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we east side girls traveled west to visit in venice beach. just off the abbot kinney strip and down a tiny garden path is a beach bungalow surrounded with bikes and full of beautifully made , bells, and all sorts of other must haves to style your ride.

i really love the look! sleek and chic. reminiscent of the french bicycle design of the 50’s and 60’s. its with this spirit that the sweet people at let us take the bikes out on the town for an afternoon of flowers, farmers markets, and fresh juice. all day long I kept saying to myself that it doesn’t get better than this!

in keeping with the spring farmers market afternoon i filled the baskets with all sorts of spring flowers like daffodils, ranunculus, fritillaria. i also incorporated sweet pea tendrils and kale into this bouquet to give it that extra from the garden touch.

another great find of the day were the beautiful white forsythia branches which have a sweet fragrance. (i must have left a spring scented trail behind me.)

if in venice be sure to take stroll into linus. we heart them and their bikes!

and guess what! we are GIVING AWAY A BIKE!

here’s how to win one of these linus bikes! (CLOSED)

1. head over to the linus bikes site and tell me your favorite product from their shop! bike or basket 🙂 and leave us a comment below! we hope this ends up in the hands of someone who has been really wanting a new bike!

2. you can chose to win the or the style in the color of your choice!

one winner will be chosen on tuesday, march 26th at 10am PST. open to us residents only. the retail value is $475+

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UPDATE: winner is #1182 Jessica O!



here’s what my living room looked like the day i moved all the stuff in. nothing looked right. isn’t it wild how you get a new space and it feels like so much of the old furniture just doesn’t work anymore? (maybe i was buying the wrong things?) our loft was so industrial. tall ceilings, dark colors…i knew we had a big job ahead of us and i didn’t even know where to start.

i wanted to do a post about my last 5 living rooms in los angeles (to show the hilarious progression and style shifts) but the past photos are so terrible i don’t know if i can bring myself to do it (who knows, maybe i can be swayed.) 

so this is the place where i hang out on the couch for hours now.

my friend  and i struck up a trade…she helps me design my living & dining room (because i know what i like, it’s just hard for me to decide where everything goes. and i felt overwhelmed with the task. and she’s also the vintage furniture queen. i knew she could make my place much better than if i did it myself!) she needed so i helped her out with that on my end. we created pinboards for each other’s projects and went to town. i finally had to accept that investing in furniture is…hard. but worth it. we found affordable vintage pieces but also splurged on items we loved.

also, very excited!  awesome photos of our house were featured in the  last weekend – check out the interview with us .

when i first walked into this place before we rented it i was sold immediately on all of the light streaming in the windows. it was something i really missed when i was living in my loft (there was only one big window there.) and the PLANTS! that is definitely my favorite part of the space. they add so much life and calmness to the room.

you may remember that couch from my loft tour last year. it used to be brown tweed and it was ready for a makeover. emily convinced us (which wasn’t difficult) to turn it into a bright color. i chose this teal color and we love it. it makes the space feel more open and airy. when we moved here we had a ton of really dark furniture and a lot of it felt very industrial. it just wasn’t working in our new house. see, this photo was taken shortly after we moved in. yikes.

she also decided to reupholster a few vintage chairs and ottomans (the pink stool and that black and white tribal print chair above) it turns out covering your chairs in new fabric is what all the cool kids are doing, glad i finally got the memo. it was affordable and made the room special.

something i can say makes me very happy is that this space feels finished. in the past it always seemed like i would get 75% there and just stop. and then move. i joke that it feels like a grown up house, there is a place for everything. no gaps.

and check OUT this credenza. my boyfriend insists on keeping this ginormous television in our living room…which is offensive to my eyeballs, but i will admit, it’s nice on movie nights. we needed a credenza that fit the tv and the space (it’s a very long room) and we kept coming up on dead ends or credenzas that cost more than an automobile. those things get expensive quick. so emily decided to have this one custom built for us. it’s white lacquer and wood and i’m in love with it. somehow the tv doesn’t bother me so much anymore and the extra room on the sides allows room for decorative items. AND i can close the drawers to hide all the ugly cable boxes and cords. he’s stoked about the new and i’m stoked that they look good.

arian says his favorite thing in the room is our new floor lamp in the corner from . it’s funny the things boys choose, huh? it’s definitely one of my favorite lamps i’ve owned too, so i can’t really blame him.

so let’s talk about that planter, eh? emily found that at the LA flower mart and painted it white. it’s pretty perfect and adds so much personality to the room.

i am really into the subtle graphic pattern on our new moroccan style rug from  it doesn’t shed like crazy and makes the area very cozy.

one thing i was a little scolded about was the amount of gold. ok ok, so i love the stuff. and so does emily. we had to pull it back to a happy medium for my dude. i would be like “babe, but look at this bowl!” and he’s all “i thought we talked about this.”

ohhhh this chair. it makes the room a little more legit. it’s the + from  and it’s rocking the striped pillow from

the prints above the chair are from my bestie . they make that corner really come together.

a few months ago i was in admiring this table and my mom convinced me it would be a table i could keep for 10 years and i needed to just invest in it. i cringed at the price, but took the plunge. luckily months later i still adore it. i wanted the rugs underneath to be unique and colorful (turns out i am very picky about rugs and art) we stopped in the store in silver lake and bought two of these striped rugs and layered them. love at first sight.

