running. hate it. i can think of 10,000 things i would rather be doing. but! if i can just get myself out that door, i’m never sorry i’ve done it. there are a lot of reasons i run (or fast walk) but the most important reason for me is mental clarity. i feel so much lighter and happier after a couple of miles and a good sweat.

my little running crew, joanie and my sister lacey and I meet up every so often and run it out. it’s easier to find motivation with a crew, than just by yourself. joanie likes to tell us, as we run, all of the positive things running is doing for our bodies, it’s pretty cheesy but actually works to distract your mind.

something we’ve been using lately (because as much fun as it is to talk to each other while working out, it’s too hard to breathe, talk and run at the same time) so we will talk during warm up and then all use the , which is actually very cool and super simple. to use it you select “running” from the side bar, click a playlist, start running and it chooses music that co-insides with your pace, (can be running or walking!). so if you start out running 10 minute miles and want to speed up for the last mile, the music will change so that the beat matches your stride which is seriously amazing because music is half of my motivation when i run.

we use exclusively around the office for work jams, i use it in my car, for all my parties…it’s the best. so i’m happy they added this cool workout feature.

they also created original running beats, they don’t have lyrics but they are just straight music that you can also run to, i’m particularly fond of the “burn” one if you want to .

what do you run for? my main motivation is mental clarity, but i’d love to hear what gets you out the door. and if you already use the , or happen to check it out let me know below what your favorite playlists and genres are, i’m always looking to mix it up!


don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for the opportunity to win a running motivating prize pack! because who doesn’t need a little extra push?



• 1 pair of bose soundsport in-ear headphones
• $75 nike gift card
• 1 year premium subscription to
• and healthy snacks!

here’s how to win…

1) let us know your favorite playlist or fill in the blank “will run for _______” in a comment below and we’ll select one winner!

open to US only, 18 years of age and older. one winner will be randomly selected and notified on wednesday november 11th. you must claim your prize within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected. 

* the prize was provided by , but spotify is not involved in any other way with this giveaway. this post was created in partnership with spotify. all opinions are my own

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Add your own

    Callie Ward says:

    Will run for overcoming insecurity!

    Alice says:

    Will run to be able to eat whatever I want when I want.

    Emily says:

    Loooove this one:

    Kristen says:

    Will run for confidence.

    Brit says:

    Will run for my daughter. ( to teach her healthy habits)

    Emily says:

    Will run for pizza!!

    Linh says:

    Will run for maintaining a healthy body weight!

    Caroline says:

    will run for myself

    Meg says:

    I love the “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify. They know me so well!

    Chelsea B says:

    Will run for good jams (love the spotify running feature as well!).

    Kelly says:

    Will run for a moment in the zen zone spot.

    Spotify’s Electronic Study Music is my favorite playlist! Equally good for getting for done AND doing a workout to in my opinion.

    Stephanie D says:

    Will run for finding the potential I have hidden within

    Rachel says:

    My favorite spotty playlist is one that I created with early 2000’s punk rock music. Sometimes you need to jam it out to get your blood flowing.

    geraldine says:

    my own sanity!

    Yvonne says:

    Will run for cake. Hahaha!

    Allison says:

    Will run for a trip to Disney. Princess half marathon anyone?

    Caroline says:

    My favorite playlist is Afternoon Acoustic, it’s perfect for getting work done and helping me chill.

    Amanda U. says:

    will run for pizza

    molly says:

    Love Essential Folk and Afternoon Acoustic!

    Carin says:

    My favorite spotify play list list is the viral hits one

    Kate says:

    Will run for pushing my limits!

    Rachel says:

    Will run for wine! Just did a half marathon on the weekend, and my playlist was packed with kinda cheesy, upbeat songs: Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Walk the Moon….when I run with friends we don’t listen to music but it’s so much harder to run fast without it!

    Kate says:

    I will run for cupcakes and beer!

    Hannah says:

    Will run for my health! Have noticed such a decline in my health post-21, so taking care of myself has been a huge goal.

    Clare says:

    Will run for better sleep.

    Dana says:

    Will run for good health (and the ass I had in my twenties)!

    jody marie says:

    my favorite spotify playlist is this one I call quiet nights.

    It’s not music to fall asleep to or to be sad or happy too–it’s just lets you be you–quietly thoughtfully.

    I run for room in my mind to think and focus!

