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lunch time can be tricky around the office. we get busy and put off talking about what we’re going to eat until 2pm and by that time we’re hungry and inevitably grumpy and chow down on whatever is easiest (and that usually means unhealthy.) we get tired of the same take-out spots, and there are only a couple of options to walk to in the area…


cue, . such a good idea. they send you a box of food that it perfectly measured to the amount you need that allows you create delicious, chef-designed recipes at home or at the office. all  recipes are delivered in a refrigerated box so ingredients were fresh even though we weren’t at the studio right when it was delivered. and the shipping is free, so that’s cool too.


we asked for meals that didn’t have meat and they sent us the most delicious fish, these roasted poblano & quinoa sopes and a pasta dish. the instructions were so straight forward, they even had pictures. but i also appreciated that the meals took some time to prepare, sometimes you want to cook in your kitchen or make a meal for your friends or family but you just don’t have the time to do all of the prep before hand (finding a recipe, grocery shopping…) i made the fish at home with my roommate and we had fun cooking together.


meals are $9.99 per person and there is no commitment involved which is ideal for me as my schedule is constantly changing and i need the flexibility to opt out whenever. i liked that they sent recipe combination that were new and inventive (at least for me). i’m can get pretty stuck in the brown rice with black bean rut when cooking at home so it was nice to break out of that for a bit.


we’re definitely going to be using them more often and, if you’re interested in trying , they’re giving two free meals on your first order to the first 250 people who visit their site,  (hey, that’s two dinners that you don’t have to plan for!).


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i’ve been thinking about this post for a long time actually. how to write it. how to document this time in my life. how much to share on this blog. but i have always been really open to sharing personal thoughts in this space. it has always created interesting conversation and perspective. and i can only hope you are just like me, and want to relate to something that isn’t often discussed.

today we are going to be talking about insecurities, shame, anxiety and being a perfectionist. heavy stuff, i know. if you’re interested, click through to read about it below…




if i work out early in the morning, i usually crave something on the healthier side instead of my usual huevos rancheros or baked eggs. i’ve been getting shakes for a few weeks after class until i started making my own instead. shakes can be pretty expensive around here ($9-12) and i can make one using the produce in my fridge for a lot less. today we are going to show you 3 very simple shake recipes that put together for ya. we use  from  and it chops up pretty much anything we throw in there in seconds. the only downfall to a super fast blender is sometimes i get spooked and jump back when i turn it on because it’s powerful. but i scare easily, haha.

watch this short video on how we use the blender for our 3 shakes…the inspiration was coffee, berries, and greens. thanks for the video, !

and here’s the breakdown of the ingredients…


The Speed Dater Recipe

• 1 cup cold coffee (either leftover brew or mix a heaping tablespoon of instant coffee into a cup of water.  it’s actually quite good, but don’t tell anyone i said that).

• 1 1/2 cups almond mik

• 1/2 cup chopped , pitted dates

• 1 teaspoon vanilla

• 1 cup of ice

• pinch of salt

The Kale Colada Recipe

• 1 packed cup of chopped kale (be sure to remove the spine)

• 3/4 cup pineapple juice

• 1 1/2 cup coconut milk

• 1 pear (peeled and cubed)

• 1 cup of ice

The Old Schooler Recipe

• 1 banana

• 1 cup plain yogurt

• 2 tablespoons honey

• 1/2 cup blueberries

• 1/2 cup raspberries

• 1/2 mango (peeled and cubed)

• 6 strawberries

note: you can freeze any of the fruit, especially the banana for more of an icy shake!line

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art direction by: bri emery
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i’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately. after a few months of intense anxiety, i decided i needed to try to change something in my lifestyle. i began working out 4-5 times a week and trying my best to eat healthier (a constant battle, right?) i was really excited to see that was opening up right around the corner from me in silver lake (their other location is in venice). i was peeking in the window for weeks because their decor just kept getting better. thought it would be fun to do a “florals for your space” post once the shop opened…check out the twist she put on it this time!


