jewelry giveaway!

enter to win FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS at ! each piece is handmade from mainly recycled metals (like brass, silver and copper) and unique gemstones. i personally love the watermelon tourmaline ring. such a pretty color!

win $500 to spend on jewelry | designlovefest
jewelry giveaway | designlovefest

i love this brass tube look. what would you choose if you won? pick from rings, necklaces, cuffs and earrings. they have so many pretty pieces… something for every style! be sure to comment below with your favorites!

necklaces giveaway | designlovefest
jewelry giveaway | designlovefest
win $500 to spend on jewelry | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) visit the  and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite products!

one winner will receive $500 to spend on jewelry. the winner will be chosen on september 23rd at 10am PST. use the coupon code DESIGNLOVEFEST10 for 10% off through september 2016. open to international readers!


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    Holly Wells says:

    Also, I have dress your tech stuff on my phone and computer-ALWAYS! Love it!

    Chloé says:

    Wow, love their jewels, especially this one:

    Lisa says:

    My favorites ! (one of each)
    – the Aura ring

    – the Mini Trilogy necklace

    – the great Single Tube studs

    – and the lovely Overlap ring

    Isabelle says:

    I loooove this ring! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Pernille Petersen says:

    Oops, here’s the link:

    Caroline says:

    OMG I love everything but especially this one

    lea says:

    these are gorgeous!

    Kristiana says:

    Everything is so beautiful, but I really like this ring –

    Tracy says:

    Awesome stuff, I like the earrings

    Madeline says:

    I love this necklace!

    olivia says:

    It’s all so pretty, but this ring caught my eye:

    Adeline says:

    Thanks for the discovery !! They’re so nice

    My favorite :

    Have a nice day 🙂

    renata says:

    this floating hematite ring deeply interests me…

    Heather says:

    I love the TRINITY STUDS – look like mini Dan Flavins for your ear!

    J. says:

    Hi Bri, thank you for hosting this giveaway. There are lots of designs from Adriatic I really like. Love the simplicity and minimalistic look there are going for, and it’s a great accessories that could match any outfits. My top faviousrit pieces would be these:

    Erica says:

    Oh I love almost everything on the site! That said I think that the floating hematitie and solara rings are amazing. I also really love the luna necklace in onyx. Such beautiful things. What a lovely giveaway!

    Karissa says:

    I love this Mini Trilogy Necklace 🙂

    Lindsey says:

    I NEED this. Plus sapphire is my birth stone and it’s my birth month.

    Sonja says:

    The kite cut blue topaz is absolutely stunning.

    Chandra says:

    Such pretty rings! Love this one:

    Rebecca says:

    I really like the simple modern shapes of this jewelry line. Aura ring is my favorite!

    Jane says:

    Now that I’ve seen this magnificent creation, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot live without it. Where has this glorious delight been all my life?! Thank you so much for this great offer and for introducing me to my new favorite jewelry sight!

    Jane says:

    For some reason the url didn’t attach. So sorry. Please forgive me!

    Isabel says:

    This ring is incredible!!

    Isabel says:

    This ring is incredible!!

    Lindsay-Jean says:

    I love so many of the rings, like this one: ,

    Leah says:

    This one is definitely my favorite:

    Audrey says:

    Oh! The nice thing in here!!

    Heather says:

    This necklace is nice!

    Antje says:

    I have only recently rediscovered what jewellery can do for my outfit. I really like the silver Cruz necklace:

    shiran berry says:

    Hi! Me and my partner are getting married in a few months, and this is THE PERFECT wedding ring I could have found. She will love it.. me too, but she’ll love it even more. Please help me get it! Thankyou 🙂

    Amanda says:

    The sphere midi rings!

    Perrin says:

    Love this ring!

    Marina says:

    Loooove those ones :
    <3 <3 <3

    Melissa F. says:

    I love the Mini V ring and the double chevron ring!

    Allison says:

    I’m digging the aura ring and the white sapphire cruz necklace

    Misty Milliron-Grant says:

    Love the Cruz Necklace:

    Anonymous says:

    I love these

    Clare says:

    I love the onyx cruz necklace and the single tube studs

    Cristina says:

    Fave ring:
    Fave necklace:
    Fave earrings:


    Cecilia says:

    I love the crescent ring

    and the mini solara

    Εvanthia says:

    Oh, what a great giveaway!!! I love jewllery! My favourite are:

    (Oh,I so much love rings!)

    oh, and this ring!

    .. and this one!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Crystal says:

    I love this piece!

    Holly says:

    Blowing it all on the Solara ring!

    Katie K. says:

    I love all their rings!

    caroline w says:

    the aura ring for me please!

    deborah says:

    beautiful! i love the kite cut blue topaz :

    Afiya says:

    I am in LOVE with this jewelry line!
    My favourite items are

    and this gorgeous piece,

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

    Annie says:

    Lovely! I like the crescent stone ring in onyx 🙂

    Zoë says:

    I’m in love with the yellow gold Gabriela ring. Really, I want everything!

    ingrid says:

    so many pretties! I need this entire set:

    TRACY says:

    Love everything but these two are my favorites:

    Kaylin says:

    LOVE all of this!!

    Brittney Hippensteel says:

    I think I might die if I get proposed to with the Stella Ring XL


    Abby says:

    This is really great:

    Tracey says:

    This trilogy cuff is amazing:

    The tiered pipe ring is also beautiful!

    Jamie says:

    The Aria ring in Onyx is everything.

    These are so unique! I love them!

    Jamie says:

    I am in love with the Empire necklace.

    Ashley Anne says:

    love this ring!!

    Angie M. says:

    All of the jewelry is so beautiful! I love this ring!

    Julie says:

    Absolutely love this ring!!

    Kristi says:

    i love love love the SPIDERWEB TURQUOISE CUFF

    Katie says:

    Very pretty!

