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i’ve been following along with for awhile now. i really like her photos and her simple and grounded approach to a healthy and balanced life. she touches on all areas of life and how to genuinely take care of yourself, which is especially important this holiday season when we’re about to embark on two weeks of family, food, travel craziness. she’s sharing with us her 11 tips for maintaining sanity this season, and they’re good tips. so bookmark this for when you start feeling like the grinch!

“As much as we like to think that the holidays are all about snowflakes, hot chocolate, and the holiday spirit, it can actually be quite stressful. You’re running a business, you’re working long hours to make up for holiday time, you’re in school, traveling a lot for the holiday, socializing at more holiday parties, etc.; everywhere you turn there’s something “extra” this season. We’re taken out of our routines with food temptations left and right, increased stress and maybe a touch of emotional eating, right? We’ve all been there before. Now more than ever it’s important to cultivate a healthy balance between stress, eating well, movement, and mindfulness to keep you feeling amazing, looking great, and able to enjoy the holiday season to it’s fullest. I’ve put together a list of my top 11 things to do for a healthy holiday season.” –

1. It’s not all about the food. Focus on what the holiday season means to you; is it spending time with your loved ones, caring for others, showing and expressing gratitude, or being more mindful of your actions?

2. Have fun. It’s easy to automatically default to “fun” mode when you’re a kid, but now that so many of us work long days and have external stressors of “life”, sometimes it’s challenging getting in the spirit of the holiday. Remember to have fun! Grab a friend, family member, or your love and make a date out of watching holiday movies, making gifts from DIY tutorials, trying a new recipe, making a self-love spa date for yourself, etc.; try to do something that you absolutely love every single day.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Tis’ the season to eat, drink, and be merry so be sure you’re hydrating those cells before, during, and after holiday cocktails. Drink water throughout the day and ideally 1 cup of water in between each cocktail. My favorite way to stay hydrated includes , sparkling water, herbal tea, or the (added nutrients!).

4. Take a chill pill. Soak in every second you have off work or if you’re a business owner make a “rule” and stick with it to put work away and relax. Enjoy the time away from the busy workdays to enjoy time alone, with family, and friends. Do things that make your heart happy and practice a little extra self-love during the holidays.

5. Veg out. Regardless of the holiday, vegetables are key to nourishing our bodies and keeping us energized, feeling great, and looking even better. It’s an added bonus that we can squeeze in extra vegetables this time of year through side dishes, soups, quick smoothies, or juices. Also, vegetables add more volume to any dish making you feel like you’re eating a lot more than you actually are. Try these favorites: , , , and .

6. Be present. It’s easy to think about what you “should” be doing, or what you “have to do” in the future; but awaken your focus to the present moment. The more you concentrate on being present, the more you’re able to enjoy spending time with family and friends, enjoy the spirit of the holiday season, engage in fun activities, shop, bake, wrap presents, read a book by a cozy fire, make some killer DesignLoveFest DIY wreaths and so much more. Try a simple mantra like “be here now”, to bring you back.

7. Stress. Holidays are known to be one of the most stressful times of year, whether it’s a good form of stress or the bad kind. Beat the stress by taking time out each morning before you start your day with 10 minutes of stillness, peace and quiet, engaging in something you love to do, yoga; or my favorite, meditation. Set your phone timer to keep you engaged for at least 10 minutes and make it an “appointment” you can’t miss.

8. Save it…or share it? We’ve all been there before, friend X just brought cookies to work again now your surrounded by sweets and treats at the office, at home, and at your families place. Here’s a word you can start to focus your attention on when you’re feeling obligation to eat those treats as gifts even if you don’t want them, abundant. Abundant is a great way to think about the availability of these cookies. I promise, 1 year from now you’ll still have access to holiday cookies, they’re not going away anytime soon!).

9. Mind-body power hour. This is a crucial practice and should be incorporated as much as possible into your daily life, especially around the holidays where it’s so easy to skip the gym. Whether you’re taking a spin class, yoga, boxing, or just talking a walk. Harnessing your bodies movement along with a positive mind set will set you up for success, positivity and will also come in handy around food. Added bonus, grab a friend or family member and hit the gym together.

10. Give yourself permission to enjoy, but not overindulge. Mindful eating is a beautiful practice and can be powerful! Check in with yourself and ask how truly hungry you are. What is it that you’re hungry for? Is it happiness, sadness, stress, anxiety, burnout, or are you truly hungry for food? We eat for so many reasons in our society, but having a strong mind-body connection will help you tremendously in figuring out what you are TRULY hungry for….like the extra cocktail or serving of cookies?

