moroccan rug giveaway | designlovefest

enter to win a rug (up to $800!) from pink rug co! they have so many vintage moroccan rugs with unique designs. love these graphic patterns on these. click through below to enter, good luck everyone!

rug giveaway | designlovefest
rug giveaway | designlovefest
rug giveaway | designlovefest
rug giveaway | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) visit the pink rug co  and take a look around!

2) follow , pin 1 of your favorite rugs from their  board on

3) leave a comment on this blog post with a link to your pin of the rug!!

one winner will receive a rug of their choice valued at up to $800. the winner will be chosen on april 13th at 10am PST. open to international readers, yay!


















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    Francesca Perry says:

    Megan Lecy says:

    one of these times i’m going to win!! fingers crossed!


    Sarah says:

    – This rug would be so perfect in my home, which is more neutral with pops of bold colors. It is white, but not boring or neutral. The design and the colors make it creative, unique and an amazing touch for the house. I picture it underneath the wooden dining table!

    Leah says:

    Beautiful! Love the graphic black and white rugs.

    Caroline says:

    Love those rugs!!

    Sophie says:


    Jaclyn says:

    Such a beautiful rug!

    Amanda says:

    I LOVE this one, and I have the perfect place for it

    Annet Z says:

    I like this rug

    Celia says:

    Love this one!

    Romy says:

    Loove this one! ♥

    catherine says:

    wow! all the rugs look gorgeous but this one has to be my favourite: <3

    Courtney says:

    LOVE this one but it took me forever to decide because they are all beautiful!

    Erin says:

    I loooove these rugs! very hard to decide on just one, but…

    Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing this great source!

    nadya says:

    love them all!

    Emily says:

    so pretty fingers crossed!

    Kristina M says:

    especially love this one! it would be a great addition to my new apt!

    Estéfane says:

    This one is just my size!

    Amy says:

    Moonflower –
    Been Gazing out Over Sunshine –

    Fun rugs! Like this one:

    Alisha Hurst says:

    The lush red home decor of my dreams!

    Angela P says:

    Well I pinned several, coz I love so many of them!!

    I SOOOO would love to win one of these

    Desperately needing a rug in my living room – this gorgeous rug would be stunning!!


    kim crooks says:

    looooooveee this!!! So many other beauts, too!

    Alexandria Walker-Wade says:

    These rugs are so incredibly beautiful!

    Nina B. says:


    LJ says:

    I love the contrast (and the shoes!)

    Emily says:

    I could spend so long looking at this board!

    Cat says:

    the names of the rugs are amazing

    Samantha Ellwood says:

    Love this colorful runner for my long hallway

    Alexandra Chambers says:

    The textures and bold colors on this piece are incredible! Hope I win! 🙂

    Nikki says:

    These rugs are incredible, love every single one!

    So mug rug envy. THIS RUG, THO. GET IN MY STUDIO, PLZ.

    Ben says:

    Beautiful colors for some beautiful rugs! This is my fave:

    Kelly Gentile says:

    OMG! I want them ALL. These are amazing. I had such a hard time picking a favorite:

    Molly says:

    ahh this rug is perfection

    Edith LASZLO says:

    Wow what a great giveaway, thanks.
    I am dreaming of a moroccan rug, but I don’t have the budget for it =(
    I love this one :
    Edith (Yummy & Lovely)

    Anita says:

    What beautiful rugs! It’s hard to pick between something neutral and something colorful but they’re all fun!

    Meredith says:

    Absolutely love the pink pops in this one!

    All of them are so amazing!

    hailey says:

    This is such an incredible giveaway! I would be so thankful to have any one of these rugs, they are all so lovely! I’m so happy to have found all this apartment inspiration and am dreaming of having one of these as a focal point

    Elise says:

    I would LOVE to own this rug- or ALL of these rugs 🙂

    Danielle says:

    excited for this one! My hardwood floors could use some love <3

    Katie Curry says:

    I am color obsessed and this Summer Fields rug totally hits the spot for me! They are all just gorgeous but this one is the perfect size and color!

    Stephanie says:

    Pink Rug Co’s boards make me really really want to take a trip to Morocco!

    Kristine Keane says:

    So hard to choose!