    Brook says:

    Favorite Spotify playlist: Passive Me, Aggressive You.
    I will run for staying young, but turning 30 🙂

    Christina says:

    Will run for CHEESE. AM I RIGHT LADIES?

    Erica says:

    “Will run for Bear Evasion” – honestly, my biggest motivator is the thought: “What if I have to run for my life one day?”

    Colleen says:

    Will run for a good soak in the tub afterwards!

    Elisabeth says:

    I will run for a delicious dinner and glass of wine! My favorite Spotify playlist is anything with Adele right now!

    Colleen says:

    Playlist: “Cardio” and will run for anxiety relief!

    Kaitlin says:

    I will run for physical and mental health!

    Erin Ellis says:

    I love the Dance Cardio playlist on Spotify! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

    lisa says:

    Will run for…MY HEALTH. I also hate running but recognize all the heart, endorphin, and feel-good benefits.

    Julie says:

    Will run for peace of mind!

    kelley says:

    will run for donuts… duh 😉

    Cathy M. says:

    Will run for sanity….or Nutella. 😉

    Hannah says:

    Will run for … Myself. Screw your giveaway

    Chloe D says:

    Will run for finding my own strength! One of the proudest moments of my life was running a marathon this year—there is nothing like pushing yourself to do something you never thought possible.

    Lauren says:

    will run for finding my own strength.

    jess says:

    will run for wine!

    Brittney G. says:

    Will run for a less stressed-out me…and to escape the hordes of geese at the park!

    I took up running this past May about the same time you started your health journey, and I haven’t looked back! Me? A runner? Who would’ve ever thought?

    Carissa says:

    Will run for pasta. And French bread. And butter. And lasagna.

    Also, anxiety control. I can channel all that pent up anxiety and stress from the day into each step. The less of all that I go to bed with, the less likely I am to have a panic attack the next day.

    Favorite playlist for evening runs: Magical Wanderlust.

    Ashley says:

    Will run for endorphins!

    Katie says:

    Will run for the glow

    Mili says:

    Will run for desserts! And the endorphins! I can’t run without my spotify running playlists!!!

    Kate says:

    Will run for my health – and to be able to eat carbs 🙂

    Kate says:

    Will run for my mood and to feel strong!

    Kristina D. says:

    Will run for … all the cape cod chips 🙂

    Clarissa says:

    Who Run the World? Girls is a favorite playlist for running too

    Stephanie says:

    Love this playlist! It’s perfect for working out!

    Brandy says:

    will run to relieve stress!

    Marisa says:

    Will run for tacos!
    I didn’t know about the new running feature, can’t wait to check it out!

    mandi says:

    will run for an hour to get lost in my own head

    Lizzy says:

    I will run to boost my mood! I’ve never been a good runner, but since quitting my job to start my own company, I’ve taking up running as a great way to destress and clear my mind. My go-to Spotify playlist is Night Rush.

    Loren says:

    Will run for breakfast!

    christine p says:

    will run for inner peace!

    Kate says:

    Will run for endorphins!

    Lauren R says:

    Will run for heart & bone health!
    Love the spotify playlist The Indie Mix 🙂

    Megan says:

    I will run to release stress!

    Megan says:

    Will run for a feeling of empowerment.

    Erin says:

    Will run for chocolate! (and wine)

    Abigail Gronberg says:

    Will run for beer (and cheese).

    addie says:

    I will run for how good it feels when I’m done.

    Helen says:

    Will run to prove my asthma wrong!

    Sarah Alves says:

    Lately I have been loving Acoustic Autumn and The Most Beautiful Songs in the World! Spotify is the best!

    Tracey says:

    Will run for… TACOS! Haha. No seriously.

    Nicole C says:

    Will run for healthy mind + body!

    Allison says:

    I love Spotify but I haven’t tried this feature yet. I’m not a big runner, so that’s probably why. 🙂 But I will run for free cookies!

    Zoë says:

    will run for stress relief!

    Melissa Gebhardt says:

    i run for my happiness. 🙂

    this playlist is hoppin’!

    Katie says:

    Will run for myself and my pups!

    Nikki says:

    I always dig the TGIF playlist on Spotify… even when it’s not Friday!

    mai says:

    will run for dessert! or a race finish line 🙂

    Misty Milliron-Grant says:

    Will run for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!!

    Marie says:

    Will run for positive vibes!

