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as you know, i currently have all things home decor on my mind. most of the conversation around re-decorating a room is about the bigger pieces of furniture, the bed, couch, credenza, etc. but sometimes the smaller, accent pieces, make all the difference. i like to slowly accumulate special decor pieces so that it feels like a well rounded mix of items and not something that i threw together in a few weeks when i wanted the room to be done. one of my friends has the cutest that’s filled with pretty pieces, both new and vintage. she’s moving studios so everything is 25% with code HSMOVES and here are a few of my favorite things! and it’s half way through september which basically means it’s time to start holiday shopping! – joanie


(all the prices are before the 25% discount!)

 $36 – our favorite linen napkins that we use in all of our food shoots!

 $158 – love this beautiful piece, so subtle and special. would be so pretty with a single stem in it.

 $28 – such a sucker for this vivid blue color.

 $32 each  –  i have shelves full of the vintage vessels and pieces i’ve collected over the years and i don’t regret any of the. love the color variation of the black and brown on these.

 $146  – we have the not vintage version of this clock on our wall. a clock is totally a undervalued addition to a living space!

 $36 – prettiest pop of color for our kitchen.

 $48  – for someone who lives in a place with winter, this piece is perfectly cozy.

 $98 – black in interior design is definitely having a moment right now.

 $25 – a non-vintage item but we love all things brass in our studio kitchen.



image from one of our faves places for workout gear,

i’ve recently rekindled my love of yoga and i’m really enjoying getting back into the rhythm of my practice. when i lived in pasadena i used to go all the time because i had a teacher i loved but i moved around a bit after that and stopped making it a priority. yoga is a beautiful thing to add to your life and if you’ve never tried it, i’d highly suggest giving it a shot. try to go at least 5 times before deciding if you like it or not, the first few classes can be really challenging and awkward as it’s a much different way to move your body than most other workout classes. but once you get the hang of it, it’s such a nice break from life for your body and mind. i usually love working out in cotton t-shirts but that doesn’t really work with yoga as you’re upside down and your shirt ends up covering your face and getting in the way. it’s really best to practice in tight tops. i found a few fun pieces, because who doesn’t love cute gear to workout in?! another thing i love about yoga is that (at most studios) it’s a really judgment free, welcoming place. everyone is trying their best and moving at their own pace and it feel really free and light. and if you wouldn’t normally wear a crop top to work out here, yoga is the place to try it.  – joanie

 $70 – cropped but not too cropped, love the fun back detail on this one. a little more money than i like to spend on workout gear but still very cute.

 $48 – same style as the one above but a little longer, could be worn with jeans or a high waisted denim skirt post yoga class.

$17 – i love the joy lab collection at target and this is such a pretty color, a cross between lavender and blush.

 $25 – i also take an adult beginner ballet class and this would be perfect for that.

 $30 – a classic ribbed tank but workout style, comes in loads of colors!

 $55 – i love outdoor voices clothes and also their mission, it’s just about showing up and doing things that involvement movement, whatever that may be.

  $88 – high rise leggings are a must for me. i hate having to stop and pull up my pants half way through class.

 $35 – this summer i’ve found myself reaching for my bike shorts more than my long leggings. it’s nice to let our legs breathe every once in awhile!

 – $68 i’m a sucker for anything dancer inspired and this is chic and practical.



things i own and love | designlovefest

i always like to hear when someone buys something that ends up exceeding their expectations or surprising them with it’s usefulness. so, i thought i’d make my own list of things i added to my life in 2018 that i’ve grown to love and use a lot. and i’d love to hear if you have something to add, big or small! bri tells everyone to buy this for their kitchen and at $7, it’s definitely worth buying. useful for everything from scraping your cutting board clean to picking up onions all in one swoop and adding them to a pan.  -joanie p.s. these are not in any particular order! 

 $280 – this is a recent addition to my bedroom but i’m loving having a quilt and not just a heavy duvet in this summer heat. it’s also supremely soft and cozy which is a requirement for me and bedding.

 $24 – we had a 5am call time one morning for a shoot and bri whipped out her eyebrow gel as the only make up she was putting on and it really made an impact. defining the brows is important and this stuff is great. it doesn’t smear and it has a nice texture, not too heavy.

