win a wall hanging! | designlovefest

this week you can win a handwoven tapestry by robyn king! her wall hangings are all so unique.

tapestry giveaway | designlovefest
tapestry giveaway | designlovefest

for all the LA locals, she is debuting her collection of hand woven textiles at DOTTER in highland park on september 12, from 6-10pm if you want to stop by for an evening of art, music, drinks and shopping.
tapestry giveaway | designlovefest
tapestry giveaway | designlovefest

i think this blue moon one is really cool. which one would you choose if you won? click through below to enter! 

tapestry giveaway | designlovefest
tapestry giveaway | designlovefest

photos by: lauren moore


here’s how to win…

1) visit the robyn king site and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite products!

one winner will receive a tapestry of their choice. the winner will be chosen on september 9th at 10am PST. open to international readers!


Add your own

    Sarah Fulton says:

    I would hang any of these in my home! In particular today, I’m drawn to emerald and sunset. Thank you for sharing!

    Helen says:

    Love them all but black and white is always a favourite

    caroline says:

    oh man this one for sure!


    in our rv we changed out our mirrored closet doors for plywood and this would look so good with the plywood/gray linen look we have going on. a little pink never hurt anyone 😉

    Mary G says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the color and patterns of the Sunset and Red & Indigo Diamond.



    olivia says:

    My next project is getting some art up on the walls of our house. This would work so nicely in our bedroom http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/red-indigo-diamond

    molly says:

    Wish I could be there next week to see these all in person! Regardless, blue moon (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/blue-moon) and sunset are amazing (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/vj6czpuvz0put6f3wzndefo3xswkej). Thanks for sharing!

    Anne-Lise says:

    What a lovely way to discover an artist!

    My favorites of her tapestries are these ones :



    Kelly Ann says:

    Love the Black & White Texture. Beautiful!

    Sarah says:

    These are beautiful. I particularly love the black and white texture!

    rachael says:

    i’m really into the “sunset” weaving! i’d love to have it for my wall!

    caroline says:

    these are so COOL. love the black & white texture weaving.


    Samara says:

    So cool! This Black & White Angle tapestry is my favorite: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-angle-2

    Alex says:

    I love these! I like all of them for different reasons, but i would probably choose Madder & Marigold or Black & White Angle #2.

    Meredith says:

    Love the simplicity of the Black & White Angle #2 – perfect piece of art!


    Chelsea says:

    So pretty! Robyn King Studio is very talented. I would LOVE to hang any of these on my walls but I especially like the Tassel Weaving [http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/tassel-weaving-1].

    Rachel Keaveny says:

    I would love to hang the black and white texture piece above my bed!


    Emily says:

    Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of her before.
    Love the red and indigo diamond: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/red-indigo-diamond

    Emma says:

    The Sunset Tapestry is my absolute favorite. The colors are soothing and the shapes are beautiful. http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/vj6czpuvz0put6f3wzndefo3xswkej

    Katie says:

    I love the red and indigo diamond piece for in my office 🙂

    Scout says:

    Pick me! Oh my gosh, I love weaving. This one is fantastic! http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture

    Sarah says:

    The black and white texture weaving is calming chaos. http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture

    Anika says:

    I am obsessed wit the BLACK & WHITE TEXTURE tapestry piece! It’s lush and so versatile!


    Rachel says:

    The black and white angle is stunning – would so love to win it!


    McKenna says:

    The angled tapestry could go with so much and would look great in my minimalist style room! So in love right now

    Caitlin says:

    ‘black and white texture’ is EVERYTHING!

    Laura says:

    I’m in love with the simplicity of this one:
    Its beautiful, elegant and would love to win one for my apartment!

    Gabi says:

    these are so beautiful! my favorite is the black and white texture: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture

    eliza says:

    i’ve been on the hunt for a wall hanging like Robyn’s for months now! it’s perfect to add some texture and interest to a wall collage. these are my favs!




    Beverly says:

    Love these! Especially the blue moon!

    Amanda says:

    The tassel wrap is gorgeous and funky all at the same time: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/tassel-weaving

    Hope B. says:

    I know a lot of hard work goes into these art pieces-great idea-lovely,all. Love this one for the simplicity:
    Thank you.

    Love these! Especially fond of the shapes and colors on Blue Moon: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/blue-moon.

    Kara says:

    So hard to pick favorites, but I think Blue Moon (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/blue-moon) and Red & Indigo Diamond (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/red-indigo-diamond) are topping my list.

    Kimberly R says:

    The designs are all unique and interesting in their own way but I love the red and indigo diamond.

    Korin A. says:

    oooh. I love the tassels – I think this one is my favorite: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/tassel-weaving-1

    But it also could be this one: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/tassel-weaving

    I can’t decide yet. . . . fun.

