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melbourne is just a cool vibe. hip shops, one hundred million restaurant choices (except i didn’t love paying $22 for a cocktail!) and a class full of eager to learn students. one thing we DO know is that we will have to find our way back to australia someday.

a whale with lipstick made it in our group photo this time, obviously.

here’s a little about our sponsors & treats…

obsessed with these leather “heart you” wall .

this colorful and chunky is by and was given to a lucky winner.

angela and i enjoyed a much-appreciated spa visit to in melbourne (if you live there, you HAVE to get the private steam room massage. most relaxing massage i’ve ever had), who also gave our students a and . love the bulky wooden tops, talk about a nice touch in product design.

the scale of the dots on these  is just right. gave a few to each student.

by were a welcome gift to those of us excited to make positive changes in the new year.

with such a modern space to teach in, we thought we would keep the florals more simple this time and went with cool neutral greens. provided the perfect touches with asymmetrical arrangements and vessels of succulents.

also sent along these adorable and good apples for our bags, along with a holiday .

how sweet is that fridge (and why don’t i have one again?) seriously,  was so rad.

i love a cheeky card, and these literally have endless occasions they could be used for. makes a whole line of fill in the blank letterpress in different colors.

supplied wooden topped with bright erasers so our students could capture important tips.

also from came this AMAZING prize—an essential that looks super scientific in an old-school box that reminds me of a classic book.

a craft kit with and came from from . those are pretty much staples today, yes? and i think we were talking about boys in this photo. and how they aren’t very good at multi-tasking. ha.

sign up for january blogshops:

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well…we did it. we taught in australia! this sydney class really bonded with each other and i think some blogger brunches might be in order for some of those new friendships. here’s a peek inside our event…

and to sign up for upcoming LA, NY, BOSTON (and more) classes…you can do that 

we were so excited to work with our sponsor  this time around. they provided an amazing tea and copies of their  #51 for our students. have you guys checked out that magazine? i’ve always admired their simple layouts, nice font choices, and inspiring finds.

we taught at a space called and it exceeded our expectations  they call it an “underground restaurant & event space.” you want to have a cool party…you go there, ok? aaron is super sweet and loves making creative events come to life.

looks like a candy necklace, right? check out these !

we felt pretty fancy having our own chef for the weekend cooking behind us while we were teaching!

those  were a perfect addition to the bags this time.

isn’t this  packaging beautiful? and the honey is delicious too!

those  and one lucky prize winner received that (which i want for my bedside table)

frankie magazine also makes  of gift wrap in awesome patterns. perfect for craft projects.

we have an addiction to pouches, especially when we travel. i love these from 

 helped style our refreshment table with adorable milk glass bottles.

the gorgeous florals and garlands are by dominique brammah of  and how cool is that flower photo booth background that she made?!

the overall styling was a team effort by our friends , &  with balloons by . and thank you for those handwritten tags that greeted our students!

and this was our most …the students were inspired and snapping away. check out their photos on the hashtag!

check out this little film by  to step inside blogshop sydney…

sign up for january blogshops:

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i can’t even tell you how important it is to me that all of our look beautiful and well put together. sometimes my teammates want to strangle me because i am ultra picky about every little detail. but i can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see each one of them come together the day of. (event planners, you know what i mean!)

with that said, each we like to team up with designers, florists and handmade sellers (see ). bottom line is, we just like working with creative people. for instance, our floral designer in san fran who created a gold galaxy photo booth backdrop or these fabric chandeliers we used in LA…or these floral arrangements in dallas that were too good for words.

before every class, angela and i have a little photo shoot in the studio where we style & shoot all of our goodie bag items for that city. i have so much fun doing this part & love sharing them with all of you on the blog. they are all products we carefully choose and fit our brand. i just like that each city’s goodie bag feels unique and like a surprise. scroll through the archives here!

if you have interest in teaming up with for our upcoming austin, LA, boston, NY, minneapolis or london classes…whether it’s florals, goodie bag items, decor, catering…

email us here: alex{at} and show us whatcha got. we’d love to work together! –bri



right before we went to australia, we went to soak up some sun in miami and . the first night we definitely drank a few cocktails with umbrellas in them…just because we felt like we should. and unlike most classes…

by now, you probably have guessed that we are quite addicted to these …both angela and i carry ours wherever we go. we were lucky enough to have bkr involved again.

we had these fun mousepads made up just for our blogshop students. it’s a key we use all the time in class and it always slips people’s minds. this is their bright pink reminder while they are working.

 makes these  by hand. perfect for sealing up a card.

these little held the student’s new bracelets.

sometimes a simple hooray and some gold confetti can really say it all. these  from  got you covered there

always gives us the most appropriate photoshop temporary tattoos. i apparently thought it would be clever to have the arrow tool on my fingers for a few days.

we have a thing for tiny scissors & twine.

we made some neon & gold holiday tags for their gift wrapping this year.

we have wrapped up all of our (big sigh of relief) and we’re prepping for a in the new year. sign up here for these classes in january:

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and these in february:

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and …we are coming BACK for you in march (regular & available!) we hope to see you there. it’s worth asking your boss with if they can send you to learn some new tricks. and we think it would make quite the awesome christmas present too!



we taught another sweet group of bloggers in atlanta! oh and thank you so much for your awesome food recs, we ate at (those lobster rolls and octopus were incredible!). we dined at for buttermilk fried chicken (do you see why i was on a juice cleanse?) and ended the trip at for hot cider cocktails. you guys sure know how to show us a good time! things have changed so much since i was living in atlanta 8 years ago!

here’s some photos from our ATL class and enjoy some goodie bag links to our handpicked items…

you can make your own baldessari-inspired refrigerator art with these awesome bright circle  by threebythree seattle.

each student got a set of these  by  – and i love from her shop too!

 makes these beautifully illustrated . i have the herb one hanging in my kitchen right now.

fun flamingo oversized from ! these make good stocking stuffers, eh?

it’s that time of year again, and parrott design makes these cute happy holidays letterpress 

these LOVE  by  were a great addition to our goodie bags (and a prop for the smilebooth.)

thank you to our friend anna from  for your decor expertise and for making this awesome backdrop out of ribbon.

of course the  was on hand to capture all the madness. students, you can see ALL of the pics

 makes these mini that are now home to my tiniest treasures, like stud earrings and loose buttons, and i can see myself giving these as a re-usable wrapping for gifts this year.

we gave away this awesome navajo blanket-inspired ipad sleeve by as a prize.

and we also had a few pairs of  on hand to give out to some more winners.

our friends at bkr rolled out some new and we were excited to debut them at our class, since it’s clear we’re already pretty nuts about the design.

these gold  from will happily hold our necessities. makes for a great travel pouch or wallet.

on the tables were really cool floral arrangements by design that had such interesting structure and texture. i love the use of cotton too!

we have a ton of coming up in so many cities! check them out , and see more of our past blogshop sponsors for gift ideas interested in being featured in our bags? you can reach out to us here.

it’s always cool to see how the students experienced the class…i love following along on each city’s hashtag. this one is 


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