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our third gift guide and one that might just have somethings you need for your own wish list too! these are bigger ticket items, things that someone wouldn’t normally buy for themselves and that are really nice to spoil someone with this season. buying something for someone’s home is a risk but it’s so nice to have a new beautiful pot to cook in or a sharp fancy new knife, you can throw in your favorite cookbook too to complete the gift. i also love the idea of gifting someone a planter and swinging by the local nursery for something to put in it. nothing brightens up a living space like a little green! – joanie


 $195  – so cute and colorful! for your stylish friend (or a gift to yourself).

 $175 – love the pretty purple tint on these frames. sunglasses are something that can be hard to splurge on for yourself so they make a fun (and useful!) gift!

 $175 – a leather tote that you’ll use over and over again. get it monogrammed for an extra personal touch.

 $240 – i love her delicate initial necklaces. i have one on my list this year with a “j” for me and a “c” for my husband.

 $245 – the chicest sandals, perfect for a little holiday trip in the sun!

 $250 – the pink and peach is such a beautiful color combo and this would be perfect at the end of a bed or draped over a couch.

 $240 – our love for ACB earrings is unending and these blue ones are sold out most places except here! they are surprisingly light to wear and don’t stretch or pull the ear.

$230 – i reach for her hats over and over again. i love that it’s a female owned business and based in LA. her hats really are the best.

 $160 – we have two of these in our office and they are so durable and fun. they’re machine washable which is very nice and made in the USA!

 $165 – a beautiful knife for the person in your life that loves to cook!

 $130 – i have one of these in orange and reach for it all the time, it’s a kitchen essential and comes in so many cool colors.

 $189 – they have several different planter options to pick from but i think these make a great gift and are simple enough to fit into lots of different types of homes and spaces.



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i’m leaving for london on friday so i’m working on the next two gift guides in advance and i’ve gotta say, they are both really fun. there are lots of ways to breakdown gift guides, by personality, relationship, style, by budget, etc. but for me, the budget works best. looking at a list and knowing you can select anything without going over your budget feels nice and efficient. also, i realize that most of these gifts are woman focused but we’ll do a general guy gift guide soon! – joanie


 $130 – such a cool and practical gift. sneakers you can wear with anything they have stars on them which is one of the biggest trends to come.

 $70 – a hair oil that is $70 is a bit extravagant, i know. but, i got this as a gift last year and used it all year long and literally just ran out. a few tiny drops go a long way!

 $129 – finding the perfect throw pillow is hard! these come in such a pretty array of colors, there’s an option for everyone!

 $150 – her gift  boxes are gorgeous, and she has an option for everyone. this would be a perfect hostess gift for whichever of your brave friends or family members is taking on the holiday party hosting this year.

 $98 – you can never go wrong with a gift from heath ceramics, everything they make is beautiful and timeless.

 $125 – i’ve blogged about this sweatshirt before and i still have my eye on it. love that mustard yellow.

 $60 – a more bold choice, as you’ve gotta know someone’s style but this is the perfect mom, sister, bff, cousin gift. a chic puffy jacket in a great neutral color.

 $110 – i have this set in olive and love it. the small size is perfect for traveling with a carry on and the big one for longer trips.

 $98 – you can never go wrong with a beautiful vintage gift and these ceramic nesting bowls and the perfect aunt, mom, grandma, mother – in law (anyone who loves cooking in style!) gift!



i’ve so excited for gift guides this year! i love creating them and i love looking at the guides that other people make. i wasn’t always a gift giver and really struggled with what to give people and if they’d like it, etc. but as i’ve gotten older i’ve really started to enjoy it. for me, it’s about getting a head start and not saving it for the last minute. which can be hard to do but even picking up little thoughtful items in the months leading up to the holidays helps a lot. gifts don’t have to be big or expensive. it’s really about putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and thinking about something they might enjoy. i’ve given a lot of gifts that i really loved or that i wanted the person to like but that doesn’t always turn out so well. every year for my birthday bri creates a pin board for me with about 20 items that she has curated from all over the web that she thinks i’ll love. it’s such a sweet gesture because looking at the board i can tell that every item she picked she did so with me and my taste and style in mind.  cheers to gift giving! – joanie

$18 – bri just got sent a few pairs of these socks and they are the coolest. their designs are so cute and they would be great all winter long peeking out of your closed toe shoes.