    Tihana says:

    Wow, just wow! This is so hard to choose! I’d opt for this one though:

    Hollie Baker says:

    I hope this time I’ll get one! I’ve been searching for months for the perfect rug for our living room… currently we have all hardwood floors in there. Need something with a cozy feel! It was really hard to choose, but love this bright one!

    sms says:

    Love them all, ESP this one.

    Theresa Delano says:

    These rugs are beautiful!

    Hannah-Lee says:

    Patels are so on point right now. I mean, right?

    Sharon says:

    Wouldn’t that rug brighten your day?

    Leah Lavelle says:

    So neat!

    Leyla Szilagyi says:

    LOVE these! Pinned, pinned, pinned!

    lea says:

    so hard to choose just one!

    Taylor Weakland says:

    Love this dark salmon color and pattern!

    Maggie says:

    I loved this one! SO pretty.

    brittany says:


    Meara says:

    This rug is everything!

    Justine says:

    Would be perfect in m bedroom

    Elisa Leone says:

    Love, love all their rugs!!!
    In love with this one:

    teagan says:

    love love love

    Obsessed. Just got a new studio with amazing light and hardwood floors and I NEED ONE. 😍

    kaylei says:


    Madison says:

    Absolutely in LOVE with the HOW to READ the AIR Boucheroite Rug! Putting all of the good vibes into the universe for this beauty (heart eyes).

    Samantha says:

    fingers and toes are crossed!!

    Laura says:

    Fingers are crossed!

    Samantha Lee says:

    Moroccan rugs are so beautiful! <3

    Gabriela Trevisan says:

    Love them all!!!! This is mi Pin Crossing my fingers!

    Lydia Dubose says:

    Love, love, love moroccan rugs!!!

    Emily Sanborn says:

    So many pretty rugs!

    eleah says:

    Oh I love Pink Rug co’s rugs; they have inspired me to make my own trip to Morocco! xx

    Nicole Duda says:

    Love the design on the Sand furrows and seashells rug. So minimal, but still unique.

    juni says:

    fingers crossed!

    Hayley Keene says:

    All the colors of these are so amazing! Hoping to win to put it in my dorm room next semester 🙂

    Jen Skarda says:

    Each one is so unique this is fabulous!

    Samantha Kelly says:

    It’s reasonable to put the most beautiful rug I will ever own in my children’s room right? TOTALLY…(rethinks placement of rug)

    Madison S. says:

    love this one!!

    Kat says:

    Well this was crazy hard to choose haha-SO many good ones but finally decided on this one

    Katie Weltner says:

    SO good. Love these pretty, unique rugs!

    So exciting! I’ve been looking online all week for a Moroccan rug for our living room, and I’m so happy to have found this company!

    Cat says:

    I want them all!

    Shannon Ling says:

    O M G these rugs are dreamy!

    Angelica says:

    Love the funky simplicity of this one! So many great rugs

    Katie B says:

    If this isn’t the most unique, beautifully multi-colored rug ever, then I don’t know what is! I just imagine my neutrally colored living room, with this vibrant piece being the focal point, and I swoon. Would love to display this beauty in my home.

    (their whole collection is incredible, lets be real)

    love to ya!

    Katie B says:

    duh, here’s the copy of the post.

    Erika says:

    The SURREAL ENTWINED MOONLIGHT rug is giving me alllllll of the feels. I mean let’s be real, every single rug gives me all the feels. They’re so beautiful!!!

    Rachel says:

    pick me! pick me!

    I LOVE these rugs!! <3 Here is my pin:

    Rebecca Zellmer says:

    Love this rug for my kid’s room. They recently started sharing, this would be wonderful!

    Megan says:

    it would be an absolute joy to win this rug! i am rug obsessed and i am so glad i came across this giveaway. because even if i don’t win i will likely purchase from Pink Rug Co.! such an amazing selection of pieces.

    Jaymee Anthony says:

    I want every single one!

    Adriana Samaniego says:

    This one is graphic and dreamy all at the same time!

    so happy this is open to international readers as well! been dreaming of having a beautiful Moroccan rug in my studio, so fingers crossed!

    Looove the colors and pattern on this beautiful rug!

    Zoe Cooper says:

    so gorgeous!

    Roxanne says:

    Fingers crossed! These are such beautiful rugs!

    Kay Be says:

    My boyfriend and I can never agree on rugs. But what if I WON this beauty:
    Then he would HAVE to crave! Please let me have a win/win at life 🙂

    Olivia K says:

    They are all so amazing! Someone is very lucky to win this one.

