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This is a final farewell to summer. I’ll miss the warm hot breeze…Oh also! If you want your beautiful creations to show up on our boards, please leave us the link to your Etsy shop in the comment section and we will check it out! -stephanie

shop these items: 1. Triangle coin bag from , 2.Yellow shades from , 3.Shorts from , 4. Earrings from , 5.Polaroid from

fiending for more finds? see last week’s post here.



ok, so let me start off by saying some of you might read this post and think i have lost my mind a little bit. but hear me out, ok?

i have always been fascinated with underwater shoots. whether that be watching planet blue like it’s my job, or admiring fashion shoots executed underwater. i’ve always had a thing for jellyfish too (remember this post!?) so i thought it would be cool to shoot this week’s style post underwater. and no, this isn’t the most “shoppable” outfit but it’s interesting to study the layers and movement of fabrics in a new environment. well, at least i thought so.

check out how sweet this gold lamé skirt looks when submerged in water. close up (above) and far away (below)…

or this yellow gauzy skirt that created an insane effect once it touched the water…

we had fun shooting for a while in an isolated pool of a downtown rooftop with an underwater film camera. which is always exciting because you never know what you are going to get. i was really pleased at the abstract result and could even picture these blown up large on the wall.

and now for the contest i never won as a child…

came with me that day and shot with his under the water. have you guys ever played around with one of those? they’re super cool!

then i decided to give myself an hour (yes, i’m a loser and time myself sometimes) to try to edit the footage in photoshop into a short little movie. you know how we teach you to all in photoshop now? (class and ) those skills are really helpful when you just want to make a short video to accompany your post! watch here:

video by: + designlovefest
more style posts: right here

and last but not least, the winner of the massive giveaway! taylor went out of her way and made in addition to entering our contest. our whole team just loved it. congrats , we can’t wait to send you all of your gifts and see you at blogshop!

update: i deeply apologize for my mistake here, i’m human and i made an error. i hear all of your comments and i’m doing everything i can to fix this. i announced one more free spot to blogshop on my page. thank you so much for understanding. -bri


STYLE / 63

when i saw this vintage dress on the hanger, my mind did envision my childhood barbie wearing it. i thought it was going to look over the top, but i figured i would try it on just for kicks. i was pleasantly surprised that i actually really loved it. (that’s why i always try everything on – i have never been one of those girls that could just look at something and knows it will fit)

so here’s my inspiration for this style shoot…

/ /

then i saw that had scouted this beautiful pool that had the most magnificent blue teal colors happening — a perfect compliment to the pink and purple number. and remember that feathered friend i picked up at the rosebowl? i knew i would put that to use one day!

one of my favorite hairstyles has always been the half up look. the fishtail braid pinned back was a nice switch up. (i actually had to brush my hair for this shoot which was pretty awful. but it’s nice feeling a little more girly every now and then) this outfit might be a little too fancy for a date, but i would wear it to a party or an event for sure. this dress shape was made for dancing.

for the past few months i have been really into the circle cheek blush look (see, kinda like ). it’s doll-like and fun to pair with bold eyelashes for a night on the town.

see some of the outtakes over on

{photos by , find more style posts if you click right here}



so you know how my boyfriend is a videographer? (he’s shot videos like and for this blog) i love watching him choose which angles to shoot, or how to move the camera in an interesting way.

i thought he would be a perfect addition to our for bloggers to show YOU how to shoot too. not only will we take you on a around downtown LA the evening before— shooting at the Poketo store, practicing a little style shoot, live action and more — but the next full day we will show you how to edit video in photoshop!

this is your unconventional video workshop…and we can promise fun and inspiration. there is no better time than now to get video up on your blog! and don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy camera, your phone will work too!

for all the information and to sign up for this workshop you can go and remember, this one is our first test of this version of class, so there will be a lower rate than usual!

we have students all the time who are sent from their company bosses! it’s worth a shot, eh? hope to see you there! -bri

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well this is a fun announcement! I was chosen with 4 other bloggers to be a part of this cool commercial last month for the . we got to hang around on a rooftop downtown and document a concert with our phones — which was EASY for me because I love taking phone pics! I met some really awesome people (usually when I hear I will be working with other bloggers it’s mostly girls, but this was 4 guys!)

I loved being a part of this campaign and that song is eternally in my head after so many takes that night. watch the video and let me know whatcha think, will you?

follow my new friends on that were also a part of it! , , and

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