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it’s been about two months since we’ve checked in with you about our healthy living posts! we are still keeping it up around here. after two weeks of family vacation and a nasty cold…i’m back at it.



joanie: sometimes while i’m working out i think, am i really going to do this consistently for the rest of my life? that seems like a long time. but the truth is, once you make it part of your routine it’s hard to get away from it and i actually sort of miss it when i haven’t had a good sweat in a few days. for me, i’ve shifted my workouts away from taking classes and focused more on accessible workout that i can either do in my living room or at a nearby park. i realized that i was spending so much time driving to and from class, finding parking, getting there 5 minutes early, etc that my work outs were taking up a solid 2 hours of my day. i’ve started using the workout guide by and so far so good. i had to purchase a set of weights and a jump rope but that’s about it. i really like the fact that her workouts are broken down into four 7 minute circuits, and they really are challenging. i am not doing her food guide, just the workout portion so i’ll report back in a few weeks to let you know how it’s going.

bri: i still work out 2-3 days a week, which is less than before but more reasonable for me. i just couldn’t keep a social life, a work life and workout as much as i was before. but now i look forward to my workouts more and feel better balanced.

we’re still dancing (it’s cool how your mind gets better at learning dance moves when you do it all the time) i still look pretty foolish, but it’s FUN. maybe i’ll periscope it someday. joanie wants me to start working out with her in the park…but she’s scary haha. burpees are in my near future i think. i’ll let you know how it goes!



joanie: for most of the past month or so it has been uncomfortably hot in los angeles. and the heat always impacts what i like to eat. it has been a lot more smoothies, (my favorite is watermelon, greek yogurt and frozen strawberries) and lighter dishes, like spring rolls and salads. i’ve been obsessed with tomatoes lately and finding a way to incorporate them into everything. i’ve also been buying this dairy free  from the farmer’s market and put it on eggs, toast, tomatoes, brown rice, basically everything, it’s so good.

bri: i would say the biggest thing i’m doing is portion control. once you can get ahold of the amounts you are eating, your body adjusts to it and it becomes easier. (and believe me, i’ve gone through phases where i would eat two huge servings of pasta on a stressful day. easily. with bread.) i really don’t think the counting calories thing was working for me at the end of the day. you just have to follow how you feel, do your best, and try not to overindulge.

but it’s fall/the holidays coming up, which is usually my DOWNWARD SPIRAL of eating, drinking and lounging. i’d like to try to change that this year. i’ve been feeling so much better in my clothes and i need to remember that.

i’ve been eating a lot of steak, chicken or fish for dinner with a simple salad and a sweet potato. it’s been on repeat lately. i’ve also been trying to watch my sodium (saltaholic over here) so i just use frank’s hot sauce on everything. it’s my favorite.



joanie:  shifting my workouts to be more accessible has been a really nice change for me. before, i was working out really early in the morning so i was super tired at night and missing out on evening activities or spending time with my husband. we’d turn on a movie and i’d be asleep in 10 minutes, or i’d avoid making evening plans if i knew i had to get up early which for me was not a sustainable way to live my life. the change has been really nice, i still miss how classes push me and make me stick it out but i really enjoy being totally done working out in an hour. i still go to a class or two a week and plan to not cut them out all together.

bri: you know how they say when you’re not so focused on something, that’s when it happens? (boyfriends, weight loss, jobs) well, before i was eating crazy healthy, working out constantly, weighing myself, and thinking about it all the time…and now i eat moderately, work out less and don’t weigh myself. and i lost 5 more pounds when i checked the other day! how is that possible!?

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    Inma says:

    Just this morning I saw a photo Bri posted on Instagram and thought she looked AMAZING and wondered if you guys were still doing your fitness kick! Great to hear on progress and that you are both still loving it and feeling great! Sometimes we need to really focus on something new to make it part of our routine, and when we see the benefits it brings it kind of becomes second nature and we do it more instinctively and keep seeing results. I love these posts and find them super inspiring, so please keep them coming! Lots of love and Happy Friday!

    Inma x

    Mia says:

    Please do let us know how you are liking the Kayla Itsines guides! I’ve been following her on Instagram and the Before & Afters are incredible! I’m very interested to know how they are working for you, Joanie!

    Kristina D. says:

    I would love to see a post where the two of you modify a classic holiday treat into something a little healthier and blog about it, takes photos of the process etc. I enjoy reading these health related posts. Keep it up girls xoxo

    Samantha says:

    My best friend and I have done the Kayla guides for 20 weeks now and are both obsessed. I wish I could say it gets easier and I’m not as sore as I was when we first started but it’s still challenging and kicks my butt every time (in a good way!). I’ve never done any other workout that changed my body as much as Kayla’s and I’ve done hot yoga, running, boot camp, etc.

    Tessa Gibbs says:

    DUDE, you featured my insta pic!! Thanks girl <3

    Alex says:

    those Eggs look really delicious i must try them!!

    leanne says:

    I’ve definitely followed a similar path Joanie; I used to go to the gym 6 days a week! Now I go maybe twice. I’ve done both of Kayla’s guides, twice through, and got some noticeable results. This week is my last week of Amanda Bisk’s (another gorgeous Aussie girl) 12 week workout. Which is another one of those easy to do at home/in the park guides. I was recently in Europe for 3 weeks and I took the guide with me… Now I just need to find something else 🙂

    That’s so cute. I just recently stumbled upon your blog, but I just binge read some articles on your site. I get asked quite often about healthy living tips from my own blog’s readers. I will tell them your blog. Thank you

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