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i hope you all have a nice valentine’s day weekend! let me tell you a little story…

i was trying to carry too much stuff out of the office yesterday and dropped my phone wrong on the pavement. shattered. neon lines on the screen only. ugh. the next 24 hours have been very eye opening and a little bit scary. i got in my car to leave work…i couldn’t listen to my spotify playlists in traffic. that was fine, radio will do. then i couldn’t tell my friend i was on my way over to her house or ask if she needed me to pick anything up. i couldn’t snapchat any of the funny moments with my friends that night or show someone the photo in my camera roll. that night my friend gave me a ride home (don’t drink and drive, ya know) and before bed i couldn’t post my nightly  posts or text anyone under the influence (probably for the best). the next morning, i woke up and felt panicked a little bit. what time IS it? i usually just look on my phone or wake up to an alarm. i asked my friend for a ride to my car using my computer because i couldn’t call an uber. this is starting to be crazy, right? i made an appointment for the apple store on jen’s phone and then realized i didn’t know how to get to that apple store without my iphone map. WHAT?! then i got an email that said i could announce an exciting collaboration this weekend on . nope, no i can’t actually. not until i get my phone back.

HOW CAN WE BE THIIIIIIIS ADDICTED TO OUR PHONES? i felt really scared about it actually. so reliant on these little devices! it feels hard to function normally without it. i’m nervous for us, and especially the kids growing up during this time. i need to practice more self control, that’s for sure. have you ever come to this realization?!

anyway, gotta run! ps keep an eye out for my upcoming announcement ! xx -bri


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    jen says:

    i am offering a free “how to live without technology” workshop. please comment below if you are interested

    Katia says:

    I had a similar reaction when I ran out of data for the majority of a month and was rarely in a wifi zone. Not quite the same because I could still text. But I remember being stuck on public transit with some real crazy diversions and having to text my DAD to ask him to google an alternate route for me. HA! I try sometimes to just leave my phone on another floor of the house for a few hours at a time, just to gently prove to myself that I can do it..

    Sorry to hear about your phone though – it is totally a pain. And happy valentines day!

    Linda says:

    I’ve come to a realization about my addiction to phones when I see little kids on their phones. Why don’t these kids ever play in parks anymore?! But I definitely agree, we need self-control, which is why when I’m out having dinner or with friends, I’m never on my phone. It’s always good to turn your phone off when around friends and family. You can always use your phone when you’re alone or on your own time!

    Jess says:

    Ahhh I know what you mean! Sometimes I miss the days when I had my Nokia.
    I’m doing an offline challenge, you can buy this book here:
    You get daily challenges to get you off your phone, like read write a letter to someone or don’t check social media for the first 2 hours upon waking, take all electronic devices out of your bedroom for the day.
    I recommend this app called ‘Moment’, it monitors how long you’re on your phone, so at the end of the day you’ll find out just how much time you might have wasted on social media! Hehe

    Renee says:

    This rampant phone addiction is definitely a sad state of affairs. It’ll be interesting to see in 100 years what sociologists will say about our time.

    What affect does it have on the youngsters nowadays that have ZERO clue how to entertain themselves without a phone? How is their constant need for their phone affecting their imaginations, creativity, social skills…? I just don’t know.

    Huub Ricardo says:

    I use my phone to take lots of pictures also and when the battery dies or i leave it at home it’s freaking frustrating. So weird!! Lived in the time when I took picture with my film camera and only talk on a phone at home. completely feel you on this. we need to release ourselves from this madness.. 🙂

    Chelsea Jean says:

    I just moved to Australia and have been using the wifi at the airbnb. Australia doesn’t seem to have free wifi essentially ANYWHERE like america does… so now I’ve taken to using my phone only at “home” (the airbnb or hotel) Takes some extra planning to get around and decide on my day, but when things go wrong, or I want to know what’s good I just ask people around me for help or simply open my eyes and look around!…. turns out it is an excellent way to make new friends!!! I’m really digging the only use your phone when home idea….

    Joanna says:

    Just FYI you should be able to load maps in your area and GPS works regardless of data. I “save” my locations on google (like, where I’m staying, restaurants I want to see, etc) so they show up on the map when I’m out and about!

    bri says:

    i had the same experience in australia. so true!

    Amber says:

    this is funny, because it’s valentine’s day and in a way this is kind of a love story. with your iphone. hahaha!

    i completely understand where you’re coming from, though! even if i don’t even need to use my phone, if i forget it in the car, at home, or think i’ve lost it for a minute, this strange feeling of insecurity surrounds me. not really bad, but it’s noticeable enough! it’s crazy how reliant we are! and yes, scary.

    Alice says:

    This was really interesting to read. I’d love to spend less time looking at screens but I feel it is something we are so painfully accustomed to in our culture now.
    Me and my other half try to take time ‘without screens’ as much as we can – it feels important to interact with people you love without the aid of technology xx

    Leilani says:

    Well… think of this, a hundred years ago, the fist telephones were being installed in homes and business…. Im sure the people then, were commenting similar thoughts!
    I remember 20 years ago or so, when pc’s came about, people were lamenting the end of hand written letters. And Im sure, in time, your kids will be lamenting the lose or demise of some technology we have now, that will be replaced with something better. Hopefully by then we will have some technology in use, that we don have to worry about a dreadful person harming our kids.

    Lindsey says:

    Its so shocking how reliant we have become on our phones! Mine literally doesn’t leave my hand all day. The addiction is real.

    Amanda says:

    I completely agree with you. I have been noticing myself recently going back and forth mindlessly on social media, and that’s such a crazy waste of time! I made a lenten resolution to myself to put my phone down and try to be on it very very little, and never when I’m around friends or family. I noticed it specifically when my hubs and I are watching tv, and every commercial break I was immediately picking up my phone. Ugh! I had an unintentional test though – I went to a bridal shower yesterday and forgot my phone at home, so I had to navigate there without my gps and then not be able to tell my hubs when I got there and was leaving, and then navigate home. So 90’s 🙂 hahaha. But really, it’s crazy to think just how much we use them. I don’t think it’s for the best!!

    Wendy Taing says:

    YESSS! I realized this on my travels abroad. I would have no idea on how to anyone. If there was an emergency, I wouldn’t know how to get in touch with my family since I don’t have their numbers memorized! I needed WiFi constantly since I had no idea where anything was. I needed my phone to translate from English to French. I needed my phone to get check my bank account. I needed my phone to get my reservation number for my hostel. So crazyyyy! We really need to figure out how to continue living without being so reliant on our phones!

    Danielle says:

    Wow! Total reality check!
    I am 100% aware of how dependent I am on my phone. :/ I’m not really sure what to do about it since our culture revolves around them! But I have been implementing small controls – like cut-offs at night. Not much else, actually! haha. Great food for thought.

    catherine says:

    I feel like my brain and constructive/critical thinking skills go kaputz with rampant device use. Scary, for sure. But luckily we know the difference because we’ve lived differently before this became a cultural norm. At least there’s that, I guess…we can always choose to take a breather (but damn, it gets tricky!)

    Rachel says:

    I relate to this post sooooo much. The other night I was on the couch with my boyfriend “watching TV” until I realized that almost the entire time we were sitting there, we were both scrolling through social media and not even looking at the television! What happened to quality time? We now have a rule in the house where no phones are allowed when spending any quality time together (dinner, watching a movie, etc..)
    It has helped us a lot, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t still think about grabbing my phone. It is definitely a scary time.


    I need to be more self disciplined with phone usage too. 🙁 It is all too easy to zone out while on social media and mindless check and recheck email. Do you have tips on personal photo organization?

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