– made by the incredibly talented – makes me unbelievably happy. he is such a true artist and craftsman. check out his

the massive beach print is by my pal . (unreal, right!?) i have always wanted a giant piece of art in my home. we sit here for breakfast and it seriosuly feels like we are on vacation . it’s the first thing i see when i walk in the house…it makes it hard to be stressed out when you look at it. we used for the frame and she did such a quality job (seriously, nice job dana. it’s exactly what we wanted!)

the bar cart is from . it’s brass plated with glass shelves. and it makes you want to throw a party.

and lastly, the entryway. i wanted a very simple, thin white console and . (we also bought  to sit the plants on.) like i said, i really wanted to keep the room very airy so it was important to me to have some of the furniture just stylishly disappear. those blue lamps from on the other hand stand out quite a bit and i like it.

we are really pleased with the outcome…hope you all enjoyed a little look inside our place! emily, high five. thanks for making it look exactly how we envisioned (but couldn’t execute ourselves)

photos by:
space designed by: makeup by: feature in the LA Times

a lot of what you see in the room is vintage but here are some shopping credits…

on the dining room, , dipped candle holder, yellow  from  |  gold martini side table c/o   |  black/white throw from   |  bar cart c/o   |  beach print by   |  chandelier by  | teal lamps c/o  | shag rug c/o   |  dining table from  | tv speakers c/o  | white frame in dining room by  | jonathan adler floor lamp c/o  | & , white & from  dining room rugs from  vintage coffee table from  | living room polaroid prints from  | abstract art in bookshelf by



sure, I’m a self proclaimed carb addict and potato lover. brunch is something i’m not willing to give up, either. however i’m finding ways to make better choices, even in the midst of traveling for blogshop. small adjustments can make a big difference, as I’m learning.

this past trip to the east coast we knew we were going to be gone for 11 days…which usually means we are eating burger king in the airport, room service french fries because we are too tired after class, {too many} celebratory cocktails with friends in new cities and lots of unhealthy habits.

so we made a rule that we would help each other out. eating out 3 times a day when you are traveling can also get super expensive. these aren’t groundbreaking tips or anything, but they work for me (and save some cash.)
1. we usually split 1 entree + 1 side order of vegetables. i am a plate cleaner (my mom told us never to waste food) so even when i am completely full i usually  finish everything i ordered. you would be shocked at how much food you actually need to feel full. it’s all about switching your routine. it’s crazy how entrees these days can be enough to feed 3 people. (have you noticed that at restaurants?)

2. trying my very best to eat slower. i eat lightning fast. always the first one done with my food. and i eat way too much and then want to pass out in a food coma 20 minutes later when it all hits me. more talking. more chewing. less inhaling.

3. water. yeah yeah, i know we all know this one. but i force myself to drink a ridiculous amount of it. you won’t feel as starving before a meal. you will have more energy. and i actually do notice my skin appreciates it.

4. for me, i feel the most bloated (it’s the worst when you have to basically jump into your jeans to get them to button) when i am eating a lot of bread and drinking the alcohol. guilty aaaand guilty. almost all my meetings are over drinks! i’ve started meeting friends for tea or lunch and not always relying on a drinks date. i avoid the bread as much as i can (waiter, we don’t need that bread basket this time, thanks.) the pounds really come down fast for me when i remove the carbs. i don’t work out very often (although zumba has been very fun recently) so the carbs just go straight to the thighs.

5. it is vital to plan ahead to some degree and have some healthy snacks on hand. grab some nuts, a raw granola bar or dried fruit for the plane and be sure to stock up in your hotel room as well. i know angela and i rush out the door without having breakfast, stuff ourselves at lunch and it’s all downhill from there. you end up eating more and worse than you normally would when you don’t start the day off right and you grab the first thing available (like that one time i caught angela with a bag of easter candy—busted!)

