the way i know i’m experiencing real symptoms of anxiety or depression is usually when everything is going right, i feel very not right. that’s been me for the past month or so.

honestly, i am hoping it’s hormones from a new birth control. but i’ve definitely been in a funk. and not a creative, motivated, inspirational one. more like the can’t get out of bed sometimes funk. but i’m working my way through it and determined to feel normal again soon. it’s a little disheartening because i was feeling so great the past few months, but i guess it all comes in waves. i do need to pull myself out of it, i am traveling tomorrow to the south for work. it’s an exciting project and will reveal more about it soon. after this short trip, i am gonna stay in LA for a while and focus on work and my health and being stable and having good routines. i’m looking forward to that.

anyway, i liked these posters. the first one made me smile.



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    Bryanna says:

    Feeling you. It’s that mercury retrograde/new moon solar eclipse!

    Sian says:

    I’ve found I can feel at my worst when everything is going great too, so sending all positive vibes your way! I love the Vibrations Workshop poster 🙂

    Sam says:

    sounds like you are taking the right steps to feel better! i started new bc in the spring and i’ve never felt so irrationally depressed in my entire life – literally sobbing hysterically on the couch one minute, and wanting to put a hole in the wall the next!

    Benedetta says:

    As you said, it comes in waves.
    Depression is a dark beast.
    You know that you will feel yourself again soon. So if you want to stay in bed, stay in bed. You are so talented and creative and your blog and pictures always cheer me up and make me feel creative again!
    Creative persons can have climax/anti-climax waves higher/lower than others.

    Andrea says:

    I tried saint johns wort (an herb) and that really helped me. I suggest it….

    Jane says:

    The only thing to be careful of is that St Johns wort can interfere with the workings of birth control pills, so maybe consult your doctor to check its suitable for you.

    cikita says:

    but you’ve been so creative all the time and I always adore you and your work. I guess it’s normal if you feel like not a creative, motivated, inspirational one. and it’s the time for you to take care of yourself. everything will be alright. 🙂

    xoxo, Cikita

    Romi says:

    Give yourself a break–you do incredible work and everyone’s entitled to a lull now and again.

    Sending love xoxoxo

    Diane says:

    Definitely hormones and the fall! It is September already!

    katia says:

    hope you feel better soon!
    Who made these posters?

    Mary Ann says:

    Sending you good vibes and lots of positive energy. <3

    Nikki says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Bri, I also suffer from occasional waves of anxiety and have been in a wave of it the past month or so too. One small change I made that helped a lot was cutting down my caffeine intake to 1 cup of tea a day (I know the caffeine isn’t the source of anxiety, but I realized that it was amplifying the symptoms tremendously.) For me, its a lot about control, so finding small changes that I can “control” is very helpful to me, hope you find something that works for you. All the best, Nikki

    mary says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. From the outside your readers see a strong beautiful creative lady whom we all look up to. The fact that you are sharing your real vulnerabilities makes me love reading your blog so much more! I suffer from anxiety and severe panic attacks (since I was about 7) They stem from nothing and come out of nowhere! Sometimes it puts me in a funk because I’ll be scared of getting a panic attack (fear of fear- oi that’s a big annoying circle.) I look up to you so much because you are so honest with your anxiety and feelings. Everyone has their quirks. Everyone experiences some form of anxiety or depression once in a while. You opening up and talking about it has really made me feel less ashamed about my own anxiety issues.
    Also sometimes if I’m in a funk I play these little games on happify.com You can subscribe and pay a monthly fee, but I just do the free tracks and free games. It helps ease my mind and feel that I can live a more grateful and mindful life even with my anxiety.

    Wishing you the best!

    Karen says:

    The wave will pass, Bri, just hang in there. I’ve been feeling it myself too, recently. It’s something that happens to us all.

    Also, I saw you today, but didn’t want to bother you. However, still wanted to say that I love following your blog not just for the beautiful designs and constant travel inspirations, but because of how honest you are about what’s going on with you behind the scenes. It’s very relatable and real. Thank you for that and for inspiring so many everyday. Lots of love. – Karen

    KiKi says:

    Oh man, I’m feeling this SO HARD. I have depression and anxiety and even though I’m on medication and I get monthly therapy, some days it is just so hard to be a functioning human.