    Mollie says:

    Love the three above the bed! And Emerald.

    dominique says:

    Loving the contrast in texture in Black & White Angle #1!

    Sarah Monet says:

    I love the simple design of Black & White Angles #1 – it looks very chic.

    Nasseme & Jason says:

    Love them all ! But the texture is this sweet piece is calling me. http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture

    Emily says:

    Love the colors in Madder & Marigold

    Michelle says:

    i totally love the Sunset, so light and airy. would be a perfect thing to brighten up your space any season, but especially a cold winter 🙂


    Nicole says:

    All of the pieces are beautiful and unique! But if I had to pick one, I would say I am especially drawn to this one! http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/vj6czpuvz0put6f3wzndefo3xswkej

    Anne says:

    I’m really drawn to the Sunset tapestry, so light and airy!


    LaurenK says:

    I LOVE the black and white Angle #2!

    Amber says:

    Beautiful! Desert Moon is the one that’s calling me: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/desert-moon

    Maria Lechuga says:

    Handmade is usually super beautiful, and this is no excepetion. I specially think that the Black and white texture is truly amazing

    ashton c. says:

    My favorites today are Arrow Weaving and Red & Indigo Diamond. – would love to have one in my room!

    Kayla says:

    A tapestry would be the perfect addition to my growing gallery wall. This in particular: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture

    Amy says:

    My whole house is black and white and last year I started tapestry collecting to add some warmth and texture to my walls. I love the black and white series, especially angle #2!

    Diana Guerguieva says:

    I was never sure about getting a tapestry piece, but I love these, whimsical and not overwhelming for a first-timer. These are my favourites, http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/tassel-weaving-1

    Maggie says:

    Arrow Weaving and Blue Moon would both look so great in my apartment!

    Erin Lee says:

    Absolutely in love with the Black & White Angle tapestry, but it was a tough choice! Miss Robyn King no doubt has talent and beautiful taste.


    Hanna says:

    I can’t pick a favorite, but this one is beautiful! http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/tassel-weaving

    Ashley says:

    I’m loving the Arrow Weaving piece!

    Mallory says:

    I’m obsessed with the black and white texture!
    Thank you for doing such a lovely giveaway!

    Chrissie D says:

    My favorite is Sunset. I love the texture and color choices.
    But I also like Black & White Angle #2. It reminds me of a cloud coming in over the mountain.

    Melissa says:

    I would love to hang this black & white one on my wall. My grandma recently passed away and always wanted me to enjoy her house, so we will be moving in soon. I could see her enjoying this one on her wall as well 🙂


    Amelia says:

    my fave is Black & White Angle #2. but they are all super nice!

    anne cuddy says:

    I really love the black and white texture tapestry! So special.


    Alyssa says:

    I love the simplicity of her work, but my most favorites are the black and white angles.

    Katie M. says:

    I love all the beautiful details in Madder & Marigold. Would be delighted to hang any of these in my home!

    Virginia says:

    Hmmm, Black & White Angle #1 and #2 would look great as a pair. Love them!

    megan says:

    um, i want to hang ALL of these on my wall. the little black and white textured hanging has to be my favorite.


    Bella Reyes says:

    These would look great on my blank space on my wall!


    I LOVE the textures in this Black & White Angle one.

    Aubrey says:

    I absolutely love this one, even though it was hard to choose!! I am moving soon and have been looking for beautiful decorations and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Sahana says:

    ooh i think the madder and marigold or the sunset would be right for me. Be perfect for my new room in my apartment!

    Dani says:

    Beautiful work from this amazing artist.
    I really love piece

    Maria Miller says:

    Just had a baby girl on July 31st – the blue moon!
    So my choice would be easy 😉

    wow, all of these pieces are so amazing. I’m drawn to both the black and white angle #1 (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-angel) and black and white angle #2. (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-angle-2)

    Everything on your website is simply stunning.

    alic says:

    Love the blue moon

    Meghan says:

    Would have to choose the tassel weaving – reminds me of a rothko

    Laura says:

    love the tassel weaving! great colors!

    Tessa Gibbs says:

    I love them all but especially http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/tassel-weaving-1

    I just moved into my new apartment and despitely need some wall love!

    Stephanie Jensen says:

    Black and White Angel #1 is my pick – classic color combination.


    Kathleen says:

    In LOVE with these beautiful, versatile works of art. Black and whit angle #2 is my favorite!

    Nora says:

    Love the emerald weaving. Thanks for the chance!

    Christa says:

    I love the weaving revival. I want them all, but the sunset one is my favorite.

    Brittney Robyn says:

    Black & White Angle #2 is an absolute beauty! Love it! (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-angle-2)

    chloe says:

    Sunset! Every single piece is so pretty but that one really speaks to me.

    Erin says:

    I love the Blue Moon and Sunset tapestry. Really beautiful work.

    janet chang says:

    Love the Black & White Texture. Beautiful!