    Betsie says:

    I will run for being outside! Lately my favorite playlist on Spotify is josh radnor solid gold. Apparently he’s a real music junkie and tweets a song a week, and some kind soul has put them into a playlist. Not all are the best songs for running or working out, but it’s a great way to discover new artists.

    adrienne says:

    Will run for better sleep at night!

    Laurel says:

    oh man, love this. i run for EVERYTHING. i’m a small biz owner, and running keeps me sane. it’s me time, it’s meditative, it keeps me healthy, it helps to spark new ideas, it gives me the energy to wear every single hat, and it makes me feel free. i usually don’t listen to music while i run because there’s a very real possibility of running (literally! ha) into something that could eat me. (i live in montana.) i love spotify in the studio though, i listen non-stop while i work!

    Rachel S. says:

    Will run for de-stressing (and an extra glass of wine)!

    marci-rae says:

    will run for a healthy heart!

    Kat Scott says:

    WILL RUN FOR CUPCAKES. Jk, kind of.

    Lauren says:

    I will run to feel ALIVE!

    Brook says:

    I will run to keep my heart beating fast and healthy!

    Brianna says:

    will run for a healthy lifestyle

    Mandy says:

    Will run for pizza and confidence!

    Hattie says:

    Will run for decompressing!

    Jill says:

    I run to release anxiety and stay fit!

    Allie K says:

    Acoustic Morning. Will run for cupcakes!

    Samantha Speake says:

    Spotify’s “Who Run The World? Girls” playlist is the best for a run (and for being productive at work). Who doesn’t want to listen to women being bosses while they’re pushing themselves to be better?

    Rem says:

    Will run for peace of mind and french fries.

    Jonnie says:

    Will run for the future body and health I can’t wait to have!

    Melanie says:

    Will run for personal strength!! =)

    faith says:

    I love the focus playlists by Spotify! My favorite is hip hop study break <3

    Audra says:

    Will run so that if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, I have a chance of not being the slowest person in the group 🙂

    coral says:

    Will run for me! I’m a part-time working, full-time caregiver to my kid, and exercise is something I do soley for myself!

    Jenna says:

    I LOVE Spotify’s Throwback Thursday playlist- changes every week. I run to get energy!

    Rosie says:

    Will run for donuts!

    Dana says:

    I love the Girls TV show soundtrack! Lots of stuff to discover there.

    Becky says:

    “will run for a clear mind.”
    that’s how i started running. my heart was “broken by a boy” and running was the only solution i could find that helped.

    happy running to you bri, team, and everyone else!


    p.s. i listen to my own r&b playlist while i run. good beats help me run better. 🙂

    NatalieDebbas says:

    Will run to feel and look better naked

    deborah says:

    will run for health and chocolate!

    Victoria says:

    Will run for personal clarity and longevity.

    will run for the rush of adrenaline after!

    Emily says:

    I run to calm my emotions!

    Staci says:

    Will run for fun with my sister!

    Anna says:

    Fun run playlist and will run for French fries and endorphins!

    Jenn Lee says:

    I love my my own playlist entitled Fall Walk and I will run for no more back pain and overall health.

    Melissa says:

    Will run for my heart!

    Kellye says:

    I run to the Spotify playlist “Energizing Classics”-it’s so fun. Thanks!

    Kristy E. says:

    Will run for health and dark chocolate!!!

    Aleta says:

    Run for … Peace of mind!

    Yehsong says:

    Will run for reducing my anxiety!

    Tiffany says:

    Will run for a health body!

    Mish says:

    Will run for me time!

    Courtney says:

    My favorite Spotify playlist is The Indie Mix! It always has great new indie music on it – and lots of songs are good for getting pumped, too!

    Stacy says:

    Will run for my health! Had no idea about the spotify running option – that’s so cool!

    Rachelle says:

    Will run for HEALTHY LIVING.

    Deanna says:

    Will run for peace of mind and fried food!

    Kallie says:

    Will run for showing my daughter a healthy lifestyle!

    Alesha says:

    Will run for MYSELF

    Lily says:

    will run for a good night’s sleep

    Jordan says:

    Will run for the feeling of accomplishment. When I can get myself out there and run, it always kickstarts a positive mood and I have a much more productive day.

    Kate says:

    The mid-tempo running playlist looks pretty similar to my own versions! I will run to feel empowered.