    Kelly says:

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Very much into this ring!:

    Juli says:

    I love this:

    hannah says:

    i love the aria ring in onyx!!!

    Rumi says:

    thanks for the giveaway! This is my favorite piece:

    lisa says:

    Considering my wedding band got crushed in a doorway, it would be wonderful to have a ring back on my finger! This one is beautiful!

    Karen says:

    This necklace is gorgeous — definitely my favorite!

    Jennifer says:

    Love it!!!

    Kat Scott says:

    Yes please! I want all of these!

    Meegan says:

    I love the Kite Cut Blue Topaz ring!

    Jessica says:

    Ahhhhh, this is THE coolest giveaway!!!!!!!!

    Love the single tube studs:

    And the kite cut blue topaz:

    And the venus necklace onyx:

    This one is my favorite! <3

    Esmeralda says:

    I love the ‘raw’ look of all their jewelry! My favorite was definitely the Cruz Onyx Trillion Ring:

    Gillian says:

    Love Love Love all the stones.

    But the Crecent stone ring is BEAUTIFUL.

    Please please pick me!

    samae says:

    Lots of great options. I really love the Overlap ring, and its just $45!

    And, this bracelet!

    Carli Garsow says:

    I love this ring!

    Also this necklace:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Elisabeth says:

    So many pretty things!!

    Amelie says:

    I love the rings so much, but particularly the phoenix ring white! It’s a perfect combination of elegance and yet majestic; it pretty much lives up to its name 🙂

    Love how sharp this Cruz Necklace in Onyx is!

    beka says:

    love this:

    Lindsey says:

    I really love the gabriela ring () and the rose gold leaf band (). So elegant!

    Nadia Salvatori says:

    THESE, please!

    Christine Kim says:

    Thanks for this chance to browse through some awesome products! My favorites are the costume jewelry rings, such as the Square Turquoise Ring and Blue Topaz Crescent Ring.

    Marni says:

    The stella ring is so boss!

    Irene says:

    I love the crescent stone ring! Everything is gorgeous!

    s.montgomery says:

    This ring and necklace would become daily staples I’m sure!!!

    Tran Nguyen says:

    I love all the dainty rings and delicate neckalces! My favorite is probably the floating hematite ring.. but i loved everything!

    Emily says:

    ah! everything?! / the kite cut blue topaz is love.

    Laura Green says:

    I love this necklace

    and this ring!

    gabrielle says:

    i love the crescent stone necklace! but everything is beautiful 🙂

    Loren says:

    Love this guy:

    Asha says:

    I love the mini trilogy necklace and the leaf wedding band in 14K yellow gold! I love the minimalism.

    Oh dear, what have you done Bri… I would love to have any of these rings but these are my favs:

    This one is by far the my favourite:

    Keeping this site in mind for engagement rings… that may be on the horizon and I love unique pieces!

    Jaline says:

    They’re all so beautiful! What a great giveaway! I’m happy it’s for international readers too. 🙂 I’m in love with the crescent stone necklace onyx and the cruz necklace white sapphire. Amazing.

    Kristin says:

    I love them all, but especially this one:

    Cass says:

    I am earring deficient – never seem to find the perfect ones. These look close. . And the aura ring – wow.

    It’s all beautiful.

    Diana Guerguieva says:

    I love the crescent onyx and gabriela rings!

    Heather says:

    I really love the shape and colouring of the CRESCENT STONE RING ONYX.
    The other pieces are all really great and unique too.

    Beverly says:

    I LOVE these rings! The stella especially!

    Meghan Moorlach says:

    I love the Aria Ring in Onyx!

    Jenni M. says:

    BEAUTIFUL collection! I love love love the Aura Ring!

    Alicia says:

    The Solara Onyx Necklace is pure PERFECTION!!!!

    Mon says:

    The Yellow Gold Leaf Hoops are gorgeous!

    I also loved the watermelon tourmaline ring

    This is a great collection!

    Michelle says:

    I love the LUNA NECKLACE ONYX…it reminds me of a grown-up horseshoe pendant 🙂

    Laura says:

    Oh I love this company’s jewelry!

    Carlotta says:

    Love the double tube cuff

    Carissa says:

    I just lost my favorite ring when it fell off my finger and his would be PERFECT to replace it!!

    Rachel says:

    So many lovely things! Here are my top 3.

    carly G says:

    I love the Solara Ring and the Lattea Necklace Onyx.

    Erin says:

    Such pretty things!

    Michelle says:

    Wow. so. much. beauty. But my fave is the Solara ring – it’s what dreams are made of! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    Erin says:

    I like this one:

    Audrey R says:

    Love the Aria Ring Onyx, Crescent ring, and Overlap ring!

    Sarah Byrd says:

    I love these rings! lines and triangles and beautiful stones. so pretty!

    and these sweet necklaces!

    Laura says:

    I love that Aria onyx ring!

    Sophia Castano says:

    This necklace is gorgeous!

    Julie says:

    I’m feeling the tiered pipe ring in brass,the claw set watermelon tourmaline ring and the mini trilogy necklace.

    Emily Matesi says:

    Love the Gabriela Ring! So simple and sophisticated

    Emily K says:

    I really like the Gabriella ring.

    Emily says:

    Love the Luna necklace onyx

    Or the Cruz necklace white sapphire

    Meredith says:

    It’s SO hard to pick a favorite, but I love the Gabriela Ring! Just so gorgeous and simple!

    Katie says:

    Such beautiful jewelry!!! I love the two items below, but the ring is my fav 🙂

    Laura says:

    love the geometric shapes of all this jewelry! my faves are the overlap ring:
    and the cruz necklace onyx:

    Rio says:

    This ring is absolutely stunning. I love the unique white sapphire.

    Lori Langberg says:

    Love the skinny leaf band!

    emily says:

    Love these abstract hoops!

    joabbs says:

    ADORE the stylish simplicity of the Overlap Ring

    AND also the romance of the Gabriela Ring

    Irina says:

    love this one:

    Jane says:

    These are all so cute and statement pieces.

    chelsey says:

    love it all!

