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i missed a week on the styled posts because things have been crazy around here but we’re back on track now and ready to go! summer is almost here and it’s time to show some toe. there are a ton of cute sandal options out there right now and i’ve rounded up 9 favorites that are all under $100 (some of them far below that too!). for the most part, i like to stick a slide because they’re so easy to put on/don’t require any extra straps, and they also tend to be more comfortable because you don’t have anything rubbing against the back of your ankle and foot. there are some really cute espadrille out there though and they deserve some acknowledgement too. i even included an adidas sandal because honestly, i wear mine all the time and they’re seriously comfortable. – joanie


–  ($50) these are very girly but i think they’d be cute in the summer with a pair of cut off jean shorts or baggy denim pants. because the shoe is wider, they will also be flattering on the leg! –  ($23) i tried these on in the store and loved them and now regret not buying them. they are understated once you have them on and the block heel is the perfect amount of lift.
–  ($40) – navy blue velvet and those thin straps and really just a match made in heaven. –  ($60) – exaggerated bows with a side of jute. –  ($20) throw these in your bag for a day at the pool or beach. –  ($35) – i have a pair of this style sandal by Joie and they are my favorite. the double strap looks really chic on and they age really well since they’re made of leather. –  ($20)  – so cute and only 20 bucks! –  ($98) – i know white shoes are not always so practical but i think they are chic and i love this pair.
–  ($45) – as i mentioned above i wear my adidas sandals all the time. i have the classic version but our friend jesse has this style and they look so cool.

STYLED | designlovefest
STYLED | designlovefest
STYLED | designlovefest

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memorial day is right around the corner which means we’re about to be seeing a lot more white in fashion! i don’t subscribe to the no white after labor day and before memorial day rule but it definitely is a color that you naturally gravitate to more in the warmer summer months. it’s such a chic timeless option and i continually find myself wanting to purchase more white pieces for my closet. below are a few favorite (and reasonably priced!) piece in white that bri and i found at …

–  ($64) – linen and cotton are my go-to fabrics in the summer. i know linen wrinkles like crazy but i don’t care, i like the worn in look and i think it’s okay to wear it even when it doesn’t look perfect. the open back is so pretty and the invisible zipper at the back keeps the lines clean.
–  ($77) – all white lace, all the time! you can’t miss with that combo. i own several white lace and eyelet tops and i have no plans of stopping anytime soon
–  ($32) – durable canvas bag for all your summer day outings.
–  ($60) – for those of you lucky enough to go without a bra this one is for you. add a pair of hoops and flat sandal and you’re good as gold.
–  ($60) – a pretty little structure party dress for your next balmy date night.
–  ($32)
– ($32) – i own a swimsuit with this deep-v cut and it’s very flattering. the legs might be a little high cut on this one but i say give it a go!
–  ($35) – super soft cotton is the perfect thing to throw on after you’ve been in the sun all day.
–  ($54) – this might be my favorite one of the whole round up. the sleeve, the eyelet, the lace panel, all of it is so good!





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there is something about spring that makes me want to shop. the sudden burst of color that fills the stores, the warmer temperatures, longer days, planning of summer vacations, all of it has me wanting to do a closet update. there is always a drought of good options in stores from early February – March while we wait through that awkward over winter but not yet spring period. but that phase has lifted and there are tons of cute pieces everywhere. below are nine items i’d like to add to my closet. everything from sunglasses to sneakers! – joanie

