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our team is filled with LA locals who have lived here for years and keep a running list of their favorite places in town. los angeles can be an overwhelming city to visit (or even live in) with a constant array of new places opening and old classics that can’t be missed. we’re creating a new “about town” column that will cover all things los angeles. if there is something that you want us to touch on leave it in the comments. but today, we have a topic that is close to my heart – coffee. i pulled the team and these are our favorites for sipping, sitting, eating and snapping. they are numbered below but in no particular order. – joanie

los angeles coffee | designlovefest

1. ALFRED COFFEE | melrose place

a classic los angeles coffee shop that coined the phrase, “but first coffee” they have multiple locations but the melrose place shop is my favorite. i order and recommend the half sweet vanilla latte. and they sell pressed juice. 

los angeles coffee | designlovefest

2. DINOSAUR COFFEE | silver lake

simple, straight forward coffee shop. they have wifi and outdoor seating. if you’re looking for an  the plant wall in the back of the shop is calling your name. 





inspiration vibes | designlovefest
inspiration vibes | designlovefest

something happened to me this year. it’s honestly beautiful and exciting and i’m so happy about it. i have never felt more creative, maybe ever. i’m not sure if it’s the new year’s good vibes, the not drinking and eating healthier, my shift on the blog, or the fact that i finally feel pretty content with my life. usually my creativity comes in spurts. very all over the place and sometimes not there at all when i’m reaching for it. i feel like i used to be most creative when i was sad & moody. but for the past few weeks it has felt like nonstop inspiration, ideas, and happiness. gosh i hope that’s infectious because i want you all to feel what i’m experiencing!! it feels like anything is possible.

my hope is that i can keep it up. i’ve been trying to just stay in that creative mindset by nonstop research, planning creative shoots just for me, thinking about traveling, making positive personal choices, keeping a good attitude, lowering my stress and realizing that worrying is most of the time just POINTLESS. how do you guys usually stay on a creative path and not stray from it? i feel like the trick is really focusing and feeding it.

i’m just going purely experimental. i started a hashtag last night on that i hope you join in on, where i showcase people’s dreamy photos before bed time.

it’s been so invigorating hearing all of your comments and emails and snaps about how much you like the new direction of the blog. it’s a HUGE part of what is keeping me in this headspace, so thank you. lots of love, bri

inspiration vibes | designlovefest
inspiration vibes | designlovefest



single life | designlovefest

we’ve all probably been single at one time or the other. for some, it’s true hell, and others learn to embrace and love it. being single myself i have a lot of current perspective on it…

topic: SINGLE LIFE? what does that look like for you? what are the perks and what are the hard parts? how did you turn being single into being an opportunity?




Yves Saint Laurent knitted wedding dress 1965

i’ve always been pretty open when it comes to sharing more personal stuff. i guess i’m just not the most private person. i also find it VERY interesting when people are able to talk about the real stuff happening in our day to day lives. i’ve been wanting to explore more personal, weird, awkward, intimate, questionable, thought-provoking topics on this blog for a while now. i have to admit, before i wrote this post (which thank you SO SO much for your thoughtful comments. i read each one of them and i feel overjoyed with the response.) anyway, before i wrote that post i was nervous about HOW i would introduce it and make it look cohesive with my blog. but now, since my site is taking a bit of a turn in the road and going the more scrappy route, i feel like it’s the perfect time.

remember when katie and i ran the weekly advice column? that one was a little more focused on career stuff (which we will still touch on) but this one is going to be more casual/personal focused. let’s see how it goes! i also have a team of great girls with different opinions and i think it will be cool to introduce different points of view. okay, let’s REAL TALK.

our first topic: WEDDING GIFT & THANK YOU ETIQUETTE. do you give a gift even if you don’t go to the wedding? do you think it’s rude to not buy off the registry? thank you notes, are they outdated or always required? do you really have a year to give someone a wedding gift?….read our thoughts!





cuuuuuue the nostalgia. i took this morning to put together a list of my favorite designlovefest moments from this year. i’m definitely the kind of person that likes to continuously push myself, mark goals (mine from last year here!), criticize my weaknesses and work on them, and celebrate the happy memories. i’ve had one hell of a year. it’s been the year of transition and growth. and let’s just say growing pains don’t always feel great. i’ve hired more people onto the team (and love all of them), i’ve moved twice, i got over a heartbroken mess, i traveled a ton, i learned to enjoy living alone, i found a therapist, i explored all sorts of creativity….2015 was a wild one for me. and next month, i’ll be 30! take a trip down memory lane with me…

and i want to send a very sincere thank you to all of you that come visit this site. it really is, 7 years later, my true passion. i love sharing with you my big moments and my little ones too. thank you for letting me express myself to you guys everyday. your comments and love mean the world to me. i hope everyone has a super relaxing, pajama filled holiday. and i encourage you to look back on your year and all the things that made you feel happy and proud. sometimes we don’t notice the challenges we have overcome and i think it’s important to recognize them. lots of love to you all!!! -bri


this year started off very hectic! i took on one of my biggest projects yet with procter and gamble in new york, art directing “mable” booths for 11 different brands. it was a huge rush and taught me a lot. but i must say one of the best parts was my team being stuck inside our rented apartment in brooklyn during a “giant blizzard” (that never happened) we drank wine, sat by the fire, laughed a ton and had the best time together.

