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packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

happy 2017! we’re feeling excited and ready to share another year of recipes with you. in 2016 we really worked to make our recipe collection approachable and balanced and that’s something we’re committed to continuing in 2017. we want to present ingredients, ideas, recipes and companies that we’re currently using in our own kitchen and hopefully inspire you to keep creating on your own. we’re always looking for input and suggestions so please feel free to leave a comment!

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

this post is extra exciting because as a thank you for following along with us we’ve partnered with to giveaway one of their new new  to a reader! it’s a staple in our kitchen and used to make all three of the recipes below.

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

one of my intentions for the new year is to try to pack my lunch for the office. it’s more economical, healthier and also helps to avoid skipping meals (which always leaves me tired and grumpy). we came up with three items that are simple to make, hold up well in the refrigerator and can be kept for a few days so you can make a bunch and eat it throughout the week. we hope you enjoy! p.s. you can buy the eco friendly lunch box, ! 

riced cauliflower bowl:

this was the first time that i made cauliflower rice on my own and i was SHOCKED at how easy it was and how well it turned out. i know people always say things like this but it’s true – you won’t miss real rice with this recipe.

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

what you’ll need: 
• 1 head of cauliflower, roughly chopped
• 1 red bell pepper sliced and deseeded
• quarter red onion sliced
• 1 cup canned black beans, drained and rinsed
• 1 cup canned whole corn drained and rinsed
• half avocado diced
• 3-4 kale leaves de-stemmed and chopped
• 1 lime
• 1/2 teaspoon cumin
• 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
• salt to taste
• 2 tablespoon olive oil

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

heat olive oil on medium heat in a medium sized skillet. Sauté the red bell pepper, red onion, and kale. squeeze half a lime and salt to taste. set aside.

in your Vitamix, set on level 4 gradually drop small cauliflower florets until all the pieces have been finely riced. this step is important, don’t put all of the cauliflower in at once!

In a saucepan, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil on medium heat, once heated toast the riced cauliflower for about 4-5 minutes. mix in the cumin and chili powder, and 1 teaspoon salt.

to assemble, place the diced avocado, corn, black beans, sautéed veggies and cauliflower rice in a food safe travel container. place the remaining lime to garnish. we also served ours with a side of salsa and chips.

As an option, you could also use the light jalapeño ranch dip as a dressing for the riced cauliflower bowl.

light jalapeño ranch dip:
we used the jalapeño dip with both the collard green wrap and the cauliflower rice bowl. it’s also great as a dip for your corn chips!

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

• 1 cup greek yogurt
• 1/4 cup chives diced
• 2 cloves garlic
• 1 teaspoon salt:
• 1 teaspoon onion powder
• 1/2 jalapeno seeded
• 1/2 lemon squeezed
• quarter cup buttermilk
• crack of pepper

In the Vitamix, add all the ingredients minus the buttermilk. Put the blender on a low setting until the mixture is smooth, then as the Vitamix continues to run pour the buttermilk in a slow steady stream, stopping to scrape the sides with a spatula. mix until incorporated.

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

cashew butter:
make this at home and keep a jar in your work fridge to pair with sliced apples, on toast with bananas or to eat by the spoon when you need something to tide you over. it’s the perfect snack!

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

what you’ll need: 
• 2 cups roasted and salted cashews
• 1/4 cup of coconut oil (melted)
• 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1 tablespoon raw honey

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

start by placing your cashews in your Vitamix and slowly increase the speed from 2 – 8 stopping every now and then to scrape the sides. this will take around 5 -8 minutes, once it has a slightly creamy texture add all remaining ingredients except for the coconut oil and blend again. if the consistency is dry slowly add the oil while the Vitamix is running. store in an airtight container.

collard greens wraps:
this recipe is killing two birds with one stone – eating more veggies and packing a lunch! blanching the collard greens makes them easy to wrap and the creamy avocado and the spicy jalapeño dip bring it all together nicely (and guilt free).

