Aelfie Giveaway / designlovefest

this week you can win $300 at ! they have so many fun, colorful textiles for the home.


aelfie giveaway | designlovefest

i love their watercolor sheepskin rugs!

aelfie giveaway | designlovefest


here’s how to win… 

1) visit the aelfie  and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite products!

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, june 3rd at 10am PST. giveaway and coupon code open to our readers in the U.S. Canada, Europe, and Australia. use the coupon code AELFIELOVEFEST for 15% off through may 29th. 


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    Caitlin says:

    Love the vintage beni ourain rugs.

    kelli says:

    layla rug –
    andrew stewart pillow –
    yego bowl –
    oya bowls –
    flamingo sheepskin –

    love this website!!

    Ayelet says:

    Love all the pillows but this is the best

    Cheryl says:

    My favorites are the Hebra Box and Yego Bowl.

    Hanna says:

    I need a new rug and this one’s beautiful:


    Vera B says:

    Oh my, that Morgan rug is the best!

    Erin C says:

    LUUUUUUV this pillow:

    And this rug:

    Rhiannon says:

    Love the morgan blair pillow!

    Carrie says:

    All of their vintage rugs are beautiful but I think this one is my favorite.
    Also, the banana pillow is adorable!

    Natalie says:

    My favorites are the Saint Karen napkin rings and the Layla rug.

    Abra says:

    I would have to take the vintage Tangerine Dream rug!

    Isabelle says:

    Love these rugs! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Amanda U. says:

    I LOVE the watercolor sheep skin.

    Kelly says:

    Three characters in capitals: O M G. I’ve been looking for a rug for a few months now, and I probably hit the jackpot today. Thank you 🙂 May the best graphic lover win!

    These three are my Aelfie favorites:

    Heat Wave in Rajasthan rug

    Rebecca rug

    Gwendal Lebec pillow

    Jenny A says:

    The pillows rule but the sheepskin is to dye for! Love!

    Meg S says:

    I love the Maimana Rug!

    Chloe D says:

    Obsessed with the Jungle Eyes pillow—http://aelfie.com/pillows/jungle-eyes

    Carly T says:

    I ADORE the Francine bedding!!

    Holly M says:

    Just moved into our first home 3 weeks ago. This rug would be amazing in our bedroom

    Bianca says:

    I love these colorful rugs! and this fun bedding 🙂 coffe in bed, sounds great 🙂

    Emily says:

    Ooooohhhhh. I heart the Optik Grape rug:

    Steph says:

    beautiful shop!

    Catherine says:

    The graphic prints are so fun!

    Marina says:

    Super cool shop 🙂
    I love those articles :

    Elaine says:

    Every single one of the Vintage Rugs!

    Erica M. says:

    im kinda obsessed with the zany pillows and the water color sheepskins! and you cant forget the picture frames!!!!

    Caroline says:

    I love this rug!!!

    Rachel says:

    love the heat wave in Rajahstan, , but the saelfie pillow is great too!

    Julia says:


    Jensen says:

    this rug!

    and the bedding! all the things!

    Jen O. says:

    Love Aelfie’s products! Such fun designs! I love the vintage Beni Ourain – the Oya bowl – and the Optik Black rug – .

    Emily Love says:


    Laura says:

    I want the jungle eyes (gold) pillow, LOVE IT and for some reason the name wants me to break into song.

    Also, YES PLEASE to the vibrant kilim rug:

    Mel says:

    love this rug 🙂

    Alex says:

    I’ll take any and all rugs, pretty please and thank you. Particularly the graphic selma () and the aptly named tangerine dream ()

    Meredith says:

    I’ve always loved the Morgan rug!

    Nicole says:

    Have loved their rugs for ages! My favorites:

    Heat Wave in Rajasthan:

    Jess says:

    Love all the rugs, especially the olivia blue

    Ailyn says:

    Love the Jungle Eyes pillow

    Gillian Kreft says:

    I absolutely love the Heat Wave rug!!

    Liselle says:

    The coloured sheepskins are so cool, I would have never even thought of that. I love the watercolour one best, but the flamingo is a close second!

    Elyse G. says:

    I love the Olivia Grey! *fingers crossed*

    sarah says:

    The entire Aelfie site is just visually incredible. I love the Heat Wave in Rajasthan rug.

    Anna says:

    I love that flamingo sheepskin!

    Juli says:

    I love this little box:

    Laura says:

    I love the optik black rug and hebra box!

    Shonna says:

    Optic Grape rug — very nice!

    Daisuke Rug! OMG — this is so perfect for me!

    ooh! Hydrangea sheepskin for some kundalini yoga action!

    Lauren says:

    Love love love this rug!

    Allison says:

    These are so fun and original! I’m obsessing over the hydrangea sheepskin:

    Rachel Z says:

    I love the handmade rugs and throw pillows. The Francine bedding might be my fave though

    Emily says:

    My couch needs the fruit gang pillow! or the morgan rug

    Sonja says:

    Such interesting rugs! Love the Valerie.

    Catherine Fournier says:

    In love with the Morgan Blair pillow

    And cannot get enough of the Francine bedding!


    Tiffany says:

    Love the Optik Black and Olivia Grey rugs!

    Cristina says:

    this pillow is sooooo cute!