    Shana says:

    These are a few of my favorite things (yes, I’m singing this):

    Jennifer Kelley says:

    I love the aura ring and the mini v !

    nora says:

    I absolutely love the aria ring onyx!

    ceamea says:

    Love love love these!

    The leaf designs are stellar…..

    Svetlana says:

    Beautiful pieces.
    I love this ring:

    Julie says:

    I love the crescent stone ring and $500 would just about cover it!

    4 eyed LA says:

    Love, love, love the overlap ring in gold.

    kristina m says:

    this ring and this necklace! gorgeous!

    Madison says:

    LOVE the Solara ring! XO

    Madison says:

    Love the Solara Ring! XO

    Rocío says:

    love them!

    Ariel says:

    It’s so hard to choose but I think these 2 are my favorites:

    kat says:

    love the kite cut blue topaz ring and the luna necklace in onyx or white topaz! they’re all so pretty!

    ali says:

    Love this one.

    Allie K says:

    Love the overlap ring!

    Korin A. says:

    This one this one for me please:

    Colleen Clark says:

    that kit cut topaz ring is totally dreamy! And this white sapphire necklace is beautiful

    Monica says:

    Love the necklaces, especially the Venus and Cruz with white sapphires.

    Cheryl says:

    My favorite products are the Double Chevron Handmade Ring and Silver sphere stacking rings.

    Nasseme says:

    I’m always striving to cover my fingers in beautiful handmade rings !

    Lydia says:

    I am a huge fan of this up and coming brand! I really love the watermelon tourmaline ring! The Gabriela Ring is so beautiful, really PERFECT for an alternative bride. Unique and elegant rose color. dreamy

    Ashley says:

    I love this:

    Sarah says:


    Maggie says:

    I love onyx and these two rings are my favorites!

    Wendy McConnell says:

    I love this ring! It’s amazing!!!

    Kathleen says:

    The floating hematite ring is my favorite, it’s so beautiful and unique!

    Obsessed with the Kite Cut Blue Topaz!

    Nini says:

    omg yes please!!! My favorites is the Stella ring:

    I am a huge sucker for a good cuff! I love the simplicity of the Skinny Tusk Cuff.

    Amelia says:

    wow, the aria ring onyx is sooooo beautiful!!

    M says:

    The gabriela ring is soo perfect !!

    Hi! What a fabulous design, this is my favourite necklace:
    Thank you!

    Christine says:

    Love the mini V ring. I’ve been adoring simple gold rings lately, and this one is the perfect blend of minimal yet interesting.

    Amy W says:

    In love with the Solara Ring! –

    Clare says:

    Love the three link band:

    And love it styled with the solara ring.
    This is such a generous giveaway!

    Liz says:

    The Kite Cut Topaz Ring is my favorite, but they are all just amazing!

    Nicole says:

    My favorite’s the simple Crescent Ring:

    Briana says:

    These two are my absolute favorites on the site. Out of my budget but so gorgeous!

    Chloe says:

    Wowwee I like the Sunrise Ring [https://adriaticjewelry.com/product/sunrise-ring/] and the Empire Necklace.

    Chloe says:

    Whoops! Link to Empire =

    Annie says:

    So hard to choose from! Here’s my top two:

    Amanda Smith says:

    Love this designer’s pieces! She makes jewelry unlike anything that I have seen. Absolutely beautiful!!! 😀

    Aventurine One of a Kind Ring:

    Watermelon Tourmaline Claw Set 14k yellow gold ring:

    Triple Triangle Onyx Pendant, handmade upside down set stones:

    Coral Branch Sterling Silver Ring, handmade:

    Pear shaped Apatite Sterling Silver handmade ring:

    Double Triangle Stone Necklace:

    Rose Quartz leaf engagement Ring, on sterling silver:

    Josie says:

    This necklace is gorgeous. I love how the pieces are classic but also with a modern twist. A great way to make any outfit more unique.

    Loren says:

    My favorite piece of all is the Crescent Stone Necklace with Onyx. I could wear it everyday, for sure.

    Jill says:

    I love the Floating Hematite Ring! It would be a beautiful everyday piece.

    Helen says:

    So unique!

    ashton c says:

    would want to wear these rings everyday!

    this cuff is amazing

    oh my i could keep going!

    delia says:

    love love

    Ana says:

    I need to own this gorgeous and dramatic crescent stone onyx ring:

    And only take it off to wear this overlap ring:

    kennis says:

    Love the SILVER CRESCENT RING. Delicate, interesting, and unexpected.

    kennis says:

    Love the SILVER CRESCENT RING. Delicate, interesting, and unexpected.

    alexis says:

    I love the single tube studs! And I just got my ears pierced 😉

    Alicia says:

    I love the overlap ring!

    I love the Solara Ring and also the Aria Ring (Onyx is so so so pretty!)

    shannon says:

    Love the solara ring:

    kimberly says:

    I love the crescent stone ring:

    Savanah Alvarez says:

    They are all so beautiful. I would love one of these rings to wear my whole life to show the love I have for myself and as a reminder that I am able to fight whatever life may throw at me since I am about to graduate college and head into the real world alone.

    Amy says:

    Love these! Some of my favorites are:
    the onyx open front cuff

    and the kite cut blue topaz ring .

    Overlap in brass @

    Crescent in silver @

    Crescent in yellow gold

    Sphere stacking @

    Madison says:

    I love these Trinity Tube Studs and the matching Mini Trinity Tube Necklace! They remind me of the pipes on a gorgeous church organ. Simply wonderful!

    Olivia Katz says:

    Wow! This jewelry is stunning!!!!! I love it!!! Here are a couple of my favorites:

    allison h says:

    oh i love this kite cut ring

    and this necklace!

    what beautiful jewels!!