    Claire says:

    Currently pulling up all of the 30 year old carpet in our new farmhouse so this is very timely! Rugs are super expensive, ugh! Hard to choose because they are all pretty amazing, but this one is super special –

    Madison Hope says:

    Amazing! Is this the one you have in your bathroom Bri? I just saw a snap of it on insta-stories and I spent the next few days frantically searching for them! Love this site! Thanks so much!

    Kacie says:

    Obsessed with this one for my living room –

    Isabelle says:

    I love this one!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Elisabeth says:

    Love love love!


    I've been re-designing my home and would freaking LOVE a Pink Rug Co. beauty in my entrance! So many "from where I stand pics" 😉

    (ps Bri, this is an amazing collab and offer to your readers… love love love!)

    Here's my link:

    And here's my Insta just because 🙂

    Kelly D says:

    I pinned a rug

    Ashley R says:

    yes yes yes! love the colros in this

    SELVA Floral says:

    I DIE! All of these rugs are fabulous. Thanks for sharing Bree! This one is my fav.

    Celeste says:

    Eeek, I love too many of these rugs!

    Carly says:

    RUG GOALS!!!!!

    Haylee says:

    Pure perfection.

    So well done!

    Love this rug!!! Also need more in my house to cozy it up! Wood floors are great but definitely not soft!

    Michelle K. says:

    Dreaming of this one:

    Classic, beautiful and elegant. I know I would love it forever.

    Jessi Darcy says:

    Oh hello yes hi you’re perfect

    Perrin says:

    So many to choose from! But I love this one

    Casey B. says:

    Love this beauty:

    Mallory Finnerty says:

    SO CUTE!

    Jordan says:


    Chloe Boehm says:

    Love how funky & fun these rugs are! I’m a newly established florist and woud love one of these babies in my home office!!!

    Shelby Ventura says:

    Just moved to a new apartment and this one would be PERFECT 🙂

    Morgan Lushinsky says:

    This rug, HANOI AFTER DARK, is amazing, actually all of the rugs are amazing. I’ve been looking for a dining room rug and this one, amongst others, is perfect.

    Morgan Emery says:

    This rug and I could be a killer pair, and by I, I mean my toes. Is there anything better than coming home from a long day of work, kicking off your shoes and stepping onto a beautiful Moroccan rug? I don’t think so. 🙂

    Oh my dog, I have been admiring their rugs for so long it’s hard to pick! We are currently decorating our first nursery so I think this would be absolutely perfect. Looks nice under foot for getting up during the night for the babe, and such beautiful colours. <3

    Meredith Bell says:

    Such beautiful rugs!!!

    I love this color and it looks so soft!

    Lauren says:

    Oh god, please pick me. I’m in love with all of these!!!

    But here’s my ultimate pick:

    Lisa G says:

    I would love to see this rug in my hallway!

    Tess Belke says:

    So many beautiful choices!

    Kate says:


    Kate says:

    I think my heart emojis messed up my link haha.

    Rachel Dwyer says:

    THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! You deserve so many followers! Absolutely beautiful work.

    Jill Mathieu says:

    I am feeling this rug big time!

    Omg so beautiful!! I’ve always wondered where you found your fabulous rugs.

    Jordan says:

    Omg this one! Please let me win! We’re about to move in June and this will be perfect for our new space!

    Kaitlin says:

    Something for my living room. 🙂

    Holy cow, I didn’t even know I needed this rug, but now i do!

    Holy cow, I didn’t even know I needed this rug, but now i do!

    Courtney says:

    Obsessed with these rugs!

    Anika D says:

    LOVE this design/print! All of this work is beautiful!

    Betsy Garcia says:

    Love this one!

    Anna C. says:

    long-time fan of pink rug co! x

    ashley kost says:

    WOW! Swooning over these!! <3

    Kendall Harris says:

    Dying I have to have this!!!

    chelsey says:

    i love the simple black and white ones

    Josué Muñoz says:

    im from costa rica, this would look so amazing in my apartment! im from

    Latanya Thornhill says:

    I pinned and I like I FEEL in WAVES of SUNSHINE 11’3″ x 4’8″ Boucherouite Azial Rug. Large Moroccan Berber Beni Ourain. Tapis Mid Century Modern Design. P70

    Christine says:

    This one! 💓

    Laura says:

    The VATNAJÖKULL ICE rug is so beautiful! Love this amazing giveaway.

