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we were lucky enough to have on decor again for the second leg of our NYC trip. her florals looked mighty fine nestled amongst the vintage props.

the disco ball was a hit when we were going over some lighting techniques.

we gave each student a pen for note-taking.

is actually a vintage rental house, so we got to play around with their amazing stuff all day. they had countless props to use for our exercises.

emi jay for splendid pull back your hair when it’s time to get down to work.

one of the things we learned last week on the how to run a blog outta your car column is that shooting from the waist can make your subject look taller. these new york students got really creative in our shooting practice time.

a million city lights sells these handmade black and white stud in their etsy  i think they pair perfectly with a bright sweater.

as you can see, you can bring a nicer camera or just your iphone to

new york, i love ya. in fact, want to be in our next new york blogshop? we’re returning in may. see below for all our upcoming classes.

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april & may:
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we always love returning to new york, and we switched it up and taught in brooklyn this time. we were blown away by , where we hosted the classes this trip. a vintage furniture rental house, you can imagine the awesome props and pieces we got to use while we were there…

also, you can get updates & more photos

bring on the sherbet-colored . this is one of my favorite color combinations yet.

i highly recommend these paper back photo by as reminders of special events or trips.

it’s no secret i have an , so i thought it was necessary to have these striped guys from to hold some of our goodies.

this clean and modern NYC skyline greeting by  is totally frame-able.

i like to keep a lot of tea towels like around not only to clean up after dinner but also to use as backgrounds for photos. makes some with really great simple patterns. the cobalt one is my favorite.

the decor this time around was just stellar. how cool is this photo backdrop installation by  we had a lot of fun taking in front of it. and those flowers? perfection.

i’m a big fan of delicate rings these days, and colorful stackable square ones are from .

keeping along the delicate theme and adding my love for hearts we have these from (photo by )

really digging the triangle glitter in this craft kit by . there were twig pencils and doilies and more tucked away in a glassine bag.

artist jen garrido’s shop  makes small journals that look like watercolor paintings and each student got a pair (they retail at along with some of her other work.)

this striped by emi jay for is actually in my hair right now. you’ll usually find a few of these on my wrist or holding my hair back.

also makes these letterpress with a illustrated new york scene that we gave to our students.

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april & may:

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our first stop this time around was boston. i’m really growing fond of the east coast, and this was such a fun group of students to teach. perfect way to kick off the trip.

how ’bout these  making water bottle snow angels? in miami they floated in the pool, so we thought we were real funny here.

this colorful rain drops by  got us dreaming about april showers and may flowers. i’m sure our friends in boston are ready for spring by now.

sent me these patterned a while back and i liked them so much we decided to give them to our students. they also sent their !

those striped paper pens came from the fabulous urbanic . (you have to )

hand-made  in bright and cheerful hues can store washi tapes, jewels or toiletries. i have a set of three in my bedroom from my lovely contributor stephanie’s shop

i met the girls behind this cool new magazine at my DIY event at anthropologie a couple weeks ago, and was eager to share mag with our class.

i wish i could have these florals around my house at all times. kristyn from created some beautiful arrangements for our studio.

quite excited about these   by . each student got a coupon to make their own, and i highly recommend using them as gifts. i made one for my friend jen of all our adventures this past year.

kristyn also made this photo backdrop from embroidery hoops and even cross stitched the blogshop logo! clearly going above and beyond here! she tucked a few blooms in there as well and our students took some great photos here. safe to say has the decor sitch handled.

i’ll miss you boston, and i hope to come back soon (preferably when the air is less frigid, but i’d come back in a blizzard, just so you know.)sign up for a blogshop near you!


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well, another under our belt! this class is so engaging and interactive, and it’s fun to see some blogshop alumni taking it to the next level.

 has the cutest little mini pinatas. the students made short movies about them.

these paper striped pens from the urbanic are a cheery way to take notes and make lists. everytone got creative with their shooting practice time…

clear acrylic with a diamond stamp included a gold inkpad, another cool product from .

these petite notebooks were all hand painted with festive dots by right here in LA.

are you ready to learn video? sign up for one of our classes there is still one spot in our  next week!

feb & march:

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happy valentine’s day, everyone! what are you up to today? we’re going to have a double date with some friends tonight and cook a big meal in our finally finished house! ( we shot the space yesterday.) it will be a very chill night, considering i leave tomorrow for a TEN day east coast trip! (i don’t have nearly the amount of warm clothes that i need!)

sent out our first round of valentine goods to a few bloggers, businesses, past students and hopefully new blogshop attendees! it’s been quite entertaining to watch people snap photos when they receive their box of treats. (this one is from )

what we included in the valentine box…
 heart piñata –  bottle –  sequin heart –  heart letterpress cards –  heart stickers –  heart garland print – usb drive
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