 $118 – i know i’ve mentioned this before and spending a $100+ seems crazy for sweats but these pants are the best. i wear them at home, if i’m taking a red eye flight i pair them with boots and a long jacket. or just for running out to get coffee on a Saturday. so comfy and still chic.

$55 – my favorite t-shirt of all time. it comes in so many colors and i want them all. the perfect mix between tailored and having a relaxed vintage feeling.

 $28 – having a bra with support that doesn’t have an underwire is a game changer. i have big boobs and didn’t think it would work for me but this style does.

 $85 – our whole apartment has wood floors which get really cold and i can’t tell you how nice it is to slip into these. bringing them on vacation is also a great idea, especially for an airbnb house rental. so nice to have a pair of your own slippers!

$145 – i love a denim jacket and this one is a slightly more sleek take on one. it’s a little longer and has been my go-to recently.

 $35 – stove top espresso is a game changer, i can’t tell you how much we use this is in our house. worth the $35 for sure!

$80 – definitely the most nerdy item on my list and i was certainly skeptical before trying this mug but if you’re like me and don’t like cold coffee, but like to sip it all morning and don’t want to re-heat it in the microwave 3 times, this is for you. it’s certainly more techy than i generally am but i use it every single day and there’s no deny that!



lightbox | designlovefest

man, it’s been so long since i’ve done a proper style post! i used to create these almost weekly but it has been a minute so i’m excited to be sharing this one today. this year has been one for the books with really cool partnerships and today i’m excited to announce another art direction project i will be working on. this is my first of three posts with a brand new company called . you might have seen in my stories last week where i showed some of their pieces. they are lab-grown diamonds. which means that they share the same physical, optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds but because they are made in a lab, they are a fraction of the price.

lightbox | designlovefest
lightbox | designlovefest
lightbox | designlovefest
lightbox | designlovefest

diamonds have always, for the most part, been seen as a romantic gift, on an anniversary, engagement or some other very significant milestone. is changing the game by working to create a fun and playful line of lab-grown diamonds that could be gifts for your best friend’s wedding, your sister’s 30th birthday or just because. they are still a substantial purchase, $800 per carat but much more approachable and affordable than natural diamonds. and they come in fun colors, like the pink one i’m wearing above. you can buy the studs as singles, which i love, so you can mix and match your own pieces. i’m into taking something higher-end, like their rose gold lab-grown diamond pendant and pairing it with fun, everyday pieces, things that have a bit of color and texture to them.

lightbox | designlovefest
lightbox | designlovefest
lightbox | designlovefest
lightbox | designlovefest

and the rose gold chain inspired pick with is 100% a new favorite. it was a splurge but i’m working on building a small wardrobe of pieces that i absolutely love and can wear over and over again. it’s super comfortable and flattering because of the wrap style (for reference, i’m wearing size small), highly recommend! and my shoes are .

lightbox | designlovefest
lightbox | designlovefest
lightbox | designlovefest

we’re going to be sharing two more posts this year, including a fun shoot that i will be art directing next month and a giveaway at the end of the year, so stay tuned!

lightbox | designlovefest

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i’m heading to michigan tonight and i’m a 10/10 excited. no summer is complete for me without a trip back home, the most beautiful lakes, the longest days where it doesn’t get dark until 10pm and you spend all day outside swimming, eating ice cream and riding your bike. summer fashion is definitely starting to wind down but i still have lots of warm weather things i’m excited to wear. lots of pretty things still floating around in the online shopping world, here are some faves that i’d like to bring with me this weekend. – joanie


– i have yet to venture into the high waisted bikini category but thinking this one is a good place to start.

 $60 – the perfect piece to throw on over your sundress when you head out at night

 $168 – i’m normally more of a fan of solid colored swimsuits but for some reason these bright patterns are calling my name.

 $20 – red and white stripes in a classic summer combo, cute with denim shorts or a skirt.

 $128 – a carry all perfect for the beach or a trip into town for some groceries

 $40 – neon on pairs perfectly with sun kissed skin!

 $189 – great as a cover up or dress. i like light weight maxis for the summer, they’re chic and protect against the sun.

 $489 – i’m not advocating spending $400+

 $160 – this is the one item i actually am packing! i love a one piece with a slightly sexy element, like the scoop back on this one.
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