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a friendly note to say that i bought and they arrived yesterday and they are great! i’m usually a 26 in brands like a madewell and j.crew but i sized up to a 27 in these and they fit like they do on the model, just a tiny bit loose through the waist, hip and thigh which is exactly how i wanted them to fit! perfect as i don’t like to wear skin tight denim when it’s hot out. and they are $100 which is a steal for J.Brand denim!  – joanie



it’s going to be over 100 degrees this weekend which means the summer heat has finally landed in california! i’m reaching for easy, breezy dresses and i’m looking to stock my wardrobe with more options like that to get me through the summer months. is always a go to for me and i rounded up a few pieces that seem perfect for this heat! – joanie


 $88 – the sweetest yellow mini dress. love how structured it is, feels very 60’s.

  $88 – a super lightweight mini skirt to wear with all your favorite t-shirts.

 $145 – shoulder bearing, soft and feminine.

 $148 – rompers are great for more active summer adventures that might not be too dress friendly.

 $118 – a crisscross back and a simple black + white stripe makes this super easy to wear and dress up or down.

 $68 – you can never go wrong with eyelet in the summer. and this one gives you lots of breathing room.

 $150 – a sweet, almost 40’s inspired dress, love the sleeve detail and simple pattern.

 $60 – i dig this whole matching set. easy to wear, simple and fun.

$150 – nothing sexier or easier to wear than a simple slip dress. love this peachy hue!



summer pants | designlovefest

shop the above: , , , , ,

the sale is still going strong and i’m feeling myself seriously drawn to all of the trousers and pants. so many fun colors and styles. i’m loving the relaxed look, that has a slightly wide leg but still a bit of tailoring to them with a fitted waist or a pleat. there are lots of pretty tops on sale as well like , this , and this . a few more favorite pant looks below because i can’t get enough… joanie

i love how ladylike these victoria beckham pleated pants feel, i’d wear them with a well worn tee, 

these yellow pants are giving me some relaxed pj feelings and i like that, and that pretty yellow color,

this marni wide leg pants are on my wish list,

this whole look is really working for me, the hoodie with these pants is a perfect match, pants are



, $65

is dishing out a serious amount of summer color and i’m loving it! lots of pinks, blues, purples and yellows. that two piece set is so cute and i’m loving all the simply, flowing cuts of the dresses and skirts. their styling is on point too, like the cute t-shirt and white pump look above. many of the options are under $100, including that bias cut skirt above, and you all know how much i love a bias cut (i also love it in ) happy pre-summer shopping! -joanie

such a pretty blue color on this , perfect for summer parties, $85

i love the sweet floral pint on it also comes in . both are$115

if i could, i’d live in kaftans, all summer long, including , $89

i love the fitted waist on , it looks so flattering on the body, $115

such a fun print on this , $85

not to be too on the nose, but would be the perfect 4th of july blouse, no? $55

the two piece i mentioned above, and . would be cut on it’s own, with a white t-shirt.



how to shop a sale | designlovefest

we’re quickly approaching sale season! the  sale started monday and i suspect that will begin their sale any day now. i almost never buy anything full price, either purchasing second hand (consignment stores, ebay, depop, etc) or i buy it on sale. lots of people are intimidated by sales, which i totally understand, so i thought i’d offer a few tips on how i snag a deal.

• first, i only buy items that are returnable (unless i’ve tried it on before and know it fits), there is no point in buying something on sale that can’t be returned because it’ll end up costing you more money if it doesn’t work out. luckily, almost all online retailers offer free returns.

• secondly, i don’t just scroll endless pages of sale items, i know what i’m looking for or what brands i like and i search for them. for instance, i want a black one piece bathing suit, so i’ll type that into the search bar, or a floral wrap dress. and i’ll search by designer too, i like almost anything Ulla Johnson does so i’ll search for her.

how to shop a sale | designlovefest

• read the reviews, many items that go on sale have something off about them, they either run too big, or too small or aren’t as described. i’ve found major deals on something that runs small simply because people don’t like ordering two sizes up (which i understand, it’s not fun!).

• shop for classics, i have a list of items that i’d love to own one day and i’m always looking for them to go on sale (i.e. the mansur gavriel pieces i listed below). some of my favorite life long pieces are ones i’ve scored on sale, like my Burberry trench coat. it seems fun and exciting to order that pair of red silk pants, but it’s also exciting to buy a classic black cashmere turtleneck that you’ll wear 1,000 x.

• be as ruthless of a critic with sale items as you would be with something that is full price. i can’t tell you how many times in my life i’ve bought something i just like (not love) because it’s on sale, and it always ends up being a mistake. an item on sale still costs money, if you don’t love it, return it.

how to shop a sale | designlovefest

• and finally, don’t be afraid to order a lot, order multiple sizes of an item you love and you can return what doesn’t work. once a box arrives, i try everything on almost immediately and return the next day so that it’s not sitting around the house taking up space.

and here are a few items i’m dreaming over at the sale!

$184 – hilary is a local LA designer who has the great line, Bliss and Michief. she makes great jeans and t-shirts and i also love this top. i have a feeling this color is going to be in demand after Amal wore it to the royal wedding.

$556 – a totally splurge item, for sure, but if you’ve been eyeing the it bags by Mansur Gavriel now is your time to strike.

$227 – i don’t own anything by self-portrait but i love their use of textures in creating their designs. i think this dress would be the perfect thing to wear to a summer wedding.

$204 – again with Self-portrait and also with the texture. you can’t go wrong with a white blouse and i love the detail on this one.

$234 – look at this dress on the model, looks great on the body and it’s a fun alternative to the little black dress.

$395 – sweaters are an often overlooked wardrobe investment but i wear them all year long and i think a neutral color sweater is a great piece to have.

$219 – a lined denim jacket that feels close to the much more expensive .

$297 – a pair of statement earrings that you can wear over and over again.

$409 – another Mansur find, one of their first shapes, the classic tote. i also like this .

$203 – bri and i both own these jeans in black and they’re great. i wouldn’t mind the light version.

$157 – i like a good pair of shorts but i don’t like them to be too short or too long, these high rise ones look like a good option.

$187 – i’m slow to purchase pretty tops because i usually gravitate towards a dress but a fancy top and jeans is a really solid outfit. the top in crepe looks really delicate and sweet.

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