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this was definitely my favorite photo from the trip. these hammocks were right outside of and they were calling our names the whole time.

i went to mexico with my boyfriend and my two friends & ryan. it ended up being such a perfect trip…and most of all it was easy! cabo is a short 2 hour flight from los angeles which is really nice.

i did a little post when i was there and told you about …i always ate there with my family as a kid so it was really special to be able to share this place with my friends as well. simple food, spicy salsa and fresh ingredients. we loved it so much, we ate there three days in a row.

another amazing food spot is ! they have local cuisine & some of the best shrimp & lobster i’ve ever had. all for 16 bucks. i can’t stop thinking about how delicious that meal was…

we went on a tequila tasting tour with (we also went on a glass bottom boat ride!) and i spotted this little plant sitting against this ridiculously colorful pink wall.

also took us to a bunch of the beautiful surfing beaches (my boyfriend loves to surf!) we also spent part of the day hunting for mexican blankets that we could bring home and hang in the windows of our new house. success photo

if you watch the video below, you will see it took me about 7 minutes to actually get situated in this hammock. all while looking like a total fool. it was pretty hilarious. (and how pretty are those color choices on the hammocks?!)

it’s hard to completely take off work because i really enjoy my job…but a was a pretty nice change.

we rented scooters for a few days and rode all around town. i was actually pretty scared to do it at first, but by the end of the trip i was loving it. i haven’t seen my guy that happy in a long while, so it was definitely worth getting over a little fear.

this month i decided i was going to take care of myself. worry a little less, take some more time to myself, and be more spontaneous. my life is really scheduled out and i tend to get really wrapped up in stress…so it was nice to just book these plane tickets randomly one day and let the rest work itself out. thank you for the awesome & also to for showing me around parts of cabo that i had never seen before! like i said, i spent years going to cabo with my family over the summer and it holds a great spot in my heart.

oh! and the video. and I shot some super 8 on our iphones (you can get the app ) and i put together of all of our days there. and that boppy song? that’s all thanks to sharing an office with the best dj (!) who always gets wonderful music stuck in our heads. this brenton wood song was played over and over on our trip…

thanks for following along on our trip! -bri



luckily i have a who is excellent at stop motion. made this short little video that we are really excited to finally share with you…maybe you saw it on my friend yesterday?

thanks for watching! oh, and we just announced too. they are goin fast!

i really appreciate all of you following along on our blogshop adventures this past year (we started it one year ago!) your support means the world to us. we have some things in the works even for past students! stay tuned!



i have been running around the next style shoot with max. was so much fun to put together, and we have a new set of concepts this round! i look forward to sharing with you all.

okay, so don’t judge me and my terrible editing skills (i know, it’s a cheesy ending ha!) but i had all these iphone videos from the day of the first shoot (using this )…so tonight i had a glass of wine and put them together in iMovie real quick. you guys should get that app, it’s a good time.

in other news:
• our chicago blogshop sold out (yay!) and there are still
• i am off to san francisco today for 5 days, staying with my friend (i always love your food recs. keep em comin!)
• some big changes happening over here at designlovefest (and change usually freaks me out) but this time i am super excited!

happy weekend! – bri



a fairly known fact about me: i don’t brush my hair. although a lot of people think that somehow means i don’t wash it (which is pretty funny). no no, not true. i just hate the way my waves look when I brush it. it blows up. and also, i’m pretty attached to my zero maintenance hair routine. but i will be honest, lately I have been looking at other girls and their super shiny hair and have had some jealous feelings. i don’t want that look all the time, but it would be nice to feel a little more girly every once and a while.

insert my friend my hair lifesaver goddess!! she truly works magic with hair, so i trusted her to add some shine to my hair and experiment with a brand new look. after all, she runs (tons of awesome hair tutorials over there too!) here’s a little note from kristin…

so what do ya guys think? ratty or shiny?

i love how the curls aren’t too curly, like or something.

basically i left her salon feeling like this…



i love this special video that shot in atlanta of our workshop and my boyfriend edited. i am so proud of as he starts to grow his editing career. it makes me really happy to have someone that inspires me as a partner.

email [email protected] to get a spot in the next workshop in vegas!

and see LOTS more photos in this post and some more beauties

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