– ($60) – this piece is going to go fast, the pale purple color make it particularly appealing for this time of year and i love the ruffled hem and sleeve, very romantic.
–  ($150) i’m not normally a colored sunglass fan but i love this pair and the color blocking on the side of the frame. it’s also a very subtle cat-eye for those of us who like things a little tamer.
–  ($65) – i own a pair of these bike shorts in pink and i love them and would like to add the green color to my workout wardrobe. they don’t ride up at all which is very important when you’re bouncing around during a workout and not wanting to adjust your shorts every 5 minutes.
–   ($100) – something about warm weather that makes me want to wear embroidered everything. this dress is full of cute details like the gathered sleeve and open stitching on the seams.
–  ($46) –  straw is going to be the trend of summer and this is a great everyday option that isn’t too big or bulky.
–  ($50) – cream and lace? count me in! the buttons up the back and the delicate lace edge makes this the perfect thing to pair with your jean shorts come summer.
–  ($65) – i used to work in fashion and i’ve dressed over a thousand woman in my life and i can tell you that the single biggest complaint woman have about their bodies is their arms. well i’m here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with your arms and the only one who is looking at them critically is you! so invest in some shoulder baring tanks like this one and enjoy the sunshine on your arms. this one happens to be a very flattering cut and a good place to start.
 ($27) – i’m not normally into prints on my activewear but i like this subtle star print and that it can be worn with or without a shirt.
 ($65) – if you’re like me and looking to mix up the sneaker game beyond the classic converse or keds these are a great summer option. they’re net and appear to have some sort of cushioned sole. they’d be cute with dresses or skirts as the cut on the foot is narrow.



most Saturdays involve sleeping in/lounging around the house until the last possible second before i have to leave when i’ll throw something on and run out the door to breakfast/errands/shopping/farm’s market, etc. i pride myself on being able to get ready in a flash, throw something over my head, add sunglasses and/or a hat and out the door. but, my entire ability to get ready quickly falls on my wardrobe. i’ve armed my closet with easy pieces, that require very little thought but that look pulled together and pair well with street shoes (sneakers, flat sandals, etc). the requirements are to be day appropriate, not too tight/structure or fussy, cotton is preferable as it’s durable and breathable and generally something simple with a bit of flare. check out the below if you find yourself at a loss for what to wear on the weekends (other than pajamas). also, tell me a recent purchase you’ve loved or a new brand you discovered. i’m always on the hunt! – joanie

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.21.22 PM

($95) – effortlessly cool, not too short and totally day appropriate.
($313) – her dresses are an investment (one i have yet to make) but i know girls who own her dresses and wear them all the time and they always look fresh and romantic. they are 70’s inspired without being too retro.
($80) – one of my favorite Los Angeles based brands for both her ethical practices and chic wearable pieces. i have several of her dresses and find myself reaching for them often. they are simple but her cuts are spot on. she always makes .
($240) – i own only one Ace & Jig dress but i wear it all of the time. the quality of their fabrics is hard to beat, 100% cotton, print prints and colors and really the perfect vacation dress.
($148) – again with the 100% cotton and i love that it’s a two piece set and both items can be worn together or separately. it’s chic and comfortable.
($40) – sometimes you just need a cool pair of pants to pair with the pile of t-shirts you have in your closet. i like that these are made of polyester because that means they are practically indestructible and can withstand a lot of wear and wash.
($85) – cotton, colorful, not too fitted, day time appropriate – this one checks all of the boxes.
($50) – people often remark that jumpsuits are not flattering to which i say, not everything has to be flattering. maybe it’s just me but i don’t like thinking about everything i wear as needing to be flattering. wear what makes you happy and if you’ve been waiting to give jumpsuits a try now is the time.
($98) – this is a jumpsuit but it’ll read as more of dress because of the wide leg. get it in the red if you’re feeling bold or black for something more tame.

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i know it’s just barely spring and it feels insane to be posting about swimsuits already but fashion is always one step ahead and it’s best to order early before they run out of certain sizes. when it comes to suits, i tend to be more on the modest side, nothing too cheeky or revealing. i like to feel comfortable, like i can jump in the ocean or play a game of spike ball without fear of it all falling out. anyway, here are a few i’m eyeing for this season. when it comes to fit i’m a big fan of J. Crew tops as they often come in bust sizes and i’m also very into off the shoulder. as a note, swimsuits generally run small so don’t fear sizing up one or two sizes to get the best fit. are there any swimsuit brands you love that we need to know about?! always looking for new cute brands!  – joanie

p.s. all of the swim photos are from latest collection!  her swim campaign has some serious game, coveting all of the styles. 

mara hoffman | designlovefest
mara hoffman | designlovefest
mara hoffman | designlovefest
mara hoffman | designlovefest

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