    Karla says:

    This giveaway is SO up my alley, thanks!
    *Will run for…the feeling after the run*

    WhitneyP says:

    Will run for overcoming personal obstacles.

    Martha T says:

    will run for clarity wherever whenever

    Simona says:

    Will run for camaraderie with my girlfriends and blowing off steam.

    Morgan says:

    My favorite Spotify playlist is Rock Solid Hits! So many good throwbacks and lots of energy to get me moving 🙂

    Paige P says:

    Will run for the confidence and the feeling of accomplishment! (I always have such a hard time getting going, but man, that feeling when you’ve finally done it- can’t beat it!!)

    Ellie says:

    Will run for a guilt free pizza party.

    Lauren says:

    will run to feel strong!

    Ellie says:

    will run for conquering restlessness!

    Megan H says:

    Will run for a healthy lifestyle and potato chips in moderation!

    Chloe says:

    Will run for a restful night’s sleep (and pasta)

    Lindsay says:

    giving me so many ideas for new playlists! will run for mental quiet.

    Annie says:

    Fave playlist to work out to

    Gigi B says:

    “Will run for…ME!”

    Amy says:

    Will run for upholding the responsibility to respect my body, my mind, my life and the people I share my life with.

    Abbey says:

    Will run for bacon and pizza

    Will run for cute puppies!!

    Fave Spotify playlists are the happy hipster and my discover weekly playlist because it’s ALWAYS on point.

    Colleen Boudreau says:

    Will run for pizza!

    emily says:

    will run for mental decompression

    Jael says:

    Will run for ice cream! Also, spotify’s running playlists, which are tailored to your pace, are LEGIT.

    Caitlin says:

    will run for strength and mobility! we are not getting any younger…

    Donna K says:

    Will run for health and happiness!

    Jocelyn says:

    Will run for self respect!

    Natalie Pulliam says:

    Fav Spotify playlist is Free People Soundtrack to the Perfect Wedding because there’s a song for every lovely emotion

    melissa says:

    Will run to overcome anxiety, depression, and low self esteem.

    Sallie says:

    The Happy Hipster or Happy Indie playlists get me through a run. They keep me occupied and incite run-dancing. Not sure how good that is for my form, but it’s damn good for the spirit.

    Brandi says:

    I made my own “work it” playlist on Spotify that i love and constantly add to, will run for wine!

    Stephanie says:

    My favorite spotify list is “Midsummer Mixtape” by Anthropologie On Rotation!

    shelby says:

    Will run for time to myself!

    Madi says:

    Will run for a longer life.

    cecily says:

    will run for freedom!

    Jazmin says:

    My favorite Spotify playlist is Runner’s High. So many to choose from though!

    Caitlin says:

    Will run for energy.

    Rachel Keaveny says:

    Will run for runner’s high/all day super energy!

    Jessica says:

    will run for FOOD! oh and a tight booty!

    Kathleen Hector says:

    I just discovered Spotify’s indie running playlist yesterday and was very impressed!

    Katherine says:

    Will run for those magical endorphins! (Love the Blissed out playlist, btw!) <3

    Tessa says:

    will run for peace of mind

    Rebecca says:

    Will run for a quiet mind and some time alone.

    Rachel Ake says:

    Thank you for actually being honest about how hard it is to start running. It’s a constant struggle for me and it’s only made harder when other people talk about how much they love running. Will run for guilt free food splurges and for my dog.

    Sahana says:

    will run for calf muscles and eating whatever i want!!!

    Jenn says:

    Will run for myself!

    Megan says:

    Will run for the enjoyment of not feeling guilty for eating what I want!

    deanna says:

    Will run for a HOT BOD on vacation.

    Will run for a long, healthy life! Being active and having good habits are very important for me as a person who is managing a lifelong chronic disease.

    Hayley says:

    Will run for the high!

    Nataly says:

    Will run for the ability to prove myself wrong. I CAN do it!

    Sara says:

    Will run for staying healthy despite bathing suit season being long gone 🙂

    Iva says:

    Will run for my better brain function. Sometimes I get great ideas while out and running, sometimes just the ability to better focus on the task at hand. Either way, a win. As a slow runner, I like the Acoustic Morning playlist.

