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heeeeeeellllooooo barcelona! and cue the flu. it must of been the recycled air on the airplane because the flu that thankfully decided to give me a few days off in paris was back in action the second we got to spain. so while we saw a LOT while we were here, i am sure there are things we missed because i was under the covers with the chills.

ps a couple of friends have told me to put vicks vapor rub on my feet and wear socks before going to sleep to get rid of a wicked cold. arian finally found a pharmacy that had it and within 24 hours my cold was 90% better. a miracle in a jar. i just wish i had found it earlier!


follow the map so you can mark down some of our favorite barcelona spots…


now, onto our adventures. basically 100 people warned me that we were in danger of getting robbed in barcelona. i considered rocking a fanny pack, but decided i would just be careful with my messenger bag. we never experienced anything sketchy and never felt unsafe the whole time and luckily went home with our passports and credit cards. i am sure there are areas where this is happening, but don’t be afraid if you go, okay? just watch your purse (you will notice all the ladies have their purses in the front of their body and never to the back) and guys keep your wallet in your shirt pocket instead. you’ll be fine if you’re smart about it.


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today’s question: “how do you invest in your business?”



i’m not really at a point to invest in my business yet. as soon as i get there i would probably start renting a studio space to work out of. it would be nice to separate home and work. and! with that comes the adventure of furniture shopping!

i’d also like to find an accountant that works with freelance designers to make sure i’m actually doing everything the best i can.  i currently work with a lovely H&R Block woman named barbra for my taxes. she told me she was proud of how organized i was this year vs. last. she is great but i just wonder if i’m getting the best freelance advice. i would also get a lawyer and have him/her go over all my paper work and make sure my business is set up the best way. since i wrote this post about getting paid i’ve had a couple of sticky situations come up. it would’ve been nice to have some heat backing those emails i was sending.

i assume that if i’m profiting enough to put money back in my business i’d be crazy busy. i might want to hire an intern to help out a couple days a week. i’d try to find someone from a local art college to help out. i love working with students. they’re so ambitious and excited. i like to think that i’m helping them on their career path like my mentors once did for me. my mentors help me make my career. every big job came from someone recommending me. it’s really all about word of mouth.

so…one day…that’s the plan.


i have definitely learned the importance of putting money back into the business. sure, we’d all love to get a paycheck in the mail and take it straight to the bank…and then to the mall. but it doesn’t really work like that.

i am going to focus on the expenses of a blogger for this one…

1. employees & contributors: my biggest expense! in the beginning this expense scared me the most because it’s sure not cheap! but when i was really able to evaluate the income before i had the extra help and then after, i realized the value right away. i needed to free up some of my time so i could think further into the future and stop spinning my wheels.

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we have been in this office for quite some time, but we had our desks setup downstairs. we recently expanded our team and moved up into the loft and decided it needed to be redecorated! the loft has amazing windows & beautiful natural light so i knew i wanted it to function as a workspace but also as a studio for us to shoot blog content in. (ps. make sure you enter to win the big office giveaway too & see this feature over on )

take a look at the space before we moved up there…(photo by )


and after we were all finished…


the first step was to cover the floors. the purplish-pink wood was distracting and limited us quite a bit, so we decided to cover it with canvas. we went to home depot and stocked up and ended up stapling it to the floor. it also made the space much more cozy. (it feels very palm springs ) it was important to add rugs on top of that so the canvas didn’t get filthy, but it made all the difference in the world to have the floor neutral. for the rugs, we went with layering…we used the moroccan rug as the main rug, and then added a colorful turkish rug by the mini bar & a metallic textured rug under my desk. (they were from a shop called in silver lake. you have to check it out if you’re in LA!)


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we are flowering the studio of the uber talented textile designer today! rachel is a really close gal pal of mine and so I was super excited to pay a visit to her new downtown studio and check out

all are made by hand here in LA. i love her clean lines and attention to detail…like the metallic copper stitching or neon pops on flax fabric. i was inspired to make rachel a little something different, so i put together a wreath + garland of spring florals that could hang in her new space.

both rachel and i are big fans of monochromatic tones in pale shades of cream, white, and greens. this earthy and organic wreath was something i knew would match rachel’s studio space and linens perfectly.

doesn’t this make you want to have a craft day at rachel’s studio? and you can get the apron she is wearing

apart from being a textile designer, rachel is also co-organizer of the which is a collective of local artist who gather twice a year to sell their wares. this is really such an amazing event. this year it is going to be held may 11th + 12th (mother’s day weekend) in downtown los angeles. all the details are still being worked out…but save the date! i’ll be there with flowers for all the mothers and lovers out there! 

florals by:  – see more floral posts here!
store: photos by: 



we were so impressed with our london blogshop last time that we had to make a round 2 happen. we stopped by shoreditch for a few days before we went on our vacation in france. here’s a look into the class!

supplied our decor this time around, and went with a structural and natural installation to supplement our florals. the white studio space was perfect for it all.

our friends at sent along some colorful bags to put all of our goodies into.

geometric notebooks and custom gold-foiled blogshop pencils by  prove that form and function do go hand in hand.

a great uk shop,  carries these london and classic spools of

bright blooms by hung out on all the tables.

pauline of handmakes these quirky leather brooches, and we put one in each bag. gotta love the simple and this

this great and one circle is by

we thought these handmade felt by would add color to our students’ homes and offices. we love that they put them to use while still in class.

double triangle by were a hit.

we shot and shared and learned all weekend long. the students really got to know each other and made friends.

we’re so excited to continue working with . they generously provided us with copies of their  along with a and for each student.

you can imagine my delight when i saw this thing, full to the brim with party decor for one lucky student who won the prize pack from  ++ they are offering a discount to DLF readers. just use the code blogshop at checkout to save 20% through april 5th.

if you can’t tell we had loads of fun in lundy town this time. see things from our students’ perspective by checking out our london blogshop insta feed.

april & may:
 (sold out) |   (email for waitlist!) |  |    (almost sold out!) |   (almost sold out!)   (almost sold out!) 

we hope you join us in our future ! check out past class photos here.


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