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i love a good floral arrangement, they are basically instant happiness. i usually like to have a vase or two around my house with fresh flowers, especially if we are entertaining. it is the little things that count. my floral skills are basically cut the stems and throw in a vase so i thought it would be nice to learn a couple of tricks from a true professional. kristen owns and is always creating arrangements that leave me saying, how in the world did you do that? when approached me about what projects i had in mind that we might be able to collaborate on, i knew it was time to make the floral workshop come to life. i originally thought that i would make the workshop something simple but alas, that is never the case. it was a lot of work but turned out beautifully. it is always fun to see so many different vendors come together on one aesthetic vision.

we hosted the event at which is such a dreamy space. so much natural night with white walls and cement floors, i’d move in if i could. the linens (and the that kristen and i are wearing in the first photo!) are handmade by rachel in this studio. she is insanely talented and hand paints the patterns on each one.

read my mind with those perfect white and . they always hook it up with their .

the setup started early with all hands on deck. kristen woke at 4am to buy the freshest flowers, and we made about a million trips up and down the tiniest elevators with the rest of the goods. at 8am i promised myself to never do one of these again but by 11am i was wanting to do one every weekend – funny how quickly you forget the hard parts when it magically turns out just how you pictured it.

made this gorgeous garland to make the frame for a photobooth where the students could take photos with their arrangements. we hung some of linen as the backdrop.

created a phenomenal brunch spread for the event. talk about above and beyond with their creativity and attention to detail.

and everything tasted just as good as it looked…

i mean, come on . heath ceramics, found stones and pretty packaging made the display on another level of awesome.

i am always one to vote for mimosas on the weekends, especially before noon. delighted us all with their mimosa bar. fresh squeezed juices, berries to muddle in your glass and striped paper straws to top it all off.

one of the coolest things about , other than the best mimosa bar, is that they donate 50% of all of their profits to a non-profit organization. nothing like a drink that gives back, eh?

and of course there is ! they provided 30 different vintage crystal champagne flutes. we love using their glassware for our events because they are so unique. remember this one?!

taught the class of 25 how to create a tabletop arrangement pretty enough for any dinner party. helpful tips like selecting a vase that is half the size of your intended arrangement and building your flowers in an asymmetrical shape were among some of the advice she shared. she walked the students step by step through the arranging process and explained the purpose of every flower and trick.

it was so much fun to see how each student varied their own arrangement. they each had the same flowers and vases but everyone’s was slightly different and unique to them.

arranging is definitely a process with no step skipping allowed. the small adjustments made a big difference in the end result.

all in all, it was the perfect way to spend a saturday.

i left the event feeling more sure than ever that designlovefest needs to start hosting more events. they always end up being the best time and all of the work it always worth it. i’d love to hear your thoughts on what events you’d like to attend or what new skills you are looking to learn. let’s get these going!

oh! did you see i am pretty sure we are moving in, which means EVENTS IN THERE!


florals by:  – see more floral posts here!

art direction: bri emery
location: studio
a collaboration with  – see the feature on their site




for this final top shop look we pulled inspirations from one of the most iconic fashion beauties of all time, twiggy. i could look at images of her all day and still feel inspired, the expressiveness of her face blows me away. i love how almost all of her photos are shot in a studio but she somehow always makes it feel original.


yellow happens to be my favorite color so when we pulled this sweater i knew it had to be apart of one of the looks. the combination of the with the easiness of was an unexpected but perfect match. the bow on my head was a last minute addition from a scarf that i almost always carry with me on my purse. any old scarf from home can become an over exaggerated outfit addition!


thanks for all of the feedback on the collection of topshop posts (and here too)! i always love to hear your thoughts on what we are putting together!

photos by: styled by: joanie cusack
hair by: shop the topshop sweater & skirt           

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i very rarely wear pants. you can scroll through all of my style posts and probably will only find 5 or 6 posts where i’m wearing pants. (remember this retro jumpsuit?!) i just feel more comfortable in skirts and dresses. i tried these floral and had little faith that they would fit right. sometimes this style of pants can appear too crotchy (i know you know what i mean.) but these fit fantastic. and to my surprise, were even flattering.

i paired it with a simple pink cropped sweater and metallic heels. and of course a vintage cadillac. the look felt very classic california housewife to me. it actually reminded me of the .

we have one more look in the 3-post topshop series coming next week. which do you like better, last week’s fitted green dress or this more casual look? i think my favorite is this look.

photos by: styled by: joanie cusack
hair by: shop the cropped sweater & pants at                

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and i had been dreaming up a 1960’s photoshoot for some time and we knew we had to make it happen when we saw the summer collection that was straight out of my 60’s dream – crop tops, gingham, wiggle dresses and pixie pants.

we pulled three looks for this shoot and was one of the rare occasions when it actually looked better on the body than on the hanger. i am not usually a fan of fitted all over but somehow with this dress, it just worked. i love the contrast of the form fitting silhouette with the high neck and below the knee hemline. it was definitely sexy but still understated. feelin pretty from mad men in this look.

stay tuned for the next two topshop shoots! are you a fan of the fitted dress look?

photos by: styled by: joanie cusack
hair by: shop the look at                      

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here’s what my living room looked like the day i moved all the stuff in. nothing looked right. isn’t it wild how you get a new space and it feels like so much of the old furniture just doesn’t work anymore? (maybe i was buying the wrong things?) our loft was so industrial. tall ceilings, dark colors…i knew we had a big job ahead of us and i didn’t even know where to start.

