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hello again dlf crew! happy to be back with another DIY — this time infused with the goodness of glitter.

traces the first valentine still in existence way back to the year 1415, and the tradition of showering gifts, sweets and flowers on your true love lives strong in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France and the United Kingdom.

we just have a thing for pink, red and gold.

in honor of the upcoming st valentine’s day, we’ve cooked up a sparkly cake-topper that is sure to pierce your heart and please your loved ones. it works amazing as a stand alone piece, or makes a great mini-adornment to tiny treats at each place setting if you’re hosting.

what you’ll need:
• scissors
• wooden skewers (in my opinion, bamboo cooking skewers)
• craft glue (i just used aleene’s tacky glue because i’ve always used it, but any kind works really)
• paper hearts (you can cut them out by hand or use a paper-punch or pre-cut pieces. 2 per arrow. make sure the paper is of a thicker card stock.)
• colored felt squares
• glitter (bri and i are obsessed with – i wish i had them in every color, but is delish! also noteworthy for this project, chunkier course glitters or tinsel glitters have a more vintage feel.)

what to do:
• begin by cutting the skewer in half. be careful! it can splinter!

• cut a small rectangle out of felt, approximately 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. snip a shallow “v “shape from the top of the rectangle when it’s portrait orientation, and angle the corners at the bottom. cut felt at an angle up to the middle of the rectangle to create the feather look, taking care not to separate the piece. make 4 of these in 2 different colors and glue them, layered 2 on one side and 2 on the other side, “v” side pointing outward,  on one of the skewer halves. let dry.

• glue the paper hearts back to back on either side of the other half of the skewer, pointed part out. let dry. once dry, spread glue on the hearts and dip in glitter (yay! i know you were waiting for that part!) allow to dry fully.

finishing touches:
• we styled our topper in a mini cake on a simple pedestal. insert the non-decorated end of the skewers in either side of the cake and adjust to your liking. we thought ours looked just right slightly askew. you can also make several of the feather ends and stick them into the top of a cake or make mini arrows for cupcakes. get creative!

we’d love to hear how your toppers turn out and what interesting twists you’ve put on this project!

i’ll see you next week with an easy and inexpensive project!



man oh man, am i excited for today! us gals over at rue magazine are now working with Gap on—their fun new online catalog! go take a look over here to see all the other awesome bloggers involved! to kick it off, i picked out these punchy pants…

I definitely feel most comfortable in color. And though I usually go for bright dresses, these magenta pants put a fun spin on my personal style.

A sheer button-down and a cropped blazer complement the pants’ tomboy silhouette, while an over-the-top pair of platforms and a head full of flowers keep me right in my girly zone. The best of both worlds, really.

go see how the other rue ladies styled their sassy Gap items right here!

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alright friends. i have admitted to you that I am not the best crafter. i think it has a lot to do with having a short attention span. anyways, i just hired my intern as my assistant, and one of her fun tasks is to run the new DIY column on the blog! i really hope you all like, and i know she’ll love hearing your feedback and ideas!

this first craft is super simple, but also very awesome! i’ll let her take it from here…

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hello, lovefesters! when bri and i first talked about this column, i got very excited and my head began to swim with oh-so many ideas on simple crafts that we could share with you. there is something about using your hands to create something beautiful that is just so…satisfying.

we wanted to kick things off with something uncomplicated, yet high on style. these paint-dipped candleholders require little more than spray paint and masking tape, and this technique can be applied to vases, bowls, trays, wine glasses…you name it! traditionally, dipped items are literally dipped in a bowl of paint, and hung to drip dry. however, the spray paint method is the way to go if you’re looking for something quick to add a touch of color or interest to a simple household item.

what you’ll need:
• something to paint, of course! we chose these that come in a set of three varied heights, but any white or clear item will do.
• spray paint (my personal favorite is ) gold looks great against white, and any bright color of course! we went with bri’s favorite – yellow.
• masking tape or painter’s tape.

what to do:
• decide how far up you want the color to reach and tape off the area where you want the color to stop. we made ours slightly irregular to give even more of that dipped look.
• spray paint your item, pointing downward and well below the tape line in a smooth, sweeping motion. apply thin even coats until fully covered.
• allow the item to dry fully before removing the tape.

finishing touches:
• we styled our candleholders by making them into mini plant pedestals, but the options are really endless depending on which item you choose and what purpose it serves in your home. i picked up a tillandsia plant at a local nursury to just casually plop on top. these would also make a lovely centerpiece with some succulents and fresh blooms!

as bri said, i’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, and any suggestions of things you’d like to appear in this column in the future. and if you make this project over the weekend, let us know how it turns out!

next week we’ll be making something very festive for valentines day, and i can’t wait to show you! (think glitter, folks.)



i have always wanted to send out little client gifts that represent my brand. but i always seem to plan them out too late and miss the mark. so this year, my intern alex and I decided to really make it happen. we ordered these little wooden acorns and spray painted & glitterized them. ( is amazing) and sent them out in tiny boxes with a heart wax seal. snail mail makes people feel good. that’s a fact. i’m so happy I could bring a little extra happiness to people’s holiday…

here are a few people’s photos after they received them. they made me smile.

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designing a room is one thing. but making it look lived in. like reeeeeally lived in. comfy cozy. natural and awesome…a whole other ballgame. right? sure did a good job of looking styled, but not annoyingly overdone.

i am headed to the rosebowl flea next weekend. on the hunt for lotza frames. i’m thinking BIG frames with tiny pictures inside. but my head has a lot of wild ideas, i won’t bore you with them.


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