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i’m one of those annoying people who keeps commenting that they “cannot believe it’s september!” and “wow! this year has really flown by” but that’s the truth. i cannot believe how fast this year has gone by and that we’re already talking about fashion week and fall wardrobes. it’s still very warm here in los angeles but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been eyeing what’s coming out for fall.  let’s call them transition pieces because i’m not ready to say good bye to summer just yet. – joanie

 ($120)  – i’m in love with the colors in this dress and it’s the perfect fall transition piece. cozy but not too covered up so you won’t get too warm when the sun does come out.

 ($125) – it’s hard to find books in this really light beige color. but when you do find it snatch them up because this color goes with everything. i have a pair from all saints that i bought 4+ years ago and still wear all the time. i love that these have the addition of a gold zipper. and the price isn’t bad for a pair of boots!

 ($99) – a very chic black sweater option that i know you’d reach for time and time again. i love the cinched sleeve detail and unfinished hem at the neck.

 ($475) – i’m obsessed with this raspberry color and the addition of the gold chain, it’s such a chic bag.

 ($228) – you can tell from the photo that these are a perfect pair of jeans. moderate distressing, hits right below the belly button, not too tight in thigh and a very chic straight leg cut.

 ($48) – i’m a big fan of hoop earrings and think they look cool with basically everything. i know that pearls are on trend but since i can’t get behind pearl necklaces yet this feels like a happy meeting place.

 ($70) – i have the non-velvet version of these and they are the perfect saturday morning donut run pants that are still comfortable but not your pajamas.

 ($395) – i have been obsessed with Frēda Salvador for some time now. i own only one pair of their shoes but have worn them so much and they are amazingly comfortable. the kind of traveling shoe that you feel proud to wear. not too touristy but not going to leave you with blisters at the end of the day. i think they are particularly good for narrow feet as they hug the foot really nicely. i have to find a way to get my hands on these mary jane’s, they. are. so. cool. and yes, i know they are white and i firmly believe in white all year round!

 ($58) – one of my favorite looks for fall is always the oversized sweater and mini skirt. this navy one is very reasonably priced and i love the laced up detail. perfect with a big cream fisherman’s sweater.




wall stencil | designlovefest

sometimes you just want to brighten up a plain white wall without a lot of fuss or hassle and wall stencils happen to be perfect for that! we partnered with our friends over at HP to celebrate the launch of its latest and created a series of printable stencils that can be used to update any room in your house (they’d also make great posters too!).

wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest

the inspiration behind the design was from my love for Matisse and how i’m seeing his influence in design pop up more and more. his use of color, the organic shapes, the repetition of his designs and the scale of his paintings…all of it creates such a positive feeling and something i could stare at for hours. when i saw his work in person a few years ago in amsterdam i was so blown away.

wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest

we used the stencils to update a corner of our office, and i love how it turned out! let us know how you put the stencils to use. there are a lot of different shapes in the attached PDF, we used a variation of them but you could just use one or two if you have a smaller space or place them really close together and make it feel like wall paper.

wall stencil | designlovefest

here is what you’ll need:

• printer (we used our )
• card stock paper
• xacto knife
• painters tape
• paint colors of choice, all of our paint is from Behr and we used matte finish.
• paint brushes
• scissors
• double sided tape


wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest

• start by printing out all of the stencils that you want to use (above). we used xacto knives for the cutting but you could also try scissors too. put the stencil on top of a piece of cardboard and cut along the edge of the designs.

• to secure the design to the wall first put double sided tape on the back of the design along the edges so that you can get a really clean line. next secure to the wall with painters tape on the edges.

wall stencil | designlovefest

• for the painting, you’ll want to be really careful along the edges and make sure that your brush isn’t holding any water so that you avoid any drips and leaking through the paper.