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

what you’ll need: 
• 2-3 large collard greens leaves, de-stemmed
• 1/2 cup sprouts
• 1/2 cup chopped purple cabbage
• 1 yellow bell pepper sliced
• half an avocado sliced
• 1/2 cup lettuce diced

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest
packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

blanch the collard greens for a few seconds to soften them a bit. to assemble, place your ingredients on one side of the collard greens and tightly roll from one end to the other. slice in half (we wrapped ours using parchment paper). serve with the light jalapeño ranch dip.

and now for a giveaway! leave us a comment on this post telling us your current go-to packable lunch and we’ll randomly select one winner to receive the new !

packable lunch recipes | designlovefest

here’s how to win… THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! 


1) leave a comment below telling us your current favorite go -to lunch recipe!

one winner will be chosen at random on thursday january 26th. open to US residents only. this price is valued at $600+. by entering this sweepstakes you agree to the official terms and conditions. one entry per person, multiple commenters will be disqualified. 




2016…it was an interesting one. i spent a lot of time away from home, i got a new boyfriend, i traveled a lot, i transitioned into some new career paths, i’m learning to cook better, and now finding a lot of happiness at home. here are some of my favorite blog moments of the year…

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

my 30th birthday trip to marfa with 7 of my girlfriends.

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Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

london with denise. we had the best time!

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valentine car shoot



my first line of products in target was probably the most exciting thing about this year. it was so surreal to see it on the shelves! we had a brunch to celebrate…

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we moved from our giant loft space downtown to a quieter calm cottage in echo park. it’s a happy space we are still making our own.


i teamed up with winc and made my own wine! we got to taste, design, and go through the whole process.

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Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

seeing the luis barragan houses in mexico city was one of the highlights of my year!

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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

it was my dream to visit tokyo and jen jesse and natalie and i finally pulled the trigger and went! we saw so much and made incredible memories there!

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some parties just have happy, light, late night energy. this backyard movie night we threw ended up being one of the happier nights this year. see our setup…

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sometimes you gotta just collaborate with someone and make pretty things to keep yourself inspired. this photoshoot with jenn sanchez was just that!


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

one of my best friend’s had her bachelorette trip in cartegena, colombia. what a new experience! el camino planned it and we had such a blast.

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this year i did some new career things that pushed me outside my comfort zone. (in a good way!) i filmed a few segments for TV for the new year’s special HGTV Dream Home. you can watch me on the episode on january 1st!


we threw a backyard friendsgiving party in victoria’s backyard!

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Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

cammy got married in louisiana. it was such a fun lake house wedding!

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i’ve got a new product line coming out in early 2017, and we shot them in hawaii this month. i can’t wait till it’s released!!!

it’s definitely fun to look back on fun memories from the year, you should do it too. this year, i’m taking my boyfriend home to illinois to my family’s house. going to just lounge around and hopefully it will be snowing outside. this california christmas weather just doesn’t quite feel festive. happy holidays, everyone!! thank you so much for following along and i hope you have a relaxing end of year. lots of love! xx bri




i’m always dreaming of new hotels to visit. i just love the whole experience of a well designed hotel…from the room keys, to the decor, to the restaurant, to the robes, to the bathrooms. they make me so happy! asked me to share 10 hotels i’m dreaming of staying at and here are the ones currently at the top of my list…

what’s your current favorite hotel? i’d love to know!

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| los angeles, CA

i’ve been to events here but never had the chance to stay the night. the location is perfect and all of the room details are cozy and modern. there is also a killer wine bar right down stairs which is an added bonus to staying the night!

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

 | matera, italy

there are so many beautiful hotels in italy! the neutral colors, exposed stone walls, and that bath tub have me wanting to stay here. just look at those ceilings!

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| merida, yuk

pink hotel, with an outdoor bathtub!? not overly priced and breakfast is included in their room rates! mexico is always on my bucket list, so many different places to explore and visit. it never gets old. remember this trip i took to tulum and also mexico city?

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| canyon point, utah

this one has been on my list for a really long time! i think it’s time i take a road trip out to utah. i’ve had friends visit and they say it’s amazing.  i love traveling abroad but there are also many places in the states that i still want to visit. like the grand canyon, can’t believe i’ve never been there!

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| santorini, greece

so beautiful and so simple! the white washed city of santorini and this hotel are on my dream list. have you been to greece? is it as pretty as it looks? which island was your favorite?

