hair twist | designlovefest

i’ve seen a few hair bows walking around town and i’m into. definitely more of a fan of the undone/messy look but that’s totally possible with these styles. i like the idea of a sweet bow and slightly messy hair. and i’m also really into the simple addition of fancy bobby pins. i found some very cute options below and all at an amazing price point. so very gucci feeling floral prints including that blue and red scarf that is the perfect hair or neck accessory. stock up and mix up that hair routine! – joanie


hair twist | designlovefest
hair twist | designlovefest
hair twist | designlovefest
hair twist | designlovefest



a colorful breakfast | designlovefest
a colorful breakfast | designlovefest

i’m a big breakfast fan. i’m not one of those people who can skip it and somehow not eat until lunch. i fall asleep thinking of coffee and breakfast and wake up hungry! ivan wanted to make this colorful breakfast spread and i was in full support. we blanched the chard for just a minute or so in boiling salted water but you could also sauté which would be delicious as well. if you do blanch it just do it until the leaves turn bright green. we also garnished with the stems because they are so pretty and i ate those as well, i hear they’re very good for you?! for the egg, we follow bon appetit recipe for their and it turns out perfectly. make sure you put the eggs in an ice bath after they are done boil to ensure they don’t continue cooking and slightly crack the shells, it will make them easier to peel.  – joanie

a colorful breakfast | designlovefest

makes 3-4 servings 

• 4 small flatbreads
• 1 15oz can chickpeas (skins removed, it’s annoying to do but worth it!)
• some chopped fresh herbs for garnish, we used Italian parsley and mint
• 3-4 eggs
• sesame seeds
• 3 large chard leaves
• lemons

spiced yogurt 
• 1/2 cup greek yogurt
• 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
• 2 teaspoons lemon juice
• 1/2 teaspoon white pepper
• 1 small garlic cloves minced

a colorful breakfast | designlovefest
a colorful breakfast | designlovefest
a colorful breakfast | designlovefest
a colorful breakfast | designlovefest
a colorful breakfast | designlovefest

• preheat your oven to 350. take your chickpeas (skins removed!) and put them on a baking sheet lined with parchment. drizzle a little olive oil on them, not too much or they won’t get crispy! and sprinkle with salt. put in the oven for 10 minutes, give them a shake and then 10 more minutes or until golden brown!

• prep your soft boiled eggs as instructed . while that is happening prepped the yogurt sauce, for the garlic mince it finely and then using the edge of the knife press into the garlic until it forms a paste (see photo above). add that and the lemon, salt and white pepper into the yogurt, return to the fridge.

• bring some salted water to a boil, once boiling add the chard leafs, (i just shoved mine into the pan whole). leave them in for a minute or two and then drain and set aside.

• we put the flat bread in a panini press to get those lines but you can toast it too. brush with a little olive oil and toast or pan fry until crispy.

• now assemble! put a smear of the yogurt sauce, cut one of the soft eggs in half, add some slices of the flat bread, some chard and a big handful of the chickpeas. finish with fresh herbs and sesame seeds!

a colorful breakfast | designlovefest
a colorful breakfast | designlovefest
a colorful breakfast | designlovefest
a colorful breakfast | designlovefest

images by
styling by joanie cusack 



it’s been awhile since we have had dress your tech! we have been gathering new artists and working on some new phone cases too. see below how to submit designs to us!

today we are featuring 7 beautiful designs from . i love the calming watercolor terrazo and that rainbow is simple and sweet. which is your fave?




it has been such a busy and rewarding start to 2019! i feel really energized and excited about everything that’s going on both personally and professionally! last week we launched our new workshop, the business of social media, and the responses and been so positive, you have joanie and i smiling ear to ear. thank you to everyone who has already watched it and who has shared feedback, we love hearing from you and it makes us so happy to hear how much you enjoyed it. this was a serious labor of love and something that we’ve been wanting to create for over a year.

we get so many questions from readers asking for tips and advice on running their own business and we wanted to compile that information into one place. originally the thought was to do more small business consulting but that’s not affordable or accessible for so many and so this workshop was born and we’re really proud of what we created. it took us a really long time to work out the content and how to best share it and we hope you find it inspiring and insightful.

it’s broken down into two parts...the first is with me where i go over what it looks like to be a creative working with big brands like target and keds, how i stay motivated, coming up with new ideas, my process, mood boards, sponsors, collaboration, constantly evolving…i lay it all out there!

and the second part is with joanie! she covers the business side of things, how we negotiate our rates, how much to pay out, how we pay our bills, creating budgets, invoicing, quickbooks, reaching out to new clients, big things to look for in contracts, etc. the class is 1.5 hours and we highly recommend watching it one time through without taking notes and then a second time and take notes and really let it soak in. we tried to cram as much as we could into the class without making it completely overwhelming.

