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stumped on what to do for valentine’s day? take a little pressure off your date and try out some of these ideas! i’ve asked a few of my friends from different cities to fill us in on their favorite secret date spots. if your city isn’t listed below, we’d love to hear about your ideas in the comments!

NAME:  CITY: seattle

date spot: One way to spice up the usual date night? Trapeze artists. I love for their delicious Italian fare, but go late and stay for It’s such a fun way to spice up the usual dinner date.

NAME:   CITY: paris

date spot: In high school I watched a French movie where a couple went on a date in a cemetery and at the time I couldn’t help but think the French are so weird. Fast forward 10+ years and I live in Paris and there’s nothing I dream of more than going on a date in the cemetery. It’s a hillside park with giant touring trees and full of elaborate gravestones + monuments that were hand-crafted (talk about keeping, stone masons, iron workers, and stained glass artisans in business – such an art!). Oscar Wilde is burried their + his grave is covered in red lipstick kisses. Even in the rain the place is dreamy + romantic.

NAME:   CITY: austin

date spot: I’m not that into big, fancy Valentine’s dinners (amateur night!) Instead, I’d love to go for late-night cocktails at  cozy bar. They make THE best cocktails from fresh, seasonal ingredients, and they serve a killer cheese plate. Oh, and we’d definitely end the night by sharing a couple of their housemade twinkies!

NAME:   CITY: new york

date spot: Don’t let the name fool you – Brooklyn’s cozy and disarmingly gorgeous  is the loveliest cellar you’ll ever find. The restaurant’s stone walls and rustic wood will make you feel like you’ve stepped into another era, and it’s the perfect escape from the cold. What’s more, the fact that it’s hidden – located downstairs from a popular bar called  – gives the impression that you’ve stumbled across a beautiful secret.

NAME:   CITY: los angeles

date spot:  is a charming  you have to go to at least once. It feels like another world tucked back in old topanga by the creek. The food is fresh and organic and they often have lovely wine pairings. Plus the windy roads leading into topanga canyon are perfect for getting lost underneath the big starry night.

what’s your favorite spot in your city? i really love (it feels like a treehouse!) -bri



this year i imagined my birthday party to be good food, a small group of close friends, tequila and a lot of laughter. other than the fact that we rented that limo last minute and went on a photo booth tour…it was pretty much exactly that.

i hosted the party at . they have a cozy salon where people could come in, sit, stand, dance…whatever they wanted to do. it was such a treat to have their lovely waiters pass around tiny delicious appetizers, cocktails, beer & wine the whole evening.

we served wine & champagne from …they give back which i thought was really cool. each bottle comes with a bracelet on top with the cause printed on it. there was plenty to go around!

the flowers were from my favorite shop in silver lake, clementine floral works! teri put together some perfect arrangements for the party…she definitely knows my go-to colors! we had smaller vessels spread around the room randomly and a couple of larger centerpieces on pink turn tables! i wanted to keep the decor very simple (well, besides the 20 birthday crowns of course) with all of that rustic wood, i thought i would just let the colorful flowers stand out. you have to stop by if you’re in the area, they make parties so much better.

the menu that heirloom LA put together was out of this world. here’s a look at what we ate…

i love attending parties with pass-around appetizers…they feel so much more relaxed to me…everyone just walks around and chats and is intrigued when a new plate of food comes around. also, this scenario is non-committal in case you aren’t thrilled with who you are sitting next to at dinner.

we had a bunch of appetizer options and each one was better than the next. don’t they have such wonderful presentation?

 photos of the food are unreal. i could never make food look like that! my favorite dish of the night was this tuna tataki with tomato ceviche below…

after we finished up our photo booth shenanigans we greeted more friends at the party and just spent some time catching up with each other. a lot of my friends are freelance and travel a ton, so i was so thrilled that almost everyone was in town and could make it out that night.

crowns for all!

i love this picture of arian. that guy puts me in such a good mood.

i decided the week before to have this party, and i am so glad i did. it felt overwhelming to plan it, but i just kept it super simple and it ended up being one of my better birthday parties. and it’s all about the music too! put together a swingin list of songs to keep the party going.

