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today we’re going to learn how to make a super easy, cheap and fun backdrop with . make it for your next party or just to have around the house, because backdrops make everything better! you might have already seen this one appear in a photo or two on my , it was just too good not to share.

what you’ll need:

• chicken wire (4ft by 6ft)
• 3 pieces of 1” x 2” wood, 6ft tall
• spray paint
• hammer
• nails
• napkins
• staple gun

how to make it:

• start by spray painting your 3 pieces of wood and your chicken wire. you will only need to paint one side since the backdrop is meant to lean against a wall.

• next, lay down 2 of your long pieces of wood parallel to each other, then lay the 3rd over top, like you’re make the top of a square. nail the top piece to the top of the other two pieces to create the brace for your backdrop.

• it’s time to stretch your chicken wire. first, flip over your brace so that you are looking at the unpainted side of the wood. unroll the chicken wire and use your staple gun to attach the end to one of the pieces of wood. i would staple down every 3 inches. stretch the chicken wire over to the other piece of wood and pull it as tight as it will go to ensure there will be no rolls in the chicken wire.

• set the entire brace with your completed chicken wire up against a wall. now you’re ready to make your heart!

• place the napkin in your hand, and pull up the center of the napkin to make a point. start by setting the parameters of your heart.  place a napkin where the bottom point of the heart will be and also one where the middle point of the heart will be. then place 2 napkins at the farthest point of each of the rounds of the heart will be.

• then start filling in the full outline of the heart…

• you don’t have to use every single hole in the chicken wire, i used about every other hole. if you see gaps, just fill them in or fluff up the napkins! hope you make & enjoy.

use it as a photo backdrop or as a cheerful element in your office…

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The Holidays are my most beloved time of year. As a florist, we are advocates for bringing the outdoors in. During the Holiday’s we are decking the halls with garlands, mistletoe, and wreaths.

Here is a very simple and fun wreath to make.

what you’ll need:

• grapevine wreath base
• cedar
• balsam fir
• acacia
• pine
• hemlock
• really any evergreen will do!

Start by creating your outer edges and working in towards your center. All you have to do is cut the pieces of green and tuck the into the grapevine base. The base is twisted up enough that it will hold the branches really well. No need for messing around with wire.

I really like asymmetry and so really there is no wrong way here! I like to keep the greens long and let them reach out and be wild.

It’s nice mix a bunch evergreens with different textures and shades of green. This creates such a wonderful winter forest palette. You can accent with ribbon or pine cones for an extra holiday burst.

With the extra bits and clippings from the wreaths I made these holiday corsages. Any chance I get to adorn myself with florals, I take it!

These corsages are basically petite posies tied with wire and accented with ribbon. If you have flowers that you want to add to the evergreens feel free to tie those in there as well. Pin them on and you have a beautiful fresh accent to your holiday look. Plus the scent is seriously amazing!

florals by:  – see more floral posts here!
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i am always looking for ideas for large scale art. it can be pretty pricey to invest in framed prints, so i went over some ideas with on how we could create art for your home without a huge expense. sunprints! how cool to just walk outside and find your supplies in nature? and she even made pillows with the technique! (she is offering them in as well)

what you’ll need:

• 1/3 cup Setacolor Transparent Fabric Paint (we bought ours ) 2/3 cup Water
• Cotton or linen fabric: 3 ½ feet H x 2 ½ feet W
• Brush
• Cups for mixing
• Foliage (we pressed ours overnight to flatten because this makes a more distinct print)
• Plastic covered cardboard large enough for fabric
• 2 ½ foot ½” diameter dowel
• white paint
• string for hanging finished piece
• sun or a heat lamp

how to make it:

• Paint dowel white and drill holes 1” from either end.

• Wash fabric- you can leave it damp if you plan to make the print right away.

• Spread fabric on cardboard that has been covered with plastic. We used plastic sheeting, but for a smaller piece you could use a garbage bag.

• Wet fabric by brushing with water.  Any wrinkles or creases will show in finished print- we liked this effect but you could also wet fabric enough to make it completely smooth.

• Mix fabric paint with water and stir (2 parts water to 1 part paint.)

• Working quickly, paint fabric with loose, brushy strokes, leaving an irregular border.

• Arrange foliage on fabric, pressing it as close to the fabric as possible.