and it goes without saying that there are SO many different ways to be a small business owner and there isn’t a one size fits all, we try and be as transparent as possible because we think that’s where the real growth happens and that a lot of times in business there is a wall where people don’t want to talk about numbers or percentages, etc and it just becomes a guessing game. there was a moment where we looked at each other and said, “are we giving away too much?!” and then we decided it’s okay to give them away because everyone deserves to succeed and one person’s success and growth doesn’t diminish another person’s potential. and everyone has their own voice and vision to share and there is room for everyone!

it felt appropriate to launch this around the 10th birthday of designlovefest (and joanie’s 6th year with me!). thank you to everyone who has supported me and my evolution, who has visited the blog and left comments and encouraged me to keep going when i wasn’t feeling inspired. it has been a real honor to share so much of my life with you and i feel so lucky that i get to call this my job. i hope you love the workshop and i’d love to hear from you once you’ve watched it! and if you’re interested, you can sign up here!



cooking update | designlovefest

it’s hard to believe but we’re more than half way through our 20 week pro cooking class at ! it has been an amazingly eye opening experience on so many levels. it has changed the way i cook and truly given me the techniques and skills to take on almost anything. when they tell you at the start of each week what the class will be focused it always feels a little intimidating (pork chops! handmade pasta! deboning a fish! lobster bisque! braised chicken!) we’re going to do that?! and then by the end i always feel like that wasn’t that hard and i feel excited to try and make it again at home.

i feel so much more empowered in the kitchen! one of the most important things that i’m taking away from my time in is that time and effort leads to serious reward. there are so many things in life that feel out of reach out or not part of my skillset and i realize that if i can put focus on something for an extended period of time i will get better and that accomplishment feels amazing. seems obvious but i forget how rewarding it is to grow and learn at something new. i still share lots of cooking stories on monday on if you’re interested in following along!

cooking update | designlovefest

here are some LESSONS i’ve learned along the way, probably more than this but it’s a start!

PATIENCE IS EVERYTHING. learning to enjoy the whole process of cooking, preparing, and staying organized is what’s kept me in the game. i think it’s important to cook when you aren’t hungry, so you don’t rush the process. you watch the soup grow in flavor while it simmers. you wait for the pan to get piping hot for the perfect sear instead of just rushing into it. keep roasting the carrots longer until they are ready. making something from scratch is so satisfying and sometimes we want to speed up the process. but i promise it’s worth it to take your time and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

cooking update | designlovefest

MISE EN PLACE: i am not really a neat person, but i am learning to be. having a clean space is so helpful for my mood so i have been trying to be less avoidant when it comes to cleaning up. i know a lot of people think that when you have all these little bowls it can add up and be so many dishes. but incorporating mise en place (a french culinary phrase which means “putting in place” or “everything in its place”) really helps you keep tidy and makes cooking way less stressful.

cooking update | designlovefest

• i have that i put all my ingredients in before i start cooking. you can place all the ingredient bowls on a baking tray so you can easily carry the entire tray to the oven, and then to the sink after. rinse the whole tray and all the bowls right away and you will see how much easier the process is. no stuck on food. also having for larger ingredients and you can use one as your “scrap bowl” that sits right next to your chopping station and all of the extra pieces and ends go in there and then directly into a freezer bag for stock. (or compost, or trash, up to you. i just get giddy about not wasting food.).  will help you easily scoop up all of your chopped veggies to put in a bowl or into a pot. it’s also how i clean my cutting boards so quickly. remember how i talked about the patience portion before? if you are like me and don’t like to just stand around in the kitchen, you can take those extra minutes where your sauce needs more time and do a quick cleanup so that when your food is ready, you feel calm and relaxed.

cooking update | designlovefest

KITCHEN TOOLS! i remember when i first started cooking for real (prob about 2 years ago) before justin moved in i had really sad dull knives from ikea, i had just gotten my  for christmas from my parents, and i was lacking a lot of kitchen tools. while having all the gadgets is exciting, it’s also really not that necessary. i know for me it was overwhelming to think of all the things i still needed in the kitchen. take it slow. learn to cook and make a list of things you really want to purchase next. but as long as you have a heavy duty cutting board (s is cool), a sharp knife ( and ) a , a for eggs, a pot (love but they are pricier. i really like. i think the white inside is important so you can really see the browning happening on the bottom), and , that is a wonderful start. once you get some momentum, is a great next step. and a is awesome for zesting, grating garlic, and adding touches of cheese to your final plates.


oh! and , good time to get something you need!


cooking update | designlovefest
cooking update | designlovefest

FOOD SHOPPING: groceries and constant meal ideas. also overwhelming! i get it. i use a variety of things that work for us. once a week i go to grocery store. if i don’t have time or just feeling lazy, i use and that saves me a ton of time and the delivery fee is only $5. i also find that i spend less money when i use because i am not strolling through the aisles just adding a bunch of stuff we don’t need. it saves your favorites in a list…





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