.

 $90 – Madewell definitely has a corner on the denim market and they do a good job of offering variety. i have a pair of their black 9″ skinny jeans which i wear often and love. a lot of their jeans have more stretch than i like to wear but this pair is 98% cotton and super cute.

 $167 – i haven’t tried these on but they are going to be a home run. the fit, the wash, the rise, it’s all working. i would recommend ordering one size larger than normal based on the fact that their very tiny model is wearing a size 26.

  $125 – another denim brand that i have yet to try but really want to. this pair has stretch in it and looks a bit low rise on the model but it’s 9.5″ which should fit really nicely. i like the true blue wash of these and think they’d be a great every day pair of jeans.

 $68 – people cannot stop singing the praises of the new Everlane denim line. it’s super reasonable in price and from what i hear very durable. they also have so many options in style that you’re sure to find something that works on you.

 $70 (but currently 40% off that price!) – Gap is a classic to reach for when it comes to denim and i really like this pair. it’s super simple, no fuss, a nice length on the leg and a great price with the sale they are having right now. also, looks like size up in these too. the model is wearing a 27.

 $165 – hilary who owns Bliss and Mischief is a denim queen and she created her own line of the perfect denim. i’m about to order these because i know they are going to be excellent. they come in several washes which makes it hard to pick but i love this super deep denim color for dressing up.

as far as sizing – when shopping online, i also always look at the sizing details to see what size the model is wearing. it’s super helpful to know that and you’d be surprised how many times it’s not the size you’d think, you’d imagine they’d wear the smallest size but you’ll see them in a 26 or 27 and that gives you a lot of information on what size you should order based on how they should fit. i know it’s hard but really try to not focus so much on the number, brands can run so differently when it comes to size so don’t be discouraged and go for fit and look over fitting into a specific size. and if you’re ordering online, order one size up and down to increase your chances of finding a pair you love.

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needing to alter a pair of jeans is completely normal and something that can really make them go from good to great. if you’re altering the hem always ask them to use the original hem so that the alteration looks as natural as possible. and if you’re altering the hem you’ll often need to adjust the taper on the leg so it mimics the original design. reference the picture of the model online and where they hit her leg for how they should fit.

and finally, don’t over wash your jeans. nothing makes them lose their shape and color faster than too many washes.

p.s. thanks so much for all of your feedback on the last post, i really appreciate it and will definitely be using it to guide the posts i create this year!

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hi! happy new year! can’t believe we’re back from holiday break already. it always feels like there is such a build up to the holidays and then it’s over before you know it. i’m looking forward to creating more styled posts this year but wanted to check in and see if there we certain things you found more helpful than others. do you like round ups based on a theme like winter dresses, or all items from one store, or is it easier if it’s under one price point, like jackets under $200? do you like sale round ups? do you want more styling tips? things like 1 pieces styled 3 days? i’m open to all suggestions and really want to make the column both a place of inspiration and a resource for people and their wardrobe issues!

i’d love your feedback and suggestions and questions! and until then, here are nine pairs of athletic shoes that might help motivate us all to move a bit more this year!



there has been a long standing movement asking the fashion industry to move away from using real animal fur and to use faux fur instead. and with Gucci’s announcement that they will no longer be using real fur in any of their collections i think it’s safe to say that the movement is here to stay. and it’s a win for everyone! there are so many cute and more affordable faux fur options available this season than every before and here are a few of my favorites. i love the idea of buying a slightly over the top jacket and making it your statement coat to wear all fall and winter long over everything, day or night. – joanie


$120 – the different textures on this jacket make it a playful option for fall. fur can feel fancy but this feels laid back and cool. 

 $130 – i’m totally obsessed with this deep emerald green color and think this jacket would be so striking on. 

$129 – a little leopard never hurt no body, or in this case a lot of leopard! this coat is a great length to pair with skinny jeans. 

 $168 – love that this a is a bomber style making it more cropped and fitted in the waist once zipped. 

 $70 – this ice blue color is such a pretty hue and perfect for winter. 

 $120 – this looks like the most cozy jacket and i’m always into cream for winter. 

 $248 – the two tone on this gives it a nice retro feel. it’s also cut to lay close to the body and not add a lot of extra bulk which makes it great as an evening option over a dress. 

$100 – vibrant color, oversized style with cool zip details on the pocket. 

$90 – this is the most similar to what would be a classic cropped mink coat. it’s a very sophisticated cut and i love the big cuffed sleeve. this one is easy to dress way up to something black tie or down with a pair of jeans. 

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