    Ashley says:

    Will run for ice cream! yummm

    Danielle says:

    Will run for less stress. (I love the graphic element in these photos)

    Grace says:

    Will run for the way i feel after a good run.

    hayley says:

    will run for tacos (and a healthy heart :)! )

    Laura says:

    will run for margarita! (some chips & guac couldn’t hurt either)

    LaurenK says:

    Will run for love.

    *My wife loves to run, and begs me to do it with her for a fun couples activity.

    katie says:

    will run for sanity! (and my fave playlist is any sort of top 40 pop tunes. 🙂

    Nikol says:

    Will run for inner calm.

    These photos are so lovely!

    Leah Gray says:

    will run for feeling light and motivated!
    love this spotify feature!!

    Laura says:

    Will run for cupcakes!

    Rachel says:

    well. I will run for the feeling it gives me about myself!

    Stephanie says:

    Will run for almond butter-slathered toast!

    Caroline says:

    Will run for listening to new music

    Lacy says:

    I like Spotify’s Indie Workout playlist. I will run to clear my head, solve problems, and deal with my emotions.

    McKenzie says:

    I run for energy! I always feel energized when I run, more alive and awake. Music does play a huge role in energizing me!

    Meredith says:

    Will run for sweater weather! (Trying to stay healthy as the holidays approach)

    Joy says:

    Will run for runners’ legs! (I stopped running when I got pregnant–I’m 8 months along now–and I realize now that running does for my legs, especially upper thighs, what walking never can!)

    Grace says:

    Will run for no more SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in the winter! Helps keep things at bay. 🙂

    I just discovered Spotify’s “Daily Lift” playlist about two days ago and immediately added it to my sidebar. Love it. Some common, some unique, but all awesome!

    Also, I just “discovered” running about a week and a half ago, meaning that I started a beginner’s running weekly workout schedule. I’m actually really enjoying it! It allows me to slowly build up my cardio instead of killing myself and becoming demotivated. So:

    Will run for the feeling of strength and endurance.

    Its nice to know I CAN when I HAVEN’T for so long (or ever). 🙂

    Sammie Ellwood says:

    I’m seconding someone here, but WILL RUN FOR PIZZA! Oh, pizza, I’ll love you forever.

    Also, I love the feeling of breaking little PRs/achieving time goals while running. I’m slow and out of shape, but that one time I dipped below 30 minutes for a 5k, I felt like king of the world. Baby steps, people!

    Will run for love, of all kinds. And only with the Spotify playlist “Discoveries & Jams!”

    Clara says:

    Thanks for this post! WILL RUN FOR FINDING INSPIRATION. When it’s just me, music, the outdoors and my running shoes, i get to have the best brainstorm sessions! i return home feeling refreshed and motivated.

    Allison B says:

    I will run for keeping myself sane (and healthy)!

    Allyson says:

    Fav spotify playlist is Americana! And I will run for a forced off-screen break!

    Marilyn says:

    Will run for Wine!

    Samara says:

    Will run for a happy heart and mind!

    tish says:

    My favorite spotify playlist is Fit Bottomed Girls Run. I used to run for stress relief and fun. I actually enjoyed long runs. I’ve since had a kid and have to rebuild my gangster. So now I want to run so I can keep up with my kid!

    Rachel says:

    I will run for extra dessert!

    Jess Zimlich says:

    Will run for my sanity 🙂

    Isabelle says:

    Will run for that under booty 😉

    Diana says:

    Will run because exercising keeps me centered!

    I actually love listening to Power Workout
    because nothing makes me run harder than catchy rap

    Lisa says:

    Love Spotify!! Currently not able to get enough of Mexican Institute of Sound!

    Julia says:

    Will run for 30 minutes of alone time!

    Whitney says:

    I love the Spotify Discover Weekly playlists! It’s a playlist based on what you’ve listened to in the previous week. Great way to find new tunes.

    Khrystyne says:

    I love spotify! I recently ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in SF and my Fiancee made the best playlist for me to play during my run. Spotify has wonderful features, where he was able to add soundclips of my family and friends cheering me on! It was the best.

    But also, “Your Workout Remix | Pop Hits” by Spotify is a great motivator.

    Emily M says:

    Will run for my children, so I can keep up with them and to teach them to care and love their bodies.

    Jamee Sailor says:

    Will run to maintain a healthy weight my entire life!

    Corinne Mueller says:

    I will run to be strong. And because I love it.

    chanel says:

    will run for my dog, wyatt. he’s a husky mix and he loves running with me.

    allison says:

    I will run so i dont jiggle! i love the workout remix!