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| jaisalmer, india

just look at that awesome safari tent you get to sleep in!

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| big sur california

i’ve only ever driven through big sur but it’s one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been and this hotel has stunning 360 degree views. i’d love to stay in one of their treehouse style rooms and soak in their infinity pool. i’d also like to visit the hot springs at which is not far from the inn.

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| stockholm, sweden

the swedes really do have such great style and taste. i love the traditional style of the rooms mixed with pops of modern colors. the hotel is housed in an old townhouse which gives it a very comfortable and relaxed feeling.

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| rhodes, greece

can you tell i’m wanting to go to greece? there are just too many pretty places to stay and explore!

10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest
10 dreamy hotels | designlovefest

| torres de paine, chile

joanie went here on her honeymoon and said it was amazing. i love how it’s built into its surrounding so it barely stands out or takes away from the natural beauty of the area. how about those hanging chairs?!


this post was made in collaboration with . all opinions and hotel selections are my own. 





when i make my christmas list i try and focus on items that i wouldn’t naturally buy for myself but that would get a lot of use in my daily life. a mix of clothing, kitchen, health, and beauty. since my apartment is really small i have to be super careful about what i ask for as there is no room for unneeded extras! – joanie

erika's christmas wish list | designlovefest

shop joanie’s wishlist: 1. in cognac $395: an everyday bag in a color that will go with everything but isn’t black or brown. 2. $68: i love oils as they feel extra hydrating and leave you dewy and this one is all natural, too! 3. – never run out of beans again! i also like that you can rate how you felt about your beans so they’ll keep refining what they send you. 4. $24: because it’s the perfect thing to serve at brunch or sip on the weekends – strong and sweet! 5. $80: it’s both beautiful and practical.

6. $125: so that i don’t need to travel with my toiletries in plastic bags anymore! 7. $219: i have them in gold but i’d like them in silver too, please! 8. $36: his chef’s table episode was fascinating and i think his book would be, too. 9.  $62: this fits under beautiful and practical and i’m tired of the one i have. 10. $58: i have this shirt in white and it’s my favorite. 11. $70: the perfect mix of black and brown. i’d wear these boots into the ground! 






my mom is a true hostess and always goes above and beyond whenever she has guests making them feel welcome and totally comfortable in her home (she even does it for me when i come back for a visit). i really appreciate that quality about her and it’s something that i’m working on in my own home. making it a warm and inviting place where people feel like they can truly relax is a priority for me and i partnered with our friends at to share some of my favorite tips for hosting overnight guests.


the set up//

• my love for parachute is no secret, i use their bedding and towels and they recently launched as part of their . i pretty much live in mine when i’m home so leaving one out for guests who stay with me is a nice little luxury that mimics a hotel experience (who doesn’t love hotel robes?!) also, soft, cozy sheets, i prefer because it’s hot all year round in california.

• i like to leave a little note on the bedside table with the wifi code so they can have access whenever they’d like and don’t have to ask.

• a little vase of fresh flowers, trader joe’s has great year round (inexpensive!) options.

• something sweet like a bar of chocolate or jar of candy.

• a candle, incense, or palo santo to keep the room smelling nice (don’t forget the matches).


• a full  (bath, hand and face) of their own. if you’re sharing a bathroom with your guests i like to offer them a different color set then my own so they don’t have to worry about them getting mixed up. i love the white and stone color options.

• an and ear plugs. my guest room gets really bright, really early so the eye mask is nice.


• large toiletries that they may not have been able to travel with or that enhance their stay like bed linen spray, facial mist, a pretty perfume and a nice hand lotion.

• a pitcher of water and glasses because no one likes to have to wander around for a late night glass of water.

• in the guest bathroom my mom always has an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a comb, and advil. people often forget things when they travel!

are you hosting guests for the holidays? i’d love to hear your tips for making your home inviting. also, if you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, parachute put together a that can help you tackle even the most difficult recipient, even the girl who has everything doesn’t mind a fresh set of sheets!


photos by: 

(this post is sponsored by , a home textile company that our entire team loves and supports). 


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