    Michelle says:

    The Morgan rug is still my favorite! (). I also love the uniqueness of the napkin rings () but I’m not quite on that level yet, ha! Thanks for hosting the giveaway 🙂

    Kate says:

    Is there anything more adorable than a tongue in cheek pillow? I’m obsessed with this:

    Kate xx

    Gabrielle says:

    The watercolor sheepskin!

    Adrienne Tregre says:

    I love the Morgan rug featured! . And this cool bananas pillow: . I’ve been looking for some cute storage boxes and this one might be a winner! . I haven’t had much luck so far, but this one is very cool.

    Nikki says:

    Jungle Eyes is awesome!

    Casey says:

    Oh, those rugs. I would seriously take one of each.

    Erin Hemmelgarn says:

    I have a mighty need for a pink sheepskin rug in my life.

    Mimii says:

    The watercolor sheepskin rug is so dreamy! I would love to wake up and see it brighten up my morning each day.

    s.montgomery says:

    This rug with its pattern and purple color are perfect!

    Jenn says:

    It’s all so beautiful and fun!! I love this banana pillow , and I love this rug , although I really just want one of each 😉

    Joy says:

    Cannot live another moment without this rug:

    Thanks for introducing this beautiful company

    Natalie says:

    Oh, I love that Oya bowl! I’m also loving the Tabitha rug, it would be fun to design around. aelfie.com/aelfie-rugs/tabitha

    Stephanie S. says:

    I like the flamingo sheepskin:

    and the jewelry boxes:

    Alessandra says:

    The Hebra Frame

    and the Maimana Blue Rug

    Sophie says:

    Need a rug and think this would perfectly fit into my room!

    Mel says:

    These two!

    Lauren says:

    Fun site! I like the Lounah rug and the fruit gang pillow!

    Alll of the rugs are amazing and this fruit gang pillow is so cute!
    ThAnk you!

    chloe says:

    Tabitha rug SO PRETTY!

    Laurel says:

    LOVE their rugs! This one’s my favorite–

    Katie says:

    My god, that Heat Wave in Rajasthan is unbelievably gorgeous!

    Lauren says:

    Love this rug!

    Christa says:

    Pick one color and go for a statement, like Tangerine Dream, a dreamy rug. Great site. Rugs make all the difference!

    Hayley R says:

    The tabitha rug! And the cool bananas pillow 🙂 And while we’re at it, their picture frames are tres cute!

    Anonymous says:

    THE RUGS wow. and they’re affordable! These are my faves: and

    Kate says:

    Madly in love with her pillows. I want every one of them!

    Sarah says:

    I’m so hooked on this pillow! Probably the coolest ever and it would fit perfectly in my little student flat!

    i’m on a rug tear right now…realllly trying to find the perfect rug for my space! the saskia has such a great color combo!

    Chandra says:

    Rugs! I love this beauty:

    Zoë says:

    Heat Wave in Rajasthan Is amazing.

    Lydia says:

    Cool bananas!

    Julie Dyer says:

    Oh, so pretty! I love the Francine bedding and the Oya bowl and the Morgan rug (oh how gorgeous it would look in my living room!!)

    Cornelia says:

    The sale rugs are nice, too! Plus I love the vintage Moroccans!

    Melissa says:

    I love this one:

    Chris says:

    Love love love the Brick Tribal!

    Juliet M says:

    Love their bowls and the colorful sawtooth rug, and everything really!

    Rebecca says:

    A namesake rug!! ah!!! Never thought this day would come. And it’s so beautiful!

    Rebecca xx

    Sarah J says:

    I love this sheepskin> looks so cosy and vibrant

    Ashley says:

    The Lounah rug, Oya bowl and Mosaic pillow would all be so perfect for my new apartment. Love!

    Meredith says:

    I am in love with the Morgan Rug – perfect colors and geometric shapes!

    Kimberly R says:

    I love this vintage rug -http://aelfie.com/shop-vintage/petite-beni-ourain.

    Stephanie H. says:

    drooooooling over this vintage rug:

    Olivia M says:

    I NEED a new rug. Any new rug. My cat destroyed mine. Ha!

    Christina says:

    ah – These guys are so great! Love this piece:

    Katherine says:

    Such a fun site! So vibrant, would love to add some of these goods to my old New Orleans apartment.

    Vibrant Kilim is to die for!

    Loving the Saskia, and the story about it : )

    Valerie would kill it in my living room with grey couches and white bookshelves

    Could anything be more fun to put on a table or dresser?

    chelsey says:

    I love all the rugs! I would definitely get a colorful rug 🙂

    Alyssa Frandsen says:

    i absolutely love this rug
    its so fresh!
    also love this fun pillow!

    Derya says:

    Obsessed with these:

    Madison Glock says:

    Everything is so fun! My fave rug is the ‘heat wave’ XO

    Sydney says:

    Love this pillow! too cute!

    aimee says:

    Obsessed with all the rugs but this one is my fave

    Emma says:

    The Valerie rug and the Optik Pink are my absolute favorites!

    Morgan says:

    the vintage mid-century bulgarian rose rug is just lovely!

    Shana says:

    The Olivia Blue rug is gorgeous!

    Holly says:

    Digging the Lounah rug:

    Clare says:

    Oh, I’m CRAZY fro those watercolor sheepskins!

    Monica says:

    Loved the heatwave in Rajasthan rug,

    christina says:

    this tabitha rug is so pretty!