• Take piece outside and place in direct sunlight (A heat lamp inside will also work*) If it’s windy, use small rocks or pins to hold foliage in place.

• Allow fabric to dry- this will take around an hour but depends on the time of year and your location.

• Remove foliage and fix the colors by ironing for 2 to 3 minutes on the cotton setting.

• Fold one edge of fabric over 2” and sew a pocket for dowel.

• Thread string into dowel holes, knot either end, and hang.

* We experimented with using a heat lamp and the effects were different in interesting ways. The prints made with the sun were more atmospheric (blurry edges and ghost-like images) while the ones made under the heat lamp were more defined and graphic.

And check out these pillow covers we made as well! Our minds are spinning with ideas on what to make with this technique next. Are you going to give this one a shot?

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today we will be making a napping tent with ! make a comfortable corner in your home or office to take a break from your day. take a book in there and just chill out. (she’s also making these custom, if you want to buy one from )

we put ours in the new studio. here’s how to make the tent…

what you’ll need:

• 1/8 inch rope Two wreath forms (from Michaels): 18” and 12”
• 74 unstained wood beads: 46 small and 28 large
• One 2” wood cabone ring
ScotchBlue™™ Painter’s Tape
• white paint
• brush
• silver spray paint
• wood stain in oak
• Four 12 foot long pieces of white netting
•  disposable respirator mask used when spray painting

how to make it:

• Stain beads with wood stain and allow to dry.

• Using ScotchBlue™™ Painter’s Tape, mask off 1/3-1/2 of each bead with tape at random angles. Spray paint beads silver, dry, and remove tape.

• Paint wreath forms white and allow to dry

• Cut 3 lengths of rope: two 11 foot and one 8 foot. Set one 11 foot rope aside.

• Mark 11 foot rope at 5 ½ feet and 8 foot rope at 2 ½ feet. This will be the center and where the cabone ring is attached to hang the canopy.

• Measure and mark 9 ½ inches on either side initial marks. (there will be 3 marks per rope.)

• Wrap tape around ends of rope to prevent fraying and make threading beads easier. Use needle-nose pliers to pull rope through if necessary.

• Thread 5 beads through each end so that they’re just above the second set of marks

• Thread rope through 12” wreath form and tie a knot at mark

• Measure 5” from knot and mark

• Thread rope through 18” wreath form and knot at mark (you will only use four of the holes in each wreath form)

• Thread rope through 9 beads (alternating large and small) to hang at end of rope and knot.

• The 8 foot rope will have one end that is shorter- this hangs above the opening of the canopy. The other three ropes should be the same length and have 9 beads on each end.

• Attach 9 beads (alternating large and small) to either end of the second piece of 11 foot rope and spread beads apart at random intervals. This is a decorative element that hangs on either side of the canopy opening

• Attach cabone ring to top of canopy frame using a lark’s head knot.

blog name

• Drape the four pieces of fabric over top of canopy structure with about 18” of fabric hanging down in the center of canopy

• We hung a plant from the center for the finishing touch. (planter from )

to style the tent, we used pillows from:
( and )
 (,  and )
moroccan wedding blanket from triangle pillow by baskets from

i love how the finished product came out. it really adds warmth and comfort to our studio!

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more DIY projects here

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before we start our DIY, have you entered our today?


do you remember this garland that natalie made at our LA blogshop? (see here) we decided to show you the very simple steps to follow so you can make one of your own for an upcoming party or event…or to just make one of the corners in your house look cool.


what you’ll need:

• card stock
• scissors
• pencil
• sewing machine

how to make it:

• for the traingle strand: with a pair of scissors, cut the sheet of card stock into 2 in wide strips.
• cut the card stock strips into triangles by holding the scissors at a 45 degree angle, cutting towards the corner of the strip. cut in the opposite direction to complete the triangle.

run each triangle through a sewing machine, slightly overlapping each to continue the stitch.

get creative with the shapes you make. you can use a circle hole punch for the circle strand, and we are also fans of just the rectangle shapes…

lastly, hang! we used adhesive putty, but double sided tape or tacks would work just as well.

and there you have it! a very festive corner of your house. and if you have leftover paper cutouts you can always use them as confetti on the table to tie the theme together…

so what do ya think? are you gonna make one of these pretty garlands?

project by:  for designlovefestphotos by: more DIY projects here

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