11. Plan and keep a routine. Given that many of us travel for the holidays, it’s important to keep some routine during the holiday season. Batch Cooking is a secret weapon (okay not so secret) throughout the holiday season when going out, socializing, traveling, etc. It’s a great way to keep your meals/snacks planned ahead of time so you can breathe and create space for other things you enjoy doing this holiday season.

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i have so many friends with jobs and great opportunities opening up and i wanted to share with you the details in case you are on the lookout for work. you can always click that link up top in my navigation bar that says “jobs” to check the job listings on a regular basis, we update this often. see if there is a position you might be the perfect fit for!  


see the list below for job listings near you! keep in mind it is always best to send all appropriate links & materials when submitting for the positions. – bri

Company name/city: / Los Angeles, CA


Description: We are looking for a warm and motivated individual, with an impeccable attention to detail, to join our team.  Annie Campbell is a full-service, boutique party planning business that creates bespoke events for their high-end clientele.  Candidates must be troubleshooters with an optimistic attitude and a strong work ethic.  This is a full-time position that will include night and weekend, on-site party work. This is an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the event wold with an opportunity for growth.
Tasks include: Administrative tasks, scheduling, vendor communication, errands, party research and assisting event producers prepare and execute events.
Contact: Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the subject line “Event Production Assistant”.
Company name/city:  / Beverly Hills
Job Title: Front desk associate
Tasks include:  Duties would include promptly answering phone calls and emails while handling the day to day flow of checking clients in and out. Light housekeeping would also be required. History in hospitality or salon life is preferred. Our studio operates on the STX software so please note any familiarity with that booking system!
More details: This position is at an hourly rate and would be about 20-25 hours a week on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Weekend availability is a must.
Contact: Please send over resume and a paragraph cover letter describing why you think you’d be a great fit to [email protected]!

Company name/city: /Venice

Job title: Graphic Designer
Tasks include: Working with event design team to conceptualize visual themes for events, designing and producing design elements for events including but not limited to: hand lettered signage, menus, invitations, custom hand painted tablecloths, etc. working with product development and marketing team to conceive fresh new aesthetics to increase brand visibility and expand product line, developing graphics and visual images for website, product photographs for website and social media     
More details: We are a full service event design brand based in Venice. We create fun, simple and beautiful parties. We are currently seeking a creative, experienced designer who can meet conceptual challenges with a fun and fresh aesthetic. Candidate must be a self starter with a strong background in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. We conceptualize, design and produce much of our event décor elements in house so the ideal candidate will have a strong background in hand painting, hand lettering and mixed media projects. Requirements include: highly skilled in Adobe CS (Illustrator, In Design and Photoshop), typography and hand lettering experience, highly skilled with hand painting and mixed media (acrylic, watercolor, et.), experience and passion for creating handcrafted designs, must be motivated, organized and creative.
Contact: Please reply to [email protected] with cover letter, resume and up to date portfolio.
company name/city:  / Los Angeles
job title: Editorial Assistant
description: , a Saudi Arabia-based media platform that aims to bring the “women’s wellness” conversation to the women of middle east is seeking a detail-oriented, self-motivated and design-obsessed Editorial Assistant to join our empowering and global team. The Editorial Assistant will play an integral role in supporting our daily, weekly, and monthly publishing operations across all of &YOU’s digital channels as well as engaging with our community. The ideal candidate possesses a love for art, architecture and design, demonstrates a keen sense of aesthetics and what makes a story shareable and marketable and understands the importance of creating and packaging content for multi-channel distribution. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate to define their role and grow with the company.
tasks include: Work directly with Editor-in-Chief & Editorial Director to help source and curate content inspiration and assist with photo research for brand channels. Stay up to date on best practices across respective social media channels and inform the team of how to best leverage new/existing features. Work directly with Editorial Director to help maintain the editorial calendar. Assist with the creative development, design and maintenance of press materials and partnership decks. Assist with day-to-day operations and administrative duties. Help build and produce content in &YOU’s CMS. Continuously optimize content as needed across all digital channels. Keep an unwavering eye on design, art, architecture, wellness and lifestyle trends and industry news. Plan, implement, schedule and publish content across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms. Monitor discussions, posts, and comments and consistently engage with the community across all social platforms. Cultivate strong working relationships and communication channels with Editorial team. Maintain and optimize social editorial calendar to align with editorial calendar across categories; analyze key metrics and updated performance reports.
requirements: In-depth and up to date knowledge of social media best practices, ability to multitask between daily operational tasks and long-lead creative projects, proficient and savvy in Adobe Suite programs – particularly Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and InDesign – with the ability to creatively and strategically re-package / design content for multi-channel distribution a , experience using multimedia tools for news-gathering, reporting and content creation, proactive problem-solving and analytical abilities. Asks, what’s the best way to get something done? Must be flexible and exhibit ability to take direction well, but also have self-starter capabilities and work proactively. 2-3 years of experience working in Social Media / Editorial landscape for a major publisher or brand, cultivating an in-depth and up to date knowledge of social media best practices
: [email protected]

