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i’ve talked about my love for here before but i recently did an order from them during their sample sale and was reminded why theirs are the pieces i keep reaching for again and again. they are LA based and committed to ethical and honest manufacturing, which i really appreciate. most of what they make is understated, seems like just a dress or a t-shirt but for some reason their pieces come alive in your wardrobe. i reach for them on repeat and wear them in a million different ways. during the summer months, i like to live in a steady rotation of easy dresses that i can wear day and night and to any and all functions. when shopping in general, the statement dresses are the ones i often gravitate towards buying because they feel fun and exciting but really i should be putting my money into the day dresses that get worn 2 + times a week all summer long and not the dress that i pull out once a year for a wedding (although those are important too!) anyway, i thought i’d share a few favorites that i own and that are my wish list from lacausa just in case you’re looking to spruce up your summer wardrobe. – joanie

 loving , so easy and chic for summer. i love the simple waist tie and that it’s a wrap but not a really tight wrap. i’d swap the shoes for either a pair of converse or a simple summer sandal. 

i’ve been eyeing ,  i like that the leg is slightly tapered and that the top straps are really thin. they’re super cute layered with a tee and i like them in the classic navy.

gingham is going to be a trend that’ll stick around for awhile and i love , a gentle scoop neck with the subtle pleating at the sides of the waist.

a very pretty that i’d reach for all summer long.

again with the gingham, i actually have in purple and love it. made in organic cotton, it’s super sweet and easy to wear.

i’ve mentioned this before but they really do make the best t-shirts, like above that’s rayon and cotton which means it’s super soft. and their is actually perfect. you really will wear it all the time. i even wear mine to bed.

this is my dream dress and i don’t know why more people aren’t making dresses cut on the bias, it’s the most flattering and comfortable thing to wear. and i love that it’s in this 90’s inspired floral print. i’ll take in both colors, please.

i own in two colors and wear it on it’s own as a dress and also under dresses as a slip. it’s also the perfect thing to wear around the house at night when you want to elevate your sweat pant game.

a little feminine touch on this cotton top.




 image found

as promised i’ve put together a list of my favorite los angeles consignment/second hand stores! my favorite ones offer a mix of new and vintage clothing items. the thing to remember with these stores is that some of them are hit or miss, just because you went once and didn’t find anything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go back. also, it’s important that you have an open mind, be willing to try on lots of things without expectation, think outside the box when it comes to sizing as it has changed so much over the years, and try on things that might be unexpected, you never know what you’ll fall in love with! – joanie

– located in frog town, this is one of my favorites in the city partly because their stock is great and rotates all the time and partly because the owner is super sweet and i like supporting her. you should definitely because she shares stories of what’s new and it always makes me want to stop in. this is your place if you like vintage denim, tees, 90’s rayon and cool accessories like belts and earrings.

– there are multiple locations in the city but i think the is the best, it’s not as overwhelming as the one in west hollywood and i always seems to score. they have a specific section that is vintage and that’s generally where i head first but they have a great mix of new and vintage items. i also recommend checking out the men’s t-shirt and sweatshirt section. i snagged a vintage gucci sweatshirt there about 12 years ago and still love it to this day. worth stopping in if you’re in the area!

– this is in pasadena and a completely different vibe than any of the others. it definitely caters to an older crowd, lots of St. John knits. but, that means that many of the other items get looked over. it’s hit or miss for me but used to be around the corner from my house so i stopped in often. i’ve scored many things but a highlight was a gorgeous wool wrap with a suede fringe by Chloe for $150.

– this is in echo park and i think it’s almost all vintage but they have a great prices and great pieces. this is where we got bri’s Dolly Parton costume! and i’ve also scored a 70’s black fringe dress and a 90’s floral wrap.

– next to night and market in silver lake, this is the place to go if you love vintage denim! she has a great selection and she also does denim alternations. if you’ve ever found the perfect pair of vintage jeans and taken them to a tailor who totally ruined them you know how important it is to get your jeans altered by someone who knows their way around denim. the prices aren’t cheap but a good pair of jeans will last you a long time.




if you’re already pining for summer than i’d recommend not looking at because they’re rocking some serious warm weather looks and it’s making me really excited for summer fashion. lots of structure linen pieces, fun pops of color, 90’s inspired dresses that you could wear all summer long and some more fashion forward items, like the short suit! and how cool are those white sandals with pressed flowers in the lucite heels! i also love black linen for summer, i think it’s so chic!   – joanie


$100 – nothing prettier than a simple crochet dress during the summer.

$20 – a chic clutch to carry with you on a summer evening that’s large enough to fit everything you need for a night out.

$80 – such a fun pop of color, love the button front on this little yellow mini.

$120 –  a very cool pair of sandals with the pressed flowers in the heels.

$40 – i like how light the lens and the frames are on these, a perfect pair of summer shades.

$150 – a casual bamboo tote for an out and about summer day.

$100 – i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, love black in the summer!

$40 – a version of the many very expensive designer bags that we’re out for spring, a pretty (and inexpensive!) floral bag.

$80 – you’ve gotta be okay with showing some leg but this little black mini is super cute.



i recently started following on and i’ve totally fallen in love with their products and their philosophy which is to celebrate uniqueness in culture and to blend the boundaries between modern design and traditional craft. i can’t get enough of their woven bags, i need for the farmers market and to carry all summer long. their use of color is spot on, a pop here and there and also keeping it totally chic with a which looks very expensive. i also love their doormats, like in soft teal. all sof the product descriptions tell you where the item is made, in some cases how long it took the artisans to create that specific item and how to care for the item. anyway, thought you might enjoy discovering this gem of a company with me (this is not sponsored)! – joanie




if you told me i could only pick one store to shop at for the rest of my life i would reply, without hesitation, with they have the best curation, a great mix of old and emerging designers, a range of price points and perfect styling. they are having their annual thank you sale now through the 20th with 20% off your purchase. which makes it the perfect time to snap up things like a pair of earrings (my most worn accessory!) and other things you might not normally splurge on. use code THANKYOU20 at check out. it’s hard for me to pick favorites put here are a few! – joanie

by rachel comey. love the little tiny bit of midriff. $375

this $390.

a go with everything $180.

that will have you stopped every 25 feet for a compliment $300

a subtly sexy $48

i’ve been wanting to try the forever. they look perfectly updated retro $185

, all summer long. the only accessory you’ll need! $271

by one of my favorite shoe brands, intentionally blank –  are CUTE! $164

okay, maybe two summer accessories!   with your hair pulled up. $115

is perfectly romantic. $68

i’m crazy about . $185
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