    Rachel S. says:

    Beautiful pieces!

    charlotte says:

    I love everything. My favourite rings are:
    – Aura Ring
    – Crescent Ring
    – Aria Ring White Sapphire

    Tessa Gibbs says:

    I like ALL THE THINGS!

    Crystal says:

    So cute!

    ben says:

    The overlap ring is awesome! Would love to surprise my wife with it! She’d totally dig it.

    Taylor Rae says:

    Would looove to win this giveaway and wear the jewlery to my upcoming wedding.

    I love this piece:

    Sarah says:

    Ohhh I just love the crescent stone ring!

    Katharina says:

    I just love this necklace

    Rachel says:

    The stella ring in white sapphire is the one for me!

    Whitney says:

    Love these two!

    Rachael says:

    So many stunning pieces!

    Do says:

    I can’t decide on just one, they are all so gorgeous. *.* so in love with this one:

    and this:

    beyond beautiful!

    Gabriela P. says:

    I’m a friend of the jewelry designer, so happy to see this post and everyone loving her handcrafted jewelry. Since the Gabriela ring is my namesake I’d definitely have to have that 🙂

    Amelia says:

    love these two: &

    Caroline Rawson says:

    Everything on their site is seriously gorgeous! I’m obsessed with rings, so I’d probably get the onyx crescent stone ring.. but the necklaces are out of this world, too! I love how sophisticated everything is while still being bold and making a statement. I could see myself wearing any of these pieces for years and years to come!

    Tania says:

    What gorgeous jewelry!!! I love the Cruz Necklace!!! 🙂

    Sara says:

    I love how simple these are, but so so elegant and chic.

    savannah says:

    <3 I love the Cruz Onyx Trillion Ring. <3

    Dani says:

    They are all so beautiful! Some of my faves:

    Sophie says:

    Because everyone needs to wear a Stella Ring White Sapphire…. Parce que tout le monde a besoin de porter une bague Stella !

    Merci pour cette découverte / Thank you for this discovery

    Kimberly Rampersad says:

    I love this onyx ring –

    Sarah says:

    This is an everyday wear for sure!

    selby says:

    i love simplistic earrings. the single tube studs are my favorite. and they would go very well with the double tube silver cuff ring. just sayin..

    Eva-Marie says:

    WOW!! This cuff is AMAZING!

    Kate says:

    Be still my heart!

    Allison B says:

    The chevron rings, all the way!

    Rachel says:

    I love these jewelry pieces! I really love the rings and necklaces, here are a few of my faves. 🙂
    – love the color combo!
    – i like the imperfections of this one. 🙂
    – love midi ringsss
    I really like this watermelon one as well, something about it is really pretty 🙂

    love these rings and layered necklaces!!

    Krista says:

    These rings are soooo pretty and delicate:

    Mathuri M says:

    Been obsessing over rose gold for a while now. This ring is beautiful! . I also wouldn’t mind a white sapphire ring too 😉

    Laura says:

    These, please!!!

    Samantha says:

    This would be the perfect wedding ring and I am getting married in June 🙂

    Lindsay says:

    This one:

    Lauren says:

    the brass tube necklaces or any of the simple gold rings, this one specifically is nice:

    Emily says:

    That Kite Cut Blue Topaz and Trinity Studs though…
    All of these designs are fabulous.

    Ana says:

    I’ve always loved hoop earrings but the rustic modern feel of these gives me chills.

    And I would pair it with this lovely ring, for a quietly confident look.

    Overall a really inspiring brand. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I love this ring:

    Alison says:

    These pieces are all so beautiful! I love the shape of the Gabriela ring and the Solara necklace would look so lovely resting on the clavicle.

    Sunny says:

    I would wear these daily: thanks!

    Emily K. says:

    Love this necklace!

    Georgia says:

    omg!!! I love so many pieces but my favs are
    the mini trilogy necklace

    the double tube silver cuff ring

    the overlap ring

    and the sterling silver tube studs

    Georgia xx

    ~ellie~ says:

    I feel like I could drop $500 pretty easily :))

    judy pote says:

    my favorite piece is the ring – love!

    Sarah P says:

    Love love the Lattea Onyx Triangle necklace!!

    Samara says:

    So pretty!

    Bre says:

    These are amaaaaaazing! I love all of them!


    Kaitlin C says:

    I love this necklace!

    Amanda says:

    I love the simplicity of the Mini Trilogy necklace.

    Martha Garcia says:

    LOVE all your jewelry!!! SOOO beautiful…I especially love your necklaces! I already have a ring and earrings from your collection! So I’m really admiring your necklaces at the moment!!

    oops! I forgot to add the URL 🙂

    Kaylee T says:

    The Aura ring is the right amount of simplicity with a hint of sophistication!

    Beth says:

    So many pretty rings! This one is my fav:

    Jamie says:

    Omg I love all of your work! So beautiful! This ring is so my favorite

    jamie says:


    Jamie says:

    It’s all so lovely, but I have it bad for this Turquoise Dream Necklace:

    laurabug says:

    – – – y e s – p l e a s e – – –

    Gwynne says:

    I really love the KITE CUT BLUE TOPAZ

    Shirley says:

    The Cruz Necklace in silver is gorgeous!

    Elyse G. says:

    Such pretty jewelry! *fingers crossed*

    Claire Brown says:

    Love this ring and the blend of dark and light!

    Emma says:

    Oh gosh, there are so many great choices! I was hesitant to include rings because my fingers are chubby and it can be frustrating to try on rings, but they said they make to order!

    (My birthstone!)

    Astra says:

    I love these rings! ( :

    Lily Alegria says:

    I mean could this ring be anymore stunning???

    This other ring is not too shabby either 😉

    Caitlin T. says:

    I love the Mini Solara White ring. Their jewelry is beautiful!