    Erin says:

    The vintage rugs make me swoon! The Kilim would be gorgeous in our new house!

    The Selma rug, so bold yet classic!

    Katie says:

    Love this one !

    Kitty says:

    I love the Saskia rug!

    Marita says:

    My oh my, so many fun rugs! I can´t choose between Heatwave in Rajasthan and Tabitha.

    Allison says:

    Oh my! This rug!

    Oriana Dempsey says:

    No doubt this’ll cause arguments in my house because I love it and the boyfriend disagrees!

    Holly says:

    I’m slightly obsessed with the Lounah rug!

    this would be in my livingroom in a heartbeat!!!

    erica konieczny says:

    I’m obsessed with the vintage rugs like this ! And the colorful accessories like this stunning frame and this mosaic pillow !

    ingrid says:

    love these pillows!

    Meg says:

    Head over heels for the Optik Black rug and the Yego Bowl.

    Lisa says:

    OMG I want so many things. Never wanted to win more! Here’s what I love: Beni Ourain rug, Midcentury Bulgarian Rug, Francine Bedding, Yego Bowl, Morgan Blair pillow, and oh, EVERYTHING.

    Marci says:

    Wowww love all of them, the patterns and the colours are dope!


    I fell in love right away with this pillow!

    but I also like the

    Anna says:

    This pillow is kitschy and colorful and perfect.

    Lauren says:

    So cool!

    Andrea says:

    Ooooooh, I love the Morgan rug and the Saelfie pillow !

    micky says:

    So many nice patterns to choose from! I think i’d go with the Layla rug () if I won!

    Frances says:

    The Morgan rug in 5×7 would add a much needed pop of color to my monotone grey living room!!

    mia says:

    These rugs are so great! Love this one:

    Rachel says:

    The fruit gang pillow () is amazing!! I definitely need this to brighten up the winters here in Fargo!!

    Svetlana says:

    I think the Olivia Grey rug would look awesome under my dining room table:

    Also loving the mint sheepskin:

    katie keller says:

    Love everything and today is my birthday so this would be an amazing win:)!…I could definitely use a rug <3<3

    LaurenK says:

    I love the rebecca rug! It would be the perfect addition to our house.

    Erin L says:

    love these rugs

    Audra White says:

    I love the Heat Wave in Rajasthan

    and the Saelfie Pillow!!

    So adorable

    Laura says:

    Love the Morgan

    Mark V. says:

    loving this one

    Ashley Bullard says:

    Love the vintage Beni Ourain rugs!

    Emily says:


    Courtney says:

    Love the Morgan!

    Rachel Ake says:

    I love this rug! And this bowl!

    Missy says:

    LOVE this vintage berber rug

    Samara says:

    I love this rug! I know exactly where it’d live in my home:

    Chelsea Jean says:

    Ah, the rugs!! Best geometric rugs I have seen in a LONG time! I really need a 3×5 for my kitchen stat 🙂

    Maria João Fragoso says:

    The rugs are perfect 🙂 My favourite is Optik Mustard that would be perfect on my living room

    Thank you!

    Molly lynch says:

    Omg I’m obsessed!!!!!!! With absolutely everything but most especially with this rug!


    I’m all about the layla rug:

    Hebra box:

    Oya bowl:

    I am IN LOVE with the watercolor sheepskin. It would look perfect in my apartment and be the perfect post-graduation gift to myself. 🙂 ()

    Irina says:

    great rug:

    caitlyn says:

    so lovely

    Paige Walker says:

    My favorite item would definitely be one of the rugs – but, which one is the question! The Optic Mustard probably 🙂

    Hailey says:

    I love the blue maimana rug! I’ve been needing a rug for my living room for a long time. 🙂

    Gretchen says:

    I’m moving to a new apartment and can’t wait to pimp it out with something like this rug:

    carly G says:

    I love the Layla rug in lilac!

    laura b says:

    Love the Layla rug in a nursery – and I like this monkey pillow too

    Kayla says:

    This bedding:

    Brynn Renné says:

    Oh my! So much goodness to choose from! Here are a few of my favorites:

    Flamingo Sheepskin –
    Saskia Rug –
    Oya Bowl –

    Crossing fingers & toes for the win! XO

    Tracey says:

    I love the daisuke rug and the heat wave rug ! This yego bowl is amazing too. I’ve never heard of this shop before, thanks for featuring it. I love everything!

    Gabi says:

    I LOVE the Tabitha rug and the Morgan rug

    Anna says:

    I love selfie, especially this rug:

    Claire says:

    Everything is so colorful and perfect to add a touch of colour <3 I love this little box and this beautiful pillow

    Melissa says:

    This would look so great on my floor —>

    Tarreyn says:

    LOVE This site! Swooning over:
    The Valerie rug
    The Francine Bedding
    The vintage Kerman rug!
    All so amazingly colorful and cool!

    Magda says:

    I like these:

    Jennifer says:

    I love all of these 🙂

    Jennifer says:

    This rug!
    Such a fun little shop!

    Colleen Clark says:

    Love that Daisuke rug!

    this rug is wonderful yet simple!

    Moonlight says:

    I’m guessing that April 3rd means June 3rd there! 🙂
    Either this or there’s a time machine out and no one informed me!!!


    vintage rugs:

    SOLD OUT! 🙁
    and this pillow:
    and these thingies:

    I love having things in my house that have a story of their own and feel like art! Bravo!