    Liz Beebe says:

    Bedroom rug!

    Hannah says:

    My head says geometric, my heart says colour colour colour!! So hard to choose they are beautiful 😍🙌🏼

    Briana Kranz says:

    Seriously, the rug of my DREAMS! Couldn’t help but pin a few, but this one would brighten up my art studio like no other!! ✨

    Hadass Rozental says:

    Martha says:

    I lurve this rug!

    jess says:

    they are all so gorgeous but this one! holy!

    Sahana Kumar says:

    so beautiful!

    Cynthia Feil says:

    yess! such a great giveaway 🙂

    Sarah Patrice says:

    I adore this rug and decor! Pink Rug Co. rugs are so dreamy 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

    Caroline says:

    Wow I love all of these so much!

    Sarai says:

    : breath held, fingers crossed, wishing on every star ✨

    Cherie says:


    Katie H says:

    I’m moving into a new apartment with my boyfriend, and this rug would be perfect!

    kaley warren says:

    im obsessed with all of their work…literally praying for this give away!

    Kiley says:

    i love this one

    Sara Nelson says:

    how funnnnn!

    Korin B says:

    Squeee so pretty:

    Kelly says:

    love these!

    Lupe says:

    Beautiful selection Pink Rug Co.- hard to pick a favorite!

    Dana says:

    I would LOVE this rug!!!

    Emily says:


    Emily says:


    I entered 🙂 Hoping to win, fell in love with their rugs now haha

    Farah Z says:

    This rug is literally what I’ve been looking for! Looks so comfortable to sit on, or to do my work (i love working on the floor).

    Elizabeth Brown says:


    Kylie says:

    This rug has a future in front of our bar!

    Anonymous says:

    So fun to look through these beautiful works of art! This is my pick!

    So fun to look through these beautiful works of art! This is my pick!

    Amber Muller says:

    Colleen Clark says:

    the cutest!!!! love these…

    Allyson says:

    I pinned way more than just one! They’re all so cute! But this one is my fav

    Alexandra says:

    Wow! So hard to choose, they’re all beautiful! What a fantastic giveaway!

    Love so many of these! Nothing beats the magic that a a statement, one-of-a-kind rug does to a space! Creativity and zen galore in these pieces! Here’s my fave, although I couldn’t help but pin several!

    Olivia says:

    These are gorgeous!

    jana says:

    so beautiful!

    Alexandra says:

    Love these all so much! Absolutely beautiful!

    Rebecca Deleon says:

    Beautiful rugs!

    So many gorgeous rugs! I looked at ALL of them :-)))

    Chantel says:

    The craftsmanship that goes into these rugs is incredible! What amazing art! I would be honored to have one in my home. Good luck everyone! Thanks for the chance DLF 🙂

    Stephanie Danks says:

    I am so I love with this gorgeous rug!!! 😍😍😍

    Haylee says:

    Oh my gosh best giveaway EVER. Here’s my pin:

    Dana says:

    how fun!

    Sophia says:

    you can hardly choose just one!

    thanks for the giveaway!! <3

    Pretty tough to pin just one…😬🤞

    Hailey Stoner says:

    OH MY GOODNESS YES!! Need this in my life!

    Katie Ryan says:


    Cara Olexa says:

    Sigh, this one! All the colors!

    Kelly Douglas says:

    dreaming of this rug in my little bungalow

    Jacqueline says:

    This would look great in my new home! A true piece of art!♡

    Alli N. says:

    Love all of the rugs, especially this one 🙂

    Taylor Gray says:

    It was so hard choosing a favorite!!!

    Taylor binder says:

    So beautiful!
    I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…

    megan says:

    they’re all so gorgeous!

    Celeste Garcus says:

    What an amazing company!

    Rebecca says:

    Every single one is so beautiful!! What an amazing giveaway!

    Allie Hill says:

    I LOVE Pink Rug Co.! I always recommend them to my interior design clients since they have such a beautifully curated selection– so I was so excited to see the giveaway!

    I love the geometric patterns and anything with pink right now:

    Danielle Hall says:

    Simple but love!

    Amy Smith says:

    This would look so cheery in my new place!