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we dipped our toes in the product pond with these based on a ton of artists from our dress your tech column. i love them all! and i remember how fun it was to see them in person for the first time. stay tuned because we have more fun products coming out next year!

see the full post here and buy the cases


one of the last things we did in our old studio was a movie night. we decked out the place with tons of pillows and rugs and a bunch of us watched the graduate. that was memorable.

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my first trip to new orleans, ever! my friend anna and i went a few months ago and had such a great time exploring based on all of your awesome recommendations.

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All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved

and how could i forget nicaragua with three of my best friends. i made a really funny highlight video and blogged about the beautiful hotels we stayed in. you guys should definitely go!

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we sure did transform our old studio 100 different ways. this over the top girly soiree was one of my favorites.

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Design Love Fest, DIY tutorial, Natural dyes, Kristen Kilpatrick, Kristen Kilpatrick Photography, Sarah Reichardt

we did a lot of DIY posts this year, and even more lately. the thing with DIY is that there are soooo many out there. we do our very best to push ourselves and find things we would really do ourselves and that have a unique spin on them. here’s a couple i really loved this year:

bedazzled holiday shoe DIY here
cool toilet paper holders DIY here
easy clay wall planters DIY here
gold foiled pillow DIY here
how to dye fabric with nature DIY here


at my old apartment i had a back patio that was begging for a makeover. so we did it! and threw a taco party back there. you should see the before…

see the full makeover post here


definitely the highlight of my year was what i was calling my “bripraylove” trip. after some heartache and struggle, i decided it was time for me to go on a long trip abroad. i was so stuck in a rut, sad, at home. i needed to get out there in the world, be inspired, see new things, forget about boys, drink in strange bars, try new foods…so i planned a 6 week trip abroad this past summer. it was the best decision i ever made. i grew as a human, worked through some of my shit, and saw some amazing places. and those TULIP FIELDS! best day of the year. see all the posts here…

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see the amsterdam posts here and here
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we started #dlfgetfit. after said “bripraylove” trip, eating everything under the sun, drinking with friends and strangers…i came home needing to seriously get in shape. my pants didn’t fit and i hated it. i did this first post about how weight changes over the years and that started a whole series about how we were eating and working out and the progress we were making.

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mumu beach club! i teamed up with my best friend cammy and her clothing line and we threw a malibu beach party that was the BEST time. i love throwing parties so much, especially when they turn out like that.

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well this is a highlight, but also a bummer. i decided to get this vintage ’77 red mercedes. the car i have always wanted! my dad was in town and he used to have the same car and he convinced me to just go for it. unfortunately the car came with all sorts of problems because the guy who sold it to us was a total crook. but old cars are bound to have issues. i haven’t been able to drive it much because i have to get it past the CA smog test, but we are workin on it. hopefully next year i will be road tripping with this gal.


i try to make an effort to collaborate with people that inspire me for no other reason than to be happy. i am constantly sitting around thinking about photos i want to create with other artists. this one with chantal and amy turned out gorgeous!

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we moved studios! and not because we wanted to, ha. our landlords decided they were going to take over our space and so we had to find somewhere new to call home. we drove around the arts district, wrote down numbers, scrambled, asked around, and then serendipitously found this spot and moved in very quickly. it was a lot bigger than our other space, but we had a couple more friends move in and now it feels like one big happy family. it’s not done yet, but we are settling in and love it there.


the designlovefestival. wow, a ton of work i wasn’t expecting! sometimes my ideas can be my worst enemy and best friend. i wanted to have a pop up shop that sold already potted trees and flowers…which then grew into hammocks! and prints! and wreaths! and blankets! and ceramics!….see what i mean? it grew larger than i thought it would. but we learned a ton, met a lot of great people, and got to put on a pretty rad jungle party.

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rent the runway! yes! a little idea in our minds turned into a 4 post project with 16 outfit changes, an all day shoot and a cool sleepover afterwards in the hills. we experimented, we got weird, we climbed on roofs…i loved every second of that dress up day!

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and then out of nowhere, i bought a HOUSE. what in the world? i had been lightly thinking about the idea of investing in a house. after years of living with a boyfriend of mine, after we split i stayed in our apartment and rent was not cheap all by myself. i figured if i wasn’t going to get a roommate, i should be putting money into something i could call my own. i went to two open houses and still never thought i would really buy one. then, on a random sunday, my friend anna and i went to another open house and the second i walked in the door i just had this feeling that i REALLY needed to get this one. it felt like it was made for me. so i got impulsive, and just made the jump. i never thought i would have bought a house on my own as a single woman. it was empowering. it was scary. it was cool. i love LA, and now i plan on being here for a verrrrry long time.


my first chance to be a hostess in my new house! friendsgiving on my patio. lots of wine, amazing food, intimate setting. that’s my kinda night.

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this hair shoot was a blast.

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this floral christmas tree. a lot of people ask me “where do you get your ideas?” and truly some of the best ones come from sitting down with natalie, a pen and paper (usually no computer because it’s too easy to get overly “inspired”) and a bunch of nonsense ideas. wordplay. rambling. bad ideas. good ideas….and then there’s that ONE. the one we know we have to do. that happened with this tree and a few days later our idea became a reality!

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cheers to 2015!!
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