    Corina says:

    will run for my bum

    kira says:

    I love their custom ‘discover weekly’ playlists! And i will run for FOOD. always food.

    Jade says:

    Will run for peace of mind.

    Katie says:

    Will run for positive energy that stays with me for the rest of the day!

    Michelle says:

    Will run for endorphin rush & me time!

    Lauren Baptista says:

    Spotify kills it with the personalized “discovered weekly”. Always fun discovering new artists!

    Will run for donuts, candy corn, ice cream, basically any sweet treat!

    Alexa says:

    Ugh I am not a fan of running either, I’d rather do 10,000 crunches! I run to push myself and to set new goals!

    Alexa says:

    Will run to set new goals and push myself, while jamming to my own pop punk playlist on Spotify to get me motivated!

    Carmen L says:

    I love the Spotify Acoustic Covers playlist!

    Michelle P says:

    ^^ will run for pure bliss after a long work day. Love Spotify’s HIIT (High Intensity Tracks) playlist!

    Danielle says:

    Will run for great health!

    Kennis says:

    Spotify’s playlist Workout Twerkout 😉

    Rubie says:

    Will run for a long life to spend in happy healthiness!

    Rebecca says:

    Will run for stress relief!!!

    ak says:

    i looove spotify playlists! the top chats and indie brunch are a couple of my faves! i have tried the running feature too, but actually find that my own cheesy top 40 playlists motivate me a bit better! not an understatement to say spotify has changed my life!

    Crystal Yim says:

    Will run for my health!

    Carolina says:

    I will run to feel healthy and to be in peace with myself 😉

    Kaley says:

    Will run for energy & wine 🙂

    pam says:

    Will run for nothing, tried, not a runner, walk!

    Nicolette says:

    I will run for the cure! Race for the cure (for breast cancer) was always something we were involved with growing up because I went to an all girls school. Once my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, it became personally important.

    dana says:

    will run for reese peanut butter cup ice cream!!

    Kate says:

    Will run to help heartbreak heal.

    Jade says:

    Will run because I’m thankful my body is able too!

    Marla Burke says:

    Will run to cure my anxiety!

    *sunshine fixes everything!*

    Laura says:

    Will run for safety, otherwise, I do yoga. 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    will run to stay in shape and my favorite spotify playlist is the top country hits! the best1

    Maria McB says:

    Will run for digestive health. The struggle is real. 🙂

    Cheryl says:

    My favorite Spotify playlist is 80’s Jam Session.

    tanya metchkoff says:

    will run to stay in shape and my favorite spotify playlist is the top country hits! the best!

    alyse d says:

    Will run for cheese! All the cheese!

    Becky says:

    will run for peace of mind!

    Julie Wylie says:

    I am totally with you on this. I am actually in a very big rut right now & could really use some motivation to get healthy again. I recently told my husband that I’d like to get a Spotify premium membership to help get me in gear once we have the funds, but as time passes it just doesn’t look like it’s in our budget right now… so this is coming at the best time for me! Crossing my fingers so hard! My favorite Spotify playlist is one I created myself called “Cozy + Quiet” with a bunch of slower/moodier songs on it. Totally not the right fit for running or working out, but I love listening to it. I have been wanting to create a workout playlist specifically though! Top 40 songs are my guilty pleasure & great for running to.

    Will run for being able to fit into EVERYTHING in my closet!

    Hannah-Lee says:

    I will run for a Boston qualification! : )

    Kristina A says:

    In LOVE with the “Are & Be” playlist 🙂

    Amy says:

    Will run for mental clarity, good vibes and music with BASS! 🙂

    My go to running playlist is called “The Skinny”. Made by me, check it out…

    kristen says:

    this spotify feature is seriously cool! i will run for a happy body/ happy mind!

    allysen says:

    my favorite spotify run playlist – made by me, simply called “RUN”
    I will run for fitness!

    Abbie says:

    Will run for DONUTS!

    Shelby says:

    will run for the ideas that only pop into your head when you’re in the zone … and for guilt-free dessert.

    melissa anders says:

    I will run for a sexy set of hips. My body is on the petite side and I really don’t have those lovely curves most ladies are trying to downsize – unless, of course, I run. So yes, I actually would run for a bigger butt.

    Kate says:

    will run for FOOD!