    Kirsten says:

    Floating Hematite Ring

    and I adore the Leaf Wedding Band, 14k Yellow Gold

    Gabrielle says:

    Yes yes yes!

    I love delicate rings and have been wanting to mix a gold one in with my two silver rings that never come off my fingers.

    amanda says:

    Love this ring! It is perfect.

    Eliza says:

    Definitely this beauty:

    Eva says:

    I really like this onyx ring:

    megan says:

    Just beautiful. Loving the trilogy necklace.

    Tessa says:

    Everything they create is stunning, but I especially love this:

    Mary says:

    I agree, watermelon tourmaline!!

    The double chevron is SO pretty! love all their rings!

    steph says:

    I love this gorgeous chevron ring
    All the rings were gorgeous and i loved some of the earrings as well

    Jennifer says:

    Love this!!

    ros says:

    Absolutely love how I can mix & match these pieces!
    Solara Ring—https://adriaticjewelry.com/product/solara-ring-white-sapphire/ Love the stone on this one.
    Crescent Stone Necklace—https://adriaticjewelry.com/product/crescent-stone-necklace-white/ Great for layering!
    Single Tube Studs—https://adriaticjewelry.com/product/single-tube-studs/ An easy way to accessorise on a casual day out.
    Silver Crescent Ring—https://adriaticjewelry.com/product/silver-crescent-ring/ A little extra something on those digits.

    Thanks for holding this 🙂

    ros says:

    Absolutely love how I can mix & match these pieces!
    Solara Ring / Love the stone on this one.

    Crescent Stone Necklace / Great for layering!

    Single Tube Studs / An easy way to accessorise on a casual day out.

    Silver Crescent Ring / A little extra something on those digits.

    Thanks for holding this 🙂

    Anna Pham says:

    Solara rings. Swoon worthy.

    Sarah says:

    Love the MIni Solara Ring!!

    BlackAsphodel says:

    I like the Onyx Black Forest Ring:

    Kari says:

    I LOVE the Solara ring!

    Niniane says:

    Watermelon Tourmaline, for sure

    Kate says:

    Man, it was hard to get off that site (so much goodness! but I absolutely love this! I’m getting married in November and we’re having a modern + geometric theme so it would be perfect!

    JESSICA C says:

    I am in love with the White sapphire cruz gold necklace. I can see wearing this everyday. everyone check it out it is beautiful

    thanks for sharing with us.

    Sarah Kovash says:

    I love, love, love this onyx necklace! So delicate and cool

    Ashley says:

    I love so many of their jewels but this little ring definitely stood out…
    The Silver Crescent Ring:

    A xo

    Ursula says:

    The Aria Ring in Onyx is dreamy……sigh

    Ursula says:

    The Aria Ring in Onyx is dreamy……sigh

    Lindsey says:

    My favorites are the mini solara ring and the venus necklace in white sapphire. Such pretty jewelry!

    Stephanie S. says:

    I like the crescent stone ring and Aria ring white sapphire:

    rebecca says:

    Love the Solara rings!

    Kenna Bailey says:

    OBSESSED with all of their pieces! If only a college student like me could afford something so nice haha.. Loving this necklace and this ring

    Ayelet says:

    I love all the rings, but this is my favorite

    Olivia Miller says:

    wow so beautiful

    Nitasa Samountry says:

    Love this

    Clare Ryan says:

    so much to love!

    Aina says:

    I just can’t stop thinking about how I would feel wearing this!!

    Sophie says:

    Huge fan!!
    Love the Cruz rings and necklaces and more…hehe


    Leanne Sanders says:

    This cuff is absolutely gorgeous… the torquiest is so unusual

    Lucía says:

    Absolute favourite!
    Really really love this but also and this

    Ok, I’ll stop it here!

    Eda says:

    Since I have a baby, I stopped wearing as much jewelry as I did before. But it is definitely time to start putting on some nice pieces 🙂 Besides the fact that I love mostly all everything from the site, I’d be so happy to purchase this ring

    and this one

    and of course this necklace

    Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂 all the best from Switzerland, Eda

    Marie says:

    Wow, this is great! I like this one espacially:

    Very “Game-of-throny”!

    Patricia says:

    CRUZ NECKLACE ONYX and Aura ring are gorgeous !
    I love them!

    Michèle says:

    This crescent onyx ring is pure beauty.

    And this floating hematite ring as well!
    I have dainty fingers and hardly ever find a ring that fits – Maybe this time I get lucky?

    juned p says:

    this is a real Masterpiece!!!

    Kate says:

    Love this jewelry! Especially the Aria white sapphire ring and the silver trinity earrings…gorgeous!

    Love me this onyx stone ring!

    Those are absolutely perfect! but everything is so pretty!

    Verena says:

    I love this one: .

    Evi says:


    Mary Piontek says:

    Adore the Sterling silver Abstract Hoop Earrings and the
    Silver Sphere Stacking Rings!

    Jessica says:

    These are gorgeous!

    Chelsea says:

    This one is perfect, but I mean. All of the rings? All of them! Adriatic Jewelry – you’re killin it!

    Chelsea says:

    This one is perfect, but I mean. All of the rings? All of them! Adriatic Jewelry – you’re killin it!

    Lisa says:

    Hello! Thanks for the giveaway!

    I would really like:

    They are very pretty 🙂

    Karina says:

    love this one: <3

    Alex says:

    Such gorgeous work. I think these are my favourites

    Erin C says:

    The Trilogy Cuff:

    The Cruz Necklace:

    The Lattea Ring!

    All gorgeous pieces…can’t choose just one!

    Raquel says:

    It’s hard to choose, I love a lot of their jewellery collection, but my favourites are the ring ‘claw set watermelon tourmaline’ and the earrings ‘single tubs studs’.

    Lena says:

    My favourite is

    Linda says:

    My favourite pieces are the Claw Set Watermelon Tourmaline – – and the Cruz Necklace White Sapphire -https://adriaticjewelry.com/product/cruz-necklace-white-sapphire/ Everything is so beautiful!