    Ashley Horowitz says:

    I absolutely love these weavings!! The Sunset and Black & White Texture are stunning!!!!

    Erica says:

    I really want them all, but if I had to choose I would pick the Sunset.

    Peggy says:

    Love her designs!! The colours of the Madder & Marigold (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/madder-marigold) would be a beautiful way to brighten up my white/neutral bedroom space! I also love the simplicity of “Sunset” (http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/vj6czpuvz0put6f3wzndefo3xswkej), beautiful accent tones there. Cheers!

    ali says:

    Blue moon is my favorite

    Lorelei says:

    Emerald is my favorite–but they are all amazing!


    claire says:

    that Madder & Marigold and Tassel Weaving are my fav’s! can’t pick just one. want, need!

    Tessa says:

    I think Madder and Marigold is my favorite, though I like the color blocked Tassel Weaving too. I’m teaching weaving as my next lesson to my middle school art students so it would be awesome to bring this in to show!

    sarah says:

    they’re all so beautiful, but blue moon is my favorite too! i think the moon/sunset weavings are all beautiful though. it would look wonderful with desert moon, sunset, and blue moon in a row.


    Elisa Panjang says:

    I love this one http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/blue-moon
    Perfect for my bedroom.

    Raine says:

    This us my favorite:http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/tassel-weaving-1
    I also love the Blue Moon (I can only paste one link per comment on my phone ). What a wonderful chance, I can honestly say t h at I love each of them!

    Roisin says:

    This is such a great giveaway! I just love Robyn King’s tapestries – they’re all so beauty. If lucky enough to win, my favourite is Sunset – so simple yet effective 🙂


    Wendy says:

    Gorgeous giveaway and I had such a hard time choosing, but my fave would be http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-angel. Thanks a lot for this beautiful giveaway!

    Yvonne Tabaracci says:

    Love them all. But this is cool Red and Indigo Diamond!

    Also love the blue moon.

    Marissa says:

    I love the black and white texture weaving!

    Anonymous says:

    I really like the Madder & Marigold – http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/madder-marigold

    Jason says:

    I really like the Madder & Marigold – http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/madder-marigold

    Forot to add my name and email to my last comment?!

    Vanessa says:

    I love the black and white texture piece!

    Jen O. says:

    I am digging the black and white texture – http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture and the black and white angle 1 – http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-angel

    Would look great hanging in my living room!

    hayley says:

    The “Sunset” piece is definitely my favorite. It would look great in my studio apartment!

    Simone says:

    Thanks for this give-away! My favorite’s the black and white texture: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture
    So beautiful!!

    Katie says:

    This is definitely my fave. Modern but neutral to last through all sorts of design trend changes.


    Andi W. says:

    Wow! What a tough decision. Each one would look beautiful in my home. But, since I must choose, these two are my favorites…

    Jennifer G says:

    Fab work – love the one I’ve linked to http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-angle-2 – it is definitely the mountain that sits at my back doorstep, check it out here: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/[email protected]/14366552278/

    Luci says:

    I live sunset but I think black and white texture would be my first pick http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture its gorgeous!

    Kim Pirring says:

    All super cute designs with that free people/bohemian feel. Sunset pattern is my favorite.

    coral says:

    this one is my favorite – the rich color makes it stand out in the weaving crowd.

    Yoshiko Yeto says:

    Red, Indigo, and diamond is so dreamy!


    thomas rusinak says:

    red and indigo diamond

    Trudy Chin says:

    Eeeeee! The sunset pattern would fit so lovely in my home! All are so beautiful, I’m in love! http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/vj6czpuvz0put6f3wzndefo3xswkej

    Sarah says:

    Love the Madder and Marigold! One of my favorite color combos!

    Lauren says:

    I would definitely hang any one of these in my home! I think my favorite is the black and white texture waving.


    Amanda says:

    I love so many of these! I am particularly drawn to the Black and White Texture! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    Ayelet says:

    This is so nice. love the geometric shapes

    noel says:

    love these! madder and marigold is my favorite.

    Clara says:

    My favorite one is the Red & Indigo Diamond!

    Catherine says:

    They’re all beautiful! Love the Black and White Texture one: http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture

    Shannon says:

    Stunning stuff. My favorites have to be the Tassel Weavings and the Madder & Marigold! http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/madder-marigold

    Grace says:

    I love these! My favorite would have to be the red & indigo diamond : http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/red-indigo-diamond

    shirley MacDonald says:

    madder and marigold is my favorite but i love all her work She is a great artist

    kelli says:

    my favorite is definitely the emerald design:

    Love her stuff! Beautiful. Favourite would be Black White Texture… http://www.robynkingstudio.com/shop/black-white-texture

    Kim says:

    A little bit scruffy but very endearing…something I aim for in life!!


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