    My favorite running playlist was one that I created for my first marathon called twentysix.two. It got me through all of my training runs and the Chicago Marathon.


    Carissa Leveille says:

    I will run for my sanity

    Jenny Qin says:

    Will run for guilt-free cake!

    Johanna Miller says:

    will run for stress relief, I love the pumpkin spice playlist on spotify!

    Kayla says:

    I will run for my overall wellbeing, also for nachos.

    Laura says:

    will run for strength, energy, and nice ass!

    barbara says:

    i have SO MANY favorite spotify playlists! but here’s one that’s super fun:

    Haley says:

    My favorite playlist is Deep Focus, it’s great for studying and the music isn’t boring either! I listen to it even when I’m not studying! Will run to get to class on time!

    Wesley says:

    Will run for BURRITOS!

    Teresa says:

    My favorite spotify playlist is Discover Weekly. I love that it doesn’t just discover new artists, sometimes it will remind me of awesome 90s music that I forgot about. I’ve been on an early Jewel kick lately thanks to that playlist. Thanks, Spotify!

    Alison says:

    Will run for C O F F E E ! Seriously, it’s great motivation when I’m on vacation to scope out a coffee shop within a good jogging distance, then hit the trails to get there. I work out and can order whatever I want guilt free once I’m there 🙂

    Laura says:

    Will run for Nachos!
    My favorite Spotify playlist is discover weekly because it caters to what you listen to all week!

    lindsey says:

    Will run for my health! And quality time outdoors. And nice buns.

    sandyhills says:

    I would have to say that my answer would be: chocolate pecan cookies

    Natalie says:

    Will run for ME. I feel so good when I take care of my body!

    Hillary says:

    Will run for piece of mind!

    Jennifer says:

    I love the “Most Beautiful Songs in the World” playlist. It’s from the UK. So great!

    Karissa says:

    Will run for pizza and beer

    Will run for that clean burn in my body the next morning.

    laura says:

    will run for the best views in LA!

    Amanda says:

    Will run for Pizza!!

    Sarah Beth says:

    Will run for that post-run feeling!

    will run to feel more energetic and present every day, especially as a first time mama!

    I love the Indie Run playlist!

    Sarah says:

    Will run to combat anxiety!

    Also, it’s “coincides” not “co-insides” 🙂

    Kacey says:

    Will run for … myself.

    Tiina says:

    Will run for mental clarity, balance, and stress relief.

    Molly Garvin says:

    Will run for a healthy body!!

    Kate says:

    Will run for my sanity… And the couch our Labrador will munch if he doesn’t get a workout.

    Lori says:

    Will run for stress relief.

    cara says:

    Will run for candy!

    Gotta earn that Halloween binge.

    Jaime says:

    Will run for getting in shape for my wedding next fall!

    Sarah says:

    Will run for beer (of course)!

    Will run for keeping my body healthy & feeling good!

    Emily says:

    Will run for delicious Chinese food! And my favorite Spotify playlist is Calming Evening.

    Katie says:

    Will run to feel powerful, confident, and beautiful!

    Laura says:

    Will run for a study break and self love

    LiZ says:


    Cassie says:

    will run for a good cause

    Paige says:

    Will run to clear my mind and relieve stress. My favourite playlist right now is “A Mellow Indie” I play it while I’m working.

    Alison says:

    Will run for whiskey! And ok, that amazing quiet mind at the end.

    Leslie says:

    Will run for self LOVE!<3

    Tamsen says:

    Will run for WINE and nice calves!

    Erin O'Mara says:

    Will run to keep my hands out of the cookie jar and my butt off the couch!

    Nathalie says:

    Will run to help my anxiety and feel good about myself.

    Will run for homemade ice cream!

    Alexis says:

    Will run for GIRL FRIEND TIME!

    Mary W says:

    I like my Spotify Radio stations. I listen to the Oh Hellos or Junior Brown; from Van Morrison to Pachabel to The Fray – a wide range of styles and artists that I can find on Spotify.

    Patricia Caradonna says:

    Will run daily to relieve the stress in my life.

    rosa says:

    Will run for Beyonce or Drake!

    Madeline Struve says:

    will run for wine 😉

    Keely says:

    Will run for fall and the pretty trees! Love when the leaves fall on me while running!! Right now BIG GRAMS (Phantogram + Big Boi)is my jam!

    alexis says:

    will run for sanity

    Leah says:

    Will run to relieve stress!