    Daisy says:

    these are so fabulous!

    my picks:

    Gigi says:

    I love the Cruz necklace and so many pairs of earrings… too many to count

    Sara R Oliveira says:

    My favs are:

    Rebecca says:

    I love the Smoky Quartz cuff! Geodes and gems are the best!

    Beth says:

    Beautiful stuff- really digging the Mini Crescent ring and the TRE necklace:

    Laura says:

    I love the claw set watermelon ring!

    cassandra says:

    I love this necklace:

    deena becker says:

    gorgeous, love all of this jeelry

    the site doesn’t seem to be working for me, which is such a bummer because the jewelry looks fab!

    Amélie says:

    I can’t :(. The site is down

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 5798907 bytes) in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas08_data02/44/2614344/html/wp-content/object-cache.php on line 433

    But i really really really like the rings

    Jackie says:

    Beautiful jewels!! My fave: the Mini Trilogy necklace

    Julia says:

    My favourite is

    Kat says:


    Kat says:

    Seriously, this jewelry makes my heart so happy.

    Claire says:

    Love the tourmaline ring!

    I can’t seem to get their site to load but it’s obvious they have lots of jewelry that I would love!

    maggie says:

    The site isn’t loading right now, but I checked out their Etsy. I like the smokey quartz cuff () and the closet watermelon tourmaline ring ()


    alyssa says:

    I can’t get their site to load either, but just there isn’t a piece in any of the photos I don’t like! #iwantitall

    Kat says:

    You must have driven too much traffic to the site because it is down, but I am in love with those rings!

    Sidney says:

    Love the overlap ring and the double onyx geo cuff

    Love it all!

    Michelle says:

    looks like the site is down, but the ring selection is awesome! i would be happy with any of those, especially the one with the u-shaped bar and diamond-esque stone. gorgeous!

    Rachel Ake says:

    Site still not working. However the bottom ring of this post with the two long squared bars literally makes me drool. I die for that ring. Also, the ring where the stone is cut like a kite is absolutely wonderful!

    Doris says:

    I love this necklace! Thanks

    Eric says:

    Was not able to surf their website, but my wife would love a necklace. Have a great day!

    Felicity says:

    I love this necklace!

    So many great things!

    Mariam says:

    The Tourmaline ring is gorgeous!

    Carolyn says:

    I love the brass tube necklace!!

    Claire McKeon says:

    I really like the double tube brass geometric cuff!

    Dee says:

    This is gorgeous! Just the right shade of moody but pretty.

    Meg says:

    These tube studs are rad!

    Natalie says:

    I love thie Solara Ring. It’s so modern but the jewel is so timeless. My precise style.

    I also adore the Cruz Necklace. I’ve loved onyx ever since I was a kid, and this stone looks amazing.

    Rachel says:

    I LOVE this one:

    brandy says:

    Love the tube earrings and all of the rings. Gorgeous!

    michaela says:

    The Gabriela ring is my absolute favorite!

    I also love the Kite Cut Blue Topaz for its unique color.

    Anonymous says:

    love everything! especially this piece..

    Tammy says:

    Solara Ring White Sapphire – it’s love!

    sydney says:

    Wow!Hard Choices.

    Courtney says:

    Such pretty jewelry! I’m loving:

    Christina Gliati says:

    Dear Bri thank you one more time for doing such a lovely giveaway. I love these jewellery and my favourite is
    Many kisses!

    Diana says:

    I love the gabriela ring!

    Jen says:

    Wow that watermelon tourmaline ring is out of this world!

    naomi arehart says:

    The overlap ring shown above is fantastic! Definitely my favorite!

    Grace Flynn says:

    i love the simplicity in this one!

    Becky says:

    S W O O N I N G ! <3

    I love everything they do and have a “for my upcoming birthday, please” list going:


    Gina says:

    I love the watermelon ring. I also love this the rose gold leaf band!

    Megan says:

    I love these! I also love the fact that they have coordinating necklaces and rings.

    Leah says:

    I need this in my life

    Mila says:

    So beautiful! I really love these rings:

    And the hoop earrings are sooo nice

    Thanks for sharing

    Paula says:

    I love the stella ring!

    Cait Lang says:

    I absolutely LOVE everything you do! Girl crush always on all your one of a kind pieces…my favorite? CRESCENT STONE RING. End of story :).

    Lyndsay says:

    I need this ring!!

    Julia says:

    I love the claw set watermelon tourmaline ring:

    Abigail says:

    I absolutely love these!! and

    Tricia says:

    The leaf wedding band is soooo pretty! I also love the crescent stone ring onyx. G O R G E O U S !

    alyssa dlt says:

    this is crescent ring is everything

    Emma says:

    The Gabriela Ring is perfection!

    But I also love the Onyx Open Front Cuff!

    Megan says:

    I would get the claw watermelon ring, and then use my own money for the recent ring! In love with the hues and the two shapes would go great with my treasure google-y eye ring

    Erin says:

    This crescent stone ring in onyx is lovely:

    And I adore the unique shape of the floating hematite ring:

    Missy says:

    The double triangle sterling silver pendant necklace is great! I’m loving all the unique jewelry designs. I could easily pick out a dozen favorites!

    Catherine says:

    AHH-MAZING!!! Can I just say how much I adore this brand? Bri thank you for blogging about this! I cannot choose just one piece -but I am in love with this ring! I just need internet so I can browse these beauties faster…

    Gisela says:

    The watermelon tourmaline is absolutely gorgeous!

    chase says:

    The venus necklace white sapphire
    And the Cruz Necklace Onyx

    HilLesha says:

    I love the following: 🙂

    mae abigail songco says:

    i adore this necklace.. <3

    Tarreyn says:

    So much pretty stuff! I love –

    The cruz necklace with the white sapphire:

    The solar ring white sapphire:

    fingers crossed!

