made these pretty desktops for us this week! love her pretty floral paintings. click through below to download the desktops for your computer, and you can shop her paintings  too.





we just launched a ! i’ve been waiting so long and it’s finally here!

i really wanted to design a line of shoes that felt simple, special, and affordable. something you could wear all summer and they could match with just about anything. you could dress them up or down. i wanted nice materials and details like the perforated leather, rose gold and suede. i also wanted a more muted pink color so it didn’t feel over the top girly but still felt true to the designlovefest brand. we went through many different rounds and i am really happy with the end result!!

here are all 4 styles…i would love to know your choice!





this was also a really fun photoshoot to put together! i’ve always wanted to visit that awesome pink apartment building with colorful stairs in spain…and since that wasn’t really possible for this, i decided to recreate the scene! the team that helped me pull it off was amazing and i’m so grateful!

photographer: | set designer: | creative director: bri emery | stylist:  | models:  and our very own joan cusack

see more about the Keds launch



how to shop a sale | designlovefest

we’re quickly approaching sale season! the  sale started monday and i suspect that will begin their sale any day now. i almost never buy anything full price, either purchasing second hand (consignment stores, ebay, depop, etc) or i buy it on sale. lots of people are intimidated by sales, which i totally understand, so i thought i’d offer a few tips on how i snag a deal.

• first, i only buy items that are returnable (unless i’ve tried it on before and know it fits), there is no point in buying something on sale that can’t be returned because it’ll end up costing you more money if it doesn’t work out. luckily, almost all online retailers offer free returns.

• secondly, i don’t just scroll endless pages of sale items, i know what i’m looking for or what brands i like and i search for them. for instance, i want a black one piece bathing suit, so i’ll type that into the search bar, or a floral wrap dress. and i’ll search by designer too, i like almost anything Ulla Johnson does so i’ll search for her.

how to shop a sale | designlovefest

• read the reviews, many items that go on sale have something off about them, they either run too big, or too small or aren’t as described. i’ve found major deals on something that runs small simply because people don’t like ordering two sizes up (which i understand, it’s not fun!).

• shop for classics, i have a list of items that i’d love to own one day and i’m always looking for them to go on sale (i.e. the mansur gavriel pieces i listed below). some of my favorite life long pieces are ones i’ve scored on sale, like my Burberry trench coat. it seems fun and exciting to order that pair of red silk pants, but it’s also exciting to buy a classic black cashmere turtleneck that you’ll wear 1,000 x.

• be as ruthless of a critic with sale items as you would be with something that is full price. i can’t tell you how many times in my life i’ve bought something i just like (not love) because it’s on sale, and it always ends up being a mistake. an item on sale still costs money, if you don’t love it, return it.

how to shop a sale | designlovefest

• and finally, don’t be afraid to order a lot, order multiple sizes of an item you love and you can return what doesn’t work. once a box arrives, i try everything on almost immediately and return the next day so that it’s not sitting around the house taking up space.

and here are a few items i’m dreaming over at the matchesfashion.com sale!

$184 – hilary is a local LA designer who has the great line, Bliss and Michief. she makes great jeans and t-shirts and i also love this top. i have a feeling this color is going to be in demand after Amal wore it to the royal wedding.

$556 – a totally splurge item, for sure, but if you’ve been eyeing the it bags by Mansur Gavriel now is your time to strike.

$227 – i don’t own anything by self-portrait but i love their use of textures in creating their designs. i think this dress would be the perfect thing to wear to a summer wedding.

$204 – again with Self-portrait and also with the texture. you can’t go wrong with a white blouse and i love the detail on this one.

$234 – look at this dress on the model, looks great on the body and it’s a fun alternative to the little black dress.

$395 – sweaters are an often overlooked wardrobe investment but i wear them all year long and i think a neutral color sweater is a great piece to have.

$219 – a lined denim jacket that feels close to the much more expensive .

$297 – a pair of statement earrings that you can wear over and over again.

$409 – another Mansur find, one of their first shapes, the classic tote. i also like this .

$203 – bri and i both own these jeans in black and they’re great. i wouldn’t mind the light version.

$157 – i like a good pair of shorts but i don’t like them to be too short or too long, these high rise ones look like a good option.

$187 – i’m slow to purchase pretty tops because i usually gravitate towards a dress but a fancy top and jeans is a really solid outfit. the top in crepe looks really delicate and sweet.



 image via

i’m fairly certain we all have those recipes that we reach to when we aren’t feeling inspired in the kitchen, or we’re having people over or we just want something tried and true. i have mine, which i’ll share below, but i’d also like to know what your go-to recipes are, family favorites, things that are predictable but not boring, that you can make on a semi-regular rotation without really getting sick of them. i find myself gravitating towards things that allow for leftovers, pasta bakes that are just as good re-heated, soups that last all week, things like that. here are my go-to recipes and i’d love to know yours! – joanie p.s. after i put this list together i realized that a lot of my meals are not healthy but these are genuinely what i make! i’ve always adhered to the rule, eat what you want, just don’t eat it all! 

from spoon fork bacon: i’ve simplified this by using dried herbs, double the shallot and skipping the turnip and using water instead of veggie broth and it’s still excellent. keeps well, and is really satisfying. i’ve made it over a dozen times and it’s always good.

image via

from the woks of life: sounds exotic but once you make this once you’ll realize how approachable it is. and it’s reallllly good, i highly recommend trying it.

: the first time i made this was a couple of months ago and i’ve made it 4 + times since then. it’s super easy, inexpensive and a no fail recipe. i double the parmesan but everything else i do exactly as they say. i thought that using a high quality tomato paste was important but i’ve used the 89 cent option from the store and it works just as well.

 image via

: my sister introduced me to this recipe and it became a household favorite. it’s basically fancy mac + cheese with veggies. the ton of added kale makes me feel better about the loads of dairy in this recipe. we’ve added chicken sausage to it before which is also good if you’re wanting something with meat. this holds up really well and is great re-heated with hot sauce.

image via

chicken curry: this recipe that we shared on the blog awhile back and that we still get DM’s about to this day. easiest meal in the world, and soooo good!

cast iron pizza: i keep trader joe’s frozen pizza crusts in the freezer and pop them out when we’re in a pinch. it’s easy, completely adaptable and who doesn’t love pizza?!

chicken noodle soup: a tried and true recipe for me. i’ve been making this for 6+ years and still love it.

go-to recipes | designlovefest

and that’s about it! i’d love to hear your go-to recipes!



i recently switched out a pendant light in my apartment, and it made such a difference that i’m a little bit addicted to swapping them out now! one of my favorite types of lights are mid-century globe lights. there are so many different ways to use them: indoors, outdoors, above a bar, in a commercial space, or as a main statement piece in the entryway. they look great in just about every kind of space! they have such a simple, classic look. which one is your favorite?

shop them



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