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if you told me i could only pick one store to shop at for the rest of my life i would reply, without hesitation, with they have the best curation, a great mix of old and emerging designers, a range of price points and perfect styling. they are having their annual thank you sale now through the 20th with 20% off your purchase. which makes it the perfect time to snap up things like a pair of earrings (my most worn accessory!) and other things you might not normally splurge on. use code THANKYOU20 at check out. it’s hard for me to pick favorites put here are a few! – joanie

by rachel comey. love the little tiny bit of midriff. $375

this $390.

a go with everything $180.

that will have you stopped every 25 feet for a compliment $300

a subtly sexy $48

i’ve been wanting to try the forever. they look perfectly updated retro $185

, all summer long. the only accessory you’ll need! $271

by one of my favorite shoe brands, intentionally blank –  are CUTE! $164

okay, maybe two summer accessories!   with your hair pulled up. $115

is perfectly romantic. $68

i’m crazy about . $185



Nike | designlovefest

joanie and i both love sneakers. we’re always wearing them for shoots and especially when traveling. when asked us if we wanted to partner with them to style a few summer looks with their , we were definitely on board, they come in so many fun colors and i’ve been seeing people wearing them around town and always think they’re so cute. i love as a brand, and they have really bridged the gap between stylish and comfortable (my favorite lightweight workout shoe is ). with festival season right around the corner, here are a two looks that are perfect for summer!

Nike | designlovefest
Nike | designlovefest
Nike | designlovefest
Nike | designlovefest
Nike | designlovefest

my style is hard to pin down but it really is inspired by a california lifestyle; laid back with splashes of color and a mix of structured and unstructured. i’ve been loving kimonos lately because they can be worn so many ways, over a swimsuit, around the house, with jeans or over a slim dress. for this look, i paired the with a simple white t-shirt from reformation, cropped jeans from Mother, and a colorful kimono from free people. it’s an outfit that can be worn all day with ease.

Nike | designlovefest
Nike | designlovefest
Nike | designlovefest

joanie: i generally gravitate towards lighter colors, so i picked the of the Air Max 270. sneakers can be hard to pair with dresses but these actually work really well because they have so much lift in the heel that they give the illusion of a longer leg. i live in dresses in the summer, they’re an instant outfit and can be dressed up or down. i love throwing on a denim jacket or an oversized sweater to keep it functional for cooler evenings. also, for shorter dresses, i almost always wear bike shorts underneath, love .

Nike | designlovefest

and you have got to check out the swan boats at the echo park lake. such a relaxing activity when the sun’s out! and are more fun summer/festival pieces from Nike!


(this post was created in partnership with Nike, thanks for supporting the brands that allow us to create original content for you!)



i feel like i have to get this posted asap because everything starts selling out when does these big sales! i bought a few things, one of them being these that i really love. i lost my last pair and have been needing to replace them so now was the perfect time. you will wear them with everything, all summer long. they’re worth the $100+ price tag. and here are nice things i didn’t buy but i would if i could! the code is EVENT18 and it’s $20 for ordered under $500 and 25% for orders over $500+. i’m in love with both of the loveshackfancy dresses i included, they’d be the perfect thing to wear all summer long!  – joanie




i did a survey at the beginning of the year asking you what you wanted to see more of in the styled column and one piece of feedback i got was more affordable options. some people commented that anything over $50 was totally out of reach for them and that it can be discouraging to see shopping round ups that have mostly $50 + items, which i totally understand. there are stores that have lower price points like Forever 21, H&M and Zara but they have such a big selection that it can seem totally unmanageable to go through and find the hidden gems. i want this column to be about the hidden gems and so the below round up is pieces that have all come from Forever 21.  i also wanted to say is that if you’re on a budget and not wanting to spend a lot of money on clothing i think that shopping consignment stores, ebay and places like depop can be a great solution. i do a lot of my shopping second hand as it’s better for your wallet and the environment and it can be overwhelming at first but overtime you’ll get used to what keywords to search for and if there is a favorite consignment store in town that you can visit. being in LA, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to these types of stores but once you start looking you’ll find that almost every city, big and small has a consignment store or two. Xx, joanie

the reviews are really positive on this and i’m not surprised. it’s the perfect sophisticated shape and the button detail makes it look much more expensive. $33

pretty in a soft yellow. it’s short but the dress itself isn’t cut to be tight so i think those two balance each other out well. $45

styled on a budget | designlovefest

a  to get you through the summer! $33

digging the daisy print on and the soft ruffle at the hem. $25

, love this in the classic white or the red for a little pop. $28

is 100% cotton which is really nice for the warmer months. $25

is very 90’s and very cute paired with sneakers. the length is short so may not work for everyone but i the dot print with the buttons is very sweet. $20

this would be a go-to all summer. i like that it’s in rayon which is a really light weight fabric and lays nicely against the body. $28

i like the low cut back mixed with the longer length on this , it makes it really wearable all summer long to events like weddings, showers, etc. $23

the most colorful option i included but i think the multi-color works on because the silhouette is so simple. $20

i love this and the way they have it styled. this is a great summer piece, love it with the shirt under or without and would be easy to dress up with slides and a jacket for the evening. bri just ordered this so we’ll keep you posted on how it fits. $28

is low cut so i’m thinking you’re either going to need tape or to pin it but it’s such a pretty romantic piece and i love the open shoulder look. also very 90’s but very of the moment right now.



i’ve been with my husband for 7 years and in that time i’ve given him some seriously bad gifts. there is something about gifting a guy that used to leave me at a total loss but over the years i’ve had some home runs and have really worked on my gifting game. i also have five brothers so i have a lot of men to practice on. below are some things i think would make great gifts in all price ranges! – joanie


 $40 – a classically cut grey sweatshirt never goes out of style.

 $159 – annoying headphone cord be gone! my husband has these and i have to say that i look on with a bit of jealousy when he uses them.

  $120 – a stylish pair of sneakers to wear all year long.

 – $13 – i love Smartwool socks, they are great quality and come in handy during the cold months. their no show socks are also great.

 $15 – something for the kitchen or bar. these glasses are nice but you could also do a new kitchen knife, a set of plates or coasters.

  $60 – a really well cut tee that is too expensive to purchase for yourself.

 $426 – i bought these for my husband years ago and he wears them all the time and they still look great. they are expensive but an item you can have for years!

 $40 – perfect for camping or just taking your coffee to work or a beer to the park. they really keep things hot or cold.

 $278 – such a sharp looking jacket.

 $80 – for lounging around the house. i prefer the slippers with no backs, easy to slip on and off!

 – buy them their favorite album on vinyl or a gift card!

 $90 – i find most watch prices to be insane. Timex makes great quality watches in so many styles and at a reasonable price!



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