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is growing. we’re looking for an intern that can join in the fun. someone that would find a lot of interest in this position would be an aspiring event designer who’s enjoys marketing. it would be amazing to find an intern that could help out with design elements like eblasts and blog updates. and someone that likes making lists as much as we do would also be great. emails will be sent, and we’d like your voice to be professional but not too stuffy.

things that are a must:
• a computer
• available 2-3 days a week (we are flexible) and you can work mostly from home
• knowledge of wordpress
• familiar with social media
• must have photoshop on their computer

these things are preferable, but not completely necessary:
• living in los angeles + has a car
• available to attend our tuesday night meetings
• interested in design

the internship can be used for school credit. we will use the first two (LA & Seattle) classes as a trial. please write us a little email to blogshopla{at} explaining why this internship would be a perfect fit for you. we will send you back a list of exactly what the internship will entail.

learn more about blogshop we are excited for our small team of two, to grow to three.



i always love at the end of class when we get to talk to our students about inspiration. and our philosophies on blogging and creativity. this particular new york class had so many questions, which made me really happy.

i get asked a lot “aren’t you afraid to give away all your secrets?” and the answer is not really. my hope is to teach every single last thing I know about photoshop and blogging and watch the students find their own voice. it’s been amazing to check back to some of their blogs and see their growth.

rebecca from sent these beautiful for the students that she handmade! they are like little coasters of carved love.

see those pretty NYC prints below? they are from . she sure knows how to capture the most beautiful elements of the city.

my friend (and high school classmate) katie rodgers from is one of the most talented illustrators I know. I pulled her on the rue project this year to illustrate the blogger side by side column. she was so generous to give our NY students some of her . take a look at the pages here…

and below, representing even more handmade goodness is i couldn’t resist the stamped feeling of her holiday

you can read a few of our student’s post about the class and and

we know lots of you are asking for for christmas. (which is awesome) our is filling up, so hopefully you get a spot wrapped with a big bow under your tree this year!



photos by

yep, that’s a skate ramp in class. we taught our boston in this really amazing space called the , full of cool creatives and makers. i can’t say enough how much it means to me to be able to work in an LA office with other inspiring artists and how much that changed my career. they have that same family vibe happening here in boston. we all rolled up our sleeves and learned photoshop.

and somewhere in there we chomped on delicious and talked about blogging.

when fatima reached out to me about how perfect her would be for blogshops, immediately my answer was yes yes yes! they came in all sorts of vibrant colors and had the most beautiful packaging & !

i had my eye on those for a while now. they are so simple and go with pretty much anything. i figured the boston class would love them as much as i did.

that’s and his girlfriend alicia up above. they are such passionate artists, and make such a power couple! you might also remember stebs from . so happy to have met them and now teach in their office!

i like mini things. always have. but are almost too cute to handle. they come in a little pack of 3 and would make a great stocking stuffer for that crafty pal of yours.

obviously, we have huge love for products! she’s a dear friend and someone that really guided me on this freelance path. i owe her more than a few cookies. i was so happy to hand out her to the class!

i have like 10 at my house. their designs are never too swirly girly, which i like. they were so generous to give the students some of their

i remember one year i was so obsessed with lip balms that i told my mom that is all i wanted in my stocking. i got so many that year it was unreal. this alligator happens to like

these are so good looking that i almost want to eat them. check out all the colors and she has too!

we met a guy named who has a in the space. angela & i both really want to learn how to letterpress! especially from this dude.

we even had a mom + daughter duo in class! they traveled to boston together to learn photoshop with us, which melts my heart a little.
thank goodness there was extra , because i just go around putting them on everything in sight now. definitely very designlovefest. her is cute actually.

and our cute little group…

the new york post is coming soon after! thanks boston, we are still talking to each other about how much we loved this class. your energy was infectious and we can’t wait to see what you do with your new skills!

to sign up for our upcoming , you can do that



you have no idea how inspiring our workshop in atlanta was. to see my friends + show their photography tricks to all these people was pretty magical. it made me sit back and say “wow, my friends are pretty badass.” and then blogshop was able to teach them photoshop on the third day…i love when i hear “ohhhhhh!” that little moment when everything clicks for them. it gets me every time.

clearly we had fun… look at all of us cheeeeesin:

hearing max’s philosophy on photography is enough to make you get goosebumps. now there is a guy that truly loves what he does. and hearing about it is just plain wonderful…

and jesse + whit. the power couple behind the wedding photography company . and the leaders in that amazing little thing called you know, that photobooth that i have shown you 141 times?

the elephant print that i still deeply love…

our lovely sponsors! these people all helped us make the workshop very special:

temporary tattoos / jam / / tea towels / actions / program / / journals

can you believe that space? i mean it really took my breath away. i am so jealous that , and erica work there! and let’s talk for five seconds about how breathtaking are? she really is the best around.

the most beautiful food spread by . those tiny grilled cheese sandwiches. come ON. those are the cutest.

there’s my pals… (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!)

so that’s that, folks! in vegas in february. this is the official announcement. right here, right now! email [email protected] to get a spot in the next workshop. we promise, you will learn lots and have a grand ole time.

[photos by ]



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well guys, another under our belts. and another 20 students ready to hit the ground running with their blogs and their new photoshop skillz. (hey guess what, we just joined too! )

we got the new blogshop magazine in the mail just in time for class! we’re so happy to be passing them out to our students now!

one of the things i love most about planning blogshops is hand picking items for the goodie bags and making each one feel special. this way I can showcase new artists and etsy sellers and share them with you guys too! a two for one deal.

those LA are pretty sweet. and i really like their with cute drawings on them. and if you know me, you know i have a thing for baby triangles. so those simple were a perfect addition.

and you guys must know about ! you do, right? they support the artist community and always have the best cover art!!

i have this THING for yellow these days. i think it’s slowly but magically becoming my favorite color. those were fun to hand out. (also an affordable gift for the holidays!).

the is a cool thing to show you guys! i designed the logo for them a while back, so it’s amusing to see it put to use on the bottles. you can customize the nail polish name for your event, so we thought we would be real clever and choose “retouch red” for blogshop.

my friend megan from is a graphic genius. her new synchronized make my heart sing.

we couldn’t resist using this time around! they went with a wintery comfort food theme that had all the students raving! angela recently used them to cater her wedding too, so we are clearly pretty big fans. they made us little shepherd pies in jars that were a REAL hit. i wanted to eat 5 of them.

oh, how could i forget! thank you Adobe for letting us give a few copies of to the winners of our special contest. and thank you for being a wonderfully helpful intern!

all of our US cities are sold out at the moment. (wahooo!!) but , you are more than welcome
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