    Megan says:

    Will run for tacos 😉

    Lorra says:

    Will run for my health

    Lynn T. says:

    will run for gourmet treats!

    Sarah says:

    will run for toned calves and chocolate 🙂

    Michelle says:

    My favorite Spotify playlist is a tie between the Discover Weekly playlist (good for finding new bands =)) and Smart is the New Sexy, which is my go to work playlist. Love me some spotify!

    Kitti Todd says:

    I will run for my vizsla! <3

    Deborah says:

    Will run for better sleep.

    karly says:

    will run for all of the times i believed others when they said i wasn’t athletic.

    Liz says:

    Love the Indie Kick playlist! Will run for maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

    Kristie says:

    Will run for cake!! Girls gotta do!

    Susan P. says:

    I run to build up stamina for hiking trips.

    Taylor Smith says:

    Will run for self-confidence and strength! <3

    Michelle Abela says:

    Will run to prove I can to anything I work hard for. First marathon here I come!

    Abby says:

    Will run for the endorphin-fueled smiles and the satisfying soreness

    Kelley Hohl says:

    Will run for peace and quiet!

    R says:

    Will run for confidence! Very inspiring to read everybody’s responses.

    laura says:

    will run to keep my heart (and entire body) healthy!

    shannon says:

    will run for me. it’s my me-time.

    Kirsten says:

    Will run for my life. With physical therapy I am walking for longer periods so maybe running won’t seem such a far away dream after all.

    michaela says:

    I just started running regularly in August and there are so many reasons!

    Will run for beer and cheese! So I don’t worry as much about what I eat.

    Will run for another 59 years of marriage! We just celebrated our first anniversary and one of our goals was to get in shape so we can keep enjoying year after year together doing everything we want to do.

    Will run to improve my relationship with my body and appreciate what it does for me!

    Amy says:

    Will run for my own sanity! And to enjoy dessert.

    Also been listening to the Spotify cardio dance workout playlist.

    Sara Perez Ekanger says:

    Will run for “me time”. its the only time of the day that I will dedicate investing in bettering my body. Yay me 🙂

    Polina says:

    will run for a good night’s sleep!

    Elise says:

    ~*Will run for collegiate competition, tacos, tequila, and the frosting on cupcakes*~

    My favorite Spotifiy playlist is “Genre Bender.”

    Courtney says:

    Will run for all the food, especially desserts 😉

    Karina says:

    My favorite Spotify playlist to run to right now is “TGIF”
    Will run for a better tomorrow.

    Kathryn T. says:

    Will run for maintaining my health and keeping type 2 diabetes at bay!

    Stefanie says:

    will run for the sound of my feet pounding on the pavement

    Will run for a glass of wine and some really awesome cheese.

    Allison says:

    Will run for fastest mile. Great energy

    Alyssa says:

    Will run for the BEST nights sleep!

    erin e. says:

    will run for my health.

    Abbey says:

    Will run for all those good endorphins!

    Stephanie says:

    Will run to destress and desserts!


    erin says:

    will run for my countined health! 250 down!

    Rosie C. says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Alternative R&B playlist by Spotify. I’ve discovered new artists that have become favorites!

    Mindi says:

    Will run for cookies!

    Aida says:

    Will run to feel more agile and fit

    Morgan says:

    I love my Discovery Weekly because it gives me something new to run to every week! Will run for tacos!

    Brie says:

    Will run for a clear mind.

    Jo says:

    Will run if chased by a bear.

    But I tried mountain biking in Italy for the first tiiiiiime!!!! 😀

    Charmaine says:

    I really love the “Discover Weekly” playlists on Spotify, especially since they’re tailored to you and you get to find new artists that way!

    Amy says:

    Will run for president 2020!

    K says:

    Will run for life!

    Erin says:

    Will run for Ice Cream!

    Bri Taylor says:

    I love the discovery weekly playlist. Always great music to find. But i also will run for my health.

    Kristal Pardo says:

    Ultimate Pump Up playlist created by Spotify is amazing! Discovered it during FIFA last year!

    Roxanne says:

    Will run for the runners high.
    Will run for those that don’t have the ability.
    Will run for food.
    Will run for the ability to one day become a mom.
    Will run for the internal noise to quite in my mind.
    Will run for them runners legs.