company name/city:  / Monrovia, CA

job title: Junior Proofing Designer

 description: Smitten on Paper is a fast growing design company squarely positioned in the custom invitation and greeting cards market. We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join our team and grow with us as a company. The ideal candidate is a quick learner with a great attitude. We need someone who is willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to get projects accomplished within a tight time line while maintaining a very high work standard.
tasks include: The Junior Proofing Designer is responsible for assisting with the design and proofing of custom invitation orders by following brand guidelines and interpreting customer needs. Daily projects include updating existing invitation templates to fit within client needs, communicating with clients via the phone and through email, and meeting production deadlines. This includes an array of design related tasks and helping with order production when needed. This position works under the Graphic Design and Pre-press Manager. 
requirements: 1+ year of graphic design experience in print or digital media, a solid creative portfolio that demonstrates experience conceptualizing and executing print design, strong knowledge of typography and graphics, understand and identify current and future trends in the wedding industry, deep understanding of Adobe programs, a collaborative attitude and willingness to be flexible and accommodating in this fast-paced environment, strong communication and project management skills with a strength in managing multiple deadlines, hard work ethic, desire to learn and grow, bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or equivalent
For the entire job listing, please visit our . If you’re interested in applying, email us at m[email protected] with your resume and portfolio.

company name/city: , Los Angeles

job title: Photo Stylist

description: Lulu and Georgia is looking for an experienced photo stylist to join our growing team. The ideal candidate should have experience in home decor styling and an excellent understanding of the Lulu and Georgia Brand.

tasks include: Collaborate and brainstorm with the creative team and buying team to produce and style photoshoots from start to finish. Have an excellent understanding of the Lulu and Georgia brand vision and execute photoshoots to deliver brand message, inspire customers, and drive sales. Coordinate with photographers, warehouse staff, vendors, and moving team to ensure flawless execution. Prep for photoshoots with necessary props and supplies. Develop and maintain good relationships with vendors, industry professionals, and talent. Be strategic and thoughtful on set to maximize content potential. Stay up-to-date on industry trends to constantly be improving photoshoots and styling.

requirements: Extremely proficient in Adobe Photoshop. Excellent knowledge of product and prop styling. Up to date in the latest home decor trends. Flexibility to travel, as needed. Creative and innovative. Experience in a photo styling role for a home decor company. Strong portfolio of work. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Must be a self-starter and team player. Excellent time-management skills. Must be able to deliver high-quality work and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

: Send resume and cover letter to [email protected]


company name/city: / Venice California 

job title: Social Media Assistant (part-time)

description: Urbanic, a luxury brand and retail boutique located in the heart of Venice, is looking to hire a head sales manager and brand steward. We are seeking someone who is organized, creative, hardworking, personable and passionate about good design and strong brands. If you thrive in a retail environment, are stellar at merchandising, great with people, love the creative process and are sales & goal driven – you might just be the treasure that we’re looking for. You will be co-handling the interworking of the staff and daily productivity as well as the role of brand steward in working with Urbanic’s founder/owner in extending the brand to other channels. Bonus points if you upbeat and fun and can wrap a gift like nobody’s business!

tasks include: working along side of Urbanic’s founder/owner on content creation, activation of new ideas and a regular posting schedule, shooting, styling and editing photos, helping manage and drive ideas across all platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and , assisting in conceptualizing and scheduling planned marketing promotions in sync with the Urbanic e-commerce team, Strategic focus and implementing ideas to create more engagement and brand awareness and monitoring platform stats with weekly reports.