i’ll start by telling you a little about my 3 day cleanse. you drink 8 cold pressed juices each day. i am currently on day 2. you have no idea how much i want a burrito. and cheese. and bread. sorry, having a moment of weakness. luckily the moon juices are very tasty (although the pure greens options are too bitter for me.) i really like the watermelon tomato lime and the ginger lemon. i don’t find myself feeling starving or anything…just more irritated that i am missing out on meals with my boyfriend, or brunch with my friends. it’s more of an emotional connection to the dining experience for me. wish me luck, one more day! the last cleanse i did (), day 1 & 2 were really hard but day 3 was pretty simple and left me feeling amazing.


and let’s talk about how beautiful this shop is for a second. they have installed really gorgeous light fixtures, a cute and colorful hangout spot in the front, and put an abundance of plants throughout. you just feeeeel healthy when you walk in this place. good energy, for sure. this is the owner, amanda bacon…she has effortless, earthy style.

now, let’s see the florals decided on for this space. if you don’t know about this column. we choose a store or an artist and create a floral arrangement that matches the vibe of their space.

“For the opening of Amanda’s second location I wanted to create a floral piece that would really celebrate all the love and hard work she has put into her new space.”

ingredients :: dahlias, chamomile, clover and crystals.

“Mandalas are often used in ceremonial practices to signify sacred spaces and for many this new shop will become just that. The space feels so wonderful and full of light. It is totally a place you can go to care for your body and mind.

The mandala I made was vibrant, seasonal, and full of love and potent energy…just like all the amazing moon juices.” – kristen

florals by:  – see more floral posts here!
store:  | 2839 sunset blvd., los angelesphotos by: 



sure, I’m a self proclaimed carb addict and potato lover. brunch is something i’m not willing to give up, either. however i’m finding ways to make better choices, even in the midst of traveling for blogshop. small adjustments can make a big difference, as I’m learning.

this past trip to the east coast we knew we were going to be gone for 11 days…which usually means we are eating burger king in the airport, room service french fries because we are too tired after class, {too many} celebratory cocktails with friends in new cities and lots of unhealthy habits.

so we made a rule that we would help each other out. eating out 3 times a day when you are traveling can also get super expensive. these aren’t groundbreaking tips or anything, but they work for me (and save some cash.)
1. we usually split 1 entree + 1 side order of vegetables. i am a plate cleaner (my mom told us never to waste food) so even when i am completely full i usually  finish everything i ordered. you would be shocked at how much food you actually need to feel full. it’s all about switching your routine. it’s crazy how entrees these days can be enough to feed 3 people. (have you noticed that at restaurants?)

2. trying my very best to eat slower. i eat lightning fast. always the first one done with my food. and i eat way too much and then want to pass out in a food coma 20 minutes later when it all hits me. more talking. more chewing. less inhaling.

3. water. yeah yeah, i know we all know this one. but i force myself to drink a ridiculous amount of it. you won’t feel as starving before a meal. you will have more energy. and i actually do notice my skin appreciates it.

4. for me, i feel the most bloated (it’s the worst when you have to basically jump into your jeans to get them to button) when i am eating a lot of bread and drinking the alcohol. guilty aaaand guilty. almost all my meetings are over drinks! i’ve started meeting friends for tea or lunch and not always relying on a drinks date. i avoid the bread as much as i can (waiter, we don’t need that bread basket this time, thanks.) the pounds really come down fast for me when i remove the carbs. i don’t work out very often (although zumba has been very fun recently) so the carbs just go straight to the thighs.

5. it is vital to plan ahead to some degree and have some healthy snacks on hand. grab some nuts, a raw granola bar or dried fruit for the plane and be sure to stock up in your hotel room as well. i know angela and i rush out the door without having breakfast, stuff ourselves at lunch and it’s all downhill from there. you end up eating more and worse than you normally would when you don’t start the day off right and you grab the first thing available (like that one time i caught angela with a bag of easter candy—busted!)

6. we are not afraid to splurge. the night before we got home we were absolutely exhausted. we ordered lobster mac & cheese, truffle fries and hot toddys. we went to town and didn’t look back. i am not the kind of girl that lives under strict rules, and those meals are necessary for my happiness.

what do you do to stay on track when you travel? any tips i need to know?
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