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almost three years ago exactly i posted about my first trip to  (polaroids above from that day). i went back a few weeks ago to get inspired with  and it was such a beautiful day.

i also wanted to take a few photos of we are giving away today! enter below and you can win this awesome in the color of your choice! i wear my yokoo products religiously in the colder months  (see here and here) and thought it would be really fun to give one away!

if you live in LA, now is such a good time to visit the getty. you pay $15 to park and the museum is free. if you are a freelancer i recommend going during a week day to avoid some of the crowds. make sure to take a lunch date and sit out on the balcony to enjoy the view of the incredible landscape.

go to , you won’t regret it. i haven’t been to the in malibu yet, but i would really love to go soon.


1. visit and leave a comment below with the color of your choice and how you would style your new scarf.

one winner will be chosen on Thursday, Nov 8th at 10am PST. make sure you leave a way I can reach ya if you win. good luck! -bri

UPDATE: winner is #221 Judy from NYC! congrats girl, stay warm!

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ps, yokoo has given designlovefest readers a special discount code! use the code KEEPMEWARMYOKOO at checkout and receive 15% off the entire purchase through friday! make sure to look out for yokoo’s accessories in anthropologie at the end of november! so excited for her (and her cute hang tags)




something that really stuck with me when i went to the retreat was discovering the art you love. and what that really means.

so i decided to go on an adventure with my boyfriend around los angeles to document the things that really made me stop and stare. the art that wasn’t as obvious…typography on old building rooftops, record covers, art that sparked memories…i hoped to gain a little more knowledge on what kind of art drew me in immediately. and then i would that complimented my favorite parts of this video:

did you see me going through those record covers in the video? i have always loved soul, jazz and funk music. it just puts me in the best mood. last year on my birthday, my boyfriend and i just played records really loud in our living room and danced and danced. you have to just let loose sometimes. that’s what below feels like to me…honey badger just don’t care.

there is in LA that is such a joy to visit. it’s in the middle of a park and catches you by surprise when you find it. it has been said that walt disney would often visit this carousel with his children and may have even come up with the concept of disneyland because of it. it reminded me of how happy i was in paris (remember this video with the merry-go-round?!) which led me directly to this .

it also became very apparent how drawn to type & signage i am. in the video above, you will see that we snuck up to the top of the roosevelt hotel to capture the epic footage of that huge sign! although much different, i liked this print…so quiet and welcoming. i can see this going in our entryway…(remember how you can envision your art picks here!)

now it’s your turn. think about the art you love and the stories behind them. do you have any special discoveries lately? -bri

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my weakness is cheese and bread. i just have no will power against it. none.

one of my favorite date nights with arian is just at home with a bunch of cheese. very simple. there is a in silver lake that you can pick up a baguette, some wine, those delicious cornichons i can’t stop eating, jam and of course your favorite selection of cheese. i like to just ask them if i can sample their latest shop favorites – i’m not too picky so those usually work for me.

and then you get to build your little masterpiece. a cheese board, some fruit, play some records, put on some lipstick and life is good.

i loved the styling of this board below!

check out if you are in the area!
3926 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029

what’s your favorite simple date? -bri

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i am totally stuck when it comes to decorating our living room. i just sit and look at it, completely puzzled on what to buy and how to arrange it.

but i do know that i love the decor in the new . if you live in LA (or visiting) you must try this spot, it’s gorgeous! this is where i like to for afternoon drinks on saturdays.

and i most certainly would like THIS cushion in my house…

and here’s an that i took of the inside. pretty awesome, huh? i’ll be taking inspiration from bar stella for my new living room, that’s for sure.

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there is a flower shop in my neighborhood that i really adore. last week my boyfriend’s mom was coming to our house to celebrate her birthday and i wanted to create a centerpiece for a small party we were going to have together.

these shop owners are the coolest around (and check out their pup!) and they agreed to let us photograph them creating this beautiful wild flower arrangement – and she even let me help choose some of my favorite flowers from the shop.

what i like about clementine is they always have the best selection of unique flowers and succulents. i am always telling my boyfriend “i reallllly love this place” because sometimes boyfriends need obvious hints, right? my favorite part was watching the assembling magic…teri put together this really modern centerpiece and even said to me that it might be a little too “2014”…and i replied that we like to keep things 2014 around here.

i somehow look like i am the happiest girl in the whole planet in that picture above. i guess flowers do that to a gal.

so this was what we ended up with! i absolutely loved it. and those enormous dahlias were my favorite part.

and then i wanted to show you guys the part of this shop that really brings me back too often. they create these little bundles of happiness for under 10 bucks. they have them sitting on the counter and i can never resist. they are the perfect gift for a friend that i just want to cheer up, or if i am going to a dinner party to give to the hostess, or even to bring some joy to my desk that day.

they are wrapped in a piece of a burlap sack and tied with some twine. (you should just go in there one day and watch her work, it’s so entertaining!) so then i left the shop with one of these too…

do you have a favorite flower shop that you always go back to? it was fun to show you mine and hopefully i have convinced you to make your way over there (or to recreate these little flower bunches at home.)

3936 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 662-2808
Mon-Thu 10 am – 6 pm
Fri-Sat 10 am – 7 pm
Sun 11 am – 5 pm

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