    Megan Lecy says:

    love the pink sheepskin and all the beni ourin rugs!

    Lindsay-Jean says:

    I’m redoing my daughter’s room, and I think she would freak out over the Watercolor Sheepskin rug.

    Marissa says:

    I love the watercolor sheepskin!It looks so magical 😀

    Stacia says:

    I love their Aziza rug!!

    allison says:

    really dig this rug!

    Katie F says:

    Love this rug!

    hannah says:

    love the hand dyed throws!

    ceamea says:

    Mint Sheepskin!!

    Optic mustard


    napkin rings! I think I need these guys now!

    Kacey says:

    The sheepskin in hydrangea would be gorgeous in my bedroom!

    megan says:

    The Flamingo Sheepskin is SO CUTE.

    Christa says:

    Such fun colors and patterns. I love the rug!

    Ansley says:

    Im equally obsessed with the cool bananas pillow and the watercolor sheepskin, they’re both so quirky and wonderful.

    Jesse says:

    I LOVE everything but that Rebecca Rug is amazing!!

    Erika says:

    Love the optik rug!

    kim says:

    that water color sheepskin is amazing! Whenever i am drawing or working i love a cozy super soft area to nest on and this would be my go to and would keep me feel ing inspired for sure!

    rachel garcia says:

    the olivia blue rug!

    Melissa says:

    Love this rug! Great website… Thanks

    Donna K says:

    This rug would be perfect in my living room

    & Love the colors in this pillow!

    Lydia B. says:

    I’m loving the Flamingo Sheepskin. It reminds me of cotton candy! (:

    Erin K says:

    I love the Lounah and Heat Wave in Rajasthan rugs!

    Becky says:

    thanks for the giveaway. I really like this rug 🙂

    Kara says:


    I want it all.

    If I HAVE to choose only a few:

    Love the sass and vibrance of these!

    Britt says:

    I lovvvve this one that Bri highlighted:
    And this gorgeous oldie but goodie:
    And your whole website is just perfection. Not too hectic, just solid.

    GREAT giveaway! *fingers crossed* for the win 🙂
    Morgan rug:
    Flamingo sheepskin:
    Oya Bowl:

    Emily says:

    LOVE the magenta in this rug!

    Emily says:

    LOVE the magenta in this rug:

    Emily says:

    mint sheepskin rug — swoon!

    fawn says:

    SO FUN. I feel like I’m in a Tom Tom Club video. I love the Valerie rug and would love to wake up to it every day. Thanks for the chance!

    LOVE this place! The Flamingo sheepskin oh lordy thats amazing – and the Saelfie pillow! Thanks for sharing this!!! xoxo

    Forgot to link! Flamingo Sheepskin:
    And the Saelfie pillow! 🙂

    D Sims says:

    These rugs:

    Kirsten says:

    I love the shades and designs of all the rugs but this is one of my favorites.

    annette says:

    lovely textiles. love the simple graphics of the suzanne and selma.

    Andrea says:

    Love the sketchy pillow!

    Melissa L says:

    OMG- I can’t get over the flamingo sheepskin!

    Jessica says:

    Absolutely love this watercolor sheepskin!

    Vanessa says:

    Oh my – how to pick?!



    Chelsea says:

    I love the flamingo sheepskin! I’d put it over my office chair.

    The Maimana Blue is another favorite and I can see it going perfectly in our dining room –

    I love the new accessories she’s added and the Oya bowl would be the coolest lemon-holder I’ve ever had –

    And lastly, Goth bananas for the name alone –

    Allison says:

    I love the Suzanne Magenta rug!

    Melissa says:

    All the vintage rugs are gorgeous but out of my price range 🙁 but my fave non vintage rug pick is definitely – love the vibrant colors and cool modern pattern

    Ermagerd, I love EVERYTHING on this site! These are my standout favorites though:
    this pillow
    the rainbow sheepskin
    and the letter opener

    Madalyn says:

    Love this vintage Bulgarian rose rug () + this maimana rug in black (). The maimana frame is great too ()!

    ariane says:

    love the Rebecca rug!

    Sara says:

    Absolutely love the watercolor sheepskin, tabitha rug and francine bedding! Love everything!

    Lindsey says:

    I love the Suzanne Teal rug! So pretty!

    Megan says:

    I love the Saelfie pillow!

    Ashley says:

    Perfect distraction from our ugly tiles!

    kylie says:

    I love the pink sheepskin!

    Britt says:

    Now obsessed with this one:

    becca says:

    moroccan madness!

    raq says:

    love the maimana blue rug!

    Marilynn says:

    I love this bowl! I would put our fruit in it!

    Kayla says:

    Very cool shop! I’m partial to this black/white maimana rug: .

    Wren says:

    I love the Daisuke and Maimana Blue rugs!! This kind of tie-dye and aztec patterning are SO in right now! +

    Michelle Vinson says:

    Beautiful style. I love this one:

    Michelle Vinson says:

    Beautiful! I love this one:

    alexia says:

    really lovin’ the Chris Uphues pillows!!

    Eva-Marie says:

    I love this rug !

    Alana says:

    Love the Olivia Blue rug, and such good prices!

    Skye says:

    just moved into a new place and any of these will be sooo amazing!!

    Sarah Jane says:

    I’m smitten with the Maimana Blue Rug!

    ana says:

    Loveeeee this rug!