requirements:  Must be organized, hardworking and creative. Passionate about good design and strong brands. Ability to adopt the brand voice and aesthetic. Skilled in taking Instagram photos and editing them. Team focused

 please send a resume along with a cover letter with a little more about yourself that includes brief description of how you see the aesthetic of the Urbanic brand  –  either through descriptive words or photos  to [email protected]. subject line: Social Media Intern Assistant

company name/city: / Venice California 

job title: Sales and Brand Manager (full time)

description: Urbanic, a luxury brand and retail boutique located in the heart of Venice, is looking to hire a head sales manager and brand steward. We are seeking someone who is organized, creative, hardworking, personable and passionate about good design and strong brands. If you thrive in a retail environment, are stellar at merchandising, great with people, love the creative process and are sales & goal driven – you might just be the treasure that we’re looking for. You will be co-handling the interworking of the staff and daily productivity as well as the role of brand steward in working with Urbanic’s founder/owner in extending the brand to other channels. Bonus points if you upbeat and fun and can wrap a gift like nobody’s business!

tasks include: Managing the retail side of Urbanic, handling inventory, merchandising product, maintaining top-notch customer service, keeping track of current stock, placing orders,  scheduling shifts, overseeing staff, team building, maintaining daily upkeep of the boutique and administrating daily and weekly goals for the shop and the team, assisting in conceptualizing and activating creative window installs and working along side of the owner/founder on the back end of the brand.

requirements:  extensive retail experience (management is a ), team leadership skills, self starter, outgoing positive, energetic, upbeat, passionate about design, merchandising, sales and goal driven and a genuine interest in the brand!

 please send a resume along with a cover letter with a little more about yourself that includes brief description of how you see the aesthetic of the Urbanic brand  –  either through descriptive words or photos  to [email protected]. subject line: Sales & Brand Manager


company name/city: /Commerce, CA


description: P.F. Candle Co. is searching for a self-motivated and enthusiastic individual to join our sales team as a FULL TIME Sales Assistant. This role oversees customer service and sales for our independent accounts across North America. Our ideal candidate is ambitious, full of ideas, and follow through. They will have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and an analytic and thoughtful mind that allows for big-picture thinking. This position bridges the gap between admin and sales, so you must be comfortable behind the computer as well as in-person. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work at a company where your impact is felt daily, this is it!

tasks include: Inputting orders, answering email and phone inquiries, prospecting new accounts and clients, managing client relationships, contracts and accounts, order planning and fulfillment, reports and analytics with our independent accounts, assisting with trade show preparation, liaising with shipping and production to ensure streamlined interdepartmental processes, and working with Sales Lead to maintain fast and efficient service.

requirements: Bachelor’s Degree, 1 years of sales experience and B2B sales experience, Quickbooks/Shopify proficiency, Mac savvy, self-starter, able to complete tasks with minimal supervision, ability to organize and promote a multitude of tasks, customer service oriented, detail oriented, strong verbal & written communication skills, creative problem solving skills, positive disposition, ability to take direction well.

: For the entire job listing, please visit our . If you’re interested in applying, please email a PDF copy of your cover letter and resume to [email protected] and include “JOB INQUIRY – Sales Associate” in the subject line when you email. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.


job title: Event Coordinator at  Venice CA 
tasks include: overseeing and coordinating production logistics for events, compiling event estimates, coordinating with vendors, assisting with production, managing weekly event timelines, working closely with executive event designer to effectively ensure correspondence between proposals and budgets, on site client and vendor coordination assistance,

requirements: strong and effective communication skills, exceptional organizational skills, flexible schedule (position will occasionally require nights and weekends), working knowledge in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), and ability to multitask in a fast paced setting

more details: We are a full service event planning company based in Venice. We specialize in fun, simple beautiful parties. We are currently seeking a motivated full time assistant event coordinator. Looking for someone proactive and dedicated with excellent organizational skills. The ideal candidate will have exceptional accounting and logistical skills.
: For immediate consideration, please submit a cover letter, resume and professional references to [email protected]


company name: l/Los Angeles (Hawthorne), CA

job title: Production & Operations Associate (full-time)

 tasks include:  Manage incoming and outgoing retail and wholesale orders (invoicing, payment processing, shipping). Maintain order management systems and prioritize orders / production as necessary. Manage laser production schedule and inventory levels. Track, monitor, and order supplies and raw materials. Learn how to use our laser cutter and assist in production. Evaluate and develop office and production processes to maximize efficiency

 more details:  Our Production & Operations Associate would develop a deep know-how of production and be integral in running our small creative business. You want to have ownership over your work and make decisions that impact the way our business runs. You enjoy putting systems in place and making them even better over time.  You love problem-solving, can manage multiple projects at once, and are super organized and detail-oriented. You are passionate about being a part of our team and making a meaningful contribution to our brand!  It is a full-time position with health benefits and has an 18 month minimum commitment. Bachelor’s Degree required. Note: This is an operations position (NOT a creative position). More details here! 