    Patricia Reed says:

    Wonderful giveaway! Have been looking for a good rug for a while, this one is amazing!

    Jenna Matthews says:

    STUNNING RUGS. Boy would I love to have one of these beautiful pieces of art lying on the ground in my home… Vibrant. Soft. Electric. So many words so little time. I. Ebeyond grateful to snag one of these! Thanks for sharing!

    carol clark says:

    Lauren S. says:

    Love these rugs. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jennie says:


    Jamie Pizzi says:

    I love love love the combo of mid-century mixed with bohemian vibes from this rug.

    Annie says:

    I love their rugs!

    Juliana says:

    Love them
    All!! Hard to pick just one!!

    Yesterday we just closed on our very first home! A midcentury Wexler design, in the desert near Palm Springs. After paying the down payment, it will be a long while until I can save up to put the finishing touches on it that I’m longing for. This rug is perfection and will tie my Moroccan / Bohemian / Midcentury theme together perfectly. I’d love it so much!

    Perri says:

    hard to pick when they’re all so beautiful! morocco is very special to me so it would be a dream to win. thank you for the opportunity.
    (hope that works!)

    Michael Woods says:

    I pinned and love this one

    kelsey says:

    pink rugs are my jam!

    yehsong says:

    would love love love this rug.. <3

    kayleigh says:

    Love the colors and textures on this rug.

    Chloe Schmitt says:

    HANOI AFTER DARK 5’9 x 3’4 Boucherouite Rug. Vintage by pinkrugco via @

    Please help me get my feng shui right in my new home! Hope this pinned alright! Love all the rugs it was a hard pick!:)

    Zoe says:

    I aspire to be an interior designer one day and fell in love with the vibrant and bright colors in this rug!!

    and here:

    These rugs are so dreamy, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them until now! Hopefully I will have some in my home soon! <3

    Nicole says:

    Because the smell of pajamas also makes me feel frivolous

    Natalie says:

    I’m loving the crazy colors in: It would be a great conversation piece in our blue & earth tones filled home.

    Rachel says:

    I just moved into a new tiny NYC apartment and am decorating my bedroom in warm neutral tones and would LOVE this rug!!!

    Denise Tennennini says:

    Love this rug, it’s just perfect!

    Alexa coughlin says:

    Love this more then anything! And winning so close to my birthday eppppp. A dream!

    Xx, Alexa

    This rug is gorgeous! I would love to be chosen for this giveaway ~ as a struggling college student, I have never had the opportunity to buy something like this to call my own. Just dreamed about it through your pictures! Xoxo

    I truly love this rug as well! I just had to post my top two choices. I have been following you for so long, and would love to be chosen for this giveaway ~ as a struggling college student, I have never had the opportunity to buy something like this to call my own. Just dreamed about it through your pictures! Xoxo

    Emira Hadziahmetovic says:

    All of the rugs are dreamy. This one is my fave pick.

    Jasmin Levy says:

    This rug with a pop of color!

    Sarah says:


    A watercolor artist from Hawaii

    Anonymous says:

    Pink is everything!

    Stephanie says:

    Pink is everything!

    ellesse says:

    love love love!

    Kelly Crawford says:

    My husband and I could really use this super chill rug for our first home! Pick us pick us!

    Ashley says:

    <3 these!

    ashley says:

    These would be so perfect for my front entry!

    Seriously love ever rug! It’s sooooo hard to choose. If I win (which would be so amazingly ridiculous) it could take me months to pick one! Big fan of Pink Rug co

    Samara Napolitan says:

    Meg Brooks says:

    Just bought our first home and any of your rugs would make it feel so much more complete 💕 In love with them all!

    Morgan Guerra says:

    hard to find one favorite!! but I love this one because it has little details and pops of color that can be tied in to almost anything!!

    Jennifer says:

    Obsessed with these rugs…all gorgeous!


    Emily says:

    Love! Looking for a rug for my studio 🙂

    Taru says:

    Super lovely rugs!

    Haley W says:

    This one’s a beauty!!

    Absolutely amazed by these abstract and geometric pieces of art. Love the “Hanalei Surf”! This could brighten up any room and any mood. Thanks for this fantastic opportunity

    Left the wrong website!

    Absolutely amazed by these abstract and geometric pieces of art. Love the “Hanalei Surf”! This could brighten up any room and any mood. Thanks for this fantastic opportunity