 $15 – nothing says i love you than a pound of good coffee, am i right? i feel like coffee, wine and candles are the most universally accepted gifts that truly any one would enjoy.

 $42 – one of our favorite candle companies just started making their candles in terra cotta! i’d get the lavender but all of the scents are nice.

 $42 – a little pop of color to go with all that cold grey winter weather.

 $7 -the packaging at bottega louie is reason enough to buy a gift for someone there. i have been sent a box of their macaroons by my aunt before and i can attest that they are instant happiness.

 $50 – a nice lightweight scarf that can be worn as an evening wrap. this is also a great travel gift if you need a gift that’ll fit in your suitcase!

 $40 – i wear this every single day and i love it. , i feel good about the fact that i’m actually wearing sunscreen and protecting my skin. a gift that keeps on giving!

 $42 – would be a nice double gift with a pound of coffee but i love these mugs alone. they are sturdy, handmade and come in lots of cool glazes.

 $38 – when the yellow hoops are a bit too much these baby heart studs will do the trick. give these to your bff or sister!



there has been a long standing movement asking the fashion industry to move away from using real animal fur and to use faux fur instead. and with Gucci’s announcement that they will no longer be using real fur in any of their collections i think it’s safe to say that the movement is here to stay. and it’s a win for everyone! there are so many cute and more affordable faux fur options available this season than every before and here are a few of my favorites. i love the idea of buying a slightly over the top jacket and making it your statement coat to wear all fall and winter long over everything, day or night. – joanie


$120 – the different textures on this jacket make it a playful option for fall. fur can feel fancy but this feels laid back and cool. 

 $130 – i’m totally obsessed with this deep emerald green color and think this jacket would be so striking on. 

$129 – a little leopard never hurt no body, or in this case a lot of leopard! this coat is a great length to pair with skinny jeans. 

 $168 – love that this a is a bomber style making it more cropped and fitted in the waist once zipped. 

 $70 – this ice blue color is such a pretty hue and perfect for winter. 

 $120 – this looks like the most cozy jacket and i’m always into cream for winter. 

 $248 – the two tone on this gives it a nice retro feel. it’s also cut to lay close to the body and not add a lot of extra bulk which makes it great as an evening option over a dress. 

$100 – vibrant color, oversized style with cool zip details on the pocket. 

$90 – this is the most similar to what would be a classic cropped mink coat. it’s a very sophisticated cut and i love the big cuffed sleeve. this one is easy to dress way up to something black tie or down with a pair of jeans. 

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, love the fit on this!

i consider to be an excellent place to shop for everyday basics and also wardrobe stables with a twist. soft sweaters, well cut denim, plaids, tweeds, etc. from time to time they do discounts like 30% off (almost) everything on the site. and right now is one of those times, so stock up for fall and winter! i love their t-shirts, especially for layering, they have some really great sweaters and i think their fall colors are really right this season. the slightly cream tinted winter white, their navy blue and the pinks and greens are really working. everything i’ve included is part of the sale (except the checkered cape but that was just too good to leave out!). this isn’t sponsored but i use this styled column to share online shopping finds and sales that i’d share with friends/sister and mom. – joanie

– love this with the turtleneck under it or alone. laid back and chic!

 love this with it’s wide cut v-neck.

very pretty , love it tucked into a pair of jeans or chinos!

i’m crazy for this . the color, the shape, the high neck, all of it is perfect!

loving the sweet ruffle detail on this .

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