    Cristina says:

    Oh my! My sad bed needs a serious makeover so I couldn’t stay away from Pillows and Bedding. Already dreaming of the Francine Bedding () and these awesome hand embroidered pillows () ()!

    sophia says:

    This box:

    Syd says:

    This pillow is sun fun!
    And love this rug!

    Stephanie R says:

    Love all of these unique items! What an adorable shop! These are my fave!

    Kelcey says:

    Oh we need rugs for our place like you wouldn’t believe! This rug would work so well in our crazy kitchen! Trying to make navy blue walls work!

    Kimberly says:

    I have the perfect place for the Olivia grey rug!

    mariah says:

    moving soon, and it would be so great to win and get started on decorating my new place. love these products!

    Aurelie says:

    Love the Francine bedding ()…it would look great with a Jungle Eyes () and a Saelfie () on top of the bed!!!

    Cana says:

    Such great colors! Would make a great impression in my drab living room.

    Yasmin says:

    is my favorite – it would go perfectly in the living room in my new home!

    Bonnie says:

    Layla is my favourite 🙂

    Diana Cote says:

    I am loving the Francine Bedding:
    Fruit Gang cushion:
    Okapi Box:

    Shannon says:

    I adore the mint sheepskin throws. So comfy and soooo cute!

    Ivy says:

    currently in love with these items! they are to die for!

    Karen says:

    Olivia Grey!

    christine says:

    love the Suzanne Magenta!

    diana says:

    their rugs really looks nice

    Erin says:

    I like the Optic Mustard ()

    Anouk says:

    Since I’m moving to a new apartment in 2 months i love the optic mustard rug.. It’ll go great with my couch.. 🙂 and while we’re at it.. The cool bananas pillow for instant happiness! 🙂

    Paula says:

    I love love love the face pillow and have been lusting after it for months !

    Melissa Porras says:

    The Saskia Rug is gorgeous!
    It won’t let me copy and paste the link from my phone!

    Pen says:

    Love the Morgan rug!

    im in full blown nesting mode and trying to get my house to a state which I love before a little one in July joins the chaos. I am loving the these:

    I am loving all the colour!! Thanks for the chance x

    Jessica says:

    So Gorgeous!

    Macy Fuquay says:

    I usually don’t obsess over bright colored homewares but the Saskia is beautiful!

    And that Flamingo sheepskin…..

    Kalurah says:

    oh goodness! Everything on the site is gorgeous. But this rug NEEDS to come home with me:

    wildatheart says:

    Oh Dear, it`s hard to choose:

    Tamara says:

    I love the Maimana Rug:
    and have never seen such a unqiue basket color combo and am obsessed:

    BR says:

    I’m so excited this is open to Australians!! I want the Layla rug 🙂

    I wish the freestyle azilal wasnt sold
    cheers, B

    rana w g says:

    I am a fan of this pillow –>
    it is funny and “dreamy” and limited edition!

    Arca says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I love the Jungle Eyes 🙂

    Vania says:

    The rugs are beautiful…
    My favorite:

    I love the Suzanne in Magenta!

    Melissa says:

    The watercolor sheepskin is to DIE for!!! Amazing!!! Yes please, pretty please with a cherry on top! I will just expload with happiness if I win. Fingers crossed! Thanks.

    Alix says:

    Oh this rug please!

    Rachael says:

    Oh my, the whole shop is amazing! Those sheepskin rugs are so beautiful but the fruit gang cushion made me smile the most!

    Paola says:

    Wow this shop is fabulous! I’m in love with all the rugs but my favourites in the the shop are these:

    Really really want in my living room in Milan! Finger crossed!!!!!!

    Ps. This blog a a true inspiration!

    Daniela says:

    I love the shop, everything is wonderful. I love these products!!

    Amy V says:

    I looove the Bedouin rugs, but I’m renovating my first home and can’t justify the spend – heart wrenching! I can totally see these items in our home..
    Maimana Blue Rug
    Sketchy Cushion
    Cool Bananas Cushion love!
    Stephanie Rug
    Oh, if only!

    Danielle W says:

    I love all the rugs! Especially the Morgan and Heat Wave.
    Thanks for introducing me to such a fun brand!

    Elaine r says:

    Absolutely love the vintage dream rug and the coffee and cream rug!

    Gabriella says:

    Such a fun giveaway!

    I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable rug for my living room and still haven’t found one, until I saw this giveaway! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Aelfie before. If I won, I’d go with the:



    I would love the optik black rug for my new house!

    Samantha says:

    The Selma Rug () and the Francine Bedding () might be the two things my room is missing! I’m from Los Angeles but have dreams of living in New York and both these pieces just scream NY! <3

    Francisca Paiva says:

    yessss, europoe <3

    … oh well, might have to do some shopping anyway

    thanks 🙂

    Erin Ellis says:

    This rug would be perfect for my art studio remodel:

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

    Thanks for sharing this website. I love so many things!

    even though it’s sold out

    Fingers crossed,

    Nicole says:

    Whoa that watercolor sheepskin rug was definitely made for me…

    Amanda P says:

    I have had my eye on the Morgan for my bedroom makeover!

    Robin M. says:

    The mosaic pillows are so fun!

    Kim Pirring says:

    All great products,

    Here are my faves

    (Would be a bomb way to hold my remote controls)

    (Give my couch some style)



    Tina Martinez says:

    I’ve been searching for a new throw rug and this one is perfection!! Love the entire shoppe though! Everything is precious!