    Maddy says:

    The Solara ring is gorgeous!!

    ali says:

    I would wear this everday

    Valerie says:

    im in love 🙂

    heather c says:

    These are just the beginning!

    lindsey clare says:

    Wow, beautiful stuff! The claw set tourmaline ring is a knockout!

    but I also love the crescent stone ring in Onyx.

    Kristy says:

    Loving so much on this site but if I had to pick one thing it would be the “Stella Ring XL”.

    Marianna says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Solara ring!!! ^_^

    Erin J. says:

    I love this option!

    Rhiannon says:

    I love this! Looks like a much better quality ASOS ring that turned my finger green!

    holly says:

    Love this ring! and this one!

    Katia Ostrowski says:

    So beautiful! The white gold leaf ring () would be a stunning counterpart to my branch engagement ring.
    Thanks, Bri!

    Anna-Rosa says:

    Wow amazing work! I love this ring

    and ADORE these earrings

    Thanks for the giveaway! fingers crossed!!!

    Shannon says:

    I absolutely love nature-inspired jewelry, so the skinny leaf bands immediately caught my eye (). I am also a big fan of the trilogy cuff! ()

    Katie LC says:

    love this necklace

    lauren says:

    The watermelon tourmaline is so so so so so so so ….. beautiful!

    Michelle P says:

    The jewelry at Adriatic Jewelry is unbelievably perfect!! I’m obsessed with it all!

    Alyssa Frandsen says:

    love the minimalist looks!
    this ring in my favorite

    Stephanie says:

    This ring looks absolutely fabulous. Modern and elegant!

    molly says:

    What a cool shop! So many beautiful pieces. I would love to get my sister this necklace:

    Ansley says:

    I LOVE the skinny tusk cuff and so many of the rings, but my favorite ring is definitely the mini crescent ring!

    Elyse says:

    Spiderweb Turquoise Cuff 🙂

    Julia says:

    I’m in love with the the Sunrise ring, the Crescent ring and the Triple Tube cuff!


    Renee says:

    Obessed with these!!

    Kimberly says:

    I love this!!!

    Oh this is perfect timing as its my birthday on the day you pick a winner! If I don’t win I definitely be using that coupon code!

    I love the Crescent Stone Ring Onyx the best, its so beautiful.

    Thanks for the giveaway. N x

    zosha says:

    I LOVE all of the onyx rings. And pretty much everything else, too.

    Rebekah says:

    Love all of this!


    pavilescu petru cristinel says:

    Marissa says:

    Love the white sapphire solara ring!

    Yehsong says:

    Love these rings!!!

    LP says:

    I love the rings!

    anastasia says:

    what an awesome giveaway! i love the floating hematite ring and the Onyx cuff is pretty cool too!

    Emily Swift says:

    These two rings are my absolute favourites and I can’t choose between them

    I also love this necklace

    add to cart!

    Morgane says:

    Hey there !
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    There are so many pretty things but here’s m’y favorite out of all :

    Eli says:

    This ring is fantastic, definitely my color!:

    Michal s says:

    wow everything is soooo beutiful! My favorite is definetly this one:

    Imani says:

    I just love these simple but chic earrings

    va says:

    I like the tourmaline ring . claw set watermelon ring

    Debbie Snell says:

    So many beautiful things thanks for the chance 🙂

    analu says:

    the CRESCENT STONE RING ONYX for sure 😉

    Stephanie B. says:

    The Gabriela ring is so beautiful!

    Bethany Tomlinson says:

    Almost impossible to chose, they’re so beautiful!

    greentopiaries says:

    Kinda love them all but I think my faves are: Kite Cut Blue Topaz : and the Floating Hematite Ring:

    Thank you for the chance! 🙂

    Lauren B says:

    I love the single tube studs!

    Geneviève says:

    I really like those rings!

    Elisabeth Schneider says:


    Natalie says:

    these two rings are so lovely and unique!

    Karin S says:

    this is my favorite product :

    Kelsey says:

    I love this ring!

    Bruce says:

    I think my wife would like this

    Rosebud says:

    I would stack a white gold skinny leaf band with its yellow-gold sister. I love the delicate, organic look of the ring, and wearing it stacked would be twice as nice! xoxo

    Bethany says:

    I love how simple all their jewelry is. I’d go with this ring-

    Lynn May says:

    Tough choice!! Is my favorite.

    Emilia says:

    The Sea Urchin Spine Cuff is sooooooo lovely.

    Domil says:

    oh, I love wearing rings!

    correy says:

    The website look like these pieces are made for strong women. Love their sturdiness!

    Onyx Open Front Cuff

    Aura Ring

    Mini Crescent Ring

    Jozefien says:

    I love minimalistic jewelry! So pretty!

    lisa says:

    Am loving the Single Tube Studs:

    Tess says:

    The Cruz necklace in white sapphire is beautiful (sorry for no link- the new IOS update has made it so I can’t copy web addresses).

    coral says:

    these two!

    Moonlight says:

    Oh la la!
    I love these rings:

    these cuffs:

    and this necklace:

    would be a tough choice!

    Noel says:

    Beautiful stuff! Love these:

    Rebecca says:

    I fell in love with this necklace awhile ago when I saw it on Madesmith: . Still love it!

    shellie clark says:


    Beyzanur says:

    From Rings




    alexandria stratton says:

    I am obsessed with all of it! I love simplistic gold jewelry! Id love to win any of this!

    Brigitte Inderbitzin says:


    Jocelyne Liu says:

    i love them all, but this kite cut blue topaz ring really caught my eye 🙂

    Megan says:

    I love this ring!

    Kacy says:

    Love all the simple rings, but especially this one:

    Erica says:

    Love this ring!!

    kat says:

    so pretty–https://adriaticjewelry.com/product/gabriela-ring-white-sapphire/

    Laurence says:

    I want it!!!!!