6. we are not afraid to splurge. the night before we got home we were absolutely exhausted. we ordered lobster mac & cheese, truffle fries and hot toddys. we went to town and didn’t look back. i am not the kind of girl that lives under strict rules, and those meals are necessary for my happiness.

what do you do to stay on track when you travel? any tips i need to know?
(This post is brought to you by Ocean Spray Diet. With 5 little calories, it is made with real fruit juice and has a big, bold taste. Get more out of your diet.)



today we tackle the topic of style shoots in our “how to run a blog outta your car” series. i started blogging about things i liked to wear casually, and it went from the simplest snapshots of me in outfits taken by friends (here’s my very first one!) to fully planned, styled and executed shoots. it’s been really fun getting to be more creative with it. i’ve done everything from creepy (this stanley kubrick inspired post) to ethereal (remember the underwater one?) and i’ve recently started to work with brands on some concepts as well (like jumping with lucky magazine or dream jobs with benefit!)

here are a few important things i’ve learned about shooting style posts:

• lighting is everything. this is true for every kind of post, like i mentioned last week. this is especially important when shooting people. i’m a big fan of the magic hour, just before sunset. you are going to get some nice flare action! see…

you don’t want the sun to be too hot – the subject would just be squinting the whole time. so i just avoid mid-day. for this shoot we woke up at 4 something in the morning to drive to the beach for the soft light. i like to shoot on days that are a little overcast. these two were both shot by a giant window in my loft on a rainy day…(this is also the best light for your skin!) , my friend and blogshop partner has shot countless style posts for me, and she gives the following advice: “finding a white wall that can be behind the photographer as they’re shooting creates a natural bounce from the sun that will often add light to the eyes and help clean up and perfect the face. you can also use a piece of white foam core to catch a bounce of fill-light. they make pieces with black on one side and white on the other. play with using light on the subject and see the difference it can make.”

• bring a lotta options. different color tights, different shoes, backups and extras. take a couple test shots to see what translates well on camera and what doesn’t. adjust accordingly. you don’t want to rely on post editing, especially if photoshop isn’t your forte. (let help you there) you want the shots to be as close to postable as they can be to save yourself work.

• practice different poses, but try not to go too posey-posey with it. by this i just mean learn what feels natural and comfortable to you, and what is the most flattering to your outfit. i’ve also learned to loosen up and embrace movement in my posts the most. cartwheels, handstands and jumping on trampolines have all happened in my posts. you might feel silly doing it, but a lot of the times those make the most memorable shots. i like to make it easy on the photographer and just move around a lot, give them a ton of options.

i find it easier to try to interact with my environment as much as possible. for instance, above…i could have just sat and posed on the diving board (awkward), but i thought it would be interesting to interact with the pool. again, seems silly…but it works.

• make a pinboard (you can make it private and share it with your photographer) i definitely do this if i am putting a lot of time or $ into a shoot. pin the hair and makeup looks you are going for. pin poses that inspire you. pin the photography style you are envisioning (is it a dark, grainy film look or bright and colorful?) help your team know what’s inside your brain. stretch your art director muscles! it’s good for ya.

• scout locations! this is something i should do more often. last year i drove around my town with a notebook and wrote down a bunch of streets that had colorful walls, interesting architecture…anything i thought would look great in a style shoot. sometimes all you need is a blank room though! so don’t think it always needs to be a big ordeal…to find great locations you just have to open your eyes and look around your neighborhood. go on a walk and snap iphone photos of possible places.

• a word on photographers and equipment too. these days you really can get away with a lot on your iphone, but there is something to be said about a great photographer. if you have any friends who are into photography, just plan a day to play around and get some great shots for both of your portfolios.

• it pays to study photography you like, too. what is it about the photo that draws you in? the lighting? the angles? one thing that makes the entire post more interesting is capturing different parts of the same look. details, details details. it’s important to get close ups of the accessories and interesting seams, patterns and buttons. try shooting from above, behind or below to get different effects. shoot through something. just experiment. says angela, “when shooting full-length shots, having the photographer shoot from waist-level will make the subject appear taller in the clothes.”

• and lastly, is there a concept? my style shoots went from “street style” to more conceptual over the past year. my goal was to make them more on the editorial side. throughout the process i have found that my main passion is art direction. i love seeing an idea come to life. yes, these take a lot more work. you have to find the perfect outfit – sometimes i rent them. like this dress for the shining i knew i was only going to wear that one time. figure out if there is going to be props – this one needed cocktail glasses, jewelry, and tulle. but i am telling you, these are very rewarding, so give them a try!

actually you should watch this video if you wanna see behind the scenes on our shoots!

do you have any tips on how you make your style shoots run smoothly? i’m sure you’ve got a couple up your sleeve…and hopefully you find these tips helpful!

(shoes & bracelet photo by: , all the others are from the style column! also, see the last post from “how to run a blog outta your car” right over here.)



i don’t even know where to focus my eyes when i look through these photos. every inch has something unique and wonderful. all those plants…those pink dip-dyed curtains…that giant colorful rug on the wall. it’s just too good.

this is downtown LA loft space that i found over on  he clearly has some very special treasures.

so i guess i need to starting hanging more stuff on the wall, geez.

and talk about the best lighting in this loft. so dreamy. wouldn’t you love to live here?

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