    Maureen says:

    What a great site.
    I love the Francine bedding

    jas says:

    Heat Wave in Rajasthan!!!!!!!

    meridith says:

    i’m loving:

    gorgeous xoxo

    Christina says:

    What a colourful and brilliant array of home goods!

    I love the fruit gang hand embroidered pillow:

    And the flamingo sheepskin is unreal!

    Thanks for the coupon code!

    erin says:

    wow, thanks for posting about this shop! so good. my favorites are the kerman (), the beni (), and the francine bedding ().

    Cat K says:

    The mosaic pillows are my fav!! <3

    Meghan says:

    The Morgan rug is FABULOUS!

    Leah Gray says:

    LOVE IT ALL! moving into a new house has me dreaming over all these textiles. this rug and the fruit gang pillow are my favorites .. so cute everything.

    Georgiana says:

    Absolutely loved the watercolor sheepskin

    And the Yoko Honda sweet pillow

    Maggie says:

    Love Aelfie!!

    Optik in Black —
    Layla —
    Petite Beni Ourain —
    Eyebodega Pillow —

    samae says:

    So many good things, but this would look especially fab in my living room.

    Doris says:

    I love this rug!

    Eric says:

    My wife might like the Selma rug. Thanks

    Asha says:

    I am in love with the Oya Bowl!
    and Suzanne Teal!

    Mariam says:

    OMG! I fell in love with their bedding, just what we need to have more pop to our bedroom!

    Wade says:

    I think I would snatch their bedding set and a few pillows!

    Karla says:

    I love that Olivia Grey rug! *sigh* so pretty

    Linda says:

    I love this rug! Thanks for the chance!

    mary g says:

    i just bought my first house and have been loving planning how i might want to decorate the place.

    this rug would look perfect in my new living room 🙂

    GAHH! 🙂

    Nat says:

    This Hebra box shall keep all my secrets, the undelivered letters and the poems written on lonely nights.

    Veronica says:

    Ooo, LOVE that first rug in pink, purple and orange. Gorg!

    Sara Combs says:

    Aelfie is one of my favorites!! I’ve been eyeing her Saskia rug for a while now:

    Chrissie D says:

    The Maimana Black rug would look great in our home:

    And the coffee with cream vintage rug is awesome!:
    I also love the Hebra frame and box:


    Love the abstract nectarine rug! <3

    izzy says:

    Absolutely digging those vintage rugs x

    Natalie M says:

    Love their Felix tug for our living room;

    Lindsay says:

    Where do I start?!
    Vintage rugs, of course!

    Though I also loveee this:

    Rachel says:

    I’m a sucker for pillows and have them everywhere so I would love to add to my collection. This one is great.

    Tamara says:

    What a fun store!
    I love:
    This rug
    This sheepskin throw
    This frame

    Ashley walker says:

    Really love this site’s style. Particularly fond of the cool bananas pillow and out bowl. Love the coffee with cream rug as well! 🙂

    Julie says:

    I love the Morgan
    Optic Mustard

    brookstar says:

    i love the abstract nectarine rug!

    Chris D. says:

    The Maimana Blue has quite an enticing pattern!

    Lisa says:

    Farid letter opener is such an elegant tool.

    Emily K. says:

    Gorgeous rugs! Love this one:

    Erin J. says:

    Love this pillow!

    Emily M says:

    I love the Suzanne Rug in Teal:

    Kelly says:

    Most definitely – The Kerman, pop of aqua – just gorgeous!

    …Also the Heat Wave in Rajasthan – Great colors, perfect scale 🙂

    Rebekah Savona says:

    Hebra Frame is a must!!!

    courtney says:

    awesome awesome products!
    love this unique rug:
    and this:
    annnnnnnnd, this. because it’s obviously the best thing ever:

    EatWithTracy says:

    I basically love everything there but these are the favorites:
    Zainy zayne rug
    Opik mustard
    Francine bedding

    Michelle Warnke says:

    omg all the rugs! I love the valerie rug

    Tara says:

    Heat Wave in Rajasthan would brighten up my home!

    maggie says:

    I am moving next week and would love some of these new textiles in my home!

    Alison says:

    I love the Morgan:

    Kristen M says:

    I like the Valerie () and Thomas rugs.

    Katie says:

    So cool!

    Ericka says:

    I really love the Heat Wave in Rajasthan rug

    Kristina M says:

    loving this super colorful rug!

    Ashley says:

    What I love most~
    The watercolour sheepskin:
    The Morgan rug:


    joanne says:

    love this sheepskin:

    Anna says:

    This flamingo rug is my absolute favorite:

    kirsten says:

    Love “jungle eyes”!

    Margaret says:

    Totally drooling over all of the vintage rugs. I think this one is my fave:

    Colleen says:

    I would more than gladly love any of the rugs, but especially the beni ourain.

    Petunia says:

    SASKIA is so pretty and so much fun!

    Jenna says:

    I have been lusting after this rug for YEARS now!!! I would absolutely love to win it!!

    Marisa says:

    I love:

    Hebra Box:


    lilo blossom says:

    I love everything and i want everything !!! Jiji

    thank you for sharing !!!!

    Alyssa says:

    I love all the Optik rugs, but this grape one is fantastic:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Rita Kaczor says:

    This rug is the most incredible!!