    The worst part about mental illness is that it strikes at the most random times, and you get so used to feeling good after taking control of your mental health that when you’re all of a sudden, well, not good, it’s so hard to have to go through it. Remember to get plenty of sleep, give your brain time to relax, drink plenty of water, and exercise for 20 minutes a day. Self-care is fundamental. And remember, depression & anxiety are notorious liars, so try your best not to give in to those thoughts, and call them out on their shit when they try to take over your brain. A book I would recommend is “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson, it definitely helped me through some rough patches. <3

    Stephanie says:

    I too suffer from anxiety and depression. As you can see, it is so common. You’re not alone. Look at the great things you have accomplished and created. Your work is incredibly unique, fun and inspiring. You can’t always be at your very best. Life is full of ups and downs. Just wanted to share with you that I had stumbled across one of your posts, “10 Things / Being Happy Alone” last year at a time that was extremely hard for me. It helped me so much. I hope the support you get from your followers help you. Rest up and start again. You will be just fine. Thanks for all that you share with us!

    paige says:

    I just had to comment on here after reading your note about new birth control. I fell into a deep depression after being on a new bc for a year. My dr kept telling me that it was other things going on in my life, but I finally went to a new dr who put me on a hormone free IUD and it was like a lightbulb switched back on in me the second I stopped. Good luck to you!

    Lauren says:

    I’m going through my very first battle with depression. I’ve not really struggled with it like this before, either because I was too busy to be sad or because that just wasn’t my state of mind. Now, I’m really struggling, and I really don’t have any reason for it. It’s weird being in a funk for no reason; I totally get it and you’re definitely not the only one struggling wit this sort of thing. Something that’s helped me is to start a list of things you appreciate, daily. It can be as simple as the way that the light hits the floor. It’s been an awesome way to reframe my perspective and turn my mind (and mood) towards better things. Maybe it’ll help you, too.

    Katrina says:

    Thank you for sharing. I also struggle with the same waves that so many others do.

    Make space for the less than fun feels and don’t be to hard on yourself. Take things slow and do what you can for now.

    Ashley Neese does amazing work with women and breath. I read her journal and follow her channel, but she is based in LA and may have classes near you.

    Claire says:

    I have been going through this lately in a major way, and found something that actually has made a huge difference (after a year of trying basically everything).

    There’s an app called gratitude! where you just begin to log things throughout the day that make you happy. It’s hard and feels like a chore for the first few days to reach the recommended 5 items, especially when you’re bummed, but then your brain begins to see happy things more easily. Now, I notice and appreciate things like nice store clerks, a walk home from the store in the sun, etc., and things that were bothering me actually don’t anymore.

    Apparently gratitude journals actually rewire your brain neuropathways in 3 weeks – I noticed a change in less than one. I also have been using the insight timer app to remind me to meditate twice a day, and that has also helped a lot.

    Kylie Garner says:

    Hope you’d be feeling better soon. I love all your post and gives me inspiration everytime!

    Lizzie says:

    Hey Bri,

    Totally get how you’re feeling. Not sure if you believe in God, but honestly, he’s the only one who can get me through the hard times. Whether it’s a prayer, going to a church service, or even reading a bible verse. xoxo hugs

    Kay Be says:

    Thank you so much for talking about mental health. It’s easy not to acknowledge it for most people. I also suffer from depression and anxiety, when the seasons change is when I normally when I ‘dip’ back into my depression. Last week I found myself crying in my dr.’s office for no real reason other the being ‘tired all the time’. It happens. One day at a time.

    Vanessa Goh says:

    I feel that as a creative we all go through this rut at times, without reason. Perhaps it’s some form of creative burnout. But you are doing good, getting out and about, doing something or going somewhere different does help!

    Francecsa says:

    Check out Kelly Brogan’s thoughts on birth control and depression. It’s quite revolutionary — she’s helped hundreds. Oral hormones can be really tough — I’ve always gotten significantly depressed from then.

    Kristi says:

    It’s so crazy how it comes in waves like that. 🙁 I experience the same things and it’s always so much work to get back to ‘feeling normal’ again. I have to schedule either mentally or physically time for myself to have “self care” where I allow myself to do little things that make me feel pampered or happy. Hope you feel better soon!

    Emily J says:

    Hi Bri! I was really it by your use of the word, “normal.” Everyone has their own “normal” – embrace your rainy days, there may be something inside of them you haven’t allowed out yet.


    Marie-Luise says:

    Hello Bri,
    I know this was posted a bit ago, so I’m hoping you’re on the way up & sending you the good vibes.
    I just wanted to let you know, I really read your blog for these posts. Obviously not ones where you’re feeling down, but I really connect to your honestly and openness when you post. And by chance, to the current topic, too. I think my situation is currently also due to the birth control, but when you’re already prone to these kinda feelings from time to time, it gets hard to distinguish and deal. For me, emphasis on enough rest, nourishing food and getting back into exercise has really helped these lasr weeks. All the best! X

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