i wanted to do a post about my last 5 living rooms in los angeles (to show the hilarious progression and style shifts) but the past photos are so terrible i don’t know if i can bring myself to do it (who knows, maybe i can be swayed.) 

so this is the place where i hang out on the couch for hours now.

my friend  and i struck up a trade…she helps me design my living & dining room (because i know what i like, it’s just hard for me to decide where everything goes. and i felt overwhelmed with the task. and she’s also the vintage furniture queen. i knew she could make my place much better than if i did it myself!) she needed so i helped her out with that on my end. we created pinboards for each other’s projects and went to town. i finally had to accept that investing in furniture is…hard. but worth it. we found affordable vintage pieces but also splurged on items we loved.

also, very excited!  awesome photos of our house were featured in the  last weekend – check out the interview with us .

when i first walked into this place before we rented it i was sold immediately on all of the light streaming in the windows. it was something i really missed when i was living in my loft (there was only one big window there.) and the PLANTS! that is definitely my favorite part of the space. they add so much life and calmness to the room.

you may remember that couch from my loft tour last year. it used to be brown tweed and it was ready for a makeover. emily convinced us (which wasn’t difficult) to turn it into a bright color. i chose this teal color and we love it. it makes the space feel more open and airy. when we moved here we had a ton of really dark furniture and a lot of it felt very industrial. it just wasn’t working in our new house. see, this photo was taken shortly after we moved in. yikes.

she also decided to reupholster a few vintage chairs and ottomans (the pink stool and that black and white tribal print chair above) it turns out covering your chairs in new fabric is what all the cool kids are doing, glad i finally got the memo. it was affordable and made the room special.

something i can say makes me very happy is that this space feels finished. in the past it always seemed like i would get 75% there and just stop. and then move. i joke that it feels like a grown up house, there is a place for everything. no gaps.

and check OUT this credenza. my boyfriend insists on keeping this ginormous television in our living room…which is offensive to my eyeballs, but i will admit, it’s nice on movie nights. we needed a credenza that fit the tv and the space (it’s a very long room) and we kept coming up on dead ends or credenzas that cost more than an automobile. those things get expensive quick. so emily decided to have this one custom built for us. it’s white lacquer and wood and i’m in love with it. somehow the tv doesn’t bother me so much anymore and the extra room on the sides allows room for decorative items. AND i can close the drawers to hide all the ugly cable boxes and cords. he’s stoked about the new and i’m stoked that they look good.

arian says his favorite thing in the room is our new floor lamp in the corner from . it’s funny the things boys choose, huh? it’s definitely one of my favorite lamps i’ve owned too, so i can’t really blame him.

so let’s talk about that planter, eh? emily found that at the LA flower mart and painted it white. it’s pretty perfect and adds so much personality to the room.

i am really into the subtle graphic pattern on our new moroccan style rug from  it doesn’t shed like crazy and makes the area very cozy.

one thing i was a little scolded about was the amount of gold. ok ok, so i love the stuff. and so does emily. we had to pull it back to a happy medium for my dude. i would be like “babe, but look at this bowl!” and he’s all “i thought we talked about this.”

ohhhh this chair. it makes the room a little more legit. it’s the + from  and it’s rocking the striped pillow from

the prints above the chair are from my bestie . they make that corner really come together.

a few months ago i was in admiring this table and my mom convinced me it would be a table i could keep for 10 years and i needed to just invest in it. i cringed at the price, but took the plunge. luckily months later i still adore it. i wanted the rugs underneath to be unique and colorful (turns out i am very picky about rugs and art) we stopped in the store in silver lake and bought two of these striped rugs and layered them. love at first sight.

– made by the incredibly talented – makes me unbelievably happy. he is such a true artist and craftsman. check out his

the massive beach print is by my pal . (unreal, right!?) i have always wanted a giant piece of art in my home. we sit here for breakfast and it seriosuly feels like we are on vacation . it’s the first thing i see when i walk in the house…it makes it hard to be stressed out when you look at it. we used for the frame and she did such a quality job (seriously, nice job dana. it’s exactly what we wanted!)

the bar cart is from . it’s brass plated with glass shelves. and it makes you want to throw a party.

and lastly, the entryway. i wanted a very simple, thin white console and . (we also bought  to sit the plants on.) like i said, i really wanted to keep the room very airy so it was important to me to have some of the furniture just stylishly disappear. those blue lamps from on the other hand stand out quite a bit and i like it.

we are really pleased with the outcome…hope you all enjoyed a little look inside our place! emily, high five. thanks for making it look exactly how we envisioned (but couldn’t execute ourselves)

photos by:
space designed by: makeup by: feature in the LA Times

a lot of what you see in the room is vintage but here are some shopping credits…

on the dining room, , dipped candle holder, yellow  from  |  gold martini side table c/o   |  black/white throw from   |  bar cart c/o   |  beach print by   |  chandelier by  | teal lamps c/o  | shag rug c/o   |  dining table from  | tv speakers c/o  | white frame in dining room by  | jonathan adler floor lamp c/o  | & , white & from  dining room rugs from  vintage coffee table from  | living room polaroid prints from  | abstract art in bookshelf by
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