• let dry for 15 minutes, remove the paper and you’re done! we only did one coat of paint because the colors were really saturated but you could do two coats if needed.

wall stencil | designlovefest
wall stencil | designlovefest

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it’s been a whirlwind of travel lately, but i was SO happy to be in austin with my little sister for her bachelorette trip! i’m her maid of honor and wanted to plan a surprise weekend full of great memories for lacey, so she didn’t know a thing until she showed up!

we checked into my FAVORITE hotel in austin (and on my top hotel list ever, really) . (they also have this hotel we visited in todos santos and this one in marfa) there was 4 of us girls, so my sister and i shared the super cool suite 1 (with the outdoor shower i kept finding her outside in singing along to music haha) and the other two gals shared a pool bungalow. it was so fun checking in and seeing her excitement!! this hotel seriously pays attention to design details and i appreciate it so much. it feels like nothing goes unnoticed!

also, a lot of people have asked what i put in the goodie bags for the girls, so here’s a list!


(perfect for the pool)
 (we wore them ALL weekend at the pool in our hair, out dancing around our necks…it was our version of “bachelorette matching”)
(LOVE this brand, smells so good)
• shop and •

(much needed after a long night out)
topo chico (cute sparkling water, perfect in austin)

and of course, champagne and balloons and i got my sister’s crown !

a list of some of the places we went in austin!

• for a delicious vietnamese dinner with spiked punch
• for lounging at the pool
(it was my first time to the natural springs pool, and it was such a fun summer activity. the water was cooooold but it was fun to jump in and cool off and lounge in the grass with everyone)
• for the tacos and queso. sitting outside in cute their under the lights.
• for honky tonk dancing!
(sooooo good, get the bloody mary and the burrata salad)
(great brunch!)

can you tell we love breakfast?? austin knows how to do a great brunch, alright. and we were in love with the . i wore mine as much as possible!

this was at barton springs, definitely go there.

such a special weekend celebrating with my sis, can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle!!! love you, lacey xoxoxox




justin and i are headed on a longer trip to italy in about 4 weeks so i’ve been heavy in the planning zone over here (which i love to do). we’re doing a mixture of airbnb + hotel. some driving, some planes, a few trains. we want to experience a LOT in the month that we’re there. justin has never been to europe and i’m so freaking excited to show him some of my favorite spots and eat tons of pasta. i’ve pretty much mapped out our month, but would love your advice on sicily (no idea where to start) and any recs you have in these spots! ok, here’s our plan so far…


we fly from LA to rome and are here for about 4-5 days. remember my post when i went to rome a few years ago? you can see it here.  there was so much i didn’t get to see, so i’m happy to go back!


then we are going to take a train to naples and either take a 1.5 hour car or a bus to our hotel in positano (what do you suggest?) it’s pretty pricey in this area so we are just going for two days before we head to capri.


we’re going to take a ferry to capri and we rented an airbnb in anacapri for two nights. again, more expensive and i don’t think we need tons of time there. but everyone says it’s gorgeous so i’m excited about this one!


here’s where i’m a little lost. we are thinking of taking the ferry back to naples from capri and then taking a flight to sicily. i’ve never been there and i have no clue what area to stay in. we have about 5-6 days allotted for sicily so maybe we divide it into two spots? however, we’re moving around so much (and repacking!) it might be nice to just stay put and relax somewhere? thoughts? did you love sicily? do we skip it and go somewhere else?


then we were going to take a flight to florence and spend 3-4 days there exploring the capital of tuscany. i’ve never been so i would love your fave spots! our airbnb is pretty close to the boboli gardens.


i think we are going to rent a car and explore tuscany for a few days after florence. we can enjoy a few wineries and a quieter setting. some friends are on their honeymoon near siena and they’re trying to get us to crash it, which sounds fun.


our last stop in italy! we are going to ditch the car in siena and jump on a four hour train (i bet it’s so beautiful out the windows!) to venice. i fell in love with this place the last time i was there and i can’t wait to experience it with my guy. so romantic!

would love to hear your comments, thanks so much everyone!! and wow i hope we can get along for this long! haha. any tips!? xx bri

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i have so many friends with jobs and great opportunities opening up and i wanted to share with you the details in case you are on the lookout for work. you can always click that link up top in my navigation bar that says “jobs” to check the job listings on a regular basis, we update this often. see if there is a position you might be the perfect fit for!  


see the list below for job listings near you! keep in mind it is always best to send all appropriate links & materials when submitting for the positions. -bri



company name: / Beverly Hills CA

job title: Part Time Front Desk Associate

description: Beauty Studio in Beverly Hills is seeking a PT Front Desk Specialist committed to growing within the company and with a set schedule of roughly 25 hours per week (including Saturdays.)