    Ine says:

    Love this one:

    Would love to have the watermelon ring! It looks like something Professor Dumbledore would wear…

    Kim says:

    The leaf rings are so pretty. 🙂

    Shelby says:

    I’m loving the cuff bracelet!

    Amanda says:

    My favorite is the Trinity Necklace because it reminds me of a saguaro cactus, which are plentiful in Tucson, Arizona, my home!

    tracy dugan says:

    love all of the rings especially. So creative and fun~

    Lindsey says:

    They are all so gorgeous!


    Brittney Robyn says:

    So stunning! Especially the Mini Trilogy Necklace.

    Amber Y says:

    I really like the tube studs.

    tiffany says:

    love this necklace

    Nan says:

    Definitely this necklace!

    Merette says:

    So much good stuff to choose from. Here some of my favourites:

    Karolina says:

    I love jewelery which looks like old:

    Ivy says:

    love everything here especially , and

    Beth says:

    I love the Aura Ring and the Cruz Necklace!

    Sylvia says:

    love this necklace:

    Joni says:

    I love this necklace!

    Kristy says:

    I’m going through a major ring phase right now, so I want to buy all the rings (if only that was within my budget). I think the two most perfect ones are the Crescent Stone Ring and the Aura Ring.

    Christa says:

    Love this necklace & this bracelet !

    Claire says:

    Just about anything gold is right up my alley! Love these earrings:

    Mary C. says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. Love these earrings!

    Cassie says:

    Oh man, that Cruz necklace with the white sapphire would make me a special kind of happy 🙂 *The turquoise line is also beautiful!

    Vanessa says:

    Love the Aria Ring in Onyx!

    Christa says:

    This contest is dreamy. A piece of jewelry is such a fun splurge. I would go for because I love raw stones. A pop of bright pink is always good. This necklace is so beautiful too

    Rosa says:

    Uhh, makes me dreamy. Maybe these two as engagement rings?

    But honestly, i love all of them <3

    Nadia Cassapian says:

    What an amazing giveaway!

    My favorites are:

    The Lattea ring

    The Empire necklace

    And the Trilogy cuff, talk about a statement piece!

    Carrie says:

    The geometric cuff is delightful!

    Maggie says:

    The kite cut blue topaz for me please!

    Suzanne says:

    the crescent stone ring -makes me think of my city.

    Marissa says:

    I loooove this ring!

    I also really like this necklace – so simple and pretty.

    nikolina says:

    i really liked the KITE CUT BLUE TOPAZ ring..Just fabulous!!!

    Erica says:

    I love the Crescent Stone necklaces:

    And the Crescent Stone Onyx ring:

    They’re the kind of jewelry I would want to wear every day. Beautiful.

    Dylan Lowe says:

    Oh my gosh I am in love.

    LaurenK says:

    I’m totally digging this kite cut ring:

    Jennifer H. says:

    What unique designs!! I love the Aura ring –

    I love the cruz and venus onyx necklaces- and the trinity studs!

    Ana says:

    I love this necklace:

    And the blue topaz ring:

    Toni says:

    The blue topaz crescent ring, because silver is the best metal.

    Claire says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Those jewelry are so beautiful. It is hard to choose one in particular! I think I would love to have this ring :

    Kristina L says:

    those are my favorites

    Jessie says:

    Love the crescent ring! That’s a go-with-everything piece for sure.

    Wehaf says:

    I love this necklace:
    and this ring:

    Courtney says:

    As a woman who LOVES rings, this site is awesome!

    Amazing items I would buy:

    Melissa says:

    these are my faves! i hope i win!

    Liliya says:

    These are my favourite 🙂

    Michele says:

    Some many things I want. My favorite is probably this one:

    Alex says:

    I especially like the ‘Cruz Necklace White Sapphire’ –

    Oana says:

    I love this ring. It’s so raw and very rock and roll. It reminds me of hairbands. I don’t know why exactly 😀

    chloe says:

    aria ring onyx x

    DJ says:

    I am really loving the FLOATING HEMATITE RING

    Lori says:

    Loving the Luna Necklace Onyx!

    Lori says:

    Loving the Luna Necklace Onyx!

    Kelly D says:

    Love these!

    Jane says:

    love everything, especially the trinity earrings!

    Kat C says:

    My absolute fave–Double Tube Brass Geometric Cuff

    Marlene Gutierrez says:

    I really loved the “CRESCENT STONE NECKLACE WHITE” it is super cute and it’s a necklace that I could wear everyday 🙂

    Melissa says:

    I’m a sucker for a pretty ring (or five) and I was immediately coveting these two beauties:

    Claw set Watermelon Tourmaline ()


    Blue Topaz Cresecent ()

    Heart eyes!!

    This ring is super cool very beautiful jewlery

    İpek says:

    Love these three & thank you for the giveaway! x

    Christine R. says:

    So looove this necklace!

    Cecília says:

    My favorites are:

    Amy says:

    Love this ring! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ashley says:

    Love the simplicity of the turquiose phoneix ring!

    Jinhee says:

    The Floating Hematite Ring is one of my favs!

    Jessica says:

    Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful!

    Edmond says:

    Yay, luv this ring. . To die for. Wow, prize $500 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Prize perfect for my aunt’s big BD gift.

    Jessica Cyr says:

    Such a awesome giveaway ! , Thank you for the great opportunity to be entered in this contest/ The ring is so beautiful !

    wai man says:

    beautiful :

    Liz Purbowo says:

    Oh dear, I think I am inlove with

    Sarah Peirpoint says:

    All the Adriatic Jewelry pieces are gorgeous, but I especially love the Crescent Stone Onyx Ring – and the Venus Onyx Necklace –

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Dennis Finkenstdt says:

    Love to win to get my wife something for Christmas

    JiaWei Lim says:

    really cool jewelry for layering, I like the triangle designs best

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