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you know those people that make you go “maaaaan, they have great taste!” we all have a handful of people (or more) that we look up to in style. i figured i should tell you more often who mine are! in no particular order, every week or so i will throw some beautiful links your way.

1. . one of my favorite things about megan, besides her being a design bad ass, is that she really understands how to make a concept come alive. i always notice that her mood boards are so well rounded – filled with unexpected patterns, colors and vintage inspiration…she makes the feeling take true form. just check out her

2. this is one of those blogs that never disappoints. she throws a buncha stuff your way and it’s always good. she does a lot of great throwback stuff too.

3. . she’s been a friend of mine for a few years and i have always admired her for her put together looks and eye for detail. she’s been kickin into high gear lately, which is something i always love seeing!

4. what a well-designed site! and awesome content too. they just get it, it seems.


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i’ve been waiting weeks to post this new DIY! , and I teamed up with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

again and made these three patterned shelves and a cool how-to video. they came out so beautifully, i can barely contain my excitement!

we spent one day sketching and painting outside and the other day styling up the shelves inside with beautiful treasures. above are some of the i snapped along the way. and here’s what you will need to do to make them all for yourself!

the supplies:

• pre cut wood boards (we used 3 ft. birch boards)
ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

in various sizes
• glossy white and gold spray paint
• aqua craft paint
• shelving hardware
• paint brush

watch the video and follow the steps below!
• sketch designs, linear and geometric are best for this project. we decided to use 3 colors, white, gold and aqua as an accent. make note in your sketch which areas will be painted which color.

• tape out design, on both sides of the board, paying attention to the edges to be sure your design wraps around.

• tape over all areas that you have designated to paint gold.

• spray exposed areas with glossy white paint on both sides and edges. allow to dry completely, the longer you let the paint dry the nicer your final results will be.

• peel tape to expose area to be painted gold and tape over the areas now white. we love the ScotchBlue delicate surface tape for taping over freshly painted areas.

• spray three glamorous layers of gold paint on exposed areas and allow to dry.

• peel off all tape to reveal entire board.

• pick some small areas within your design to tape off and paint Aqua using a paintbrush for accuracy.

• peel last layer of paint to unleash your beautiful new shelf.

• install shelf according to the specifications of your chosen hardware.

it’s time to hang & style these up!

ever since then i’ve been thinking up fun patterns and shapes that would look good in our new home office. i really loved that natalie made three different designs all with the same color scheme. i think it made the project extra special and three of the same style might have been overkill.

shoot days are my favorite. it’s so rewarding to work with such talented people and think of new ideas on the spot. i always learn so much and each shoot goes a little smoother than the last.

i really hope you guys make these shelves, they were SO easy and add such a nice touch to your ordinary wooden shelves.

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more DIY projects here

this project was sponsored by ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape



i love . i do. but lately we have been getting so frustrated with the things that come along with living there. everything is out in the open, so it constantly feels messy. the storage isn’t the best (and the closet space is hardly ideal) what i would give for just one storage closet.

it’s also easy to look at styled interior photos and feel all jealous that your house doesn’t look like that. i mean my bedroom looks this clean almost never. i sort of feel like a fraud actually. my clothes are constantly all over the ground.

tonight arian and I were sitting at dinner talking about what our next home will be like…tons of white & bright light i hope. and walk in closets. have our loft dreams died a little bit? and moving is such a pain! i don’t want to go through that anytime soon. sigh…maybe it’s just a phase.

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i hope you have last week’s stir stick firmly planted in your strong drink, in the sturdy grip of your clenched manicured hand right about now, because this week’s craft is a pretty knock-your-socks-off kind of DIY. what do i think is so special about these wire vases? let me count the ways. first of all, when poking around for inspiration, images of these ethereal shapes began to to find bri and i until we could no longer ignore them (and why would we want to?) secondly, these delicate beauties are so simple to make and cost well under $5 each while delivering such a sucker punch of style.

the cool thing about these vases is that you can make them in so many different colors, sizes and shapes. they look great styled alone, with other cool pieces on a shelf or grouped in multiples (my personal favorite!) when you layer several in different shades and wire textures they create this amazing illusion of movement where the wire overlaps and makes a moire pattern. now, let’s get into the important stuff: how you can make these at home.

what you’ll need:
• chicken wire (sold by the foot at most hardware stores in different patterns and thicknesses.) i used two different sizes of poultry wire and a mesh.
• wire cutters
• interesting shaped glass objects to use as a “mold”
• smaller pieces of wire
• hot glue gun
• spray paint

the steps:
first, cut the wire down to workable sized pieces after you decide what shape you’d like them to be. wrap the wire around your mold object and form it into the desired shape. you may want to wear gloves to avoid being poked!

use the smaller wire pieces or hot glue gun to fasten it into a closed object. bend the wire at the bottom to create a sturdy surface so the object can stand freely. finish with spray paint. now style and stand back to admire their shapely silhouettes and your superior handy work.

see you next week! 

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it’s pretty exciting to get something in the mail these days, since every other communication seems to be digital. i know when i get a letter or card or package i feel pretty special.

well we’re ’bout to up the ante on the exciting factor here.


confetti means surprise! it means a celebration. it means party time. combine that with an old fashioned letter and your recipient might just explode. here’s what you need to get this show on the road (and in the mailbox!)

what you’ll need:

• glue
• hole punch
• colored paper (you can also use pre-made confetti, but for more custom colors you can make your own, as we did here.)
• white gift tags (or cards, or you can cut your own tags from card stock.)
• string (to add the gift tag effect…or if you want to use them as labels, tags or anything else your smart little color-loving brain can think of!)

the steps:
first punch your confetti. get creative with the color combinations. maybe even try varied punch sizes.

next coat your card with an even, thin layer of glue where you want the confetti to live the rest of its happy days.

dip in or sprinkle on the confetti. instant joy. write a message to a friend, label something you love, or just hang from your doorknob as if to say “welcome to my home, where we have fun and stuff.”

we styled the card in a vellum envelope and allowed the confetti to peek through.

i’ll see you next week with an extra-special tie-in project with the food column

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