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before we start on this floral post, a small announcement! we are now hosting giveaways on the as well. head over there & for all the updates! is with baggu, check it out.

With Fall, I like to break up the routine and get ready for the busy end of year. A little can go along way when wanting to spruce up a room. New throw pillows, a great area rug, or fun table top items can really help bring your summer pad into the cooler months.

This week for “Florals in your space” we visited the beautifully curated brick and mortar shop of the design agency . Owner’s Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe’s storefront houses well crafted goods handpicked from around the globe along with vintage furniture from their collection.

With the flowers I wanted to emphasize the juxtaposition of design I found in their space. The shop feels cool California but has old world richness. I used native succulents to highlight that California vibe and layered in coleus leaves for a fun pop of velvety richness. Cafe au Lait and hot pink dahlias softened the arrangement and provided some serious romance. I also added chocolate cosmos and bittersweet vine as a nod to fall. (even though here in LA it is still summer) 

Big thank you to the incredible shop crew Timothy Regan, Lizzie, Brandt, Linnéa Saine, and Steven Lancaster for having us! Check out Nickey Kehoe to shop all the beautiful products online. -Kristen from

flower ingredients:: dahlias, succulents, air plant, coleus, bittersweet, and chocolate cosmos.

florals by:  – see more floral posts here!
store:  | 7221 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036photos by: 



Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.38.50 AM
Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.39.02 AM

not much is better than a huge bundle of peonies. EXCEPT A WHOLE FIELD OF THEM. beautiful story with tips on growing peonies over at  have a happy friday! -bri

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i’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately. after a few months of intense anxiety, i decided i needed to try to change something in my lifestyle. i began working out 4-5 times a week and trying my best to eat healthier (a constant battle, right?) i was really excited to see that was opening up right around the corner from me in silver lake (their other location is in venice). i was peeking in the window for weeks because their decor just kept getting better. thought it would be fun to do a “florals for your space” post once the shop opened…check out the twist she put on it this time!


i’ll start by telling you a little about my 3 day cleanse. you drink 8 cold pressed juices each day. i am currently on day 2. you have no idea how much i want a burrito. and cheese. and bread. sorry, having a moment of weakness. luckily the moon juices are very tasty (although the pure greens options are too bitter for me.) i really like the watermelon tomato lime and the ginger lemon. i don’t find myself feeling starving or anything…just more irritated that i am missing out on meals with my boyfriend, or brunch with my friends. it’s more of an emotional connection to the dining experience for me. wish me luck, one more day! the last cleanse i did (), day 1 & 2 were really hard but day 3 was pretty simple and left me feeling amazing.


and let’s talk about how beautiful this shop is for a second. they have installed really gorgeous light fixtures, a cute and colorful hangout spot in the front, and put an abundance of plants throughout. you just feeeeel healthy when you walk in this place. good energy, for sure. this is the owner, amanda bacon…she has effortless, earthy style.

now, let’s see the florals decided on for this space. if you don’t know about this column. we choose a store or an artist and create a floral arrangement that matches the vibe of their space.

“For the opening of Amanda’s second location I wanted to create a floral piece that would really celebrate all the love and hard work she has put into her new space.”

ingredients :: dahlias, chamomile, clover and crystals.

“Mandalas are often used in ceremonial practices to signify sacred spaces and for many this new shop will become just that. The space feels so wonderful and full of light. It is totally a place you can go to care for your body and mind.

The mandala I made was vibrant, seasonal, and full of love and potent energy…just like all the amazing moon juices.” – kristen

florals by:  – see more floral posts here!
store:  | 2839 sunset blvd., los angelesphotos by: 



i love a good floral arrangement, they are basically instant happiness. i usually like to have a vase or two around my house with fresh flowers, especially if we are entertaining. it is the little things that count. my floral skills are basically cut the stems and throw in a vase so i thought it would be nice to learn a couple of tricks from a true professional. kristen owns and is always creating arrangements that leave me saying, how in the world did you do that? when approached me about what projects i had in mind that we might be able to collaborate on, i knew it was time to make the floral workshop come to life. i originally thought that i would make the workshop something simple but alas, that is never the case. it was a lot of work but turned out beautifully. it is always fun to see so many different vendors come together on one aesthetic vision.

we hosted the event at which is such a dreamy space. so much natural night with white walls and cement floors, i’d move in if i could. the linens (and the that kristen and i are wearing in the first photo!) are handmade by rachel in this studio. she is insanely talented and hand paints the patterns on each one.

read my mind with those perfect white and . they always hook it up with their .

the setup started early with all hands on deck. kristen woke at 4am to buy the freshest flowers, and we made about a million trips up and down the tiniest elevators with the rest of the goods. at 8am i promised myself to never do one of these again but by 11am i was wanting to do one every weekend – funny how quickly you forget the hard parts when it magically turns out just how you pictured it.

made this gorgeous garland to make the frame for a photobooth where the students could take photos with their arrangements. we hung some of linen as the backdrop.

created a phenomenal brunch spread for the event. talk about above and beyond with their creativity and attention to detail.

and everything tasted just as good as it looked…

i mean, come on . heath ceramics, found stones and pretty packaging made the display on another level of awesome.

i am always one to vote for mimosas on the weekends, especially before noon. delighted us all with their mimosa bar. fresh squeezed juices, berries to muddle in your glass and striped paper straws to top it all off.

one of the coolest things about , other than the best mimosa bar, is that they donate 50% of all of their profits to a non-profit organization. nothing like a drink that gives back, eh?

and of course there is ! they provided 30 different vintage crystal champagne flutes. we love using their glassware for our events because they are so unique. remember this one?!

taught the class of 25 how to create a tabletop arrangement pretty enough for any dinner party. helpful tips like selecting a vase that is half the size of your intended arrangement and building your flowers in an asymmetrical shape were among some of the advice she shared. she walked the students step by step through the arranging process and explained the purpose of every flower and trick.

it was so much fun to see how each student varied their own arrangement. they each had the same flowers and vases but everyone’s was slightly different and unique to them.

arranging is definitely a process with no step skipping allowed. the small adjustments made a big difference in the end result.

all in all, it was the perfect way to spend a saturday.

i left the event feeling more sure than ever that designlovefest needs to start hosting more events. they always end up being the best time and all of the work it always worth it. i’d love to hear your thoughts on what events you’d like to attend or what new skills you are looking to learn. let’s get these going!

oh! did you see i am pretty sure we are moving in, which means EVENTS IN THERE!


florals by:  – see more floral posts here!

art direction: bri emery
location: studio
a collaboration with  – see the feature on their site



remember that project with all of the colors organized neatly that i liked so much here? well, i’m pretty into emily’s “” project on as well. talk about dedication, this gal.

pretty great, right?

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