Email us with your resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the subject: “Production & Operations Associate”


Company Name:  , Los Angeles

Job Title:  Customer Experience (CX) Associate

Tasks Include: Respond to customer emails, engage in live chats, and answer phone calls regarding product and order inquiries| Assist with customer orders, shipping, and processing returns | Be a brand expert and knowledgeable about all products | Be a solutions-minded advocate for complicated situations | Communicate with our warehouses and shipping partners to resolve outstanding issues | Analyze customer feedback and coordinate with management to continuously improve the shopping experience

More Details: Bachelor’s Degree | Background in customer service or sales| Experience working with ZenDesk or a comparable customer service system preferred| Detail oriented and fast paced| Exceptional interpersonal skills| Self-motivated| Excellent with time management| Availability for varied hours/days (holidays and weekends may be required)

Contact:   Please email [email protected] with resume and “CX Associate” in the subject line. This position is full time and candidates must live in the Los Angeles area.


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i’ve gone back and forth for what i want to do for my 30th birthday in january. maybe i just want to have a small party at my house? do i want to go somewhere tropical with one friend? do nothing? road trip? i wanted to do something memorable, but was having a hard time pulling the trigger because i didn’t want to make my friends have to travel far or spend a lot of money or be freezing in the cold temps. then a friend mentioned marfa! i’ve always wanted to go. sure, it won’t be the best weather but i really think it could be a cool experience. i’m inviting a small group of friends and hoping to stay in an airstream at least one night and then rent a little house for all of us. i haven’t planned the details (my favorite part) but i’m excited to have picked a place! have you been? it looks like we can fly into el paso and then just drive there in about 3 hours. would love your recommendations! it looks so picturesque and inspiring.


(photos: , elizabeth taylor in “Giant”, , , )



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one of my favorite things to do is look for cool hotels or apartments to stay in when i travel. i swear, i would be a travel agent in another lifetime. is a really beautiful site with tons of well designed homes all around the world. i’ve used the service a few times and thought i would share a few of my favorites. it’s really smart especially when you have multiple people on your vacation! they’re also always looking for more LA homes to rent so if you have a pretty house and travel often definitely check them out. they handle everything from A-Z and make sure your home is exactly as you left it when you return. pretty cool!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.32.16 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.32.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.33.31 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.34.32 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.34.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.36.58 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.37.09 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.37.25 PM


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.38.20 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.38.32 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.38.48 PM




we have been planning a little team trip to for a few months now, and today we hit the road for it! (and luckily it’s only about 2 hours from home) i’ve been wanting to take the girls there because they’ve never been and it’s one of my favorite places. it’s going to be 100 degrees (!), but that’s alright, we will either be lounging on our laptops or swimming in the pool with spiked lemonades. (see more on )

oh! and i’ve signed up for …if you don’t know about it: you can watch people live on video while they broadcast their surroundings. comment and hear the person respond to you. the video stays up for 24 hours and then disappears. try it out! and find me under @designlovefest. i’m still getting the hang of it, but it’s fun to play with.


this palm springs trip is coming at a very busy time and i’m hoping it’s the perfect remedy to some of the stress i’ve had lately. with having to move out of the studio, preparing to travel for a week, planning and shooting for the designlovefestival, managing the blog and current projects, meeting about a possible new product line, hiring a new art director to the team, editing photos, and answering emails…i could have gone to sleep at 6pm last night, i was so tired! but, all good things and i’m grateful that things are happening and moving forward. do you ever tell yourself…”just gotta get through this month and then everything will be fine.” that’s me right now. i’ve had busy months before and it’s always worked out, i just need to think positive and take it step by step. and remember, a lot of the times i put the added stress on myself.


we will still be posting regularly, just working from a sunnier spot. lots of love, thanks for listening to my vent session. xx -bri

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