Ideal candidate has an interest in the world of beauty, experience with customer service and scheduling systems (please list those you have worked with), and the ability to commit to a set weekly schedule.

tasks include: Responsibilities include (but not limited to) prompt response to client phone calls and emails, client relations and comfort while they are in the studio, funds management at check out, as well as light cleaning to maintain esthetic throughout the work day.

more details: Salon experience preferred, business uses STX for scheduling and payment processing.

If interested, please reach out with cover letter (or simply intro email) & resume to [email protected] with the subject line: Front Desk Associate 


company name: KRISTIN ESS HAIR // LA


description: Haircare brand based in Los Angeles is seeking a full time director of social media for all platforms. Job will require 5 days per week. 

Ideal candidate will have at least 2 years experience of social media with another brand + portfolio of work. Candidate must have up-to-date knowledge of functionality on all social media platforms. Obsession of the beauty industry is a huge bonus.

tasks include: Responsibilities include creating stories daily for IG, Snapchat, sharing content from Kristin Ess on IG, FB and Twitter, helping to create visual content for all platforms, attending photoshoots to create BTS footage for social media. 

more details: Must live in Los Angeles and must be on time all the time. Dependable transportation required. 

If interested, please email Kristin Ess Hair at [email protected] with your resume, some examples of your work, your own social media handles with the subject DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL MEDIA. 


company name:/ Los Angeles CA

job title: Lead Graphic Designer

description: Love working collaboratively with creative, photography and merchandising teams?  Enjoy infusing analog hand drawn typography into digital media like email, web and social?  Value deadlines, organization and teamwork? If the preceding description describes you in a nutshell then you might be the Graphic Designer Show Me Your Mumu has been looking for! The ideal candidate not only needs to possess a strong array of skills with a focus on typography, photo retouching and digital illustration but also should have a strong aesthetic that complements the brand’s vision.  In addition to day-to-day projects with strict deadlines this position will also require a designer that can navigate long-term projects that involve great organization and teamwork.  

tasks include: Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) Design and create all digital creative assets, this includes artwork, photo compositions, banners, email layouts, and typography that appears on Show Me Your and multiple digital marketing channels. Build and create signage for Mumu retail store, this includes window decals, flyers, brand books and press one-sheets. Assist with print lookbook; this involves digitally assembling product details and product photography into lookbook layout that is used to communicate the collection to buyers. Develop visual brand guidelines this includes defining brand color palette, typography and logo usage. Be proactive in suggesting new ways we can use graphic design to elevate the brand. Ensure consistency across all platforms, emails, flyers and print

more details: 3-5 years of of graphic design experience with a emphasis on e-commerce and digital, Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree from an accredited college, university or design institute in Graphic Design, Digital Design, Required: Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite or higher, this includes Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, Experience working with a lifestyle contemporary women’s apparel brand is a

: If interested, please send resume and portfolio examples to [email protected] with the subject line: Lead Graphic Designer


Company name/city: / Los Angeles, CA

Job Title: Operations Manager

Tasks Include: Inventory Control: daily monitorization of inventory levels, input purchase orders into inventory system, facilitating purchase order quantities, ensuring product is delivered on time. Strategic Planning and forecasting: acute planning responsibilities, forecasting inventory per quarter, new product launches scheduling. Systematic Development: improvement of operations, initializing new roll out producers, communicating to team and coordinating with production team in HK.

More details: The ideal candidate for this position will lead operations and will be accountable for the development and execution of the strategy that delivers the operational necessary to sustain growth, enhances the predictability of profit, optimizes utilization, drives improvement in all processes, and generates world-class customer satisfaction with quality. This is a full-time position based in downtown LA. The growth potential is endless! We want you to do well and succeed in all you do with us. Benefits include working in a fun and creative workspace with like-minded young individuals and a consistent schedule and flexible time off policy. Compensation is based on experience.

Contact: Please email resume and cover letter to [email protected]




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