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i’ve been out of town on long weekend trips the past two weekends and i thought it would be fun to show you some of the essentials i pack. i was a chronic over-packer for years, i’d bring tons of options because i didn’t know what i’d feel like wearing and my suitcase would be a mess, i’d end up only wearing half and having to wash and unpack the rest when i got home. i’ve really worked to streamline my packing situation, to lighten the load and also make it easier to get dressed on the go. i try and build my packing around two things – the weather and activities. knowing the weather helps me eliminate things i wouldn’t be able to wear anyway and also makes sure i don’t forget crucial things like a rain jacket. the activities dictate the outfits and shoes. lots of walking, fancy dinners, hiking, hanging indoors, etc. i also like to bring things that have multiple purposes, a dress that can be worn alone or with a sweater over it during the day. a t-shirt that i could wear hiking or with jeans. i pack a minimal amount of cosmetics and jewelry – usually two sets of earrings (one studs, one hanging), one statement necklace, one watch and a pair of sunglasses. and two pairs of shoes, one comfortable and one cute. here are a few things that i find myself reaching for again and again. some of the items are on the pricey side but i will admit to you that my philosophy as of late is to invest in a couple pieces a year and wear the heck out of them. and of course my current go-to carry on is our new ! – joanie


($154) – neutral color, slim shape and can be worn with a dress or jeans.
($209) – the only thing with bringing a hat is that you have to wear it on the plane because it takes up too much space in a small bag. i have this hat in grey and i love it. you could wear the same outfit two days in a row and throw a hat on one of the days and no one would notice you doubled up.
($45) – i can’t tell you how many times i’ve done out of town and realized i don’t have any socially acceptable lounge clothes with me. nothing worse then trying to relax in jeans. i like bringing pants i can hike in and also lounge in, double duty.
($68) – i generally pack two bras but if you’re cutting down on space bring one that goes under anything.
($269) – a day to evening jacket in a color that pairs well with anything.
($395) – this is the perfect travel bag, it’s practical for travel (size, shape and zip closure), casual enough to wear around during the day but also nice enough to wear out to dinner.
($169) – this falls into the category of pack a top you’re excited to wear – a fun color, feminine touch, can go on and off the shoulder, and worn with jeans or tucked into a pencil skirt.
– ($170) – i know i recently made a case for not wearing skinny jeans but i find that a super dark wash, skinny pair that isn’t too stretchy is the perfect jean to take on a trip. it holds it’s shape, can be worn day or night and is flattering after a weekend of indulging.
($166) – i own these shoes and wear them almost every day. they are comfortable enough for walking and still give you a little height when you want to dress up.

honorable mentions go to a , one of my favorite , this that can be worn alone or out as a top, my i’ve ever owned, and this that is sexy for night and totally day appropriate with a sweater over it.



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    Nikki says:

    Such great versatile pieces – loving the footwear!

    Gemma says:

    Lovely lovely lovely!


    Sofia says:

    The Rebecca Taylor top is gorgeous! Also, love that duffle!

    xo, Sofia

    Samantha Lee says:

    I used to always check a suitcase because I thought I “had” to, but once I started using only a carry-on, I’ll never go back! It’s so much quicker and easier to get in and out of the airport, and it helps me really streamline my packing!

    Diane says:

    I love the nude sneakers! Love the selection!

    arin says:

    spring anthem! Lovin’ Rebecca Taylor top! Swoon!

    fefe says:

    Looove those sneakers!

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