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we decided to teach another class in our hometown at the gorgeous with our impeccable decor setup by with florals by heather of .

greeted our students at the table as always. keeping the colors light this time.

the outdoor bbq season has officially arrived with the start of summer. i’ll be lighting up one of these by on my patio (and they really don’t have an overpowering citronella smell.)

and i love the painted terra cotta cactus pots that & teamed up on!

these  anorak kissing seagull from are perfect for stashing important things for a trip to the beach (they’re waterproof) or just running around town. also has a matching picnic  that we’re giving away right here.

the journal is a staple of our goodie bag, and this time around we chose geometric made by . graphic and simple, just my style. we also gave away in peach and black as a prize for an in-class contest.

we encourage our students to sketch out thumbnails and stay inspired, so we thought some colored pencils would be a good desk essential. these sets by  (also an LA-based company!) are nice because they store well together in a . the design is also clean.

good keychains are underrated. i also think they’re hard to find, so we wanted to give these with leather banners from  handmade right here in LA.

our lovely friends over at sent us these from the brand new line that we dropped in each bag. soon you’ll be able to shop online, but for now check out their .

, one of our blogshop alumni makes mini decorative paper under the name everyday & co. it’s fun to see the creative work of past students.

we were beyond impressed with who catered our lunch for this session. on day one we had colorful bento boxes and the second day perfectly wrapped little bites. delicious is an understatement.

most of us here at blogshop take our coffee pretty seriously and serves up some of the best in town in my opinion. i fell in love with it at a coffee shop near my office and i just knew i had to share the with our students, so came in and set up a pop-up shop making hot drinks just for our blogshoppers.

another afternoon treat came in the form of  . they made quite an impact bundled together and tasted even better.

our second LA session kept the photos coming of course. we had two mother daughter dates in this class. (so cute!) and check out our to see class from our students’ perspectives!

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last week i posted this creative council video showing how to mix two delicious summer-inspired cocktails, and now i’m so excited to share with you where we got to drink them.


there are few things in life more enjoyable than spending time with good friends, indulging in food and libations over laughs and conversation. combine that with a perfect spring night outdoors and it’s hard to top. i was fortunate enough to work with some ridiculously talented friends of mine to make this event happen. i wish i could relive the evening, but luckily and  were on hand to capture all the fun.

(watch at the bottom to see the whole thing come together!)


michael antonia volunteered his awesome backyard for the occasion and outfitted it with a bunch of furniture from his company that specializes in mid-century modern pieces for events. the dude’s got GREAT taste and would make any party look rad.

and of course, the master himself  was on hand with  to mix us up some of the best cocktails i’ve ever tasted. he made 4 specialty drinks that evening (watch the video of our two faves here!)


the party was small & intimate. only about 20 people that travel a lot and don’t have a lot of time to socialize with each other enough. i had illustrate an invitation that i sent out to the guests in their email (keepin’ it simple around here)

mixology party invite | designlovefest

she captured exactly what was in my head with these cocktail drawings!


the space was filled with decor from the geniuses at , playing on the theme of the four elements: water, fire, wind & earth. they handmade these custom hanging mobiles and helped me style the whole thing…i believe they are selling those mobiles, you should email if you are interested in one for your home!


i chose a vintage bohemian style dress. the party was so laid back, and i wanted to be able to lounge around on the rugs and feel comfortable. it was a good choice!


created these stunning arrangements for the tables. i love her wild aesthetic & eye for unique pairings and textures…so good, right? they sure make you appreciate the art of nature.


oh gosh, . i may or may not have eaten 6. if you live in the LA area you have to follow ricky’s to see where he’ll be popping up next. he set up his fish fry table of magic and we all went to town.


all the beautiful for the cocktails were by , who  gorgeous table settings and flatware (and those sweet rugs, too!) i love how they mixed in some of their black forks with the gold ones. a nice twist…


they have a new online  where you can buy some of their treasures. they also provided those adorable brass vases for the florals.


the girls thought it would look cool to use terracotta bases as the plates for our fish tacos. put a piece of parchment paper on top and you’re good to go. festive, right?


a special thanks to all my dear friends who helped me bring this party to life. watch this video that made to see the setup of the party…taco eating…rug sitting…friends…drinks and more drinks…

photos by:  (see them all )
video by: drinks by: 

decor by:
florals by:
cocktail glasses, flatware, vases and rugs by: 

furntiure by:invitation design by:

(this post is a collaboration with  by .)



i’m so excited to be traveling back to my hometown of chicago again to teach blogshop, and i thought it would be fun to celebrate by giving away a spot for the video class!


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hi guys! i am out of town this week teaching in san francisco, but katie is going to take over for me this week and answer today’s advice question: “what do you look for in a designer or intern?”


i look for a solid portfolio that shows a variety of print and web, a nice sense of color and layout. their site is usually straight forward and easy to navigate. when i them it’s nice when they respond in a timely manner. don’t keep people waiting or they’ll move on to the next person.

when i’m looking for help i also reach out to people in my network to see if anyone has a good recommendation. i keep in touch with one of my favorite professors from  and she always has someone’s info to pass along. every designer she has sent me has been hired. note to students: keep a good relationship with your classmates and your professors. think of them as your coworkers and your boss. they will be one of your most important assets when you graduate. your classmates will go off into the real world and get real jobs. when their boss says “we need help, know anyone?” they will think of you and if you showed up to class on time and if you presented killer work.

when i look at students i think it’s great when they take their project past what was required. i’ve seen some start with a packaging project. then they turned it into a lifestyle shot and then a social media campaign. it’s so great to see people thinking about the big picture. it’s also a major when a candidate has lots of skills vs just one. they are more valuable because they can help with so much more.

when it comes to the interview i like it when people look me in the eye. i also like a firm handshake. nobody likes a wimpy one. i know i shouldn’t but when someone gives me get a weak handshake they go down a couple notches in my book. i like when the person laughs or makes me laugh. i like to be around happy people so don’t forget to smile. i like when people ask me a lot of questions (makes me feel better about asking them a ton). i want them to be curious and have an extreme hunger for knowledge. it shows me they’re ambitious and eager to work hard.

(illustration by . read more freelance advice posts are over here!)




heeeeeeellllooooo barcelona! and cue the flu. it must of been the recycled air on the airplane because the flu that thankfully decided to give me a few days off in paris was back in action the second we got to spain. so while we saw a LOT while we were here, i am sure there are things we missed because i was under the covers with the chills.

ps a couple of friends have told me to put vicks vapor rub on my feet and wear socks before going to sleep to get rid of a wicked cold. arian finally found a pharmacy that had it and within 24 hours my cold was 90% better. a miracle in a jar. i just wish i had found it earlier!


follow the map so you can mark down some of our favorite barcelona spots…


now, onto our adventures. basically 100 people warned me that we were in danger of getting robbed in barcelona. i considered rocking a fanny pack, but decided i would just be careful with my messenger bag. we never experienced anything sketchy and never felt unsafe the whole time and luckily went home with our passports and credit cards. i am sure there are areas where this is happening, but don’t be afraid if you go, okay? just watch your purse (you will notice all the ladies have their purses in the front of their body and never to the back) and guys keep your wallet in your shirt pocket instead. you’ll be fine if you’re smart about it.


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