    Such fun products!!

    love the muted pink of this rug!

    Tessa Gibbs says:

    These items are pretty neat. <3


    thank you for the giveaway!

    Ariel Pecoraro says:

    Obsessed with all the beautiful vintage Moroccan goodness!

    Gisela says:

    The stephanie rug is absolutely gorgeous!

    Amy says:

    So many pretty things!

    Berty Ayliffe says:

    i like the optic pink rug –
    and the cool bananas –


    Elle says:

    THIS!! or actually anything on that site! *sigh*

    lindsey says:

    so many favs!!! here are a couple:

    Christian says:

    I dig the bold colors! Especially the following:
    1. Maimana Blue:
    2. Minimal Berber:
    3. Hebra Box:

    Faith says:

    I love the Francine Bedding! It’s so fun and free 🙂

    alejandra says:

    This is the most beautiful sheepskin rug i have seen in my life!!!

    Amanda says:

    I love the Suzanne teal!

    Rae says:

    Can I get everything? Especially these rugs – LOVE!

    jessica says:

    MEOW. The Maimana Blue Rug, Saelfie Pillow, and Flamingo Sheepskin are speaking my language.

    Krista says:

    Love this rug:

    Amy says:

    Gorgeous pillow! Looks like a Matisse.

    emma says:

    the kerman vintage rug is so gorgeous!!

    Grace says:

    Love the Francine bedding and the Flamingo sheepskin!

    heather c says:

    This sheepskin is the best:

    Elle says:

    be still my heart.

    Sasha says:

    I love all their rugs, but these are my favorite:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ksenija says:

    just gorgeous!

    Ashley Conway says:

    I love the mix of minimal yet colorful items! Their Tabitha rug has to be my favorite, though.

    Leyla says:

    Great giveaway you’ve picked, love their rugs and bowls! I don’t think I’d be able to receive a rug in the UK (although the giveaway is open for everyone!) so just helping a hand by sharing some links:

    Michelle says:

    Love the colours used in everything! Especially drawn to

    Caitlin F says:

    I’m moving into the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago next week and I can’t even over this banana pillow and picture frame! and

    vanessa wilt says:

    The maimana rug would be perfect in my home.

    Oreo says:

    Great and colorful products !!
    I really like the Oya Bowl ( and the Optik Rugs ()

    I loooove the Morgan rug and the hebra box <3

    Tammy says:

    Love the Mid Century Bulgarian Rose!!

    Daniela says:

    I love the shop, everything is wonderful. I love these products!!

    Melissa Porras says:

    The Saskia rug!!!!

    Kaylin says:

    this rug is SO perfect!

    I’m also in love with this one!!
    They would both go so well in my new apartment.

    Michelle P says:

    This shop!!!! EEK!! It’s all so amazing.

    But this pillow? It is THE BEST!!

    Theano says:

    Loved the site!!

    Eloquence says:

    Love this bowl:

    Geri says:

    I would love a vintage rug but I can’t make up my mind as to which one!

    Joni says:

    Love this rug for my bathroom!

    Katy says:

    I saw you post about these rugs in a previous post and I absolutely fell in love! My favorites are Morgan (), Lounah () and Heat Wave in Rajasthan ().

    Chelsea says:

    All the things! (But mostly this rug 🙂 )

    grace says:

    I LOVE the LAYLA rug( )

    also the berber rug () and really all the vintage rugs.

    And basically everything is marjorly swoon-worthy!


    Erin says:

    Yes, yes and YES:

    Bex says:

    Love these beautiful rugs!

    And their vintage rugs are to die for… but holy prices, but a girl can dream 🙂

    Theresa k. says:

    First, i love their logo. And like all of the rugs, especially and (though would prefer another colorway).

    Brooke says:

    Definitely this rug

    Cassandra says:

    I <3 the Fruit Gang pillow! I think it's simply the best and my living room is calling it's name.

    And OF COURSE I love the Saskia rug!

    Jessica says:

    Love these!

    Sarah Yost says:

    I’m totally crushing on the Saskia Rug:

    anelieze says:

    I love anything mustard or blue!

    Alisha says:

    What an amazing giveaway!
    These are my favorites:

    Laura says:

    I’ve been on the search for a perfect new rug with some lively character, so many wonderful things on this site, fingers crossed!

    Emma St. George says:

    Loving everything!! Could really put the Optik Grape rug to good use in my bedroom,
    digging the Hebra Boxes for my home office, and
    would love to get my hands on several Cool and Goth Banana pillows for my boyfriend’s house to glam it up a bit with a great sense of humor 🙂

    Tiffany says:

    So I’m from this little town in South Carolina called Florence and I love it here! I live vicariously though bloggers and work hard on my ceramics and paintings…because I want help this city to mature and grow into something unique and amazing. We are opening up a gallery/retail/pottery store here later on this year, and AELFIE decor would fit perfectly with our aesthetic!

    We love this rug, it would look perfect in the retail area:

    And these pillows would go wonderfully with our couch!

    Thanks for reading! Maybe one day when you’re in our neck of the woods, you can visit us!

    Katie says:

    In love with this fruit gang pillow!


    andra says:

    love the lounah!!

    but really, everything’s beautiful 🙂

    Caron says:

    Blown away by the Opitk rugs. Both Grape () and Mustard () are stunning. Which to choose?

