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i’ve been waiting weeks to post this new DIY! , and I teamed up with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

again and made these three patterned shelves and a cool how-to video. they came out so beautifully, i can barely contain my excitement!

we spent one day sketching and painting outside and the other day styling up the shelves inside with beautiful treasures. above are some of the i snapped along the way. and here’s what you will need to do to make them all for yourself!

the supplies:

• pre cut wood boards (we used 3 ft. birch boards)
ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

in various sizes
• glossy white and gold spray paint
• aqua craft paint
• shelving hardware
• paint brush

watch the video and follow the steps below!
• sketch designs, linear and geometric are best for this project. we decided to use 3 colors, white, gold and aqua as an accent. make note in your sketch which areas will be painted which color.

• tape out design, on both sides of the board, paying attention to the edges to be sure your design wraps around.

• tape over all areas that you have designated to paint gold.

• spray exposed areas with glossy white paint on both sides and edges. allow to dry completely, the longer you let the paint dry the nicer your final results will be.

• peel tape to expose area to be painted gold and tape over the areas now white. we love the ScotchBlue delicate surface tape for taping over freshly painted areas.

• spray three glamorous layers of gold paint on exposed areas and allow to dry.

• peel off all tape to reveal entire board.

• pick some small areas within your design to tape off and paint Aqua using a paintbrush for accuracy.

• peel last layer of paint to unleash your beautiful new shelf.

• install shelf according to the specifications of your chosen hardware.

it’s time to hang & style these up!

ever since then i’ve been thinking up fun patterns and shapes that would look good in our new home office. i really loved that natalie made three different designs all with the same color scheme. i think it made the project extra special and three of the same style might have been overkill.

shoot days are my favorite. it’s so rewarding to work with such talented people and think of new ideas on the spot. i always learn so much and each shoot goes a little smoother than the last.

i really hope you guys make these shelves, they were SO easy and add such a nice touch to your ordinary wooden shelves.

project by: for designlovefest
video by:
photos by: + designlovefest’s
more DIY projects here

this project was sponsored by ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape



well this is a fun announcement! I was chosen with 4 other bloggers to be a part of this cool commercial last month for the . we got to hang around on a rooftop downtown and document a concert with our phones — which was EASY for me because I love taking phone pics! I met some really awesome people (usually when I hear I will be working with other bloggers it’s mostly girls, but this was 4 guys!)

I loved being a part of this campaign and that song is eternally in my head after so many takes that night. watch the video and let me know whatcha think, will you?

follow my new friends on that were also a part of it! , , and


MAKE IT / 13

i’ve been super excited to share a new DIY video series with you all!

today we will be making an ombré painted picnic blanket. i’ve always found myself using old sheets for park or beach picnics because i didn’t want to ruin my nicer blankets. when suggested that we paint a drop cloth that has a plastic underside I looked at her and said “girl, now that’s smart.” a stylish blanket that we can customize and that doesn’t get stained — let’s make it! (make sure to watch the video for a detailed step by step!)

what you’ll need:
• 1 drop cloth with plastic lining on the underside (available in the paint section at hardware stores)
• 1 roll of 2 inch ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

• 3 colors of paint in sequential rainbow order (ie red/ orange/ yellow or blue/purple/red)
• 5 small paint rollers
• 2 containers to mix paint

the steps:
• start by taping a a pattern of your drop cloth. For ours we went chose a diamond pattern to emphasis the ombré effect. we drew pencil dots to make sure we were being precise. firmly press the tape to the drop cloth as your taping.

• mix two additional paint colors by mixing half and half of your first and second color and your second and third color.

• using small paint rollers start in the middle of your design and paint a row with your first color. Working from the center outwards on each side paint rows in order of the gradient you have created by mixing your paints. (color 1, color 1.5 (mixed), color 2 and so on)

• paint a second coat for good measure and to make your colors really pop.

• when your paint is dry (don’t rush it) carefully peel the blue tape off to reveal your perfectly painted picnic blanket.

we brought a bunch of fruit and delicious flatbreads from to enjoy our efforts. is really beautiful, you should definitely go have a picnic there if you live in LA!

project by: for designlovefest
video by:

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this project was sponsored by ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape


STYLE / 54

i’m pretty sad this month’s beso style series has come to an end. but luckily today we have all sorts of outtakes from . and a super cool video from !

the first week we experimented with black and white & I finally got to wear a tuxedo! (and somehow exactly resembled my three year old self)

then we moved on to an in yo face floral post. pattern mixing to the max!

i also got this colorful chalk braid tied across my head…the beauty department did a tutorial on how to do this yourself

i have always loved those prickly looking flowers. what are they called again?

after that, we stripped the color away and went completely neutral with it. lace, sequins, tulle, balloons…

and this week, we put a spin on the floral look with a fun yellow tie-up shirt and a pair of summer trousers! perfect for a weekend getaway.

and the braid went from a ponytail to a crown of braided glory.

check out & get this 4th look …

shop my beso : necklace / shirt / sunglasses / bracelet / wedges / cropped trousers  (and see alternates over here in my !)

thank you to who created this MAGICAL video for me to share with you! it’s different than any videos we’ve done in the past…a little darker & more dramatic. watch here:

art direction: bri emery &
music: malcolm mclaren, “about her”

see ALL the looks here!



my good friend and super talented videographer made us this video documenting our anthropologie craft event! remember those inspiration strings we made? have a look here…

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