looking through these photos just make me so happy. so much love in one room.

and tequila too.

at the end, my friend cassie said a few sweet words about our friendship. this gal is amazing, and i loved how bonnie captured the moment perfectly. what a night! see all of the photos over here on

(photos by for designlovefest – see the birthday crown DIY here!)



i have heard a bunch of people raving about the brunch at  in hollywood, so we checked it out last weekend. luckily, we had CJ from  cooking us up a whole bunch of his favorite dishes for us to try…that dude is talented!

after a rough night, this bloody mary hit the SPOT. i went with the classic american one and it had a lot of kick…they also have bottomless mimosas…which is never a bad thing.

the restaurant has a really open, lofty vibe. it’s the kind of spot you could come with girlfriends and spend two hours eating cheese and chatting. (they are also a wine bar and have a good !)

my boyfriend has been vegetarian for almost 10 years, and he recently started eating fish. i swear he orders a seafood dish almost every meal now…i guess he was craving new foods after so long without them! the house cured dill salmon with mascarpone and capers was excellent.

they had a duck confit with a scramble on toast that blew my mind.

we tried about 6 or 7 of the items on the list (CJ left us feeling VERY full and happy). i’m not usually a sweets fan in the mornings, but these 5 grain pancakes with berries were legit. next time i am going to have to try the huevos rancheros, i was spying on someone next to me that had them and it looked delicious but i was way too full.

brunch with arian is definitely my favorite weekend activity. across the street from here is actually the building we both worked in together…that’s where we met and this whole thing started. quite the memory lane moment.

6600 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


shop my look:  – Skinny Corduroy Pants, leopard flats, sequin shirt, striped tank underneath, bowler hat, ring.

photos by  for designlovefest



jewelry maker and artist y has been creating stunning pieces of work for years. lucky for us in the spring of 2012 bentley opened the brick and mortar  in silver lake. the storefront houses all sorts of beautifully crafted wares from local artists.

i especially love her jewelry line, , which was the namesake for the shop. the modern-pop-rustic feel of the space is emphasised by such decor details like a hand painted area rug and brightly colored geometric stained glass windows. and i have my heart set on this evil eye ring & that pink one you can

the sweet ladies of welcomed us into the store and studio space to be inspired and create our second floral arrangement post! (see the first one here)

sourced florals that she felt expressed aesthetic, which is rooted in geometric indigenous shapes, natural textures, and in the bright yet sunbleached tones of her jewelry.

wild variegated geranium and california poppies were a MUST when thinking about where to start florally. she kept it wild yet thoughtfully arranged and added delphinium to the floral palette hoping the subtle blues would allow the poppies to…well…pop.

how cool is that dressing room? and it’s no surprise i was drawn to that dotted pillow…

those windows make me fall in love with stained glass all over again…

katherine and lizzie (the store manager) were such a blast to work with. you should definitely stop by their shop if you get the chance!

florals by: 
store: photos by: 



lately i have really been feeling like this blog is missing something. i am such a fan of florals and really wanted to find a way to incorporate them into designlovefest in a unique way. so here’s what gonna happen…(and hopefully we can make it a more frequent column around here!)

i am teaming up with floral designer, kristen caissie, from . who will be creating an arrangement based on an artist’s workspace or studio. basically, if this studio were a flower, what would it be? i love her wildflower aesthetic, hopefully you do too!

i’ll let take it from here…

A potter and a floral designer is a match made in heaven. Here in LA, + studio director of , Adam Silverman is my dream come true.  is mecca as far as I’m concerned and stepping inside Adam’s studio was BEYOND inspiring.

Adam loved the seeing the finished floral arrangement, commenting on how seeing his work put to use in such a way just seems so right. (you can see Adam’s work at Heath Ceramics or at the through December 29th)

Choosing one of Adam’s newer pieces, I created a floral arrangement that accentuates the vessels organically-rooted textural quality.

the arrangement includes parrot tulips, dahlias, cypress, eucalyptus pod, ice cedar, + amaranth.

florals by: 
store: photos by:
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