    Robin says:

    Thanks guys! My favorite products would have to be what’s listed below. Wishing you all a great weekend!

    nauli says:

    I think, I’d choose this one

    or a vintage?

    Rebecca says:

    The fruit gang pillow!

    sydney says:

    Where do I even start?! I just moved from NYC (where I gave away almost everything) to LA and there’s soooo much I put in my house. Selma Rug for sure, and goth bananas on the couch and I’d have to complete it with the hebra frame!

    LaurenPenn says:

    Selfie Pillow:
    Selma Rug:
    Morgan Rug:
    Oya Bowl:

    This shop is too fun!

    Lucy says:

    My favorites are:
    Optik Mustard
    Lynnie Zulu

    Charmaine says:

    Love the vintage rugs!

    Eva says:

    I like the Rebecca rug.

    Beth says:

    I love the Olivia Blue rug!!

    I LOVE the Mid-Century Bulgarian Rose Vintage Rug:

    Perhaps because I’m half Bulgarian…? 🙂

    Celine says:

    Was so hard to choose but I love the Valerie!

    DeAnna Keller says:

    I’m loving these~

    melissa says:

    I love this rug

    Suzy says:

    You had me at Morgan, but honestly, they’re all freakin dope!

    Leslie Lewis says:

    Everything is stunning. Favorite is: .

    chi says:

    I really love this pillow!!
    It’s SOOOO cool! 🙂

    Greetings from Germany!

    Lucy Nguyen says:

    i absolutely adore all of the sheepskin especially the pink one (flamingo ), it looks just like cotton candy!!!

    coral says:

    and this: ,
    I love all of the orange-y sunflower yellows!

    eva says:

    Love the banana pillow!!!

    Shannon says:

    This pillow!

    Sarah says:

    Love the Cool Bananas pillow!!!

    Heather S says:

    I’m totally smitten with the Morgan rug <3

    ken ohl says:

    I love this pillow

    Chloé says:

    I love this:

    Still, I’d buy everything!

    Nicola says:

    ♡ TABITHA ♡ – Powerful Simplicity at its Best!

    Mercedes says:

    I’m in love with the Suzanne Teal rug – simple & bold!

    I love the Oya Bowl –
    the Morgan rug –
    and the Set of 6 Napkin Rings –

    They’d look adorable in my Uni flat next year! 🙂

    Rachel w says:

    love all the geometric rugs!!

    JoAnna Carpentier says:

    Beautiful stuff! Here are my favorites:
    Francine Bedding –
    Maimana Blue Rug –
    Oya Bowl-

    Thanks for the adorable giveaway!

    Maureen G-P says:

    What a hard decision! I think my FAVORITE is the Maimana Blue Rug () because the blue and white color scheme would be such a contrast to my current design elements. I have orange flowered pillows and walnut furniture. I think the Maimana Blue is also neutral enough that it wouldn’t overwhelm a small space.

    My second favorite would be the Cool Banana’s pillow () because it’s flippin fun!

    Sarah says:

    The cool bananas pillow!!!

    Lucy says:

    Love this pillow, very Van Gogh-y:

    I dig the Optik Black rug for my guest bedroom that is filled with graphic black and white patterns and popping art work!

    And obvsi these two vintage rugs that I could probs never afford:
    1. Cranberry Zemmour
    2. Mid Century Atlas:

    camille says:

    Love the Tabitha rug!

    Kristin says:

    Call me crazy, but that flamingo sheepskin is dope!

    Romie says:

    Loving the Cool Bananas…
    which of course means I’m dying over the Goth Bananas!

    Madi says:

    All of the rugs, but this one is especially awesome !

    Brittany B says:

    This Beni Ourain rug is amazing!

    The Kerman Rug

    I love these adorable pillows!

    And basically everything on the accessory page!

    Megan says:

    I love these especially!

    Camille says:

    Would look so good in my living room!

    laura says:

    Love all the rugs and the hand napkin rings, so fun!

    Michele says:

    So many things to chose from but here are some of my favs!

    Neha Kaul says:

    The Hebra box is simply beautiful!

    Also love the playful Francine duvet cover/sham set.

    Mariana says:

    This rug it awesome!

    sandie says:


    Hayley says:

    The pillows are just adorable but on the other hand I also love the Mid-Century Bulgarian Rose Rug

    Nicole says:

    I’m all about the flamingo cotton candy pink sheepskin. Yum!

    Evan says:

    I’m a little on the late side, but goodness could I use a new rug! In love with the Saskia (and really, all of them.)

    Jennifer Aldridge says:

    The minimal berber rug is to die for!

    Linda says:

    I love the Watercolor sheepskin

    Yelizaveta says:

    this one is really nice 🙂

    Nefertari says:

    Świetne byłoby być stale w czyichś objęciach za sprawą: . Albo położyć głowę na poduszce i poczuć zapach wyluzowanych bananów: 🙂

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

    Leah says:

    lounah, definitely!

    Sheryl stegall says:

    Heat wave in Rajasthan rug is fantastic!

    Emily says:

    The Diamond rug is lovely

    Eliza says:

    Cool bananas!

    Leah says:

    I need this in my life.

    Kelly D says:

    I love the Francine bedding,
    the Sketchy pillow,
    and the Andrew Stewart pillow

    beka says:

    i love the maimana blue rug!

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