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well, i didn’t say these posts would always be entirely motivating, did i?






these days, it feels like people can’t say enough good things about chia seeds. they’re the superfood that everyone is talking about and i wanted to give them a try. we made this very healthy dessert in the studio by mixing them with vanilla and letting them sit overnight. the slightly sweet quality of the almond breeze mixed perfectly with the tartness of the guava shaved ice on top. definitely a crowd pleaser and no need to feel guilty eating it…


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makes 6 servings

2/3 cup chia seeds
• 2 cups
• 2 cups guava juice
• 1 cup water
• 1 ounce package freeze dried berries
• 1 package strawberries as garnish

Chia pudding dessert: In a large pitcher mix 2 cups guava juice with 1 cup of water. Place into 3 ice trays and freeze for about 3-4 hours or until frozen depending on your freezer. In a medium sized container, place 2/3 cups chia seeds with 2 cups . Stir until all chia seeds have been evenly displaced, about 2-3 minutes. Place in the refrigerator to chill for at least an hour or can be kept overnight.

Fill up six glasses half way with the chia pudding. Using an ice crushing machine, (we used this from williams sonoma but a high powered blender will do the trick!) place the 3 trays worth of guava ice cubes and crush the ice. Using a spoon evenly place the crushed ice over the chia pudding. Garnish with crushed freeze dried berries and strawberries.

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i’ve got about three and a half weeks until a girl’s beach vacation to nicaragua, so i want to really try to stay on track this month and feel good in a swimsuit on my trip. it’s a good goal for me! this weekend will mark my 6 weeks on the challenge. a lot of people have asked how long we are going to run this column, and the answer is, we aren’t really sure. we feel really motivated by your feedback and comments and love the interactive quality to this new column, so we are just going to take it week by week. if you all still like seeing it, we will try to just keep writing it and coming up with new content based on living a healthier lifestyle. and remember, i’m new to this journey too, so i’m not claiming to be an expert here, just someone who wants to feel better about their body and health!

and don’t forget to add to the hashtag on , as we often feature our faves like above! now, see how this past week went for us…


joanie: i’ve been focusing on shorter, more intense workouts. i realize if i give myself a limited amount of time to workout that i’m more likely to push myself harder since i know i need to get a lot of bang for my buck (time). when i have a wide open window of when i can workout i just keep putting it off and end up skipping. so i’ve been giving myself a 35 minute time frame and trying to do high intensity intervals. running as fast as i can for 90 seconds, walking for 30, running up hill for 1 minute, jogging for 45 seconds, basically focusing on getting my heart rate up really high, letting it come back down and doing it again.

bri: last weekend i went to vegas with my family and was determined not to lose the momentum i had with working out. before i left, i made sure to do three workout days in a row, so that i could have a day of rest once we arrived. on saturday, i dragged my sister and dad to the hotel gym (which i never thought i would say!) and we all ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and then did some weights and leg exercises. it was fun to work out all together and was a first for us! the other two days i just made sure i was really active. we walked a few miles a day, when i was in the pool i was looking kinda crazy by doing some of , and i also did 150 crunches and leg lifts in the room (it doesn’t take that long and made me feel better to be doing something)

i’m always really motivated to get back on my normal schedule after traveling. i made sure to sign up for a few classes for the week in advance and work my social schedule around them. i’m still doing , yoga, , and at-home workouts. i also went to a meditation workshop on sunday night, which focuses on your breathing. it was so relaxing and felt very much like self love. to take some time to clear your mind and just be still feels very important. at first, my body and mind resist, but if you breath long enough you can fully let the anxiety move through you. during my breathing my mind wanders to healthier places…feeling proud of myself, feeling love for myself, wanting to help others and give back. it’s a good thing.

my sister told me about and that she’s been really enjoying it. so i just signed up for my free 30 day trial, and joanie and i ran a 30 minute boxing class in my living room on our lunch break. maybe i’m just used to the stimulation of the 20 person classes, but i was pretty bored and could barely finish it. (eek, sorry daily burn) but i will give it a couple more tries and maybe it will stick. it would be nice to have some videos i like on days that i can’t make it to a class. do you have any favorites?

and no, that’s not a real move we’re doing above. who knows. haha

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this week i’ve been feeling really positive about the health challenge. we are in our 5th week now and i’m seeing changes both mentally and physically…i’m even working out in my studio, which i never thought would happen!
joanie: it feels like we’ve been working out everywhere this week! we’ve been prepping a lot of events and photoshoots so we’re squeezing in a little exercise whenever we can. walking to lunch instead of driving, taking time between e-mails to practice our yoga poses in the studio, running up and down the stairs as we unload from the car, parking a little further away when i’m running errands, etc. if you move with intention those things can get your heart rate up fast.

bri: luckily after some physical therapy and switching up some of my workouts, my ankle/knee is on the mend and i’ve been able to continue working out. i’ve really noticed a shift within myself after a month of consistently working out…like i almost need it as part of my routine. dare i say, i even crave it & look forward to it. that is such a big change for me mentally, and i feel really happy about it.

i’ve been sticking to bar method and strength yoga for now, and i’m working up the nerve to try another spin class. the last time i tried one i thought i was going to die right there and then. everyone raves about it though, so i think i gotta give it another shot. we also haven’t find the right pool in LA to just freely exercise, but we really want to! i’m going to vegas this weekend with my sister and dad for father’s day, and they both like to work out. hopefully the hotel has a gym!

after seeing the physical trainer i have realized how tight the muscles in my legs are. my calves and IT band are probably the worst areas. i’ve been learning exercises to do to strengthen the muscles in my legs and protect my joints in the future. i just ordered a to relieve some tension,  and  for home workouts, a to roll my foot over and get the knots out, and a few for leg exercises at home. these will be great for days that i can’t make it to a workout class due to my schedule.

in these four and a half weeks, my flexibility has already increased a ton, and i’ve been noticing my legs and butt feeling a little harder which i’m not mad at. i also gotta say, as someone who deals with anxiety, this area of my life is drastically improving. i find myself feeling calm and happier more days than not.

something we have noticed is how hard it STILL is for us to maintain a healthy diet when there are so many social events, meetings, parties or girls nights. i personally find it very very challenging to say no to the food on the appetizer table or the drinks at the bar. but along the way, we’ve stuck to a few tips that DO make it a little easier…





we’re back with another style grid! we’re talking a lot about workout gear these days with the challenge so this post that created is especially fitting. fun workout clothes actually does increase motivation (at least we think so!).


“I pretty much hibernate in winter, they’re tough in New York City! So, by the time spring hits I am bursting with energy. I just want to be outside, breath fresh air and move my body, stretch, use my muscles. Working out is sometimes the last thing I think I want to do, but it always makes me feel so great, I never regret it. Maybe I don’t need to call it ‘working out?’ Really, it’s just taking care of myself. And when I’m taking care of my body, I feel more invested in taking care of my whole self, like protecting my skin, drinking more water, and eating nourishing food (which I don’t think excludes the occasional cheeseburger- hello Shake Shack lover…). This post is inspired by all this energy and motivation on my mind lately. You gotta ride that motivation wave when you’ve got it! And cute sneakers don’t hurt. Enjoy the post!” –

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what are YOUR favorite workout essentials?? we always love discovering cool brands!

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